Taking Some Time to Myself, A Jewelry Project, and another Shopping Haul

Good morning. The new VLOG is up and you can see it HERE.

In this vlog I’m enjoying a rare day off, spending time with the dogs, doing some projects, fussing with my camera, opening up my weekly shopping haul and sharing the Melaleuca products I bought and sharing the website. What a fabulous day. A rare jewel of a day in this period of time in my life.

Thanks for all the congrats on the new grand baby set to arrive in March of 2024. And all the prayers and well wishes from my having a bout with diverticulitis. I’ve been on a liquid/soft diet for two and a half days. Went to the grocery last night and bought some things that might work. Hopefully back with you guys tomorrow afternoon with a few updates and some wedding pics from today’s wedding. (Mainly scenery and decor, b/c I am hesitant now to share a lot of photos of others without their permission.)

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the VLOG and have a wonderful weekend.

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  1. As ever a great Vlog. You’ve done well getting the extra ..bits of info written etc on….I don’t know if you’ve ever had time to look back at your first Few Vlogs it would be interesting bet you’ll see the improvements you’ve made along the way. I think they are so good….I’m looking forward to the times when you retire when you will be able to do some nice walks etc filming as you go, that will be such fun…Mary was asking who the deer belong to ? Or if perhaps they just are wild ? Now looking forward to next weeks news and views ! God Bless

    • They are wild deer that walk through our neighborhoods daily- morning and night! Thanks for letting me know that you have noticed improvement. 🙂 Yes, I was thinking about the walks myself. I’ll have time for them then.

      • It’s $1 to join if the deal is still going on. I checked with my friend that sent me a link to join and I can send you a link since I’m a member. It is by referral. I have to have an email and phone number to send. It matters not to me. I’m not selling it. But I will be willing to figure out how to do that if you want. (I may as well learn how to send a link as others will probably ask too). It’s totally up to you. My email address is going to be my blog name and then the gmail domain ending. The other way I think is to call that toll free number. Hope that helps.

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