A Few Tales from the Weekend and a Busy Week Ahead

I fixed bacon on my off day. I love bacon! Who doesn’t? So I had lots left over. George fixed eggs and chipped beef on toast (Stauffer’s) and it made a nice breakfast for dinner – I think that was Friday night.

Afterwards, we watched some dog movie that George had rented from Netflix – about to wrap up his “mail in” DVD’s as they are ending his service. George has been a die hard DVD fan, not wanting to give that up when we did streaming. So we’ve been doing both.

Dexter really got into this dog movie. I was so surprised because the characters were cartoon and had human voices. Occasionally one would bark. He was so intrigued for the longest time. And Maddie was watching him to see what he was so intrigued about. They are so funny.

So, I ordered some gold and silver pain from Amazon to 1) fix a gold necklace and 2) fix some shoes that had an ornamental silver design that Dexter messed up with his teeth thinking it was a toy when he was a puppy. I’m excited to get the necklace fixed and that it worked and matched so well. However, the silver paint is not working so well as it was very runny and thin. It’s taking several coats and not really doing much. I may have to order something different.

It has been so incredibly hot the last few days. In the car, I snapped a pic of 101 degrees playing Journey. Kindof an old tune! It was NOT 2:54 though. For some reason in the afternoons my “time” is off in the car. It’s about 35 to 40 min off. So weird. In mornings it is fine and then later at night it is fine. I have no idea what the problem is but it’s been that way since I’ve had it. This was a used car when I bought it. It’s been a good one though. I’ve enjoyed this car.

Weekend Play by Play

So Friday was a great day off, a PTO day. Made a lot of progress getting things done including making some changes on YouTube Descriptions. I needed a day all to myself and even though I did most of Saturday’s work as I was going to be gone a lot of Saturday and also Sunday for Mom, I at least had some time at home and got a big item crossed off my list.

Mom’s animals say hello. They are so cute. I think the dog needs batteries though. He’s been quiet lately.

So Mom and I went out to lunch yesterday at Zaxby’s and then went to Aldi to get her groceries. I’m not very fond of that particular Aldi’s. It seems run down and they let it be that way. I was sad to see just many containers of molding strawberries. That is sooo unacceptable. Take a look for yourself. Just. No. It wasn’t a random one either – the next few boxes also had many many boxes of molded strawberries sitting about.

So today, I picked Mom up and we went to church. George met us there. We had church, Sunday School, and then she and I went to Cheddar’s and George came home like he likes to do. I had a chicken pot pie at Cheddar’s. Mom had a gift card that Katy (my daughter had given her) so she bought my lunch. Mom had chicken tenders.

Then we went to Walgreens. Mom doesn’t like to shop at Walmart. I don’t like to shop at Walgreen’s. (Mainly I like Walgreen’s but there seems to be so many sick people in there as that is where so many go to get their meds. I don’t like going during the Winter and during “the virus” outbreaks.

I told Mom that between us we had “WAL-o_phobia”….fear of shopping at Walgreens and Walmart. I don’t know why Mom doesn’t like Walmart. She is above it I think? She doesn’t want to be associated with it or seen there? She will order from them on line though. lol. It may just be too big of a store for her, although the Walmart dislike issues started way before she couldn’t walk good.

What do you think about the C- Word virus spreading around again? Geez.

Anyway at Walgreens I bought this roller I’ve been seeing people use on their face in YouTube videos. Good for puffiness. So this one was a jade roller and very inexpensive. You can put them in the freezer too. I guess the little one is for your eyes. The stone is naturally a cool stone but I think I will put it in the freezer and use it on days when I seem to have a puffy face. Every day? lol

Why am I chuckling that it says “Vegan”. Wanna serve it up for dinner? Or just need to know that know animals were harmed in the processing of this roller?

I don’t have much this weekend. But I do have my MRI in the morning of brain, neck/spine, and cervix, so I appreciate your prayers. I’ll post with results as soon as I can.

Thanks for watching the video this week. If not you can watch it here.

Be back later in the week. Big week ahead! MRIs tomorrow. Baby shower Tuesday. Mom has a doc appt Friday and Katy, Cody and River come to town! Yay! Also Sept 1 is here soon with all sorts of new monthly things to thing about. September is a busy month. Lots of things planned.

Take care.

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    • There’s a Target close to us but not as close to her. We don’t ever think of going there. It’s in a busy part of Mount Juliet. She’s getting to where she is not very mobile. It’s hard to get a good parking spot. Kinda too busy to drop her off unless someone is driving and I can get out with her. We just order from Amazon or get it at the store. She orders Walmart herself. But I have Prime is why I did her Amazon orders.

  1. Glad your weekend went well and that you got some things you wanted to get done on Friday….great that Kate Cody and the wee fella are coming next week are they staying with Cody’s parents ? It’s certainly something for you and George to look forward to….Hope the week is a good one for you.. take care xx

    • Yes they stay with them. They have a dedicated nursery and extra room. We could double up and sleep together here and they could put a bed in my office but I guess it’s a better set up there and ready to go for them. But they are of course always welcome here.

  2. Just sent a comment but it dosn’t appear to have arrived ? Was just saying I’m glad your weekend went quite well, especially that on Friday you got some things off your list. I hadn’t realised that Kate, Cody, and the wee fella will be up next week. Are they staying with Cody’s parents ? Wherever I know you and George will be looking forward to seeing them. Hope your week goes well. Take Care.

  3. Well I understand the Walmart thing. I do not go through their doors. We have a kiosh in the stores here but I refuse to work in them. Targart is not much better. They have shot themselves in the foot again and you can tell the publics reaction by the parking lot when we go by it. We go by it often as it is in the shopping area from our house. Aldi’s is great here but you have to understand their working system and more people are shopping there so on weekends their is no one to stock and pull from their shelves They have limited employees and they have to work the registers and they are also the stockers. So we went on Sunday afternoon and Ken remarked about all the bare shelves. Well when they have as many shopping carts as they do and there are less than a dozen in the area, they have customers. Our checker looked up when we got up their she remarked mind if I take a deep breathe. I asked that bad, she replied been this way all day yesterday and since we opened the doors this morning.

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