A Weekend Full, The Spare, Milestone Birthdays, New Pill Boxes, and New Work Bags

Yesterday was a very pleasant and peaceful day. We got to sleep in til 6:00 or 6:30 and yes that IS sleeping in. I get up at 4:30 and George is usually up by 4:50. We had coffee and enjoyed a first cup of coffee with NO rushing before starting on our to do lists. Mine was laundry and removing the wintery icy decor from the Winter party last weekend and trying to make the table a bit more like February. Since I don’t like red as a color, I have very little of it in home decor and also in what I wear. So this was the best I could do, lol. I figure a little Italian countryside is sort of romantic for February vibes. The little angel has red and favors cupid, ha. And of course the red carnation I had picked up somewhere in the last few months just for when I needed a pop of red. Nothing very festive. It’s just the two of us. I left the winter candle for a little ambiance since we are not out of winter yet.

We went out to eat breakfast with our neighbors. We had a great time and great conversation. I really enjoy them so much. I wish we could get together more often. It was relaxing, fun, and I think we all four really needed some time out and away. I could have stayed and talked a few more hours, ha. But I felt we needed to let someone have our table. I don’t think any of us usually go out for breakfast – so we went about 10 and stayed til Noon talking as we finished up our coffees. The restaurant was called “The Paper Mill”.

Here was my plate and there’s bacon behind the hash browns. It was all so good and tasty. And look at that biscuit, lol. Big huge biscuit. I ate half then and the other half as an afternoon snack with honey drizzled on it. Well, Dexter had about half of today’s half. His didn’t have honey. I wasn’t sure if dogs could have honey and this was hot honey at that.

I also needed to put my 2023 slogan up in my office to remind me of things I’m trying to do this year to have a more quality life, to do what God wants me too, and to be the best I can be. These move me forward in the direction I want/need to go.

So far I’m enjoying more of our year. I can’t say that I’ve laughed more as there is not much funny happening, but I think I have to seek it out. I can’t say I’ve shared more yet. I have been so busy focusing on so many things that there has not been much time to share anything. Especially on social media. But I want to share more of things I’m learning, share more of God, and share more of His purpose and also of the things that I’m experiencing. I do share a lot on the blog/vlog and will continue to do so there. And I’m not sure I have had time to learn “squat” but that is why we have a focus board isn’t it?

Well I bought this book this weekend with the gift card my sister gave me. There is so much irony here, if you think about it, lol. Bless him, he is going to go through a lot and has been already, I’ve heard, based on the book. People never like it when you show the truths of a situation. I could never claim royalty, but I can understand his dilemmas, rifts with family, and his situation, and now boundaries. Big boundaries. And how a smaller thing becomes a bigger thing. Until it’s so big it’s likely not repairable, unless forgiveness and love can be obtained. This is always a work in progress for most and one that has to be renewable every day – especially in situations where people do change, and they do not like it when you draw boundaries and they continue to say things to try to stir you up!

I suppose there is a lot to be grateful for to be the Spare, and to be out of the Responsibility and out of the Turmoil that comes along with it. Oh to be the spare, such freedom, and yet not. The sibling that runs away from the family agenda. And the family truths being let out. Maybe they deserved to be. Is it wrong of the story teller to tell the stories? I know at times it makes me feel better to vent out my truths as well. There is that element that one ought to be nice today if they don’t want to be written about or talked about in the news tomorrow. Yet we all are. Not one of us pure as snow. All guilty of tattling about what the other has done that we thought not right. Conversations had that were overheard when no one thought they were, blogs written about fact because of their impact. Yet the author becomes the bad guy. Ouch. No one really wins though in these situations, royalty or just regular old folks. So many ironies with this purchase with my sister’s gift card for my birthday. I hope we all work out our situations – old, young, royal, and common.

But I tell you, laughter, sharing, enjoying and learning is on my board this year, PATIENCE, is most certainly not and boundaries are likely to continue. I’m not fond of being picked on, prodded, nor manipulated so I hold up my shield, my sword (God’s word), and accept God’s spirit to give me peace when those people come to stir up conflict. Nearly.Every.Damn.Time. Oil and water never mixes properly. And devils come in lamb’s clothing. Enough said. The tribe has spoken. lol

Here Dexter looks like a lazy hound dog. The beagle face is showing. He’s a sweet pie. I enjoyed getting to be with him this weekend.

Katy and her friends had girls weekend away to celebrate her birthday in Dallas. It’s the milestone one. I’m so proud of her. She has turned out to be a wonderful person and she is a good mother, a good spouse, and a hard worker. Very diligent. And most of all she loves God and shares Him.

I ordered a new pill box with some credit I had on Amazon. This pill box I was getting tired of trying to figure out what day of the week it was – even the permanent marker came off.

Now that I have had my OWN milestone birthday, I needed one for three times a day. No worries – the only Rx pill I have is the blood pressure meds, the rest are supplements. I refused cholesterol meds. I have enough problem with memory and with my muscles as is without making it worse. I really think I have an immune situation going on that has never been diagnosed, and I’ve not pushed for it and therefore the doctor has not either because I live with it.

I still need to do some research on what should be taken at certain times of day and what shouldn’t be taken together. I take the BP meds by themselves. The D, B and C I take in the morning. I take the calcium capsules and turmeric at night. If you are aware of anything related to this topic of when it’s best to take what, let me know. I have found that D’s sometimes keep me going after bedtime and maybe the B complex too, so it’s best to take those in the morning for me. I also have a probiotic and magnesium that I take at night along with a spray of melatonin. The supplements have kept me going.

Today I had fried food for lunch and my muscles are yelling at me! They don’t want to work. I’ve got to learn not to put those oils in my body. I’ve practically been an invalid today. My knees do not want to work and my legs feel tired and weak. I’ve also had a pain in my neck for three days – but I’m blaming that on my pillow.

We went to church this morning after picking Mom up, went to Lowe’s to get ant bait for Mom’s kitchen. We came back and ate at Slim Chickens, went and got both mom’s and our groceries. Everyone is getting as little groceries as possible these days as they are just expensive now so we are cutting back. Anyway, then we dropped by our house, dropped off the groceries, got Dexter and went back to Mom’s house. George hung her curtain rods and curtains and while he did that I cleaned. The house is a mess. She says she cleans but I don’t think she can see anything. She won’t let me hire anyone. So what do you do. I told her I won’t be there much to do what I did today since we work all week and have very little time on Sundays as we are running her errands. I did the best I could with the time I had.

She gave me a little vacuum she ordered that she didn’t want to return. I forgot it and left it there and she called me to tease me about being forgetful again. I didn’t really think it was funny. She teased me last time and it upset me. So I’m not sure why she would want to do that again. I told her gee, I wasn’t as perfect as she was. And then she said I couldn’t take a joke and it made her mad and she hung up.

I didn’t let it bother me. I just shook my head and finished dinner and we went on about our night. Thanks to therapy I can let it go and hold my own. I guess I didn’t get the joke. So I’m the bad guy now. I think that is the way it’s supposed to work though right? So we are right on target, lol. lol. lol. Anyway, it is what it is and I did not do anything wrong except forget the vacuum. And is that sooo wrong? I guess she really wanted it out of her way and I left it there in her way. That is probably the real problem. It was nice of her to give it to me though and I appreciate it and just because I forgot it doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate it. Yet I really don’t want to be taunted over it.

Why would I forget the vacuum?

  1. I have too much on my plate.
  2. I was in a hurry to get home to finish up doing things before having to be at work tomorrow.
  3. A possible immune disorder that doesn’t help with that? Hopefully not, but I have several symptoms that seem to be worsening over time.
  4. I’m just totally stupid? I hope not.
  5. I’m 60 and getting alzheimer’s? I hope not.
  6. I have too much on my mind.

None of which is really funny. So, I don’t really get the joke in it I guess. I wish others could just understand that my mind is always overflowing and so many things trying to have a portion of it. My brain is not big enough to handle it all. It really isn’t. It would be nice to be encouraged instead of discouraged. Just a simple “hey you forgot it but it’ll be here next time” will do right?

Due to our busy day and being at Mom’s I have a whole list of things I wanted to do today but I’ll have to put it off for later. I finished another two loads of laundry but still have two more. And I ironed my work pants. I didn’t get to do that last weekend so I had a lot of pants to iron. I press them. I don’t dry them and they last for years that way. After packing my work bag and resetting the vitamins and doing laundry and picking up after the dog and all the other things we did today, I was just SPENT. My legs would not carry me any further. I watched two Netflix shows and ignored my to do list.

I started “The Dropout” which is about the Elizabeth Holmes story. It has several shows. I thought it was great. And also “Nine Perfect Strangers” which has Nicole Kidman and Melissa McCarthy. It’s also pretty good and sometimes funny but getting kinda weird, and yet intriguing. So we’ll see. It felt good to relax my mind. I really had no choice because my legs were not wanting to work and I was starting to feel ill.

George is also sick with a sinus infection. He is getting them so often now is maddening for him, I think. Yet he has been a trouper and DID THIS DAY for Mom. And so we had chicken dumplings for dinner and it hit the spot for both of us.

I am thrilled to be packing a new work bag. I love this. I had to return the other one that kept bending over. This is much more suitable. It will also hold a laptop.

I took a pic before I put my food items in there for the week (crackers, applesauce, tea bags). I have my gum in there, some acetaminophen, my pill box, lol, my umbrella, charging cords, and my ear bud case/charger. On the right, you can’t see it, but there is a spot to separately side the laptop down in with a little velcro thing to keep it in place.

And that is all I have today. It’s just been a very busy and active weekend until I ran out of energy and the legs would no longer work. I’m up past my bedtime trying to fit in my passion of writing. I had more to say than I thought though.

I also starting working on the next video. I’ll have to resort my to do list now (mainly put off everything til next Saturday and next Saturday’s stuff will be bounced around then too). Or maybe during the week if I can find the time from somewhere. Probably not, never do.

It’s the last week for quarter end and year end reports will have to continue on into February. It is what it is. I don’t even have all the stuff to do it (the data) but I never do and it always makes us late. At least I know that I myself am not behind. I’m right on point in doing what I have to do everything with and of course can’t finish what I don’t have the data FOR.

Ok off to sleep. Gave it a good solid try for the weekend. A good try is all you can give.

Nite Nite

6 responses to “A Weekend Full, The Spare, Milestone Birthdays, New Pill Boxes, and New Work Bags”

  1. Your breakfast looks good. Good neighbors are worth their weight in gold. We have been very fortunate with ours too.
    Don’t feel bad about forgetting something. My husband made the comment we are out of paper towels. I told him there is no way he must have put them up some where.
    Then last night I found them in the linen closet in our bathroom. I had put them there and forgot. No wonder we forget we have so many things to keep up with.
    I like the new work bag, it looks very smart. It has lots of space to keep things in.
    I hope you have a good week at work.

    • Thank you for stopping by and for your kind words on forgetting. I do forget a lot and I think it’s because I am trying to keep up with work, home, moms stuff, other family, friends that are going through difficulty, keep up the house, blog, vlog etc. My head spins non- stop. Its embarrassing though because I’m always hurrying. Twice in the last two years I ran off at the drive thru without Moms food. After paying. lol Course she has a hay day with that! lol She loves that stuff!

  2. Well just don’t worry about the little things they will still be there tomorrow. Just get to feeling better

  3. Just my observation but when you say you didn’t let your mom’s comment about forgetting the vacuum get to you and you then defend yourself in several paragraphs why it happens realize she got to you, just let those things go, shake it off. It’s not a big deal. Maybe keep working at therapy as she’s not going to change, you can though. What if next time you were there you tell her “your job when I leave is to remind me of what I need to take home when I’m walking out the door because I’m a forgetter lately” then it’s on her. And what it does is take the power of taunting you away from her. If she’s says things later you can “you didn’t do your job very good”. In good humor. Also we will agree to disagree about Harry and Megan. I can’t understand the “we just want to live a private life” and then run to Oprah, and sell out to Netflix and a publisher for the money.

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