Would You Buy This Rug, and Dexter Dog’s First Birthday

We had incredible storms last night. I went to the basement. The Lord was good to us and heard our prayers and kept us safe. The tornado warnings were to our west and to our east, south and north. I don’t believe it even stormed here – just rain and storms all around. The Lord put a bubble over the house, but it took a long time for the system to pass. I texted with my sister and her family at 1:00 in the morning and they were in an enclosed area til the big tornado on the ground passed in their area in Columbia, TN. George wouldn’t go to the basement but he did get up and watch the news and was ready to dart down. Dexter went with me – because I took the treats. The cat was hunkered down somewhere. I couldn’t find him. lol.

THAT said, I slept til 8:15 this morning so letting you know the video was live at 7:00 was out of the question, lol. I have to get my sleep in on my ONE day to sleep late. So I did.

I’ll come back tomorrow for another blog post to finish blogging on the “voted on requested entries” (see two blog posts ago) but here is the video link:

Dexter’s Birthday and Shopping On Line for Household Items

Guess what! The next video is San Antonio! Can’t wait to get started and edit that one. I loved our little trip and the memories are always going to be so fond. I loved that little space in time with my family and having time to read, eat, shop, talk, walk! So nice and I will get to share that with you next week.

Now off to do my Saturday chores! Momma’s day is tomorrow with church, eating out, a big grocery run and George will come home and mow – so two cars tomorrow.

6 responses to “Would You Buy This Rug, and Dexter Dog’s First Birthday”

  1. I’m glad the tornado missed you 🙏
    You really lucked out with Dexter. He’s an amazing lover boy.
    Thanks for the video!

  2. I saw the tornados hit parts of Tenn. and Mississippi and Arkansas on the news. I am glad it missed you. It is so scary. And the devastation is just awful. Mississippi got hit really bad.
    On a happier note Happy Birthday to your sweet Dexter. He is one lucky dog. A soft warm bed to sleep in and snacks He gets to go play with the other dogs and then petting and loving at home.
    What more could a dog want.

  3. That was a great Vlog. Thanks for sharing Dexters birthday I can’t be,I eve you have had him for a whole year…he has been a good boy for you to have despite no.t being exactly a lap dog ! Although I’m sure he thinks he is LOL. Looking forward to your next video…take care. God Bless

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