My Dog was Spayed, My Quick Make-up Routine, and Sick in Bed with Fever

Wow, I think all of our weeks have become a little crazy. Maddie was spayed, I show you my quick and easy make-up routine, and show you my online shopping orders for the week from Thrive Market, Target, and Amazon. And end up sick in bed (likely the shingle’s shot) by days end along with my little cone headed Maddie. We were a pair. You can watch it HERE.

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See ya tomorrow, hopefully for a fall decor blog! ;-). What a week it’s been this week too!

4 responses to “My Dog was Spayed, My Quick Make-up Routine, and Sick in Bed with Fever”

  1. Little Maddie is adorable. I am glad she got through her surgery. I have never taken a shingles shot. I never had chicken pox as a child so I am not sure if I need. My Dr. has never mentioned. I hope you feel better soon. Those aches and pains are hard. It is pouring rain here today. I am thinking of throwing hotdogs in my air fryer and making slaw and onion rings to go with them. Your chicken sure looks good. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

  2. Great Vlog as usual, right to the end and then there was a cat fight ! and we didn’t hear/ see what happened. How was little Bit ? Hope he was able to see off the other horrid cat…please let’s know. It was fun for me to watch you put on your make might ask why fun ? Well I suppose it’s because I’ve never seen anyone do I it before,…I think I told you I was the 3 rd of the three girls and there was 8 years between me and my next sister so I suppose I wasn’t interested in what they did with their face if in fact they did anything….and so neither did I as I grew up. All I have ever used is lipstick and very occasionally eyeshadow……All other creams and potions passed my by. I suppose I’ve been lucky in away to have good skiing that’s never dry or spotty, etc. I’ve got to my advanced age ! and don’t have many wrinkles etc lucky especially as I’ve been a sunworshiper all my life so I always have a nice tanned skin the only thing that bothers me is I have a horrid double chin and someways I glance at it where the creases are it shows up as white lines. I once bought a colour foundation but felt like I was a painted lady !!! So never used it again, Enough about me….hope lovely wee Maddy is back to normal and soon forgave you for not feeding her…..must go now. Thanks so much for spgiving us a peak into your day,,,God Bless you and George. Xx

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