The Heat is On, Exhaustion, and Prayers for Family and Tennessee Flood Victims

We are so lucky, well most of the time, to have deer roaming freely in our neighborhoods. They are so used to people and even vehicles. This one, simply looks up, and goes on about eating the neighbors lilies, lol. You can barely seem him in the picture. He’s right in the middle. I actually Thank God in the mornings for the wildlife he puts in our midst. It makes me feel good knowing that if I can’t be out exploring God’s beauty at least he will bring it to me in some fashion.

The Heat is On

Summer is trying to squeeze out as much heat upon us as it can. Although areas to our Southwest seem to have had more heat warnings. We’ve had temps around 95-97. The maintenance crew was in our office -not from our company but I guess who ever owns the buildings send in someone to monitor the “new fangled” system they put in back in spring. They have had issue with it since. The old one seemed to work fine and only had to be adjusted when a frontal boundary came through but this one has kept nearly NO ONE happy. lol. Everyone is either blasted to the Arctic cold or melting in a pool of humid and extremely warm air. Eventually the break room and my office took the brunt of the arctic air while the rest became somewhat comfortable. I vowed to endure it with my heater going and a wool cape that resembles a wool throw one would have upon them in the coldest of winter days.

So the maintenance guys were in again testing the “whatever it is they test” throughout the building – air holes, I don’t know. And I told them how cold it was in my office. So now I guess they turned the vent off and so this week this has been the story.

Once again, I vowed to put up with it. I was the one that said I was cold. One can only laugh. I hate to complain. Fall is coming and then I guess it will be cold in there. lol lol lol. I don’t know what the answer is, other than to turn my fan on HIGH. I moved it closer to me and let it blow directly on my face and yesterday I make sure I drink lots of ice water. I also can put cold paper towels on my neck.

Life and “the universe” as they call it, just seems to play together sometimes. And so this was Monday’s calendar.

Well, heck yeah I’m hot! lol But bless their hearts, they just can’t figure this system out. I guess the owners were trying some new fangled system to save money but it’s just not working.


So I’m not sure if the heat played a part in this or not. All I know is that around Noon on Monday I began feeling extremely tired. It was hard to get through the day. I didn’t feel bad or sick as much as I just felt lifeless. And maybe I was just dehydrated. But when I went home, I went straight to bed. I got up and ate dinner which is how I knew I wasn’t sickly. Dinner was good and I went back to bed.

Sleep was…….well……good but in the middle of the night I guess I had a weird nightmare. My body was so tired that whenever I was trying to wake up, I couldn’t. I couldn’t move. I tried to move my arms and legs but they wouldn’t move. I had to pray to wake up as it felt some force was over me not allowing me to wake up or move. I was determined to overcome whatever was overpowering me. I guess it was a weird dream. I woke up when I prayed Lord get rid of whatever is overpowering me. I woke up from the dream at that point. It freaked me out. It kinda bothered me all day when I thought of it. I think my body was just so tired it really didn’t want to move as I was waking up, because it kinda felt that way also when I was awake. I just wanted to be!

I still felt exhausted when I got up yesterday morning (Tuesday morning) still. But I was hungry and determined to get payroll done and then come home and go to bed again.

At work, I closed the blinds, and then kept icy cold water and drinks in front of me. I have no idea if it was the heat or not – but it certainly wasn’t helping any – but I was determined to make the situation better. The blinds down brought the temp down to 78 and I made sure to drink a lot of fluids. See I have blood pressure meds that have a water pill in them and so that can make things worse from a dehydration stand point.

Anyway by Noon I began to feel like I was coming back to life. During the exhaustion period, I couldn’t not do anything other than “get through the moment” – no planning, no thinking about the next thing. So by Noon I actually began to feel better in the way that I was less tired but also able to think about my to do list and what I would do when I got home. So I knew I was on the mend. The idea crossed my mind that perhaps I was getting “the dreaded” but no other signs. I considered even staying home as the tiredness was so debilitating but then who calls in b/c they are tired? I’m tired a lot, I’d have to be off A LOT if that was a reason to call in. And I’m not going to get a test for being tired. Not even sure they would give one.

So I’m much better. Not quite to perfection but feeling better anyway. Much more normal!

Pray for Family

Speaking of the dreaded. I have some family near and dear to heart that likely have “the dreaded”. I’m calling it the “the dreaded” b/c I think if you mention it in some media forms the post is not broadcast or meeting the algorithms now. So I try not to mention it.

So they are not getting tested – or haven’t yet anyway – but I don’t want to mention who they are. For the “trolls” or the “stalkers” to ease your mind – NO I’ve not been around them to expose anyone so rest your fears. Anyway, I’m really worried about them, VERY worried. So please put up some prayers that God heals quickly, no long term issues, and no respiratory issues and no problems from this. One of them has had pneumonia before and once you get it, it can be easy to get again and I worry about that.

Flood Victims and Families of the Deceased

I was shocked to realize that one of the people that lost their lives in the flooding, was a lady I had worked with at the envelope plant, Jane Warfield. She retired some twenty years ago and moved to Waverly. She would have been 81 or so I think. Her husband also passed. This was sad. I don’t know the details of her particular story but it certainly made this more personal. And it’s sad to see the names listed. You realize where each name is, there is a family heavy with grief. And this is not the entire list. I also had a teacher once by the name of Linda Arnold. I think that was her name. I have no idea if that is her. I took this pic to send my friends at the envelope plant.

Hoping to find out more information. At least I understood this was the confirmed deaths, but there were some that were still missing. It’s tough to watch the news coverage on this. Even the law enforcement having a tough time keeping composure and breaking down on the news briefings. One said “Sorry guys you have to realize we grew up in this community and these were all people we knew”. There are numerous homes that just floated away.

So prayers for these folks. I want to do something! Perhaps make a donation or send supplies, but for right now I’m just praying.

One never knows what a day will bring. Certainly those folks didn’t know they would get 13-17 inches of rain and drown at their place of dwelling or their place of work, or be swept away by a surprise tidal flooding wave.

Have a Joyous Day and Enjoy it Whatever You Do

I have to leave you with encouragement after that. Here’s your “Meanwhile in Texas” section of the day. My little toot – my Little Roo. Don’t you just want to scoop him up and give him some loving? Gosh I miss him.

Well, not sure this is encouraging but I ran across this picture yesterday. I think it was in my Facebook memories. It made me cry. I miss them so much. I know though, that the Lord just knows what we can handle and what we can’t. I know that for this season while we moved Mom, are having Mom live with us, and will be moving her again – and for the time frame where we went to see our Grandson and will go again, God just knew we needed less responsibility. But my heart misses them both so much. Especially the love that Maisy gave me that just stole my heart. How she loved me at times when it seemed like no one else did. God used her to warm my heart.

I know in my heart there will be another special dog or two. But now is not the time. When I get sad I think about how good God was to send us Maisy and Roger and I know that in time and I trust – that God will again send us two more amazing doggies to love and care for and have them care for us! I’m so looking forward to it. But we need to get Mom settled and take a couple of trips. I’m thinking spring/summer/fall of 2022. Stay tuned.

You Know Fall is Coming When You See This

There seem to be spiders outside everywhere before fall gets here. Not sure why but I guess that is why you see so many spider decorations at Halloween.

Well, I need to go and get ready. I’m glad to be feeling better and glad I can work toward my to do list. Got the ironing done yesterday after work – pressing the wrinkles out of some work pants. I let them hang dry as my clothes last longer when I do that. Also got the sunroom sofa blankets put back on. I know ya’ll liked the sofa sunroom furniture pattern but I don’t. So I cover them with blankets/quilts. I had washed them and now all is ready for fall. It also makes them comfy too.

Now to move on to set my next hair appt – likely 10 to 12 weeks out and do my computer updates on the Mac, order vacuum bags for the new vacuum. Then I can do my To Do List that is hard to get to, lol. Dinner tomorrow night with neighbor and friend Christie! Can’t wait to catch up with her.

Ok – over and out! Probably will blog again on Friday morning. Whatcha got going on in your week?

Camera Decision Made for My Lifestyle, Blog, and Vlog

Ugh! It was a HOT one yesterday, but I was inside in the A/C all day working on Friday payroll prep activities in advance of next week’s Payroll. Was also able to do some preliminary work (“pulling of numbers”) for doing my quarter end reconciliation. By the time I got off of work, it was still hot but a summer dry frontal system was coming thru lowering the humidity and it felt more like Arizona heat at that point. I was even surprised that it was 96 degrees! But that said, I finally made the decision on what camera to get!

Decision Made on Camera

So while I have a lot of other things I should be doing, I could not get ordering the camera off of my brain! It seemed like a big chore to figure out which camera would be the best for me as a starter camera for making videos and yet one that I would enjoy personally and also for the blog. I went to the main source that I normally use for information. I went with the YouTuber’s recommendations. I mean even the iphone takes great photos so my main interest in investing in the the camera is to do the vlogs and enhance my photos. I was a little confused at first. I steered away from anything over $1,000. That’s overkill and not needed at this point. My goal when I began looking was around $500 and I figured it would be more like $700. And it will be as I will probably buy a couple of items to go with it as needed. Like maybe a flash, some filter lenses, microphone and wind muff, and things I don’t even know I need yet, ha! Oh and the wide angle lens.

Hands down in my price range, it was clear that the Canon EOS M50 was the way to go as it has good color, dual pixel CMOS, a good autofocus, LCD touchscreen, and a microphone port which is a must. And it has built in stabilization. And I could go on. It has 4k capability but not recommended as that is not its best functionality. I’ve been told I don’t really need that as most everyone does excellent videos in 1080, although it has the ability for 4k but takes away some of your features and crops the video down quite a bit. And that is fine. The down side is the battery life – but I ordered a charger with 2 extra batteries to help remedy that, as recommended. The good qualities and the price make that doable. So I’m learning a lot but have a whole lot to learn. At least (I think/I hope) that I’ve chosen the right one for me based on the overwhelming recommendations on this camera. Oh and I already know I will want a wide angle lens. But will have to wait for that!

The Canon EOS M50

But here she is. I’ll be doing a lot of video watching to learn how to use it! And then from there I’ll take pics in the yard. Then I’ll branch out to taking various pics in the community as well as video and will be learning how to use it. It seems fairly simple though compared to many of them out there. And it’s lightweight and easy to grip and hold. So I’m excited!

By saving up my spending money since March (money on getting my nails done, hair done, and probably a bit less eating out) has allowed me to do this. I handed over $400 to George immediately just cash I had. The rest he allowed me to use our Amazon $ from ordering all year. We normally use it at Christmas. And then there was the rest of my stimulus money that he told me was parked in savings for my use. Although I didn’t get to use that as it’s no longer there. I brought that up, but apparently he spent our stimulus on fixing the roof/chimney. Darn it! I didn’t know that! Oh well at least the roof no longer leaking in the sun room around the chimney. Good thing I had not ordered that extra wide lens to go with it already thinking I remembering I had that money tucked away, huh? Maybe I should have and just called it an oopsie I didn’t know. lol. Yeah b/c I really didn’t know and it would have been the truth. But I do work too, so….I do see the wide angle lens at some point. But I have enough to keep me occupied for now til I learn what I’m doing with the regular lens it comes with. I actually thought the wide angle lens came with the kit I ordered as it had an extra lens with it but turns out it just had it showing separately I guess. That is why my heart is set on the wide angle b/c I thought I had it in this kit and I don’t. 😦 But it’s all good. It’s not necessary to have it yet, it just shows more behind you at a wider angle. It’s a later thing. And it won’t take me long to earn enough to buy it anyway with just my blow money.

Weekend Outlook & Other Thoughts

And so as I knew it would – finding the camera choice and doing this blog has taken a chunk of morning. But I’m two loads in on the wash. We are about to go out to run some errands and then I’ll be in for the weekend.

I’ve put in a request for Beef Stew this weekend. And what we have tonight will be something fresh we get at the store I guess.

Got the big Target order done – ordered some cleaning supplies, vinegar, and household goods, and alcohol pads in case we have injuries. You can’t get rubbing alcohol at least at Kroger anyway. So I have those in case we need to wipe wounds/cuts clean. I have peroxide already. Oh I forgot to order bandaids. Anyway Kroger was short on a lot of things and with the next wave of virus coming thru I wanted to make sure we had back up. I like to have at least one of something on hand now as some things are not as readily handy anymore.

George says as it gets closer and closer to time to go to Texas it is looking like we may not get to go due to Corona Virus. We decided to wait to decide when we are about a week out. He’s not worried about cancelling hotels but I am. Hey if he’s not worried about the hotel room then there is no worry over the wide angle lens, right? HA!

Anyway, excited to get back to my Saturday. But I can tell you that I am really excited about my camera! I’ve asked George if he will go with me to do some photo/video shoots? He really didn’t answer until I said “we could visit some wineries – maybe some will be open for tasting in some of these off the beaten path towns”. So we are making plans. But I’ll film the neighborhood spots first. I can’t wait to see what this camera will do! And I can’t wait to get out and use it! And my heart is still set on going to TX and I look forward to using it there. I just hope we get to go! I’ll be praying we do get to go.

More tomorrow! Gotta get get going on our Saturday. Wow, it’s almost noon!