1 Year Old Birthday Party on Texas Ranch: “My First Rodeo” Theme

Getting ready for the party was fun! Katy had picked the theme out while on maternity leave. Way back then. She collected items since then. I made the little white and red streamers! George blew up the balloons with a machine that Katy had bought. Katy made a photo booth.

We realized we didn’t have anything for the vases. So Shelby (one of Katy’s best friends) and I went to the field and cut off weeds, lol! It worked.

Here was our rental car. A Dodge Charger. Which is hilarious. We moved it for the party though. As a lot of the folks stood around and talked in Cody’s “man cave” garage there. What a cool thing. They turned part of the carport into a garage and their garage is being converted to master bedroom ensuite. Just had to show you our car.

The party was the most precious thing. Even the pre-party pizza impromptu event with all the grandparents the night before, because everyone was there on the ranch – so we ate all together. River got to open a few pre-presents. This was on his actual birthday. River was the life of the party. We sat and watched him open his guitar from his Mom and Dad and he entertained us all and “worked the crowd”. He was so cute. And we all had such a good time.

So I’ve tried to capture the highlights. I just have some random pics left – things like sunsets and our trip back to share. This trip added to our stack of wonderful memories. I couldn’t help but reflect back to the Gender Reveal party in Aug of 2020. And again at his birth in Jan of 2021. It all made me smile. But I cried off and on the day we left. It was so hard to leave. Life is never fair, but have more trips planned. It’s just not the same as actually being there often. Two to three times a year is so hard.

Real Time Update

Payroll is done. I’m trying to stay over a bit each day and also get there early if I can without pinching into my morning “me time” too much. It’s really the only time I have anymore it seems – that one hour. But payroll is closed for the week. Anything and everything is reaching out for time and attention.

So Monday George took Mom to get her vehicle inspected and license tag transferred over to Wilson County, and then she had a string of things for him to do while he was there. He hauled off some things for Good Will to get rid of some boxes and then also brought in some more boxes for her to unpack.

A few days ago Mom had told me she was stocked up good for groceries but when I called her to say Hi and check up on her, she asked when I was going to the grocery. “Last night” I said. I had gone to get a few things to have for the work week. So she said “if you don’t mind, soon I’m going to need a few things – bread, biscuits, bacon, dog treats”. She said it was supposed to snow this weekend and she would like to have them before then. So George and I are going to the store after I get off work. I’m working late these days. I had told her we’d bring dinner but going to have to tell her never mind on that b/c it’ll be later than she will want to eat. I have to go from Antioch to Mount Juliet to get George and then to Lebanon and then back home.

Tomorrow night and Friday night I’m reserving for house cleaning as Kevin and Susan come and I need to “flip the sheets” and get their room and bathroom ready and do a quick dust and vacuum.

Saturday morning we brunch with neighbors and then we may end up with a couple of free hours in the afternoon until Kevin and Susan arrive. It’s also supposed to snow, but I have no idea how much or if it’s just a threat. I’m taking my computer home in case it’s a big event with leftover ice on Monday. I can’t afford to lose any more work time. I’m already having to reserve Sunday of the following week and then the last weekend of the month, Saturday and Sunday – so I have time to try to get quarter end finished. So I told George “NO MORE PLANS”. I know Mom needs things but it’s either going to have to be late at night or weekend. I can’t afford to lose my job and I am already being pulled away for prime work time for taxes next week as Mom has doc appts Thurs and Friday afternoons. Those are the days I normally have time built in for working on returns. Now I’m having to be away Wednesday too for a legal event for my company (which I am not even involved in and know nothing – a big huge time suck and waste of time for everyone, but they will soon know that and figure it out the hard way, after everyone’s time has been sucked, lol).

The cards are all stacked against me here from every direction. I’m just flat being set up to fail from all around me and in doing anything to a completion. I can only do so much with one lifetime, lol. I have pleaded with God to help me with this juggle of what has become my life.

Still I’ve made lists of things that I want and need to do and it will sit and wait on the list until God or somebody gives me a plate of free time. I keep hoping.

But we are looking behind at a very busy last year and we knew January would be like this. And there is really very little that I can control, short of adding a bed to my office. Don’t think I haven’t thought about it.

Anyway, in the next day or so, I’ll share my new year goals (my new year starts in February as January seems to not have included me in it), and I’ll share my long list that is developing that I am chomping on the bit to work on.

So over and out. I’ll be back tomorrow I suppose for a bit. I’m not working on the videos right now because I have to tape a segment about Roger and I can’t do that on a whim. I have to set up lighting and prefer to be by myself when I do it. And there is no period of time in the near future. I can’t move forward until the Roger video is done. Then I have to work on changing the intro. So a couple of bottlenecks there too right now.

Ahhh I will quite typing before I get myself all worked up and forget that I need to EMBRACE what is, and forge forward. Meaning I can’t change a lot of things but just go with it and find a way to do what it is I need and want to do. It is just a horribly busy month. I have to find a way not to worry and fret and try to smile and be content. I’m afraid if I don’t worry though, I’ll be too relaxed and fail everyone.

Til tomorrow…..

Dinner in Donelson, Baby Faces, Police Visit, and My To Do List

McNamara’s, Donelson, TN

Yesterday had a bit of fun when I got to meet a friend/neighbor for meal in Donelson at an Irish restaurant, McNamara’s. A fun little place. I wish there were more healthy things on the menu! I had Fish and Chips. Very good. Very good, I say! But not low in calories or fat I’m afraid. Still, the restaurant is a favorite.

Are you ready for some cuteness? We love the different faces of my Grandson as his Mom captures them and sends. His Mom sent those to me yesterday. Here’s Little Roo! He has gained 4 lbs since birth and is wore his LAST newborn diaper yesterday! I especially love the last pic as I love seeing a baby kick and play with their arms!

Neighborhood Suspicions

When I got home last night the police was at our house! I had gotten a notification that someone was at my doorbell when I got into the car leaving the restaurant. I listened to the conversation when George went to the door. It was the next door neighbor. I heard him saying someone had stopped in front of our houses and took pictures toward the neighbor’s house. The neighborhood house is for sale. I figure it was someone that is looking at houses for sale and stopped to take a pic. But our neighborhood teen was at home by himself and came over as it scared him. George looked back on our security cam and was able to show the car and you can see the flashes of lights while taking pics. So George told him if he was concerned, he could call the authorities so they could do periodic drive bys. The car had not done anything wrong as far as I know. George said it was odd to be doing that at night instead of daytime. I told him, “not really, most people work all day and someone looking at houses would most certainly ride around after work looking on their own before involving a realtor if they decided to do so”. I would do that! lol The police was leaving as I arrived. But I was glad to know what was sort of going on before just showing up and the police is there. I woke up at 1:30 in the morning and thought about it. Of course I laid there for an hour. But I figure it is someone looking at houses. It seems like any time mentions anything in our neighborhood that is suspicious it always involves a black car or a black truck. lol. And this was a black car.

Anyway, this week is surely moving on! Tonight I have free. After being gone the last two nights I’m glad to be coming home tonight.

Upcoming To Do List: Am I Busy? LOL

So the upcoming to do list is to begin looking/learning about elder care and looking at options for Mom for a move to Mount Juliet so we can aid her in her needs and spend more time with her.

I will be looking at my subscriptions and seeing which to cancel. Evernote is one I’ve decided to cancel to the free version and will move the file storage over. I will keep the free version and move files over to my cloud drive if needed. I needed it for my side hustle business with the health company I use but since I’m no longer doing the business, it’s not needed.

I need to sew up by navy blue pants as the hem fell out and I miss wearing them!

I have to figure out how to install the Nest device – an extra sensor in the house. If we cannot figure it out we may need to return it if it is not too late. It probably is. I’ve not had time to do anything with it.

I want to work on the new Intro and excited about that. Probably won’t be til after I get back from Mom’s. I’m going to see her this weekend. Spending the night with her Fri night.

I need to catch up on all my shows which is going to be hard b/c I won’t be home much. I also haven’t seen the latest Sister Wives show.

I need to order Ring Light and Rode Microphone and wind muff sometime in the next month. I think the microphone will help in the house but need the muff for outdoor shooting. My new lens arrived for zooming. So we need to set up an excursion so I can play with the new lens.

I want to set up a “Health Tracker” so I can force myself to look at “markers” as to how I’m progressing. It helps hold oneself accountable and lets you know your trend before you step into those tight jeans all of a sudden. I talked about doing this last year and in true fashion I begin to get so detailed and fancy with it that I begin to give up as it is too much. So I’m going to keep it simple – weight, blood pressure, heart rate, and a couple of measurements – waist, bust, arm? I have a goal size I want to go to. And don’t want to solely depend on the health and wellness company I’m doing, to be able to sustain this. I will definitely use the products but I want to be able to do this when I retire also, so I need to figure out a diet and regimen that is sustainable now!

That said, I have a Cracker Barrel and Culvers cards to use up! lol

I want to study some Vlogging YouTubes and do my Canon lessons.

I want to learn how to do more things with Canva for use in my videos.

We need to look at flooring and do our research there.

And I need to do the next video.

It’s Our Last Day in Texas!

This has been my bed and even though it’s a sofa, it’s been comfortable. We leave tomorrow to head toward home via Hot Springs.

George came and got me yesterday and we went out for Breakfast at Adrianas Taqueria. We got the bacon and egg burrito which is my favorite over the kolaches that George prefers.

Then we went to swap out my dirty clothes for clean clothes from my big suitcase at his lodge. I’ve just had an overnight bag packed for two days. But I got enough for the remaining time here and our overnight in Hot Springs. Also did some of our laundry here.

Then we went to some boutique shops. I bought a couple of things. The hunt is always fun. We headed back to Katy’s house. They had been to the Pediatrician in Abilene. Our Little Roo (I am shortening his name as Buckaroo is too long to type on here on the phone- but I kinda like it!- our Little Roo’s numbers are going in the right direction on the bilirubin. They told her to keep doing what she was doing.

We bought a few more grocery items for the kids and replacement coffee as we’ve lived on coffee-all but Katy who tries not to have caffeine.

We brought home lunch from the Pit Stop!

Chopped beef, sausages, and my request was for some potato salad. And it hit the spot! Here’s The Pit Stop.

It was a really windy day yesterday 25-30 sustained winds and gusts to 40. The lake by George’s lodge was like an angry ocean with white caps. We got a good video coverage of it. I had hoped for another walk but it was too windy for an enjoyable stroll. We did get to see Cody go over the house in a helicopter 🚁. They have to count deer and pigs once per quarter. He texted when he was close to the house. We waved.

Our Little Buckaroo is wearing his Little Buckaroo onesie. My phone is remembering and suggesting “Buckaroo” now.

He’s had a few spurts of alertness here and there which should continue as time goes on.

And I believe here he is telling George he is hungry. lol Meanwhile Findlay was in my lap! She’s not getting her normal attention from her Momma and Daddy right now but she knows her Nonni (MommaSoni) will take care of her. We’ve explained how much fun Little Buckaroo will be. But we have also talked about her sneaking and coming home with us! lol

I will miss them all when we leave. Even Ford, the cat, who is much bigger now and comes around at night and early morning for the most part.

I’ve been eyeing what I believe is our Christmas/Birthday gifts. Not sure “when” Christmas opening time is. Maybe next time when we come back when everyone is awake.

George has kept the humor going of course. Even Findlay is entertained! And Katy felt better yesterday and wanted to do a few things in the house, cleaning the nursery and such. She mostly slept as she should have when the baby slept. The baby doing quite nicely now in bassinet. Everyone is getting more sleep now that the routine is working out.

We ate a pizza casserole last night and I believe we will have to recreate this dish! It was great! A friend brought it over. Along with bread and salad kit, and iced tea. I made garlic toast out of it with butter, garlic salt and onion powder, and parsley flakes.

So today is our last full day here and we set out tomorrow. I’m sad to leave but I do miss our home, my bed, my routine, and will even be ok to go back to work and continue checking the boxes off for quarter end/year end. I am also looking forward to ordering some things online and working toward some goals, working on a study/reading/watching corner of my office, making more videos and doing some writing.

I know Katy and Cody were glad we were here. It was crucial times here until mid week when Little Roo finally took to the bassinet. Every thing has to be figured out. But now I think it’s time we go so they can take it from here. The dishes and laundry will pile up and quick meals eaten but it’s ok until strength and time lengthens themselves. They’ve got this. I’m happy we got to help for a short time. Not happy I can’t see him again until later in the year. But we will figure it out with FaceTime and photos. And will hold him again one day. We still have today and in the morning! I feel like our new year will start when we get home. Going to make hair and Pedi appointments too.

Better go eat my breakfast. Poppy arrived with a bacon egg croissant!