Farmer’s Market, Orzo Salad, Hotel Squash Casserole

Lots of goodies inside. Grab a cup of coffee. This one is longer than normal at 45 minutes – a bit longer than your favorite 30 min show but only half as much time as a movie (lol).

I have provided chapters since it’s so long. You can access those on your mobile device with the writing on the left bottom side of the screen. Click on it and it will take you to cooking part or whatever you want to see. I’m so glad to have learned something new. I hope it did it correctly! This is my first go!

You can watch the video HERE.

Have a happy Saturday!

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  1. Sorry to be so late getting to watch this weeks mammoth Vlog. I must agree with you it was a bit on the long side but nevertheless it was very interesting. I was amazed at the amount of lovely fresh vegs you were able to buy. Do you freeze most of it ? I don’t think you can eat it all in one week….even if Mum gets to some…it looks so lovely and fresh…unfortunately we don’t have those great fun farms to buy from. It has to be the supermarket or if you’re lucky from your garden. Mary lets John the man who lives opposite her use her small patch as his veg. patch so he does hand over vegs when they are ready. We have had great Green Beans and potatoes, and some kale lots of raspberries they have been great, dispite the awful wet weather we have had throughout July …think we have used all the potatoes. I notice the beetroot is coming on and there’s a couple of rows of leaks to be ready soon…also broad beans and runner beans will be ready this week…..So we thank God for them all nice and fresh…and for John who enjoys growing them…..
    It was lovely to see the dogs quite happy in each others company….I’m so pleased about that. I was worried about what they get up to when you and George are away most of the day. Hope that this week you won’t feel yourself to be under too much stress and end it by being happy and some days rested,,,,.take care. God Bless. Xxx

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