Friday Recap, Flight App, August Accomplishments, September Goals, and MRI Readings

Looking Back at Friday

Friday when I left early to go get Mom and get her to the doc appointment, I left: 1) Hot as it was nearly 80 in our office 2) Mad (I won’t blog about it here) 3) Anxious over several things 4) Hungry. Needless to say, I was thankful it was a shorter day to have to be at work.

I grabbed a drive thru Wendy’s burger in Mount Juliet before getting on the interstate toward’s Mom and her approaching eye doc appointment. (Q: Why is it when you just order a burger and ice water only, they want to charge you for an entire burger meal? A: They don’t listen and can’t comprehend that I want a burger and ice water means just that). Note: I’m tired of incompetent help every where you go. It’s a thing now to be incompetent….and it shows. But how embarrassing for them. Life is not going to be easy for these people in the long run. After making the correction in the system, he finally got it right. Why does this keep happening? Oh yeah I answered that already. They are not listening.

burger on plate
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I pick Mom up and she says “after my appointment I need a snack before going out to eat later”. Well geez, I could have brought her a burger, but I was eating lunch. I didn’t take anything for work and never ate anything. I knew that she knew to eat lunch before going because I’d told her that we were eating later this time. It was way after lunch time when I picked her up.

So we went to her 2:30 p.m. appointment and it went fairly quick. They give her the injection to help keep her one good eye in use. I use the lobby time to catch up on things (emails and messages mainly). When she got done they had changed her next appt to 7 weeks out instead of 5. So that is good, I guess. So we made the 2nd appointment out so we can get a late day appointment (like the rest of the world wants). I had to take it on a day where George and I had tentatively had other plans to work with our financial advisor, but I moved it. Our fall/end of year calendar is really booking up. So George and I have had to shuffle our schedule a bit. We actually recently sat down and compared schedules/calendars so we could plan a few things.

I took Mom for her own Wendy’s Burger about 3:30 and we headed back to my house. Dexter loves his Nana. What can I say? She always welcomes him. Even though he can be a nearly 50 lb surprise if you are not expecting it. I love this pic. You can see the sheer joy on Mom’s face that the dog loves her.

Then George left to get the kids because they got a tail wind and arrived at the airport 20 min early. So Dexter growled at my Grandson because he is not used to him. And of course my grandson gets lots of attention like Maddie does, so naturally he thinks my grandson is something to be jealous of. But eventually he was able to sniff him. Then he wanted to play with him and barked at him when he pulled back and was afraid of him. lol. So we’ll have to work on that some. But they will get used to each other I hope. They are not here long enough to really be used to one another.

We ate at the Thai restaurant around 7 p.m. River and I slurped our Chicken Lo Mein noodles and laughed at one another. Then I took Mom home and George took the kids to Cody’s parents where they have a nice bedroom and nursery set up. Cody’s parents have other grandkids too that live in town. So we didn’t see them Saturday or today but we are supposed to see them tomorrow and hang out then on Labor Day.

Free Flight App

I actually use this app called “Plane Finder”. I took this pic above at Dallas, around the time my daughter and her family took off from the airport. The pic of planes is both quite comical and yet very humbling and scary at the same time. However, when you pinch it further out they are not as on top of one another. You can click on a plane and see where it took off from and where it’s going. It even gives the flight number.

Honestly, I cannot believe such a thing exists. I mainly use it for when a plane flies over our house, it’s fun to see where it came from. Of course they are most all landing at or coming from BNA (Nashville). I watched my daughter’s flight land on the app. That was so cool.


I worked in the house a lot. And put out the fall decor. I will share that in another post because this one is getting long already! I also worked on changing over my Notion to September.

Here’s all the AUGUST stuff that I got done in blue check marks: Sorry about the quality. I should have taken a phone screen shot instead of taking pictures of the pc. Well this is not my “to do list” you understand, I still have those on my phone. These are just projects that I would like to accomplish within the month. Some big and some little and not necessarily assigned to my to do list in my phone -but they might be.

Sadly I was unable to accomplish the following unchecked items so I moved those foward to Sept:

September Reset on Notion

I set the cover pic to a pretty September pic….

And I reset my September Projects as follows:

So I’ve quite the September challenge! I won’t get it all done but I’ll get a chunk done.


So you have been waiting and I can tell you that the MRI Results showed signs of degeneration but they felt it was in line with my age. The brain scan was fine. I have not received the report on line yet, but I got the call from the nurse in my doc’s office.

So that was a huge relief. No cancer, NO MS or other auto immune diagnosis that could be read from an MRI. But, There is no answer for the chronic fatigue, the reason my blood shows the inflammation markers, and no reason for muscle weakness, no reason for random pains, TMJ and hard to swallow episodes. So I will have to take matters into my own hands. I’ll have to do some changes in my diet, work on my sleep, etc. I paid $900 for testing to only have peace of mind that I don’t have certain diseases or cancer. I had wondered about the auto immune things for a long time. The lady in my Sunday School class said that her auto immune issue was not discoverable with an MRI.

So no answers how to fix. I’ll have to figure it out on my own from here. You’d think with technology being advanced, we’d have better answers. They would only have given me meds to fix it anyway and I didn’t want meds. So that would have been my next issue.

I’ve got to go as WordPress will only allow me to type so many words and it starts getting slow. I think it is the Yoast installation. I did. I am going to get rid of it. I think. Not the blog but Yoast.

I’ll blog again tomorrow if time allows. This week gonna be busy!

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    • It’s a plugin in WordPress/Jetpack- in your dashboard. It helps you optimize your blog for SEO recognition.

      I see how it works and it’s helped me understand a few things. But it takes about an hour or much longer to do a blog post to follow it completely. I decided not to worry about SEO and just be me! lol So I may remove it. Once I get so many words in. It goes on overdrive trying to analyze my entry as it gives you tips.

      I don’t have time for that right now. I may remove it. It’s annoying!

  1. Oh my goodness Sonya, I’m sure I would freak out if I had so much to do in September ! Or October !! But I’m sure you’ll get a lot of it accomplished 😄 I’m so pleased that your MMR scan was clear of any nasties but in a way sorry that it didn’t show up anything you can do about your symptoms….I do think your tiredness is quite natural as you already. know that you don’t give yourself enough time to rest properly. And only you can right that. But it’s going to be hard until you retire, roll on that day….I don’t think it’s long now it’s amazing how fast the days are flying by..
    At last we are going to have a dry hot week we so long for it. This has been such an odd summer June was hotter than normal, July much wetter than normal, August just wet and the odd warm day….now since we got to September …hurrah it’s sunny and not only warm but hot !!! at least till the weekend…..Hope you have a nice day with River today. Take care xx

  2. I hope you have a great visit! I don’t know how you do all the things on your list. I also had an MRI when my symptoms of Lyme disease started. Mostly to check for MS. Ruling out things took several years, especially because not one doctor checked for Lyme until I desperately finally saw a Chronic Fatigue doctor. Take care!

      • The CFS doctor I finally got to see tested me for Lyme. I was positive. Plus, I was having tons of symptoms that matched Lyme (and other things ruled out such as rheumatoid arthritis, Lupus, MS). A doctor can diagnose Lyme without the test if needed. If caught early, Lyme can be treated successfully with a few months of antibiotics. Unfortunately, I’d had it undiagnosed and untreated for several years giving the bacteria lots of time to get into all systems. I was really, really sick by the time I was properly diagnosed and that was after seeing 7+ doctors: GP, orthopedic Dr, neurologist, endocrinologist, pain specialist, infectious disease dr….I have 2 doctors now who have helped me over the years. While I still struggle with chronic fatigue and EBV, I’m better than I was in 2013.

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