Doc Appointments, Car Breakdown, and Time Crunches

It’s been a week! Doc appointments, a car break down, and time crunching. It’s also been a fast week. I can’t believe that tomorrow is Friday! Of course Monday was the holiday and we were with Katy and Cody and our grandson. Tuesday I had payroll and didn’t finish. I was there 9 hours or so but it was 90 in our offices so I left out of desperation. Wednesday I finished payroll. So I was already behind by a day and then had to leave at half day to take Mom to get her heart test. Luckily though the a/c was back. I don’t know why there was so much drama over getting it fixed. It was fixed, again. So we were grateful. One of my coworkers was sick from it and couldn’t work the next day. I felt bad for her.

Mom’s Doc Appointments

So Mom had her heart echo test but is having me cancel her meeting with the doctor next week to go over results as her neighbor scheduled her for the perm and she wanted to do that instead. I reminded her it takes 2 months to get these appointments. However, she wanted me to reschedule. So she has to wait til November now to see him. I don’t know what to say. It’s her health and her hair, so, I rescheduled as asked. But not before I offered my opinion to her, lol. That is all I will say. I have other issues and it’s not my body, not my hair, and not my life. I was worried about getting month-end taxes finished anyway so it’s just as well. I already was having to take her to a doc appt next Monday and I’m behind this week so I will look at as God making a way for me to get my job done. Now we only have the one doc appt next week for her. So that’s great!

There was just a lot of tension in the air yesterday – hospital sectors short staffed, long waits where no one was stationed to help, Mom creating a scene across the hospital lobby by yelling at the top of her lungs for someone to register us, got stuck in the valet parking line trying to safely drop Mom off, baked potatoes that were not half cooked at dinner. Accusations of lost mail, miscommunications about ordering some things, misunderstandings about text messages, and blaming. I was nearly a nervous wreck by the time I got home.

No wonder I was not in a position to say no to “free pie Wednesday” at O’ Charlies. lol

This Crazy Week and Car Breakdown

But we had so much going on anyway, that it only takes a few distractions to pull my mind away.

I’ve feverishly tried to get the video edited, with success in the evenings. I even got a blog post in. But I’ve gone into work earlier.

We took my car in for an oil change and repair to the tire monitoring system which we knew was defunct already. They did a diagnostic and told it was defunct and needing to be fixed but told us we should go somewhere else. So they charged us for the diagnostic, lol. Geez. We already knew it was defunct. Anyway, we got the oil changed and paid for the diagnostic for a little over $200. ::sigh::

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But I noticed on the way home, it skipped and bucked a little bit when in park. Driving to work proved there was a problem. The car was completely fine when we took it in for the oil change. It was a tough drive in but it was early so I didn’t have to stop much. When you stop is when it starts bucking.

All day I was dreading the drive home. I knew I’d be in more traffic. I took as many country and side roads as I could until I got to Mount Juliet. I had to finally face a string of lights with lots of stopping and heavy traffic. It was embarrassing. I had to stop waaaaaaaaay back. And had to tap the breaks, go, tap the breaks, go, and so forth until I inched up to the car in front of me and I’d put it in park. The car did not like it and would make noises. My plan was to cut the engine off if it bucked too badly. I was a nervous wreck. I should have not drove it to work but I wasn’t realizing how bad it was. Now I knew there was an issue. I was a mile and a half from where we needed to drop it off. I got an engine power notice – that I was losing power. My steering got harder. I pulled over into a parking lot.

Of all days, George forgot his phone. ::sigh:: So when I broke down I called the place we were to meet before they closed and asked if there was any way he would go out and see if there was a guy in a maroon Honda looking for his wife and explained my situation. Thank goodness he was kind and relayed the info. And George came to rescue me. I had not had time to call the tow truck.

George said he’d try and see if he could get it there. Luckily he was able to keep it going and get it there without losing all steering or power. He was brave. I wimped out.

So the car is there and we’ll see what happens. For the first time ever George is open to me having a newer, safer car. But we’ll see what they say. Now is not a good time to buy another car. But we have a plan up our sleeve and we can do it if we need to. I figure they will be able to fix it. But I’m telling you, I’m losing faith in the car for sure. Do we need to keep dumping money in it for this issue?

Weekend Coming….

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I’m so glad tomorrow is Friday. It’s still a busy day at work. Much to do but I’m slowly catching up. Saturday will be busy also as Maddie has a grooming that morning. And we have some plans later in the day. Sunday is busy with church life group and it’s out of town as well. So not much time at home this weekend. Most Saturday’s in Sept are booked in this way. I have to be strong. This is our busy season.

I have a lot planned to accomplish in September but will have to prioritize, as usual.

Sister Update / Cancer Treatments

She is hoping to make it this week and next and then it will be done. She’s had a rough time with radiation burns. Even had an allergic reaction. She said this week was better. But she has some rough days ahead. She is hoping to avoid hospitalization. Keep “Kerrie” in your prayers, please. Rest, relief, less pain, and continued shrinkage of tumor.

As for me, I am feeling much better this week. Not much pain, not many issues healthwise. Fatigue is much better. Even have more strength in my legs it seems. Maybe I’ve had more protein/beef/chicken, etc. And have slept more over the past weekend which really helps in a big way. The work week hurts me.

Anyway, gotta go. I’m so sleepy.

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  1. Hope all is well with your car. When I had one doing that it was the main computer and it took a while to be diagnosed but I would not give up. I put the service manager in my car and started driving until he understood the problem. I drove about 10 miles before it bucked and nearly throw him through the windshield. When it did he just told me to go bac to the dealership and it would be fixed. It was my fourth trip on taking it in and they were doing little minor things that were not working. He said where were you planning on driving to.. My reply was across the bridges in this city until you understand the problem.

    • It was very scary driving it. I don’t want to ever set foot in the car again personally. It has done this before and I’ll never trust it again. I drive at odd times of the morning and in some shady areas near work.

  2. Oh love what a week you’ve had. I hope that anew car is on its way to your address soon. You cannot keep going feeling the way you do about the car it’s not safe for you or for others on the roads…I’m keeping you in my prayers that somehow you will listen to Gods hidden messages….You are exhausted but won’t rest ….I know you answer I’ve got to go to work there is so much to do……IF you were not able to get into work physically and medically the work would still get done, nobody would do without their wages… ….Mum would have to find someone to take her the various places she feels she must be…..I only say these things as I’m so worried about you. I want you to reach your retirement. And be able to enjoy it…you won’t if you continue at the rate you are going …..I end as I often do,,,,Take Care. God Bless. Xxx

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