Good Eats, A Very Long Monday, and a Few Annoyances

Sunday night after Life Group, we were only mildly hungry. So George fixed us a little frozen meal, Publix brand, that had chicken, pasta and spinach or kale. Sorry I forgot to check what the green was. You just added water and cooked in a skillet. George added more ingredients, like a bit of white wine and pepper flakes, etc.He said it was bland unless you add to it, which made it wonderful. So it makes a great “base” for a quick dinner. So much so he asked where I got it. I would suggest fresh parmesan. I guess we will see what other meals they have like that. It was not very expensive either.

Yesterday I had so many things to do for Mom and also personally but I had to work too. For me I needed to check off on Hello Fresh an upcoming meal, check on my sister in her last week of radiation, check with a friend about this weekend’s wedding festivities. (Oh my gosh, I haven’t thought about what I need to wear.) And I needed to finish the weekend laundry as we were gone a lot. I also needed to pick my car up from the shop.

For Mom I had to leave at 2:00 to pick her up in Lebanon and get her back to Hermitage. I ordered the DVD player she wanted from Amazon. She had a prescription that we had to have filled at Walgreens. She wanted something from Lowe’s and we went in there.

I had to rush through time sheets. I can’t print them til 12:00. So I had two hours ONLY to get four plants sheets checked. As luck would have it, I think I had to edit about the most I’ve had to edit all year long. Of course. Normally they are smooth as silk with only a few changes. Yesterday was massive. Anyway, I got most of it done.

I had taken my BP meds so in the 50 minutes it took to go to Mom’s I had to goooooooo. Mom always makes a comment about how I have to go so much. I guess it makes her feel better about her issues. But it annoys me that someone comments about my bathroom habits, or counts the number of trips. I guess it inconveniences her as she has to wait. She of all crowds, should not be even mentioning that about someone else, lol. But it’s a point she makes with me nearly every time we are together. I have a water pill that I take and I have to go more than usual after that. I also drink a lot b/c the liquids as the pill dries out my intestines too, lol. TMI but I’m just saying, I’m getting ribbed about the pit stops unnecessarily. I may have to boundary that also.

close up shot of a minimalist analog wall clock

Of course everything we did was kinda slow, except the doctor. That went pretty fast. The evening melted away from us and I had so much to do when I got home.

I had a list of places to eat so I list them for Mom and let her pick. She picked Burger Republic. They have good burgers. I got a side salad. I didn’t eat much of it though. It had really big pieces of some odd kind of lettuce that you find in a spring mix. I am finding I don’t digest that too well, and just left most of it after eating the cucumbers and pieces of lettuce I could eat. The pretzel bun was good. I had a turkey burger.

Lowe’s did not have a person checking. It was all DIY checking out stations. Mom has refused to do those. I knew it would be an issue. It was also hard to get help in the store. Mom yelled out in the store like she did in the hospital “Is there anyone working here?” at the top of her lungs. It embarrasses me so much when she loses control like that. This is a new habit she has developed. Well not the yelling, she has done that for years, but in a retail store, she usually only shows her tail if they won’t take a return or someone gives gives her an answer she doesn’t like. But this new thing of yelling as loud as she can in a store, is more than I can stand. I am considering doing a boundary there of not taking her anywhere else if she does that. I don’t think anyone heard her, lol, but me. But I found a worker eventually and had them take me to the lamps. She wanted a lamp shade. I don’t like going to Lowe’s with her as it’s so big and honestly it’s never been a pleasant experience for either of us. So I dread it when she wants to go.

Walgreen’s wait in line took about 45 minutes I think. It seemed that long if it wasn’t. I think we were 5th in line. Erroneous thinking that the drive thru would be quicker. At least the pharmacist was humorous. I was unprepared for his humor but it was better than everyone being in a bad mood. I guess that is his defense mechanism for dealing with mad people at the window when this world is so 1) costly 2) no one wants to work 3) waits are long and 4) No one really has time for any of that.

It was after 7 when we got to Mom’s to take her home. And then we had to go pick up my car from the shop. My reward driving home from Mom’s to pick up George, was this beautiful orange and pink sunset. I told God thank you and that I needed rest from this long and weary day.

Once home we picked up my car which needed solenoids. They may as well have told me it needed a booganooga lol. Do they make up these parts? Is there such a thing? I’ve never had to have a solenoid replaced in ANY other car I’ve had unless they called it something else. But yet I’ve had to have it replaced twice in this Chevy car.

I guess it was 8 when we got home. George still hadn’t eaten and I had an hour to do of video edits. I got about 8 minutes worth of video edited from an hour and eight of footage. So tonight and tomorrow night I really have to get with it.

I was so tired when I went to bed. It was an hour later than it needed to be. At 9:45 when I had just laid my head on my pillow and thanking God for finally being able to rest, the doorbell rang. I did not know it was a delivery as this is what I saw when I looked out. I didn’t see him with the box. I guess he already set it down. My guess is he was looking to see what kind of animal was in the bushes, lol. It was probably the cat.

I thought it was Amazon when George said they left a box. But it was probably another carrier and using anyone’s cars to make deliveries. It was my Melaleuca box. lol But I was in the back saying “don’t answer it”, “it’s not good”. We finally figured it out.

As usual I’m behind on life. It’s the norm now. I’m not frustrated. I’m just kinda sad. It’s just hard right now. I know this is a season in my life that will pass. And I gotta go as I need to get ready for work. And also WordPress won’t let me type anymore unless it is v e r y s l o w…….That annoys me. I think it is the Yoast. I’m going to delete it soon. It’s not worth it to me.

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  1. Oh dear me Sonya, what a frustrating day you certainly had…Let’s hope that today is better and you feel a bit calmer…..Mums can get terribly embarrassing especially as they get older they don’t seem to have any troubles about it…just us. My Mum used to sing quite loudly just suddenly wherever we might be..I used to near die with embarrassment….Your late supper looked really good….Take care, till tomorrow, bye for now. God Bless x

  2. That was a pretty sunset. Things like that make me happy. I couldn’t help but laugh when you were talking about your Mom being loud in the stores. My sister took her to the Walmart and she wanted to get her blood pressure checked. She slid the cuff on and started hollering help this thing is too tight it’s squeezing my arm off. My sister heard her several isles away and ran over there to try to get it off her arm. she said it embarrassed her to death. I’ve heard our parents revert back to child like ways when they get old. My Mom was a character . She sure spoke her mind when she didn’t like something. She got really fiesty and difficult sometimes. Hang in there with your Mom. Just think what we will be like at that age. Lol

    • Mom didn’t reserve yelling for old age but is more public about it now. Yelling sadly was part of every day life growing up. Its how she got her way, got the last word, and was her learned defense mechanism but would smile in public, lol. Yeah the true colors are showing in public. I hope she doesn’t anger someone somehow in the wrong place at the wrong time or get arrested lol. It scares me. I’m bold too but not that bold.

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