Next “Less Hustle More Coffee” Video is Live on YouTube

Good morning! The next video is live. Here is the link to take you there: Snowed In: Winter in Tennessee

I hope you enjoy it. I share our Winter in February/Valentine Excursions/Snowed in/Driving in the Snow/Trimming Roger/Working on the Pantry/Using my Storage Containers/Pretty Snow Scenes/A Bit of Humor

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6 responses to “Next “Less Hustle More Coffee” Video is Live on YouTube”

  1. Nice video once again!
    I have to laugh a little at your snow. Yes, it was beautiful. But so little you had.
    You need to come visit me when the snow comes up to your knees.
    Your canisters look nice & neat. Are those tops hard to open & take off?
    They look a bit tricky.
    I hope today you are getting some down time & taking care of your tummy.
    Roger is so precious & lil’ bit is pretty. I love those green eyes.
    I might go take a nap or read. I have about 2 hours to play or whatever.
    Take care 🙂

    • Thank you so much for watching it. Wasn’t the best one but was still fun to do/share. I just scoop up the video/photos I have and try to compile them. It was kindof a boring winter really, but loved looking at the snow and doing this video while it was so hot outside! Fun. This one was long but dumped all of it into one and will work on spring next! Enjoy your play time. I’m getting some of that today too.

  2. Hi Sonya it’s 10.45pm over here. I am already in or should say on my bed hoping to sleep but the temp here is 29c =around 90f. I only came in from sitting out till just after 10. It’s been so very very hot here today, and worse because there hasn’t even been a puff of a breeze…I’m no good when the temp goes up above 85. But today it got up to 33c. =92f. Over here us Brits are not used to this kind of heat….it’s been extra good watching your brilliant video with all the ice and snow it helped cool me down lovely…. I still coudnt see where to comment to say it was great….but I’m certainly telling you here….loved the scene of George dog trimming
    He made a super job of Roger….if he ever needed to change jobs we could recommend him !! It was also very brave to see him try to get the card up the drive and then slip sliding backwards. …it was great that you to managed to get up and on to the main road to work. You are so very good even truing to get to work in those conditions…. Well love I am going to try to sleep. I have the fan blowing on full but I suppose I will have to switch it off at some point as I think they run away with quite a lot money…..thank you for the film…looking forward to the next one that might bring us up to date !!! God Bless xx

  3. I enjoyed your video. The snow was pretty. I liked seeing George getting up the hill on the ice. Little Roger is just precious. I think he liked the attention while getting his haircut. Dogs are so funny they act like they feel better after haircuts just like us humans.
    I like the containers you got. Those look like good ones. It makes it easier to cook when you have things organized like that. I noticed you have a couple of bags of the Carolina Rice that we like . Isn’t that the best rice? We order it a case at a time. I like rice better than potatoes. And that kind is the best I have ever tasted.
    I hope you got some rest today. We went to the mountains and I am tired. But it was a good weekend.

    • The mountains sound fun. I want to go at some point. I need it. I need some time away from all the hoopla here. And tired of trying to please everyone, so I’m gonna just please myself, as they say. I can do that more easily. YES we love the Carolina rice and have bought all of their other things too which I think was grits, hominy and so forth, but the rice is so good you almost need to call it something else b/c it’s so much better than regular rice! We always keep it and we get more of it at Whole Foods. We have even given it to people for Christmas.

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