Big Announcement! Baby #2 is coming in Spring 2024!

It is with much JOY that I announce Grandbaby #2 is on its way. Is this not the cutest thing? Little Roo kissing his little baby brother or sister. We will know soon the gender.

The baby comes in late March of 2024. We are very excited! I think this one is my very favorite of him in the pics. So sweet.

Weekly Update: A Bout with Diverticulitis

So as for me, I have a pretty bad bout of diverticulitis. I usually have a flare up about once every year or two. I think the culprit this time was a certain type of lettuce that is in spring mix that I cannot digest. And then if we eat a lot of the Western diet foods (pizza, burger, kielbasa) on top of that – I run into problems.

So to avoid docs and serious meds, I switched to a mostly liquid diet yesterday. For 24 hours I only had liquids. I tried to make it “fun” by having a list to check off (that’s how I roll, ya know).

Thank goodness I keep chicken broth on hand and all the hot teas. I did not have mashed potatoes. I think I ate those in the last week or two and I was disappointed. I ate lunch on Wednesday and didn’t eat again until about 3 p.m. yesterday. I had microwavable Mac n Cheese.

When I got home I took care of dogs yesterday and went straight to bed and fell into a deep sleep. Peace finally. And much needed sleep. I guess I’d been asleep 20 or 30 minutes and Mom called and woke me up. I need to put my phone on do not disturb during naps but naps is something off routine. I was mad having been woken up as I couldn’t go back to sleep. I got up and took care of what she was needing (to see test results on the portal). It turned out it wasn’t the test she thought it was. So it was all a moot effort. So I just got up and fixed me 3 scrambled eggs. My body needed protein as I couldn’t think very well.

I then worked on this week’s video and got it finished. The eggs were good brain food. I made the thumbnail on canvas and got the description finished and the video scheduled, so yippee. Then George and I watched the video.

I’m hoping that I can begin to eat more solid foods and sneak out of the situation. The last time this happened was last November.

Other Happenings and What’s Goin on this Weekend

We have a wedding to go to tomorrow and George wants to go to a pop up small vendor shopping place/craft fair kind of thing tomorrow. So I won’t get much done here tomorrow. We’ll have to have a messy house most of September because we are gone a lot on Saturday’s.

Maddie says “hi ya’ll”. I will try to be back in here on Sunday afternoon with some pretty pics from the area of the wedding. No people just scenery, decor, and cake! ha.

Sending Good Vibes. Here’s my “Good Vibes” sweat shirt I bought at the nearby consignment shop.

Guess what! I AM planning another PTO day before too long. And I’ll at least have that to get stuff done. It is Friday Sept 15th and I am shocked the month is half over but I’m not half way through my to do list!!!!! lol lol.

Dogs barked at 2:00 a.m. this morning. Probably the cat jumping out of the chair on the porch or something. Dexter was sleeping in the living room. It’s good to have a watch dog. Then Maddie barked. But 2 a.m. because a cat jumped off the front porch is not good. I tossed and turned from then on. Maybe tonight, sleep will be good.

Oh I did get something BIG done yesterday. I scheduled myself for my REAL drivers license appointment. It’s in a couple of weeks at lunch time-ish. It’s close to work. I can run over there and then come back. I went before and didn’t have all the documents to prove who I was. But I do now. I think. The requirements are not until May of 2025 *I think* to fly. But this was on my list to do this year. Next year I will get a passport. You never know when you might want or need to fly out of the country. I want to visit Canada, maybe Nova Scotia or other places. Might eventually take a cruise sometime.

Well, gotta go figure out what I can eat today. I think I have 3 microwavable white rice cans. I can eat once for breakfast and one for lunch. Mostly going to stick with as many liquids as I can til I feel like I’m ok and everything is going like it should.

Please pray for me though. I have prayed several times for the Lord to lift this issue from me. I have so much other to do and I need to feel good so I can do it.

Thanks friends.

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  1. Sorry you’ve got this again, but you seem to have things under control clever you. Hope you enjoy the wedding, it’s a pity you have to go leaving the house work, dogs etc…but that’s always the way things go. Look forward to tomorrows Vlog. Till then Take Care….God Bless

    • The wedding will be fun. I’m a little worried about the tummy as we will be riding a shuttle. And not sure what I can eat so I’ve got to take a tote of some things I’ll need. Then tomorrow is a full day too with church and Mom so no time to do laundry or housework until sometime next week, unless I stay up late. But we are excited to go today and watch our lovely friend get married and see our friends. So happy for them and their wonderful day today. Looking forward to the photography and scenery.

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