A Night Out in Nashville, TN: Good Eats, Bela Fleck Concert, Nashville Symphony

Life has been full lately. First of all…We’ve really had a couple of nights of great Hello Fresh meals at the end of the week last week. We had a bulgogi like dinner with meatballs and baked carrots over rice. And we had creamy bacon spaghetti with broccoli.

Maddie had a successful spa day Saturday morning. She did great. I think Ms Maddie is gaining a little weight. She needed to gain a little. She sneaks in some of Dexter’s dog food and also her Daddy probably gives her too many treats. I think we will have to start watching it. I want her to be healthy.

Here’s Dexter, hanging out with his Daddy. Friday night Dexter was bold and jumped up on my bed as if to say “I don’t care who you are Maddie, I’m getting some time with my Mom.” Dexter slept with Maddie and me for – oh about 15 minutes – lol. I try to make sure Dexter gets some hugs every day. Maddie does not like him to come near the bed or anywhere if she is in my lap. I’ve noticed he has begun to respect her space and is afraid to come near me. I appreciate the respect but I have to get on to Maddie and show her that it’s his bed too, his room too. I spend time loving on him in front of her. I can’t have him not coming near me. She definitely is the Alpha dog.

On the other hand, they love to play some. Maddie tires out easily and comes and finds me to hide behind when Dexter chases her. They are a mess but keep our household lively.

I did some videoing Saturday morning. Was able to do the laundry and get Maddie to and from her grooming. Cleaned the kitchen, vacuumed and mopped the “luxury vinyl”. Dexter is still shedding to vacuuming is key weekly!

I was finally able to get my Christmas planning page all set up on Notion. That was a big accomplishment and also fun! I’ll share some screen shots of my updated Notion soon.

Mid-afternoon we left for our evening out on the town in Nashville. We started in the Gulch area where we had reservations at Emmy Squared.

Emmy Squared is a pizza place, originally started in Chicago, according to what Hubby told me. Chicago style pizza and all are the same size and it comes in a square and serves 1-2 people.

I got a Jackalope Brewing beer (a local but canned) called Love Bird. It’s really good. It was a good pair for the Hawaiian Pizza we had and burger. We ordered one of each and split it all because they also won the Best Burger award in Nashville in, I think it was in 2019.

Afterwards we had some time to kill. We didn’t want to chance being late for our concert so we gave ourselves extra time. We decided to go to The Pub which is supposedly like a British Pub. We have been here a few times to eat. And a couple of times to just get a drink in the past. I already had a beer and I didn’t want any more of that in my body. So I sipped a glass of white wine. After all, I’d just had pizza and the bread of part of of a hamburger. Too many carbs and too much wheat. Too much gluten. And I don’t know that those things might not be what is causing my issues. But the glass of wine was cold and he poured a good pour, so we killed some time here, chatted and waited a bit.

We had parked nearby, and it was good rate, so we decided it would be cheaper to Uber from there to our venue, at the Schermerhorn Symphony Center.

It wasn’t very far. We were considering walking but it was a difficult walk and maybe not a safe one. I also already had blisters on my feet from the walking we’d done already. I had 4.2 miles in – much of it thought was in the house. But we walked a bit around this area. I think it was less than $5 plus tip. So he dropped us off right where we needed to be.

Here’s a view from the balcony of the Schermerhorn Center.

Our tickets were unique. We were behind stage seating. I tried not to think about the fact that everyone was probably staring at us too, behind the orchestra.

It’s a beautiful building and we have enjoyed many concerts and shows here. So it felt like old times.

Katy gave us these tickets to see Bela Fleck (banjo) with the Orchestra for George’s birthday. George and I used to listen to Bela Fleck CD’s in our 30’s when coming home from work, grabbing a glass of wine, and cooking dinner.

Here Bela Fleck was playing with the symphony, some music by George Gershwin and Appalachian Spring by Aaron Copland.

I especially loved the Appalachian Spring and of course Rhapsody in Blue is always amazing. Above you see the Drums sheet music.

The show was great. We walked to a nearby Hilton that was tucked away from the street for a good place to call the Uber to. It took a long while to get the Uber though due to all the traffic downtown. We made it back to our parking garage.

It was 11:30 when we got home and then a little later when we got in bed. Morning came quickly. We left the house by 8:00 to get Mom. Got to church and went in Mom’s car. I forgot the house warming gift I needed and we had to back by Mom’s to get that after church. We had to go to Publix to get fruit for our life group after church.

Mom wanted us to get gas (right this minute, lol). She wanted her car washed but the washer was broken at Shell. She wanted me to order her something from Amazon. And wants us to order her a DVD player. We went to our life group and had a great time. Rebecca fixed an awesome chicken casserole. Jana fixed her amazing squash casserole. And Rebecca’s carrot cake was awesome. After it was over, Mom didn’t need any groceries but was wanting her car to be washed, so George found a car wash and got that done.

We decided NOT to get groceries today. We can put it off.

The next week? Mom has another doc appointment tomorrow. Her regular doc, to get her meds refilled. The rest of the week should be calm.

My car is in the shop still. And Saturday we will be going to a wedding. The venue is out of town, but it’s not too far away. We decided to just drive back after. Mainly b/c of doggies and it’s cheaper.

Ok I’ll try to do a mid week blog and show the fall decor. I had too many pics today. I also have some recipes I promised to share. Life is full.

Have a happy week everyone!

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  1. Your dinner and concert looks amazing. I can’t get over how much Dexter has grown. He is a handsome fellow. I am glad you let him sleep with you and gave him attention. Dogs get their feelings hurt just like we do. He has such expressive eyes.

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