MRI Scheduled, Mom’s Stuff, and Weird Work

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The MRI’s have been booked for this coming Monday morning for brain, neck/spine, and cervix. As far as the bloodwork, and me being able to tell what is what, it looked like the inflammatory marker numbers were above normal. Sugar was just barely over but better. Cholesterol about the same (higher than it should be). My vitamin D was a little over b/c I have doubled up on those. But I’ll go back to one a day now. I’ll add in an extra one every other day when the days get shorter.

I have felt better this week. This morning even after a good night’s sleep I woke up tired. I was not ready to get up. Hopefully there is nothing that the MRI’s will show, but if something is going haywire maybe they will find it. Or he may come back and say you are extremely exhausted for no reason but just being extremely exhausted, lol.


So she had foot problems Sunday before last and toe problems this past Sunday. And wasn’t up to par the Sunday we had the new member lunch. The pain seems to co-relate to whether there is a function after church. It totally could be a coincidence, but there seems to be a pattern whether coincidence are not.

Anyway long story short, since her feet/toes hurt, I did not offer to take her to get a pedi or mani done on Monday. I figured if she was too sick for church and having foot pain she surely wouldn’t want to get her toes done. When I told her I had gone without her, she was not happy and said that she wanted to do that Saturday. So now I guess I will drop her off and then go shop at Walmart while she is there. I don’t really need anything from Walmart.

This Saturday is her make shift “Fancy Saturday”. I told her I’d still take her out about once every 5-6 weeks if time allowed. She wants my Saturdays and Sunday’s too with church and lunch, but I have to have a day at home since I work M-F. She thinks I’m selfish for wanting my Saturday, and I think she is selfish for not understanding I need a day to take care of our things. But it’s an impasse and she’ll just have to be left not understanding it. But I will still take her for a Saturday here and there. This Saturday, I’m going to get her at 11 and we’ll eat lunch and then drop her to get her toes done and whatever else she wants to do. I’ll still get at least *some* of my Morning to get our laundry started at least, and can sleep in some of my body will let me. Whereas in the past I’ve had to run out the door half asleep and groggy to get Fancy to her appt. So we can get a later start this time.

Power of Attorney and Other Stuff

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I also have found Power of Attorney forms but I have redo an item in there and reprint it. I have found that UPS stores have a notary service. So I guess we’ll go get that done one day soon. There are a couple of different types that I had her look at. One is if she is disabled and not able to get things done on her own – which a doctor has to sign. She signs ahead of time giving me the power to act on her behalf. The other is where she selects from a list things I can do now even though she is not disabled – like for example, handling her insurance matters. She can select from the list what she wants me to handle. All this is so there is no red tape at the time she needs for me to do something. We won’t have to wait or get tied up in court or whatever. I know nothing about all this!

I got her orders done from Amazon. She did not like her phone case that came with her phone. She wanted white or pink. I ordered a light pink one. And I forgot what else she had me order. But I got it done. Oh it was Tart Cherry Pills.

I made her doc appt with the general doctor for her blood pressure and thyroid meds.

She has several appointments and tests coming up in September.

And she told me that her glasses were hurting her ears and needed to be adjusted. I told her I could take her to Lenscrafters here in town as they will adjust free. I can’t keep taking half days off of work to do things like “get glasses adjusted”. I don’t do that for myself either. I just go to Lenscrafters on the weekends or evenings after work. It’s a half day to get her over to Hermitage where she got her glasses. They close early and not open on the weekends.

Work is a Little Weird Lately

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Work has been a little weird lately. I was asked to run an extra payroll on the same date as a regular payroll. We never used to do that because it would mess things up. I questioned it but was told to do it anyway. We did and it messed up the 401k upload reporting so now I’m left to deal with it and enter it manually for each person. ::sigh:: ::SMH::

And there’s been some other situations where you can’t get info from others and I don’t know. I don’t want to say too much on here but yeah, it’s just been a bit odd ball of a time and guess I’ll just say “Bless it’s heart” and “I feel sorry for the process” because on some days there doesn’t seem to be one, lol. My dilemma I guess is should I do what I like to do and try to keep train wrecks from happening? I was trained as management personnel in my early days to try and fix whatever goes wrong so it doesn’t happen again. It’s a thing called “improvement”, “learning”, and so forth. lol Having standard procedures and practices are a good thing as you have standard work and it happens the same every time. Or you can let be a free for all and get varying outcomes. Whatever everyone wants to do. I don’t have to do it my way. We can see what the outcomes will be. I will get out the popcorn I guess.

I just don’t want to have to do extra work because of someone else’s negligence. It seems unfair. But like Daddy said, “This world is not fair.” I still expect it to be though. I still try to do the right things. I still try to fix things and be prepared for things. I guess we live in different times now though.

I really don’t know what to say. But I decided to just pray about it. When God takes over, the pain or punishment from such things are much more harsh of a turn than if I try to handle something. He’s pretty good at shedding light on inefficiency so I just let Him have it. lol Go God! I’m rooting for ya! Thank you for handling it. It’s much more peaceful than if I try to.

Well, speaking of….I better go join the train wreck as it slides into the station with wheels upside down. lol

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  1. Oh Sonya, you are a laugh at times. I can just see the train running you down LOL
    You shouting….it ain’t my problem I just want to do it all correctly….it’s the others, they like to do it their way !! I don’t of course. LO.L….As for Mum you have the patience of job you really do. I’m so sorry she is so awkward but I’m afraid an awful lot of older folks think that way they seem to get very childlike. ( maybe I’m getting to that age 🫢🫣🤔 hope not though). I’m much more likely to look to see what …I….can do and try to forget the first…. Anyway love in the end everything works out if we do it for love and with love. God knows what is in our hearts…. Night night. God bless

    • Yes he does. God knows and sees. We all know we get pushback for doing the right things. God said it would be that way. And no good deed goes unpunished. I can’t really go into everything here. But I will what I’m supposed to do anyway. I can answer for me and no one else.

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