George’s Birthday Week and Going through my Drawers (LOL)

Well, here is today’s Saturday at Seven a.m. YouTube vlog entry. A recap of George’s birthday and going through the office drawer sparks a lot of memories, shared with you of course. You can watch it HERE.

As you know, this year, I’ve been trying to give the house some love. Going through THREE drawers was on the lost. I have two more to go! lol.

Tomorrow I will post my MRI results, where I can give it full attention. Today it’s VLOG day.

The “kids” have arrived in town for the HOLIDAY weekend and we are so excited. More on that tomorrow too!

Have a great weekend everyone? What you doing this Labor Day weekend? Any good food? lol

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  1. Sorry being so late in getting my comments to you but at last we have had a lovely dry sunny warm day so I have been able to sit out most of the time just soaking everything in. (Mind you it started quite miserably as we had thick fog which didn’t lift till almost 11am). We had been told we would have a sunny start etc……
    Anyway thank you for doing your latest Vlog. I did smile away to myself when you were clearing out your drawer ? did you say clearing out. LOL almost everything went back in whether you’d ever need it again or not !!! Enjoyed seeing George open his birthday gifts..lucky man…Looking forward to hearing tomorrow how the scan has gone and hope that something positive has come from it that will help you…..
    Have a nice day tomorrow at church etc etc,,,God Bless

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