Took the Day off Today and Girls Night Out

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Good afternoon. Or at least it is here. I took a PTO day today! I have had this day planned for a while. So it gave me some peace knowing it was coming. I needed some time to sort of reorganize myself and get centered.

The purse needed emptying of receipts and notes. The work bag needed to be emptied (more notes and some things I did for Mom yesterday, new HOA information, and the latest bills). My office was a disaster – half done projects and reminders laying about. Little pieces of papers with password changes, ideas I jotted down, things I wanted to remember, and recipes I wanted to fix. I usually hop on Notion and record these things here, but sometimes there is not even time for that. So I tidied the desk and loaded those things to Notion.

I’ve completely done our laundry. I said I was going to wait til tomorrow so I didn’t use my precious PTO time, but it’s ok. I couldn’t help myself.

The dogs have taken up some time today as we have gone out a couple of times, feeding them, treats, and swapping the paper pads out. And some hugs and love.

I’ve cleaned the kitchen and have started a pork stew – one that is different than I intended. I made it tomato based this time instead of more broth based. I think next time I’ll make it the other way. I was too quick to find a recipe. But it’ll be great. I’ll make another one before long.

I have finished the video and it is uploading and doing its final processes on YouTube. I don’t think I could have made the deadline if I hadn’t had today off. I missed three nights of video editing – maybe four. I made the thumbnail also today. And it will be ready to go by 7 a.m. in the morning. Once the final processing is done and I upload the thumbnail, I can schedule it. That took about three hours today for my editing and thumbnail creation. But it’s a better video than if I’d not had today off. The video will post in the morning and the subject is 1) Taking you with me for my MRI and explaining what that was like and 2) My Fall decor.

I realized I still haven’t posed all the pics I took of the decor and it’s been two weeks. I’m a sorry blogger these days. Everything I do is watered down and half done because there’s not enough of me to go around, lol.

But I promise to post those throughout the next week, even if photos only! lol

Monday night George and I had an anniversary night out, afterwards I went to get about an hour of editing done and the video crashed. Tuesday night I had a call with Apple, who fixed it. And the FaceTime from Katy about the baby gender reveal. So cute. Cake! Is what River says we are getting! Wednesday night, I was able to edit my heart away and George didn’t say anything because he knows it’s important to me to keep my commitment of Saturday at Seven!

Mom and I had a girls night last night and had great fun. It was relaxing. We went to Jonathan’s. It’s probably the 2nd most upscale restaurant we have. Her meal was close to $30 with tax and tip and mine was close to $40. I buy a lot of my meals now unless she just insists. It’s just too expensive for her to keep buying my meals. So we pay separate so we can enjoy these nice sit down and be served places. Those are easier on her. No having to stand and order and no cafeteria style. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and the server was great. I told her so and how refreshing it was that her service was just excellent and superbly done. I think we need to call out good service and tip well to those that do their jobs well.

My meal was good too. I had a baked potato with BBQ in it. The taste was incredible. I got a side of spinach that had shaved parmesan on it. It was very high price – $16.99 for this potato and spinach. And then $9 for my glass of wine. Then tax and tip. But we enjoyed it so much.

The day yesterday (Friday) was crazy.

6:40 left for work (45 min drive at least on school mornings). At lunch I worked on Mom’s Power of Attorney papers. Had to leave by 3:30 to go to Lebanon to get Mom (45 min drive). Went to Mount Juliet to get our nails and toes done at 5:00 (30 min from Mom’s at that time of day). Then we drove back to Antioch because I forgot my work bag which had Mom’s papers in it and some HOA papers I needed to give her. (45 min drive still). I was so mad at myself. Mom agreed to go ride with me to get it. We got there just before dark and the sun set while there. My bag was ok. I was nervous as it had her banking info in it. So then we ate a Jonathans in Mount Juliet after that and was able to relax. Then I had to take her to Lebanon (20 minutes from the restaurant) and then drive back to Mount Juliet (20 minutes). As you can imagine my head hit the pillow hard.

I got up at 5 this morning to help George out with the dogs, made coffee, and planned my day.

Oh I’ve been meaning to tell you I had tick bites last week, if I didn’t already. We found two on me. One behind my knee and one between my toes. The areas were itching is how I found them. George removed them. They were baby ticks.

The car has been running ok too, if I didn’t tell you that.

Tomorrow George and I are going on our Anniversary Day out. We ate Greek Monday night on our actual anniversary. I was still unsure about eating because of the recent diverticulitis scare. So I got 1/2 chicken and 1/2 gyro meat and it wasn’t as good. I should have got all gyro meat. And I was not in a very good mood since the Mac crashed. It wasn’t that I was mad, but more just bummed and felt like no matter how hard I try life was just bowling me over. It’s been one thing after another.

So tomorrow is our BIG day out to celebrate as it is the weekend. It will be fun. I’ll take pics. I have the morning hours to continue working on today’s to do list.

Gotta go take the doggies out and check on my beef stew and add in the final ingredients.

Take care. Let me hear from you. It gets lonely on my end when you are quiet. :-). And I will try to do better on my end to at least get something posted more often. When I do blog I either forget what we did or it’s too long. lol

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  1. Take care with the tick bites. If you feel bad, have it checked for Lime disease. Many doctors will tell you that it cannot be cured, but it can. It takes a long time on that one. I believe it was Arther Tan that I read her book about the cure. She got it and she wrote a book on all her symptoms and what it took to get rid of it.

  2. What a great blog today. I’m so glad you had your day at home and that you seem to have enjoyed it and got a lot done. It’s after midnight over here in my wee village. Needless to say I’m in bed and have been since 10ok I was tired at that point but I’m dashed if I could actually drop off and although I tried it was no good so I have just sat/ lay playing Majhong till I noticed your blog arriving. I must now though go to sleep if I can. Hope you have a nice meal out later today…and that it isn’t quite so expensive as the meal out with Mum…I gasped when I tried converting the prices !! Anyway love. Night night. God Bless xx

  3. I recently moved away from Mt Juliet (to another state) and this post is making me miss it so much!!! Jonathan’s is such a great restaurant—I’m glad you were able to enjoy it with your mom.

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