Hot Weather, a PTO Day, and Getting Things Done

I’m so sorry guys for not being on here sooner. Life has been busy and I have been quite behind on every aspect of my life. As I get older, and as I haven’t felt as great, it has taken me longer to do everything.

Hot Weather

It’s been miserably hot. I changed my computer settings to a Winter Setting. Gotta love the Polar Bear. They are so pretty but also very dangerous. But just looking at him made me cooler. I have stayed inside and pretended that it wasn’t 100 degrees outside. Except for taking the dogs on the very quick business walk! I actually had to take a shower Thursday for just being out there about 8 to 10 minutes. Well it was probably that per dog. I have to walk them separately b/c Dexter drags me across the yard when I take him. I have to hold with both hands and get a firm grounding. I mainly just let George take him but sometimes I’m the only one here.

My body can’t take the heat so I had to take a shower to cool myself down. You do what you have to do. It didn’t hurt my feelings as I put on my PJ’s a few hours early.

A front is to come through tomorrow or Sunday and cool things down by 15 degrees or so.

PTO Day Today

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I scheduled a PTO day and I have looked forward to it. I tried to keep a secret because I didn’t want anything happening to my day off. I didn’t want anyone to usurp ownership of it. In the days before it, it looked like I could lose it. Mom has had gout or something or other with her foot. I thought I may have to take her to the doctor. I told her I could take her on Thursday or Saturday. But that I had plans Friday. Of course I would have taken her today if I had needed to, but I really needed a day to rest and rejuvy and just not feel like I’m being drug through the days. I need to call and check on her.

I’ve enjoyed my day today. I did laundry, changed George’s sheets, fixed breakfast of bacon and eggs. I talked with the dogs and loved on them. I cleaned the kitchen a bit. I opened my Amazon and Melaleuca boxes. I vlogged some. I got the YouTube video uploaded.

The Real Nitty Gritty of the Day

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I was able to get some things done on YouTube. I learned how to do better descriptions. I set my auto default box for the video descriptions (so you don’t have to enter all that every time). However, it may not work until the next video I upload. If it doesn’t work I’ll have to do more research, lol.

I learned how to do my own time stamps in the video. I’m anxious to see if they work tomorrow when it goes live. Tomorrow you may need it because the video is very long. I don’t think I want or need to do them that long anymore.

I reviewed my Manifestations list of goals I set up in 2022. Or maybe the end of 2021. Anyway, I met a lot of the goals. Some I didn’t. I didn’t have any idea how long some things would take. It was refreshing to see that even though some things took two years, I did them or achieved them. I’ve decided at this point that a lot of those things just really do not matter any more – well that I meet a certain time line. I’m ok with taking things slow. I really have no choice.

I think I may have decided on my theme for next year. I’m thinking about “simplicity”. I need a simpler life. So I think I will not even think about things like a manifestation list. I know what goals I have and they are very simple. There is no reason to put numbers on a time line for them. I’m ok to just list them so I can check them off or list them so as not forget the steps to accomplish them. It just creates pressure to be so detailed as to have a manifestation list with dates and I have no way to determine what the time line should be anyway. My timeline is also slower than anyone else’s because of work and our caregiving projects. The timeline will just simply be what it will be. It’s difficult to push it.

Other “to do’s” DONE!

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I’ve RSVP’d to a wedding, bridal lunch. I’ve ordered a baby gift, and gave to a couple’s “Home Fund” for their wedding gift (a new thing now). I’ve registered for my MRI at the hospital on Monday. I saw that my doc had ordered the MRI’s because of the skin tingles and nerve type things going on. I was thinking it was muscles, but I guess it’s to rule out what could be going on with the nerves or other things. Who knows what they will find. I hope it is nothing, but then if nothing what are the answers? So it’s kind of a catch 22 situation as far as finding something. You hope not, but then what’s going on if they don’t find anything?

Love ya’ll. I’ll post the video in the morning! Get the coffee ready. It’s a longer one! lol. I’ll make them shorter in the future. Gotta go call Mom too.

I also ordered Maddie pics for my office and here, and Mom wanted a pic of us, so I ordered that for her fridge. She asked months ago and it’s been on my list but I could never get down that far in my list as far as importance goes.

I fixed bologna and mayo and vinegar chips for lunch and shared a pop corn snack mid afternoon with the dogs. They love it. Even Maddie now.

And now I’m getting this blog entry done.

I’m going to close. I feel good getting a few things done. And maybe I can continue on with the list over the weekend since I’ve had an extra day.

I really want to read and work a puzzle. So I shall make progress on that through the weekend.

What you doing this weekend?

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