Was it Joy or Bah Humbug? A Behind the Scenes Look at December!

Here’s the insider view to our December. A behind the scenes look at getting ready for the holidays leading up to Christmas Day. Dexter scenes are sprinkled throughout. It’s a bit longer than normal, but catching you up to speed for the whole month, set to some great music. I chose regular every day music and not holiday themed because who wants to listen to Christmas music in January? Not me. I hope you enjoy. Let me know if you think it’s joyous or a bah humbug. Twas nice that we had a white Christmas that did not mess us up too badly with family in town. Nice memories.

Here’s the video. Leave me a comment or like on YouTube if you can as it helps the channel. Don’t forget to subscribe, if you would like to see future videos. Thanks guys for being part of the Less Hustle More Coffee community!

And hope you are having a great weekend!

6 responses to “Was it Joy or Bah Humbug? A Behind the Scenes Look at December!”

  1. I love the video. My only negative is you need to stop complaining about your house being a mess. You are sharing your life with others, plus, it was the Holiday Season. No need to make excuses for how you live.

    • Normally it’s not that messy but we’d been gone and it was turmoil. I would apologize if company walked in too. Plus George uses our tables to put things on and I was raised to leave those horizontal zones free. I’ve allowed him to do it but usually he will clean it if company comes. I’m grateful for that part. But I wanted you all to see the reality of it because I cringe 😬 when things aren’t put up or don’t have a place. Thanks for watching!

  2. Very nice as always….As you said at the start…I think ! it was a bit to long but you had a lot to pack in. I would have liked it even more if you had actually shown us you at work rather than standing telling us what you were about to do….liked looking at the soups, and loved the part where you used fast speed showing you laying table etc etc ….Loved seeing George come back from shopping ….I think Dexter is a great dog not to be attacking all those Christmas presents, he really is amazing he has such expressive eyes. Looking forward to the next video….By the way I do like the way your hair was cut…..Take care. God Bless x

  3. Everything looked really pretty with all your Christmas decorations. Dexter looks like he had a big Christmas too. He is such a sweet dog.
    I enjoyed seeing your snow. We haven’t seen one flake at our house so far. We may drive to the Mountains to see some.
    I enjoyed the video.

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