Baby Gender Reveal by Cake and Weekly Update

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Well, this was so cute. It was revealed to me what the gender of my 2nd grandchild would be by my first grandchild’s tongue. His Mom had cut the cake and he had partaken and the results were on his tongue. So. A cute reveal for me!

But this video was priceless! So cute. In March we’ll be getting a __________! (?) I’ll let you discover for yourself. The video is only a minute long.

WE are so excited.

In other news….my tummy continues to heal but I’m making a few different choices as to quantity and types of food. I have a different strategy at work to drink more instead of snacking more. It seems to be working. I plan out the day. I don’t always get through the exact lineup as I sip a lot and my list is probably aggressive anyway. Here’s an example of yesterday.

I never made it to the ice tea, didn’t need the Rice Krispie treat, and didn’t have time to fix greens drink for the road. The water and cranberry lasted all afternoon just fine. It helps knowing the lineup so I don’t grab things to snack on. Sometimes I think I eat instead of drinking things. I had a Bob’s oatmeal bar for breakfast. They are chewy and not hard. I really like those. I get up at 4:45 and don’t eat until the 7 a.m. hour and sometimes 8 a.m. My breakfast is usually light. So I’m ready for lunch at 10:30 usually but make myself wait til 11. By 2:00 or 3:00 I’m hungry again. My lunch is usually a Stouffer or Lean Cuisine meal. So I think that is why I snack so much. I probably should eat bigger meals. But I’m trying to just drink my way through the void til dinner. I came home yesterday and had pimento and cheese (homemade by Mike’s Food Land).

I had a 5:00 call with Apple to fix the Mac. We got it fixed. So I was able to edit videos. My disc was full. It was a time stamp back up from Time Machine that was taking up the space. We had to go into the Terminal mode and write some code to find the time stamps (Time Machine back up snapshots) and we deleted the first one and that did it. It gave me my space back. So glad to be able to edit my videos again.

Ok Mom and I get our nails and toes done tomorrow night. I’m looking forward to it. We will go eat afterwards. Not sure where yet.

Update on my sister. She is done with her treatments. We know it’s shrunk and 1/4 of the size from the scan a few weeks ago, so one is guessing it continues to shrink. The next scans are in October and November. I think one is a CT scan and the other a PET scan. The blood tests showed white counts are still high. It’s supposed to be from the chemo she said. So she is having to stay in so she does not catch anything as her immune system is down. She is happy that her treatments are over and now just to rest and wait for test days. Please everyone pray that it will be gone and she will heal and blood counts to normal and all clear.

Everyone have a great day and a great weekend ahead!

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  1. First I’m over the moon with the news of the new baby girl and Rivers reaction…to the cake at least !! I’m sure you will feel better with your slight change in your eating habits I think not taking snack and more drinks will be much more beneficial …
    Take Care

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