Bye Summer Decor, Eating Well, Sweltering Office with NO A/C, and Tick Removals

Over the weekend, I said good-bye to some of my greenery to make room for the fall decor. The kids were in town but we had Saturday and I had most of Sunday after church since it was George’s “divide and conquer” day to take Mom to the store. Of course I had way more on my list as usual than I was able to get done. But I was happy to get all the fall decor out and get everything dusted. I took my time and enjoyed it and took breaks and rested in between.

My fall decor is subtle. I don’t have anything grand, but it gives a splash of color. I was thinking that I might could do with a few more pieces of fall decor for fall but I’ll wait and gather it at after season prices. I’ll share more pics in upcoming blog posts.

We have eaten well lately at home. And out too, with the kids. George found some steaks on sale. And we had ribs one night.

I was pretty fond of last night’s Swedish meatball dish. We didn’t have egg noodles but George put it on these spaghetti noodles. The flavor was great.

I will have to do a separate posting for Monday and our outing with Cody, Katy and River. aka “the kids”. They will always be our kids. ;-). But I’m running out of time to get it all posted.

I just wanted to hop in and say “hi”. It’s been really busy. Monday was busy with the family. Yesterday I went in early on payroll day to do both Monday’s work and Tuesday’s work.

Sweltering Office Heat with no A/C

It was just absolutely roasting in our office. It was 85 as I arrived. A heat wave hit me as I exited the executive section of our building into the accounting section. Supposedly we have a defunct a/c unit that no one wants to pay for to fix. (WE rent).

orange safety ring on man shoulder near body of water
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It was absolutely miserable. We were offered the opportunity to move into other parts of the building that had a/c but it is difficult to move all of your computer equipment and printing equipment and files. So what’s the point. Plus the time to do all that when you are already slammed.

So I pointed a fan in my face and began working. I took breaks to visit the a/c unit and work on things that didn’t require a p/c or printing which was rare, I kept wet paper towels in my little freezer and would get them out occasionally. I drank my hydrate drink. I went to the bathroom and splashed cold water on my arms and dabbed my face. I had makeup on so I didn’t dab my face until end of the day when I said who cares. I looked afright with my wet hair, melting mascara, sweating face anyway.

I was going to stay until 5 but around 3:30 I could not stand it anymore. So I only got half way through with payroll. I will finish the other half this morning and then I have to leave at 11:30 to go get Mom in Lebanon. I have to get her back to her heart Echo appointment at Summit by 1:30. We will hit a drive thru for lunch on the way as it’s lunch time. So I’ll not get to do much of my “after payroll” stuff til tomorrow.

It’s fun to have a holiday put you always pay for it later. But this heat. I’m glad I’m leaving early today. They are going to have to move our offices or do something because I just cannot stand working in nearly 90 degree heat for hours. I started to just go home. But I can’t let 300 employees down or make my boss do it. She is sweltering too. I said yesterday I can truly say we are a sweatshop now. I know that has bad connotations, but….did we not work all day yesterday with temps between 85 and 90? It could have been worse I guess. lol. Thank goodness it was cloudy.

I WILL SAY, I won’t be able to keep this up for very long. And I don’t know why this keeps happening. I think it’s the third time. I think from what I hear, no one wants to pay for a new unit and the old one is just done. No wonder the last people vacated the property, lol. I asked for a big fan to blow some of the executive wing a/c down to our area but they never appeared.

It did make me thankful for our a/c at home and in the car. Outside actually felt better than inside. And when I got home, I took a cold shower.


a black legged tick on wet surface
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Anyway, I need to get ready and head in and get there early. But before I go, I must tell you that George removed TWO ticks on me yesterday. One behind my left knee and the other in between toes on my left foot. Yikes! I walked Maddie to the back part of our yard over the weekend near the Cedar tree and I guess I got them there. Now I feel like I’m itching all over. They were small ticks – not like this one above. I am calling George, “Dr George” now.

More later. Gonna be another busy day. I have worked on video editing the last two days and got it somewhat under control. I will continue this evening and tomorrow and hopefully get it uploaded. I lost a day since we were out Monday but have tried to sneak and get it done. This morning I didn’t have to take a shower as I did last night so I decided to blog. More later in the week after getting the video uploaded. Gotta hit the road.

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  1. I’m ready for cooler weather. This heat is unbearable. I hope they get your air conditioning fixed. It was 100 degrees here yesterday. I can’t imagine how hot it is in Texas. I read it was so hot in Arizona the cactus was exploding.! Take care…

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