Relaxing over New Year Weekend, Birthday Plans, and Updating my Planner

The last two days have been very relaxing, although we have worked in the house some. We both still sound VERY nasally, although neither of us have fever or feel bad. So we’ve stayed in all weekend.

Silly me, I thought George worked today, on my birthday. I remember now our discussing it but somehow my mind confused today with the Christmas holidays. Sadly, I woke him up this morning thinking he had overslept. It is sad we get so conditioned by our robotic schedules that when the holidays arrive we remain in a state of confusion. But he’s off today and now I remember him telling me he was off and I remember saying “wow, how nice it is to get both NYE and NY holidays”. So…..because I was confused I planned my day today without him. Ooops!

Now that I figured out this morning he was off – I told him he was welcome to be included in my day. But he was looking forward to another day at home. We are going out tonight to celebrate my birthday nearby at an Asian restaurant where they cook at the table. But this morning, I’m getting my nails done and then Mom and I are going to have lunch at Red Lobster and I will take her to a store to look at curtains or whatever she needs for the house. Then coming by and George will follow us over to Mom’s in her car. She wants her car to go to the mail box.

Surprise Snow

Well, it wasn’t supposed to snow as much. It was supposed to be a slight dusting, but somehow there was enough moisture that we got a couple of inches. Luckily it did not stick too badly on the roads. Some of the roads are bad though b/c some areas got more and so we were warned to be careful before heading out. Temps hover around freezing but the sun is out and I’m already hearing a bit of melting drip even at 29 degrees. The meteorologists are apologizing this morning and saying things like “I’m surprised too” and “wow this system blew apart my forecast”. Oh well. I am happy that it looks like we’ll be ok to get out. Now with the snow and Omicron on the rise – there may not be any servers, lol. And my Mom might even bail on me. But we’ll see.

I was able to get more of the Christmas stuff packed up yesterday, made us an awesome breakfast, and packed for Texas!

I was going to film a Roger segment this morning, thinking George would be leaving for work at 6:15 and I would get ready film and then head off for the day. But, he will be at home. I really need some self time to do this segment. So I think the next video may take a while as it will be a while before I can get some alone time to do it. Next week we are in TX all weekend. The next weekend we have company. But I film some one morning, quickly before heading in to work – after George leaves and then just heading in a bit later than I normally do. I’ll have to figure it out being that when we get back everyone will be biting at us for our time and attention – work, year end, quarter end, Mom, the house, and our lists will be calling.

And this is why I have no goals yet to list for the New Year. I’d not have time to do them if I even listed them. So I keep saying my New Year doesn’t start til February. My psyche wants to have goals, make lists, be better than ever, go for it, chase it, be it, plan it. But to do so right now would only exasperate me instead of making me look forward to it. So my goals and to do’s will be saved for another day when I can see some opening spaces in my schedule. For now we take each day as it comes, be content in it. My one goal so far is not have any —yet. And maybe a next one would be to not complain about not having time. But I know that I will always complain about that. Because my psyche always wants to do more than any time allows for. I’m also slower than most people because I get so detailed in all that I do. My sensory overload slows me down. You can see that I totally got confused on our schedule and that is totally as I’ve had so much on my mind and then with these two off days I complete shut it down and everything flew out the window. lol But I’ve needed these blessed days to relax and wind down. I think God made me sick this past week so that I WOULD not plan anything for the weekend.

We also need to plan brunch with our neighbors, a foodie fun day with the Irelands, and so much more. I’m looking forward to the New Year. Then there is the virus on the rampage and the thoughts of flights possibly being cancelled. Trying not to worry anymore, no negative thoughts, just take life as it comes. If we have to drive straight through instead of fly we shall do it and create some memories doing so. But prayers please that our flights are ok and saved so that our trip will be much easier. We also are worried about Little Bit while we are gone and the freezing temps. Not sure if anyone will be able to let him in the basement for us and get him back out while we are gone. He shies away from everyone else. So we are working on making him a really warm spot next to the house on the back porch just in case. Hopefully can put some down materials out there. We will do what we can and hope he survives. He is an outside cat but we try to let him in when the temps get so bad. We are not boarding him and don’t have time to get his shots updated and be able to handle that. He also would not handle that well. So also pray for him while we are gone. This is not an easy situation.

Not Planning Much Yet but the Planner is READY!

The year is going to be planned out, goals or no goals. So it may seem like an irony for someone who isn’t ready to list goals and plan, but I worked on the planner itself yesterday. I bought stickers and had George put them in my stocking, lol. I bought some “boss babe” stickers to remind me to still be me and do some things I want to do amidst the daily grind, but also some spiritual stickers to be reminded of The One who made me, saves me, and keeps me, and The One who sets my path. Here’s this week. See I’ve been so relaxed I’ve not even looked at the planner. If I had I would have seen that George was “off” today, lol. I also need to order my nieces birthday gift, I see. I have to remind myself to do everything. lol

Also, Tuesday (tomorrow) is my busiest craziest day of the week this week so I put the “like a boss, slay” lol. I have to do both Monday and Tuesday and parts of Wednesday. (Rolling eyes here on that. But it is what it is. Then next week I will double up on everything else. Then the two weeks after that I’ll have to work early, skip lunch, stay late to try and “slay” YE, QE. Then in February, maybe I can get my life back.

Here’s a little video of what I did to the planner. It made it quite a thick planner though, but it’s fine. It’ll be fun to turn the page and work with the sayings. I have been trying to use my phone though as my planner, but I keep coming back to this one as I often write my thoughts down, things to do in the evenings, grocery items, things I need for work (food, snacks, napkins, etc.).

I think the best thing is for me to try to use both. My to do list (ongoing) is on the iPhone’s “Reminders” but it’s not always easy to grab the phone and type things into it while at work. So I’ll lean over and write it on my calendar and then incorporate it into my phone list as I can. Here’s a little video of what I did during my relax time yesterday while working on my “planner”.

Ok I need to start getting ready for this Birthday Day of mine. Mom is on the phone now. So hang on.

Oh joy! Mom is not having a good day. Happy Birthday to me.

What is PopShelf? A Happy Shop! And Other Weekend Excursions

We have a new store in these parts, PopShelf, owned by Dollar General. First of all the colors “popped” from the road that made me go “what kinda store is that”. What a great marketing strategy. Immediately what did we do? (Well after we were not driving anymore). We googled it to see what it was and then said “let’s go”. So while we were with my SIL and BIL yesterday, we decided to do just that.

What kinda of store, you say? Well, I walked in to pretty soaps and smell goods and “capture your eye” decor and then lots of storage containers for your home of many styles. There are party supplies, toys, cosmetics, kitchen gear, crafts supplies and materials. Just about anything you need for those quick “one stop and shop” items when you don’t want to walk through Walmart. They even had some frozen foods, snack isles, seasonal items, and it was just a fun place to shop. I will go back quite often. There is one in the Hermitage, TN area near Nashville and near us. And there is one in Hendersonville, TN. I believe I read there is also one in Clarksville, but they are popping up in neighborhoods. Most of the items are $1 to $5 but not all. There are some $8 to $10 I believe. And guess what? You scan it yourself. There is someone there to help in the middle of the square of 4 scanners. They also have the lady shopper’s dream – cute bags that you can use later for toting. ;-), a smaller version of the Cracker Barrel type bag, but white with their logo. I just happened to have enough stuff that I needed two! If you have one near you, go check it out. It’ll become a regular stop. It’s what I call “a Happy Shop”.

What did I buy? Well, we have been on a shopping spree of sorts lately – mainly groceries and the Dollar Store. We have been to Sam’s also – so we didn’t need much in the way of household supplies or food staples, but we did make splurges on snacks meaning maple cookies, chocolate peanut butter cookies (kinda like the Girl Scout cookies). I bought some laundry detergent pods so I’d have a back up. We bought Mom some candy she had been looking for that we’d not been able to find anywhere else. She’s always loved these “circus peanuts”. We’d have bought more if I had not already had a big huge shopping week already. But oh —we’ll be baaaaack! And with pleasure.

This shopper loves PopShelf! Trendy and Perfect! Oh and they even have $1 greeting cards – cute ones of all kinds.

I have to laugh at the “fat free”. Hmmmmm. Anyway Mom got her candy and we have our cookies for an after meal “digestive” as the Europeans call it. Or is that just the Italians. I like their thinking. One MUST have a cookie for things to digest. And they DO say a little bit of “fat” helps it absorb – instead of just going directly to our backsides. lol. Well, that’s what “they” are saying now.

George’s Birthday Weekend Continues

Ya’ll help me remember to have a weeklong birthday in January ok?

Flight at Half Batch Brewing, Hendersonville, TN

We always love meeting my SIL and BIL here and have done so through the years. But guess what? Their beautifully recently remodeled house is up for sale in Gallatin the next quick town over. They will be moving closer to us (part time and temporarily) to an apartment in Lebanon. We’ve been hanging out in Lebanon a lot lately too instead of going toward Nashville. Lebanon is beginning to boom as is our area with the newly added Amazon distributing center. I mean whooooaaa, wooded areas and farms get a big road and an Amazon distribution center so big it meets the horizon “down yonder” and then the area just explodes. My SIL and BIL have a condo in the mountains of East TN near their 1 year old granddaughter. And during Covid days BIL could work from the condo. Now they need them in the office some in Hendersonville – but the house market booming and retirement days not far away, they decided to sell their house. In the Lebanon area, apartment prices (right now) a little more reasonable and they were ready for a change of area, and it’s not too bad of a drive – maybe 40 minutes for the few days he has to drive in to work. We are happy to have them closer to us for when they are here. Yay!

We also went out to eat and to Sam’s and to PopShelf.

Blossom Thai, Hendersonville, TN

We went to a new restaurant, Blossom Thai. The food was very good. The menu displayed asterisks of all the dishes they were not serving or out of. The wait was very long and there was a sign that asked that we please understand. These signs are popping up everywhere since people are choosing to sit at home instead of work. With rent paid for and forgiven and extra incoming coming in due to Covid, I guess they don’t bother. So we all wait when we go out to eat. It’s all becoming very European it sounds. Eating is becoming a very long and communal experience, lol.

I am Christian and so I didn’t really understand the Buddhist “shrine”. It was explained to me, but I still don’t get it. So is some Buddha God supposed to swoop down when no one is looking and eat the pineapple and sip the water? I’m really not making fun, I seriously don’t understand. I know as a Christian though it made me feel uncomfortable being admisdt a bunch of Buddha statues. God made it clear he is not happy with any other God’s but him and He says He is the only one true God and He detests the man made statues. I’m just telling you what I know as a Christian. So this was odd to me.

But I did understand “Egg Roll”, LOL.

My dish above, was the “Pad Kra Pow”. It was good but VERY salty and pretty hot for a dish with no warning label. Or those cute little peppers they usually put by a dish to let you know it has some heat. But that said, again for the 3rd time, the food was good! I enjoyed my hot tea also. It was Jasmine tea.

So we’ve had a lot of fun this weekend. Friday night, going back in time, we ate at Bubbakoo’s Burrito, in Mount Juliet. It was great. A “build your own” situation of taco’s, taco salad, burritos, quesadillas and so forth. Loved it.

Meanwhile in Texas

Guess who’s a big boy now? He’s learning to drink from a “sippy” cup!

Ok, over and out, being rushed this morning. Off to church. And another birthday excursion. lol

New Year Goals and Why You Shouldn’t Give up on Resolutions

All the Christmas has been gathered. It’s time to load them back up in the tubs and send them back to the basement for another year. It’s kinda sad to see them go. Although I really am not a fan of red, I do enjoy our house being a “Santa Land” for six weeks or so. It’s kind of a lot of trouble, but I enjoy doing it.

I normally have them packed on the 1st of January, but have been doing some other things. Today is the Day!

Blog Boom!

WordPress sent a note that my traffic is spiking. It’s true that this blog is gaining momentum. It’s never been a goal to increase the blog’s readership and I’m not really trying to. As with growth, comes a lot of other things too, but I’ll take it. Welcome! For someone just chatting about her life and thoughts – I’m shocked that 33 people an hour would be here.

Much to my surprise Little Bit hung out with me in the laundry room yesterday. I asked him if God sent him to me to be “my Maisy girl” for a while as she was always at my feet (actually though she didn’t like the laundry room). Later I figured out that he was scared of Roger and wanted protection. LOL How anything can be scared of Mr. Roger dog is beyond me. LOL

Coffee Club

So…..George gave me this coffee club from Driftaway for Christmas. I hadn’t been using it because I wasn’t sure I wanted flavored coffees in the flavors of Tropical Fruit and Peach and Lemon. I am a real fan of totally black and unflavored coffees. He’s been after me to try them. So I finally told him that I was waiting til I was in the mood for “flavored” coffees. He laughed and said they were NOT flavored but the listing at the top, such as tropical fruit, fudge and molasses, etc., were just the “tone” of it. “Ohhhhh” I said, “that makes all the difference”. So we had a pot of coffee in the afternoon yesterday, and I set up my account from George’s gift order. And soon (after two more days), I’ll go in and rank them.

I’m trying them backwards. So the Profile 4 we had yesterday and the Profile 3 is today. Surprisingly the Profile 3 seems to have more taste than the Profile 4, even though 4 is darker. But 4 (see very bottom of the coffee envelope) is from Brazil and 3 is from Guatemala. And Guatemalan Antiguan has always been our favorite flavor of coffee. But I have to wait to order so it won’t deliver while we are gone.

Much to my surprise, George grabbed the china cups to drink it from. Now I think he has started a trend. Coffee tastes REALLY good out of a china cup. My china is “Barrymore” by Noritake. It’s a Japanese made china set, which is interesting considering that it’s called “China” and most everything comes from China.

The coffee club by Driftaway has certain regions in which they obtain the coffee. And you are basically picking your region, at least that appears to be the way it works. I’m sure Guatemalan will win with us because it always has before.

New Year Goals for 2021

Wow don’t we ALL have hopes and dreams for this next year? How could one NOT after 2020. These things below are a compilation of everything including a bucket list, a resolution list, a to do list, an obtain (get it) list, an aspiration list, and a dream list. Because – WHY NOT just go “WHOLE HOG” here? So 1, 2, 3, here I go and these are not in any order of importance.

  • Vlog goals/improvements – This is deep and all inclusive from learning my camera, learning YouTube, YouTube Buddy, growing the channel, enriching the content and on and on.
  • Weight loss/Self Care – Always on the list. We can’t give up. Seeking fun ways to slim down while still being true to our foodie selves and not having to drink shakes on a cold winter’s morn.
  • Taking care of family
  • Pet situation is a big concern for 2021. I think we will be losing Roger soon.
  • Flooring – Praise the Lord, we get new flooring.
  • God – Intensive studies, journaling, and being more accepting of His day to day guidance and protection, in a more personal way.
  • Developing a study area – chair in my office which will also be a YouTube watching chair for watching shows on the iMac when George is using the other TV or listening to music! I’m so excited about this.
  • Reconsider all the Subscriptions that I have. Some need to go.
  • Reconsider our phone and cable costs. We need to rightsize everything based on usage/needs.
  • Big Sur Update on the iMac. Ditching Sophos’ internet protection and finding another that works with Big Sur.
  • Complete the entire Canon Camera Series (part of the first goal listed actually)
  • Use the InstaPot – I’ve never used it. George has.
  • Begin reading REAL books again.
  • Keep growing and learning.
  • Keep trying to be a better person- this could be a whole entire blog session in itself. lol
  • Be excited about life even though we are still in a Pandemic but hopefully crawling out of it before long (?).
  • Minimizing a few things and maximizing a few things. (Also a whole new blog post).

Why you Shouldn’t Give Up Your New Year’s Resolutions

There seems to be a trend in the last decade or so for people to QUIT having new year’s resolutions. Depending on the thought camp there, that can be either good or bad. To give up on all things that have to do with aspirations, dreams, and becoming a better self, is certainly not good. To ascertain that one needs to do this all the time and not just New Year’s is certainly acceptable in thought and practice.

I really think the change of seasons is a good time to jump start any new plans, ideas, self help, and set new targets for the quarter or seasons ahead.

Why should we NOT give up our _________? (Dreams, goals, aspirations)

  • Must keep the hope that our lives are served out in the purpose intended by God or the universe if you choose to think of it that way
  • Must have a direction to steer toward as to not spin in place and surge downward
  • Need to focus on things worth focusing on and reach out for our potential
  • Need to have some control over your life or someone else will
  • Need to have stepping stones to get where you are going
  • Low hanging fruit is within reach and should not be ignored
  • A plan can be made and a plan can be changed, but no plan is to be stagnant or a feather in the wind
  • One can sip wine or coffee while contemplating the next move 🙂
  • Life is exciting when a goal is reached or a project is maintained
  • Often your forward movement opens other doors you never dreamed would open
  • We all have potential that has been untapped.
  • Life has surprises tucked away in corners and treasures tucked away at various turns
  • Sharpen your skills and interests and increase your value to society

We could all go on and on, but we can’t just stop here in life and let the weeds take over. Must keep moving, growing, learning, and defining our lives.

January (New Year) Food Traditions Globally

I was reading the January section of the 2021 Old Farmer’s Almanac and these food traditions are consumed and considered vital in the first days of the new year in many parts of our world:

Of course most of us know that black eyed peas are considered good fortune here in the US?

Dutch homes consider any ring shaped food as symbolizing “coming full circle” and leading to fortune – such as a donut. Wow, I would really like to have a donut right now. I forgot about them. I’ll get one in Texas for sure.

Irish eat pastries called bannocks, which I’ve never heard of.

India and Pakistan – rice promises prosperity.

Apples dipped in honey are a Rosh Hashanah tradition.

Swiss homes enjoy dollops of whipped cream to symbolize the richness of the New Year. Even dropped on the floor and allowed to stay there. What?

Birthday Plans

Today is my birthday! Last night we celebrated with my SIL and BIL, Susan and Kevin. We went to Hermitage Steak House. It was not easy to get this pic. I was in about 8 people’s way and had two get out of the way (George and Kevin), lol. But it was worth it. I love the feel of this steak house in the log cabin.

They have the best steak ever! And it was decorated so pretty and elegantly. And the fireplace was wonderful.

Today’s Specific Goals

Mainly need to get these Christmas things out of the way, get the ironing done, make a Walmart run for snacks for Texas and a few things for work so I have meals to eat this week until we get the word to head South West. I have a big list of things to do including change purses and such, give myself a pedi, and all that.

George is fixing us a steak and egg breakfast as we had a steak thawed that needs to get used. We ended up taking longer to eat the lamb (two dinners) than expected and he’d thawed the steaks already. Then tonight we will be doing Olive Garden Takeout.

Other Notes

Oh we got some gifts in the mail yesterday from my Sister for Christmas. That was nice. We get to shop and eat!

I’m so excited to get to see and hold my Grandson soon. How exciting! I have to remember to go back and see who guessed his birthdate correctly after we get back. If I forget, remind me! I better get going on this day. These days off go by so quickly. It amazes me how I’m so good at entertaining myself. lol I guess it’s a God given talent in itself. I did spend the first 10 years of my life as an only child. So it comes natural. More natural than I thought it would. The internet helps with the blog and vlog and games and Netflix and all the audio books, not to mention regular books. No wonder we never have time for anything anymore. LOL.

Your Turn to Share

Now it’s your turn. What are a couple of your biggest goals for the new year? Do you have any New Year traditions or foods that you do that were not mentioned? Leave a comment below. Love to hear them. Ya’ll have a good day. Check back in with you later!