Busy Sunday, Cat Fight, and the Week Ahead

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Ahhhh, Monday morning here. Sipping coffee. The weekend was nice despite the 101 fever of Friday night. I also had a fever of 100.5 when we got home yesterday from church and all our activities. It’s totally the shingles shot. But I felt better yesterday and pushed through. I was 98.2 when we left for church. If the 2nd shingles shot kicks your butt worse than the first, I’m in trouble. Maybe I shouldn’t get the 2nd shot. I can’t be down a week to take a vaccine that is to keep you from getting something that would take you down. lol. The conundrums we find ourselves in.

There was a cat fight this morning. I actually was able to catch it on video. There is this other black cat that looks like a young Little Bit but he’s a feral cat I guess. We first tried to run him off, then we decided to befriend him. I told George it could be Little Bit the 2nd so that when Little Bit goes we still have a cat that looks like him. So we tried to befriend him but he just wants to fight with Little Bit. He is persistent. He’s been around a month. Now George and Dexter run him off because he fights and tries to eat the food we leave for Little Bit. I don’t mind him eating but he has to share. I don’t want my cat to starve. It’s disturbing that when I look out my window, I don’t know if I’m seeing Little Bit #1 or Little Bit #2.

Sunday’s Schedule Went Something Like This

7:00 Mom calls and says she is not going that her foot hurts again.

8:15 We leave for church.

11:07 We head to Publix and buy fruit and desserts for our life group. We drive around on some country roads until noon when we are supposed to arrive. We always have it after 2nd service and that gives us time to get dessert.

12:00 til about 3:00 We eat lasagna, salad, dessert with our life group and catch up with one another.

3:00 We go and get Mom’s groceries and take them to her. I used her gift cards to get her groceries. She had some Visa and Publix cards. She only had to pay a dollar something off her bank debit card. This helped as the funds are low right now in the checking account. Her monthly check will soon be deposited. Thank goodness.

(I decided to just wait and get our groceries Tuesday night because it was hot as hades yesterday and I needed to get some frozen things. George suggested we go to our Mount Juliet Publix yesterday after we drop Mom’s groceries off. I laughed and said, “as a person who only wants to go to the store once per week”, I am NOT going 3 times in one day”. It’s just against my time efficiency principals. I’m already breaking my own rules by going twice.)

4:00 We finally get home, took the dogs out and fed them, and I finish the laundry and ironing, look into ordering a wedding gift which I decided to defer til Friday, and paid Mom’s bills – she just had one coming up and I go that scheduled.

5:30 I work on setting up the next video. I clean up the files from the last one and start the new one. I actually edited for an hour because I realized I had 2 hours of footage. What? I got it down to 1 hour and 15 minutes. So I have a lot of ground to cover and weed out. I have a busy couple of days so it’s gonna be hard to get much editing done the next two nights. So, I figured I better get started. Here I am blogging and need to be editing this morning.

7:00 Dinner was ready. George fixed these steak bites and an egg roll. We’d had a big lunch so we didn’t need many sides.

I saw on a sailing show where people had steak bites that had a rub of paprika, brown sugar, and a few other things. Sorry I cannot remember. So I told him and he made it. It was kinda like making a powdered rub like we we do with sauces and soups – using the four flavors: heat, sugar, salt, tangy or sour.

The Week Ahead

So I have nails tonight. Hair cut tomorrow. And a short week this week.

Maddie continues to heal and do well. I let her sleep with me last night and we left her to be with Dexter. They seem to mostly sleep in the day time anyway. She is good enough we felt comfortable leaving them together.

The month of September is going to be really busy. So while it will be crazy at least my content will be a bit different. We also have our date set for October for life group.

Well, I gotta go get ready and head to this spot here:

I’m actually excited to go back today. I’ve done what I can do here for the weekend so I will go work on my list to do there.

I have to order some things for Mom on Amazon. Meant to do that last night but already had so much planned already. So I’ll do that today. I have to make an appt for the doctor for her blood pressure meds refill. She has some tests coming up with her heart in the next month or so. And this week I should hear from my blood tests.

Hope everyone has a great week. It’s going to be very hot here with temps near or at 100. And humid.

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  1. What a busy weekend ..but you certainly seem to have succeeded in getting everything done. I’m pleased about that. It was also nice to read that you were quite happy to go into work this morning…..Hope the coming week will be a good one. Take care. Xx

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