Roger Dog’s Woes and Some Pictures that Make me Smile

Good morning! It’s Saturday here. Going to do a bit of shopping today and I am looking forward to it. I don’t really have a lot on my mind this morning except for shopping and Roger. I’m giving it a break. Live and let live. One can simply only do each day the best they can. But I know I’m thankful for the sleep from last night, even though it was broken with yelps and howling from Roger. And I know I’m thankful for the day before me.

Roger. He is in his last of days, I’m afraid. It’s just time. He is now in a miserable state. Being the beloved dog of George’s, he will have to make the final decision himself, and the final steps. I will not make this step for him. Both Mom and I know it’s time. It is just so hard to let go. He’s no longer enjoying life, is miserable, and now a hazard to himself. It’s no way to live.

Yesterday he shat in nearly every room and then laid in it and went to sleep. Mom was unable to deal with it, but did the best she could. He had gone under my bed, pooped, laid in it and slept. George had to move the bed, get him out, and deal with it the best he could. Somehow my phone charger got drug through all of this. I guess his legs got caught in it. The whole thing got drug through the poop. George said “uhhh just order another one”. I did and it will be here this morning before 8:00. They have 52 minutes. I was going to pay the $2.99 extra but since I ordered vitamins, it’ll get here by then for free – or we will at least see if it will. May already be on the porch but I don’t think so.

He has started howling and moaning off and on for two days, two nights. He’s not resting as much. We lose him and find him in weird places. He is wanting to hide. This morning I found him under the ironing board with the ironing board cord wrapped around his right front leg (iron was sitting on the ironing board). Had he moved, the iron would have come down on him. He seems to have a relationship with cords and bags. He gets all hung up in both. Yet he seems to seek them out.

He is having a hard time drinking his water. He can’t find it. He can find the bowl and go up to it but he can not find the water itself and drinks the air. Then he steps in it and knocks it over, or falls asleep with his ear in it. We are afraid he will drown.

So, keep us in your prayers. It’s a sad day already watching this. It’s almost agonizing to continue watching it. I’ve gently asked George if he was thinking it was time. He said “it’s crossed my mind”. I thought he might decide today, but he has not mentioned it again. So I will go on about my day then shopping. And we’ll see what the week brings. I hate that Mom has to be here all day to listen to the moaning/groaning. It has to be nerve wracking for her.

So to just lighten the load today I’m going to share some pics that I’ve taken in my room recently, just to make me smile. You have seen some of these before. I have tried to make this a good homey and relaxing space – my office and bedroom.

Upcoming Book to read!
God, Grace, Grattitude, and where I take off my jewelry every night! LOL
An “everyday mess” but a “beautiful and inviting mess”
My home office and where I love to be.
The soft and cozy bed that gives me comfort and rest each night, and the cute little friend I pretend is my “dog”. I miss having a dog sleep at my feet. This one is easy to care for. His name is “snugie” short for “snuggle with Tugie”. Tugie is my former poodle of 17 years. This is a sloth but he looks like Tugie. He makes me smile. Sometimes I’ve called him “slugie” b/c it’s a cross b/w sloth and Tugie, but I like Snugie better.
This is for the trolls. You know who you are. But I choose to love your spying ways anyway. So we’ll make the most of it. Thanks for making my daily blog visiter count go up. Now there’s looking at the bright side of things. 😉
Yesterday’s calendar. Yeah seems appropriate. Why am I still here? lol. This dream seems so far away now. I’m strapped and capped and getting old. Other than realizing that, it made me smile.
Yesterday’s salad a coworker brought back from Publix for me. It was so good. It was filling and made me smile. Made me smile someone offered to bring back lunch for me too.
Guess who is too big for his car seat?
Bean soup and grilled cheese sandwiches. Made those while George was mowing. Soup already made by George was leftovers. Yes each side had butter slathered on. Just call me “Paula Deen” and move on. Yes it was good. I’l try to be better today.

I did something weird while cooking dinner. I had Alexa play frog noises. I totally listened to frogs until after we cleaned up the kitchen dishes. It was relaxing and felt like we were away from the world, in a log cabin, by a stream. It was little touch of nature. Strange and weird but it was very relaxing! I needed it. I also sipped the last of the Coppola Red we had left over from Tuesday night. Did a bottle of wine last that long? Apparently so. That is how busy we have been.

After cleaning and scrubbing carpets in my bedroom (both George and I), I finally just moved my bed back into place. And slept. Only to be woken up a few times b/w 2 and 5 as I forgot to turn on my sound machine.

The coffee pot made an entire pot this morning without going all over the counter. I sat and watched it for 5 minutes or so to make sure. So many weird things keep happening.

All Mom’s flowers had no water in them. Same morning we got up to water all over the floor. Not sure. We thought it was Roger’s water bowl, but then where did the water go in the flowers? Did someone knock it over? Did the flowers soak it all up in one day? So I put more in it.

Somedays you wake up and go “huh? what happened overnight?” It’s like having an invisible elf on the shelf!

A souvenir from Florida many years back to play Sol (Solitaire). I brought them upstairs to play – soon! I love dolphins. I should have been playing all along. Real cards are more fun than the iPhone version.

So I’m going to go start my day, shower and get on my way to shopping. I’m truly looking forward to it. We’ll see how it goes. Pray for our situation with Roger and George. George is going to need your prayers, if Roger’s behavior continues as is. George – and none of us – will want to continue watching him suffer. I’ll keep you posted.

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  1. Oh Sonya, How sad it is to read about Roger, I agree with you that it’s only kind now to send him to sleep, I’m sure George thinks so to but might need another little nudge. He will certainly have to go before you get the new flooring. I’m amazed Mum has not started complaining about his noises, does Mum sleep well all night I presume she does or the noise might keep her awake. What about Mums dog how does she relate to Roger does she not try to comfort him ?….I think dogs do know when it’s time to go like cats they always try to find a dark corner to hide in…
    Well by now you will be out on your shopping expedition I sure hope you are having a good time and I look forward to seeing your buys maybe tomorrow. I had a wonderful day out yesterday, we went to a wonderful water garden there was 8 acres and 8/9 lakes of all shapes and sizes they were full of water lillies of every shape and colour. Over 140 different varieties. I just wish you could have been with us it was so calming . The gardens and Lakes were built just as the paintings of the French Artis Monet depicted in his paintings. Wish I could add some of the photos on here for you even just looking at them brought peace…. Anyway as I say look forward to tomorrow and hope it brings George nearer to a decision..
    Lots of love flowing towards you and George. God Bless…

  2. I don’t envy George one bit. He will do what he needs to do. I can’t see how much longer he can wait. Watching Roger suffer makes George suffer. It’s a no win situation. 🙏for George.

    I can’t wait to see what you buy today. I hope you find everything you need & some extras. In a month we will be moving into Fall. There should be some good summer sales going on.
    Sometimes I think there’s a ghost in my house. Of course my husband sees nothing, so things that move or change are living in my imagination.
    Your salad looks scrumptious. That’s a nice co worker!

    • I can feel for you, a few months ago I had to put my 16 year old cat to sleep or actually my adult son was forced into it :(. The cat had been declining for so long but I thought it could maintain til I got home from a visit to fl to see another daughter.. I had two sons stopping in, trying to get it to eat, ……. (This had seemed a little better right before I left!). But she quit voiding and was falling over so my poor son was put in that position. I wished I had not waited, she truly was not living a comfortable life and for me, I still regret that. Best wishes to you.

  3. That is pitiful about Roger. He is such a sweet dog and so cute with his big expressive eyes. It does sound like it’s time to let him go. It is hard but not fair to let him suffer. His poor little body is just shutting down. I feel for you and George. It is so hard to lose those we love. And he has been such a loving little dog to your family.
    On a happy note enjoy your shopping! There are so many good sales this time of year.
    I love to shop. I am wanting to buy new curtains for my front room and for my kitchen. And a new big rug to put under my dining table. We need new art for the living room and our master bedroom. Ours has been up for years..It is time for a change. I may head to HomeGoods to look around today.
    Enjoy your weekend.

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