It’s Our Last Day in Texas!

This has been my bed and even though it’s a sofa, it’s been comfortable. We leave tomorrow to head toward home via Hot Springs.

George came and got me yesterday and we went out for Breakfast at Adrianas Taqueria. We got the bacon and egg burrito which is my favorite over the kolaches that George prefers.

Then we went to swap out my dirty clothes for clean clothes from my big suitcase at his lodge. I’ve just had an overnight bag packed for two days. But I got enough for the remaining time here and our overnight in Hot Springs. Also did some of our laundry here.

Then we went to some boutique shops. I bought a couple of things. The hunt is always fun. We headed back to Katy’s house. They had been to the Pediatrician in Abilene. Our Little Roo (I am shortening his name as Buckaroo is too long to type on here on the phone- but I kinda like it!- our Little Roo’s numbers are going in the right direction on the bilirubin. They told her to keep doing what she was doing.

We bought a few more grocery items for the kids and replacement coffee as we’ve lived on coffee-all but Katy who tries not to have caffeine.

We brought home lunch from the Pit Stop!

Chopped beef, sausages, and my request was for some potato salad. And it hit the spot! Here’s The Pit Stop.

It was a really windy day yesterday 25-30 sustained winds and gusts to 40. The lake by George’s lodge was like an angry ocean with white caps. We got a good video coverage of it. I had hoped for another walk but it was too windy for an enjoyable stroll. We did get to see Cody go over the house in a helicopter 🚁. They have to count deer and pigs once per quarter. He texted when he was close to the house. We waved.

Our Little Buckaroo is wearing his Little Buckaroo onesie. My phone is remembering and suggesting “Buckaroo” now.

He’s had a few spurts of alertness here and there which should continue as time goes on.

And I believe here he is telling George he is hungry. lol Meanwhile Findlay was in my lap! She’s not getting her normal attention from her Momma and Daddy right now but she knows her Nonni (MommaSoni) will take care of her. We’ve explained how much fun Little Buckaroo will be. But we have also talked about her sneaking and coming home with us! lol

I will miss them all when we leave. Even Ford, the cat, who is much bigger now and comes around at night and early morning for the most part.

I’ve been eyeing what I believe is our Christmas/Birthday gifts. Not sure “when” Christmas opening time is. Maybe next time when we come back when everyone is awake.

George has kept the humor going of course. Even Findlay is entertained! And Katy felt better yesterday and wanted to do a few things in the house, cleaning the nursery and such. She mostly slept as she should have when the baby slept. The baby doing quite nicely now in bassinet. Everyone is getting more sleep now that the routine is working out.

We ate a pizza casserole last night and I believe we will have to recreate this dish! It was great! A friend brought it over. Along with bread and salad kit, and iced tea. I made garlic toast out of it with butter, garlic salt and onion powder, and parsley flakes.

So today is our last full day here and we set out tomorrow. I’m sad to leave but I do miss our home, my bed, my routine, and will even be ok to go back to work and continue checking the boxes off for quarter end/year end. I am also looking forward to ordering some things online and working toward some goals, working on a study/reading/watching corner of my office, making more videos and doing some writing.

I know Katy and Cody were glad we were here. It was crucial times here until mid week when Little Roo finally took to the bassinet. Every thing has to be figured out. But now I think it’s time we go so they can take it from here. The dishes and laundry will pile up and quick meals eaten but it’s ok until strength and time lengthens themselves. They’ve got this. I’m happy we got to help for a short time. Not happy I can’t see him again until later in the year. But we will figure it out with FaceTime and photos. And will hold him again one day. We still have today and in the morning! I feel like our new year will start when we get home. Going to make hair and Pedi appointments too.

Better go eat my breakfast. Poppy arrived with a bacon egg croissant!

Newborn Adjustments and a Walk on the Ranch

Sneaking in a blog post while I can and while I feel like it!

It’s been a “tough go” all week of taking turns holding and watching the baby, figuring out if he’s getting enough milk, waiting for milk to come in and watching jaundice. And mostly lack of sleep between Katy and Cody and I. By morning we are comatose. lol

Little Buckaroo did not like his bassinet and preferred one of us hold him. I knew yesterday this needed to change. We leave Saturday and if we can’t get this figured out they will never survive without having extra people in the house.

So yesterday I was able to transition him from being held to the bassinet during one of his naps. It took! It was a big win for the household! Last night was the most sleep any of us have had. So a big relief and a big step towards routine.

Today they take him back to Abilene for Pediatric visit and his 1 week check. He’s still a little jaundiced but I think he’s much better. We let him get sun through the window yesterday.

I’ve also tried to keep the kitchen up while here and pick up some and fold laundry. I’ve been too wiped out to try to even think about a blog post. I have played mindless games to relax. Or have sat and just rested. I can’t do good naps during the day very easy as my bed is the sofa in the main room.

It was 64 here yesterday and I went out for a walk which revived my soul. It was quiet, peaceful, and I loved the warmth hitting my face. Katy’s friend Shelby came over and they went for a walk a took the baby who enjoyed the stroller.

Kate is looking good for having given birth a week ago. She is losing weight pretty fast with the breastfeeding. She’s had a tough time getting in enough calories. Has had weak spells, but says she is learning what her body is asking for. Rest, sleep, and more nutritious eating likely the answer there.

Testing out the swing below! He seemed to like this. So this is good and will be something to occupy him and hold him while they eat or do tasks, especially while one of them is alone at the house. Notice Findlay finally gets to sniff and check out the baby.

Findlay has been my little buddy this week! I’ve seen to it she has what she needs and take her potty outside. I keep asking her if she wants to go home with me. lol She let’s you know when she wants something by come up to you wagging her tail and going in a circle as to entice you to follow her by saying “come on”. She frequently sits with me when her Mom is nursing the baby and gets shewed away.

I’m going to close and get some more sleep before the household gets up. I hope to get some good baby pics before we head out. Surprisingly I hadn’t already. We have mainly just been surviving the moment with little sleep or rest.

George coming to get me and we are doing some things in town today, hitting some boutiques and general stores, and getting a breakfast burrito or lunch out. Not sure.

Only today and tomorrow left. Gonna be hard to say goodbye to my Little Buckaroo. Maybe I call him Little Roo! He and I have bonded to the point that he knows my voice and touch and I can calm him even when hungry. I noticed that yesterday. It’s gonna be hard leaving him and not being here. But what can you do? Pics and videos and FaceTime not the same as being able to hold him.

But it is what it is. And we will head towards Hot Springs Saturday.

I feel like George and I are dating lol. He leaves at 9 or so and we kiss goodbye and comes back the next day! lol

Anyway better go grab another hour of shuteye while the getting is good and before sunrise!

Life is Beautiful Despite it’s Annoyances

“Life Is Beautiful”

Well, the Katebug (dear daughter) is currently in the hospital. They checked in at 4 and will induce today. I will be on pins and needles at work. As you know in this world, we cannot be in the hospital waiting room. If we could we would already be there! We had to decide what was best for all as far as travel timing. She will either be released late Friday or sometime Saturday. We will arrive in Texas Saturday afternoon. We are only driving 6-7 hours each day, making our usual stop in Hot Springs on each end of the trip. To push through is possible but not very wise. I decided that we would not be worth anything to anyone after 14 hours of driving.

Photo by David Besh on

I don’t think I’ve ever had a week vacation or holiday where there was not some crisis immediately beforehand. Well maybe that is not true. It’s been better since I’ve been in payroll. At least things are more predictable and fewer surprises – although there are some at times, especially if not given much notice in your schedule for things. I also usually try to time PTO where it works best for everyone. Truth is – it’s never a good time to be out. Keep in mind I didn’t get to put in my order for when my grandson will be born! lol I think that we are very thinly staffed at times and when someone has to be out there is just not enough manpower to go around. And so it becomes a crisis in itself. But life happens and life can’t be stopped. But still before I go, I will have done nothing short of hanging a moon, maybe even more than one, and scattered a few stars about the sky. LOL. Just kidding. Only God can do that. If I do that it would only be with God’s help. Which is what I did when I was asked twice yesterday to please do all this extra work before I left. I was worried about getting the month, quarter, and year end done by Jan 31 and now they are pushing for the 15th. I believe I actually laughed upon hearing it. Not out of disrespect, but out of unbelief. It was as if someone told me I’d be getting an RV and going traveling until my heart was content. I would laugh at that too. Just not a believable thing. It was already impossible before. But perhaps things can be sortof wrapped up in guestimate fashion, but yeah – it won’t actually be wrapped up. It will take several weeks for all that to be done to file withholding returns, unemployment returns, year end reports for each state and w-2 reporting. But I will get most of my spreadsheet done, Lord willing. It may not balance, but I can at least get a head start on it. I did a lot of it yesterday. I think they mainly just need that from me for now. I do plan to basically live there when we get back from Texas. As I’ve said before, you don’t actually get the vacation time off – it’s still worked – just other times in the month. Matter of fact I’ll probably have to double it just to get through by the 30th since it’s the time of year it is. So that way there are no penalties for the company. I’ll be the only one penalized, if I survive til February. lol. I miss the good old days when you actually got the time off and only Monday after and the Friday before were the rough days. Nah. No more. Today’s companies are too thinly staffed. Retirement = 4 years and then I hope I get to spend time with my grandson without having to go through such crises and turmoil to get to see him.

I’m texting with Katy right now. She is 5 cm dilated. I looked it up and it’s considered an active stage of labor. She thinks he will be there in the afternoon. She is drinking grape juice. She said she is hungry but of course she can’t eat. She will forget about hunger soon. I’m not sure how on earth I’ll be able to work today but we have to do what we have to do. I wish I could have taken two weeks off but I’m doing good to get the 6 days, which is more than people usually do at once. And I’m grateful that I can go and not have to quit or be fired for going. It’s a critical time at work. Hell it always is, but it’s more so right now.

So after work this week, I’ve been so tired as the days have been long, that it has been hard to get anything ready for our Texas trip. Yesterday morning I prayed for strength to be everyone’s ALL. I just don’t have enough to go around and needed His strength. It got me through. That and the system I’m on. I drank a shake, took my vitamins, took my Ionix stress formula and we (my boss and I) ordered Cracker Barrel for lunch, which is always a morale booster. So I was able to get a few more things organized and changed my purse over. I washed a couple of loads of laundry. I ordered chinese for dinner and George picked it us as he ran a few errands. We picked out our hotel room for Texas. I have to make our reservations for Hot Springs. George is making the reservations for Texas. He found one that will work better than the one I thought we would have to stay at. I also prayed about that yesterday, b/c while I was looking forward to seeing my grandson and Katy and Cody, I was actually dreading the hotel stay in that dingy place. But I feel better now as long as we can get in that hotel George and I picked out. The insides looked better and looked more like a little efficiency apartment instead of dingy hotel room. We have Roger and Roger is not allowed in Katy’s house I don’t think so we will have to take turns going. So whoever is stuck back at the hotel can at least have a more pleasant experience. I’ve worried about all this (work and how it’s going to go down) so much that I’ve actually dreaded January. I’m excited about my Grandson but as you know none of this is coming easy with the way it’s happening. I will say it’s easier with the one dog than the two. And of course we’d get luxury accommodations if we didn’t have the dog. But we make our sacrifices don’t we? lol This little Roger dog that Katy brought home to us. Did we know we’d love him so much?

He needs a grooming. He is old and tired but still hanging on. He can’t even walk straight, can’t hear. Has a hard time getting water out of the water bowl. But he’s still hanging on. We may see if a groomer can help us while we have time in Breckenridge. If nothing else to trim his nails. He just has to be treated with special care and picked up a certain way.

I’m not sorry for being the honest, direct, sincere, let you know my feelings kind of person I am. I know that at times it seems like I complain. I do state exactly what is transpiring most of the time as it is is seen or happening in my corner of the world.

It seems that even in the easiest or hardest of times, the universe is always doing something to mess up my world. A coworker witnessed the computer not even allowing me to order Cracker Barrel yesterday. I did everything right but the items would never show in my cart. She sat and watched me. Maybe my computer has some kind of blocker on it. My coworker’s computer would work just fine. Why is that? It’s out of my control. But life is hard sometimes for me. It just seems like things try to work against me. And when they do I point it out. Why not? If I have to be present for the annoyance, it’s worth mentioning. LOL

So thanks for always reading this little spot in my world where I can park my daily annoyances and leave them. Even though it seems the universe is a bit nuts, I am happy to say that my God watches out over me. He is evidently my “bobcat” in life, LOL He hears my prayers. He knows my heart. He protects my world. He makes my world and makes life beautiful again.