St. Patrick’s Day, Spring, Storms, and Little Roo

Kind of a strange little day yesterday. I wanted it to be a good day. I mean it was St Patrick’s day after all and we had a great meal planned and even bought special beer for the evening. However, the weather was a threat, all day long. Not just rain but possibility of storms and severe storms at that. This was a messy little system. But I know there were tornadoes to our south.

I even had a small window of time to walk to the mail box to take our overnight package in the office complex. I always look forward to this little walk outside, even if it is a little one. The skies let up for a pretty minute so I can run the envelopes out and I took the camera because the Bradford Pears are blooming. I think that is what these are. They are most beautiful on a sunny day against a blue sky and green grass. But this will have to do.

The blooms don’t last long. It’s always around March 17th and you can see from the pic below that the leaves come out quickly and replace the blooms. I love this time of year when the blooms come out. It’s always so beautiful when the rains come and warmer temps arrive, and the blooms follow, and the grass turns a beautiful green. As green as our St Patty’s day wear!

God answered our prayers here to limiting it to mainly a rain event. I really did not see any high winds. There was lightning but the storms were calmed and he answered our prayers. There was not an overnight event here, just rain and flash flood warnings. We live in a hilly little area over here and are higher ground at our house and the water runs down. But I was able to sleep all night.

We face timed with our friends, Don and Lisa, at happy hour. It was a fun time and we caught up a bit.

How ’bout some cuteness that has been showing up in our social media! Little Roo! There is nothing in the world that melts my heart like that smile. Oh it makes me break out into a big smile!

The lighting here makes him look yellow, but he is not yellow! Here is his little St Patty’s outfit.

Can’t you just see him kicking and so forth? Do you know HOW BADLY I want to hold this little fellow and hug and squeeze him and talk to him and make him smile. He needs to smile at his Nonni!

Here was dinner….our corned beef and cabbage and carrots and turnips. It was so good! It’s so funny. I cleaned the counter up for the shot so no crumbs will be in the background and then George picked up flakes of red pepper and “flew” it over our plates and there was pepper flakes landing all over the counter, messing up my pretty shot. Oh well. We always counter each other’s productivity! lol

So today is my Friday! I’m off tomorrow. I have a lot I need to get done today if I can. It will make Monday easier. I think I may eat out today. Not sure. But I’m kinda ready to do something other than eat on the fly in the break room. Eww that sounded bad.

Anyway, top of the morning to ya! Be back soon – when have something to tell! lol.

Storms Coming and Finishing Projects

Photo by Kat Jayne on

Ahhhhh! It is supposed to storm today! The news has been talking about it for days. Our area is in the smallest risk but Nashville is on the line of more risk. I’ve said my prayers this morning and asked God to weaken the storm. It’s His decision now. I asked that we not be afraid. I hope I don’t have to drive in bad storms. Since we had the bad tornado a year ago, it has a lot of folks really tense. We were a mile away from where it came through last year and tore our area up.

I’ve been doing good getting things done and checked off the list, including “Project Momma”. I have completed my information gathering for Mom for now. I talked with the Realtor Monday and she was kind to go video a place for us that she found that has a condo unit being built in September that is closer to Mom’s range with closing cost being paid, and you can choose one of several models, flat or townhouse styles. She left the brochure at our house yesterday which I will give to Mom at Easter. Of course, we really don’t even know what Mom’s range is. She will have to get hers appraised really before we can do anything else. I told her I’d help her with it if she wants me to. This is all her decision. I think she kinda feels pushed by my giving her of the information she’s asked for as she made a comment she would not be pushed. I took it as that is my signal to back off bucko. But I have provided information she asked for. I am willing to help her do ALL of this if she wants help and decides to do this. But I will not be making the decision for her. Nor do I want to. It’s a big decision.

When she gets here, if she wants to see that area and this community, I will take her. Til then, my job is done unless she wants more information or help. It’s between her and God now at this point. I can help her better if she is close to me. She mentioned that we could move down there. I told her that wasn’t going to happen. She is worried we’ll move to Texas. I told her I could not predict the future nor would I try. We don’t know what we will do after retirement. George Cox loves to plan but that one he just doesn’t discuss with me. And of course you know I’ll be wanting to RV some and travel and I do plan on doing some of that. I told Mom all I could tell her is that whatever decision we made at retirement she would be part of the consideration and if we moved we would offer to take her with us. That is all I can guarantee. None of us are guaranteed tomorrow. It’s pointless to make ANY plans further out than this month in today’s world. So much change happens in a day.

There will be less help from us if she remains down there simply because of distance. We can hire help and send groceries, and Uber doc appointments if I can’t get off work, as our options are limited if she is down there. We only have our weekends and can’t be there everyone one of them. But ultimately it’s big move. It is always expensive to move too. She is also worried about taxes but our property taxes here in Mount Juliet are pretty low, George says.

Anyway that is where we are and washing my hands of the matter until I’m needed! I’m just the information provider and doing what was asked of me at this point and I’ll go to work for her again if she decides for sure this is what she wants. I’m good at packing and moving. I actually enjoy the process! And I can help with all the details making this happen if she decides to do this and George is savvy on the real estate decisions and she can tap into him too. We will do all the work for her once she gives a green light. I’m weird I know! I love the packing and I love the setting up. I can’t lift anything but I can help pack and unpack when the time comes. It would be the coolest thing ever to have her close to us. I got excited about this property. It is a good opportunity if she wants it. So I’m not even going to think about it anymore. Not my decision. Over an out on this one. Project complete for now!

I’m truly looking forward to my PTO day Friday in which I get to work on MY OWN AGENDA! I get to be selfish for an entire day! Yay! I’ve been trying to pick out the music and plan how the Christmas video will work. It’s odd to do a Christmas video in March. I won’t be doing Christmas music. If I don’t want to hear Christmas music in March, then no one else does I’m sure. But I enjoy finding the proper music. I’m still deciding the flow and what the story is I’m wanting to tell with the footage I have. Finally will get to work on it Friday.

So prayers for our area today for the storms to dwindle down to just rain and thunder. No big winds! Well, I better go so I can bring in front porch cushions and get on into work. Hope everyone is safe out there. And some of you are digging out of 2 feet snow storms. How’s that going?

Take care ya’ll.