January Mental Fatigue, A World of Bad Decisions, and My Favorite Pasta Dish

Dexter is sad when I put my shoes and socks on, because he knows I’m leaving.

It’s pretty much all work and no play at our house these days. I have had maybe an hour a day to work on the video. It’s uploading to YouTube now. Tomorrow I’ll work on the thumbnail so it’ll be ready by Saturday at 7:00 a.m. But we’ve left each morning before the sun comes up and get home as the sun is sinking low in the sky.

As per the previous post, I can feel a change of mood creeping in on me. I have need for sleep. The wind kept me awake half the night. I have need for for time off in a more balanced format. Many days I’ve worked past my getting off time to finish projects and to work on quarter end or make time to work on quarter end. I’m doing pretty good with it but next week will be rough trying to finish in the last week. I’m never sure that I will. And this time I also question if I will get through on time. I keep pressing.

I’m tired of pressing. I need time to think, to process, to work toward goals, to rest, to do all the things. I don’t want to get into a pattern of complaining about time again, but it’s the quarter end crunch time and work is taking a lot of my energy mentally. That I cannot deny or hide.

There were some things recently that also disappointed me where some decisions were concerned. That is all I will say. But I just think we are living in a world where general integrity has hit an all time low. The actions people take sometimes in trying to avert a crises are the things that leads it to a crises the fastest. I don’t understand our world anymore. But I guess that is a good thing I don’t for I would be a part of the world and its ways. God says to focus our mind on HIS kingdom, b/c the Babylonitis of this world (the devil’s kingdom) is not going anywhere good.

I can remember the days growing up when authority figures like teachers, businesses, agencies, news sources were just all professional and knew what they were doing. But I guess it was all a facade I’d put my trust in anyway. As a child I wouldn’t have known better. But it just seems like in today’s world everyone is out for himself, or out to just to make things go away. It seems for many that the easy road is taken, because it’s too hard to fight for justice and the right way. It’s sad.

But life goes on. I just have to serve all these things over on a morning prayer platter to God and let him handle and show where there is right and wrong. That prayer will be answered. And I can wash my hands over it. My job, my care, my concern, is done! And now I can take the easy way out myself and let God deal with it and show the err of ways. 😉 Never say that not being a preacher or teacher of God’s word isn’t a ministry. We minister and administer every day rallying for the “right things” to happen in all of our walks of life. Every day is a ministry. Having children is a ministry, working is a ministry, being a friend is a ministry, and so forth. Every day. Every hour. And the beauty is that God equips us to deal with it. We just need to dip into his resources. And today that was handing things over to him. And leaning into Him.

I love having my morning prayer on the way to work, and our talks. And I love the lessons I am doing via listening to YouTube on the way home. 1.5 to 2 hours with God per day in communication between us either way.

We had a basic pasta sauce that I made tonight alongside the browned butter and mizithra cheese sauce that George made. I love it half and half. It’s so good. I hate it when it’s over! lol

I don’t have much for you tonight. I’ve not even had time to be my normal self this week. It’s all been very robot-ish and on schedule. And not much time left over. Soon I will be off and the race will begin to get the laundry done and all the things done over the weekend.

We will eat out with friends Saturday early but then will have the rest of the day to do a few things at the house. Some major vacuuming needs to be done. Dexter has been shedding big time. You can’t see it on the floor but you can see it on your black socks, lol!

I want to get the table decor picked up from a New Year’s look and set the table for a more Valentine look. And set the puzzle up on the table’s end.

Dex went to doggie daycare today and he is tired of course and sleeping non stop since he got home. We signed him up for the fetch group at doggie daycare and they gave us our money back saying he didn’t care too much for it. lol.That was sweet that they gave us a refund. We’d not have known. So at least they are honest. My guess is he wanted to sniff up some doggie butts instead of playing fetch. I know my Dexter and he’s all about some playing when he is around other dogs. Forget fetching things. lol

Did I say I didn’t sleep good last night? Yep the wind “moos like a cow” under the windows on the south side of the house, when the south wind blows. It sounds like a ghost too. Last night it was an angry ghost and was very unnerving. I was about to go crazy hearing the relentless wind. I even got an alert on my phone that there was a person on the back porch – it was a little whirlwind on the porch of leaves and making things move around crazy. Little Bit was there on the back porch and looked at the whirlwind of leaves like “what the heck is that?” as if he was trying to figure out whether he needed to be concerned.

We didn’t have severe weather, just high winds and some rain. So I didn’t bring the cat in. He had the protection he needed as it was not cold and he was dry.

I’m having some head pain and I am going to call it a night. I think it’s actually my eyes telling me to give it a rest. I want to go read a chapter though, so I will see if I can get through it.

Be looking for the video, Saturday morning at 7:00. It is all the snippets of all I filmed in December. I think you will like it. Since it’s coming out now after Christmas, I didn’t put Christmas music in it, but picked music I thought you’d want to listen to. It just sort of tells the story of getting things ready for the holidays, plus Dexter footage and so forth.

Well I had more to say than I thought I would. I’m going over and out. I’m so very tired today. But all in all, I’m pretty happy with how things have gone in January. I’ve been able to get all the New Year prepped, and started working on most of my goals here and there. It’s just been busy month though and my mental fatigue with quarter end, New Year’s push to get things done, getting the winter party together, and all kinds of other things – it’s just been mentally fatiguing. So I’m going to have to slow it down a bit in February. lol

Oh we got our Valentine’s booked and we are excited about that. See, there’s just been a lot behind the scenes going on. And I’ve been praying about Mom’s ant situation, her lost cords, and all the other crises. She has seemed to have worked them all out, mostly. The Ring camera was found, the lost cords found, but she dumped her sewing box upside down and I may need to go over and thread the needle as she wants to hem some curtains. I myself have some PJ’s to hem, but I’m saving it for February. We already had too much going in January.

OK my head keeps getting a pain in my right temple so I’m going to have to call it a day. Nite Nite

8 responses to “January Mental Fatigue, A World of Bad Decisions, and My Favorite Pasta Dish”

  1. January is going quickly. I hope you can find some time to sit/lay back & chill. Slow down. Mentally you operate at 100mph. This post & your last post tell me you need a break. You have to give that to yourself.
    Your pasta dish looks delish.
    I wish I had a Jeff Beck Tee. May he RIP
    Take care of yourself 😴

  2. Hi Sonya I say this every quarter end…I’ve no idea how you cope, it’s just to much for one person…..however not many more now till retirement ..that’s a nice thought isn’t it. I can’t see you being one of those people who say they are bored when they retire. Sorry though that the wind kept you awake last night. We have had a very cold week with well below freezing temps every night …mind you it’s nice to look out on the frost is so thick everywhere and its glistening in the bright sunshine. No heat in the sun though and so every morning it’s a bit thicker. Hope your weekend will have some restful times in it. Look forward to ar least a bit longer in bed. Take care. God Bless

  3. Can you take a personal day off from work.? It sounds like you need one. Your body and mind are just tired. I don’t know how you do all that you do.
    I have been sleeping more it seems. I stay tired. I think in the winter we just need more rest. Like a bear who hibernates. It is cold but sunny day here. I have made a grocery list and think I will make a grocery run. I haven’t been in almost two weeks.
    Yes I think Prince Harrys book is good. I watched the series about him and his wife and he is very like able person. It is interesting, I would love having the money to travel like he has and see the world. But I would hate the attention and cameras watching every move you make. I have only got about half way thru the book.
    Have a good weekend. Hope you get some time at home. Try and get some rest.

    • Yes since Oct we have moved fast a furious. Even though we had PTO during the last quarter as well as holiday time it was busy rushing to get ready for holidays. And I can’t take off because it’s Quarter end and Year End. Plus saving PTO for March’s San Antonio trip. 😛 Hopefully can get *some* downtime soon.

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