Planning PTO Days, Overnight Storms, and Technical Difficulties

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I’ve been saving them up – my PTO days. I wasn’t sure I had accrued much time. I was able to add up the time I had accrued, plus the days upcoming, as there is 10 more bi-weekly periods in the year. When I figure what I will accrue between now and end of the year, I’ll be able to plan some days here and there and have enough for Christmas. This was a welcome surprise. I’d not even had much time to look at this until today.

My boss handed me my check stub which has our PTO accrued on there. I decided to stop right then and there and figure it out for the rest of the year. I planned the December days first, because that is a must have, to pull off having a Christmas for everyone. Then I planned one for a couple of weeks for now because I have been tired, stressed, and not feeling well. I started to take tomorrow off, but I usually give more notice than that and I wasn’t sure I’d be through with month-end taxes. Turns out I got through with that today. But I will just wait until later to take it. I have a lot I can catch up on tomorrow anyway.

I’m proud of myself for being able to use the bucket hours (hours I keep up with that are worked over 40) and use some of those for Mom’s appointments. I also work an extra hour over a week to be able to do Mom’s monthly eye injections. Luckily there are no August appointments. She had one in June and will have one in Sept so I don’t necessarily have to work that hour this month over every Tuesday-technically. Her appts have been spread out to every 5 or 6 weeks.

So I feel like a weight has been lifted to be able to have these days to spend at home to catch up on things here, goals I have, or just simply to read or watch TV, or rest. This is a good thing! This makes me happier. Because I’ve been behind the 8 ball this week.

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Overnight Storms

So, I had mentioned in a previous blog that I had problems all week with Final Cut Pro and getting this video edited. Well, I finally got it done and then began the upload last night before going to bed. It was on 13% when lightning or wind hit something that made our power flicker. That one flicker stopped my video from uploading.

I was awake anyway, lol. The storm woke me up and I went to potty and then saw Maddie had a blow out. Most was on the paper but not all of it. So I cleaned that up where she missed and mopped that area. And then decided to check on the video since the surge had happened. It always makes the door bell go off. Sure enough it impacted the upload. So I deleted and rescheduled it. I had a scare thinking I was deleting all my videos instead of that one. How awful as it wouldn’t have been able to be undone. But no, it deleted just that one portion of a video.

So there I was at 2 a.m in the morning being a full functioning adult when I needed to be in bed. I didn’t really get to sleep good then until close to 4. The alarm was not welcoming at that point. I felt really horrible again and debated if I should call in and get a day of rest, but I pushed through. Once again a stop to Chic Fil A revived me. It was immediate. An egg and sausage biscuit this time. I got the hashbrowns because I felt so bad I welcomed the potassium it would provide even though it would also have oils I didn’t need. But the unsweet ice tea revived my soul.

I prayed a prayer of “help me to continue to feel normal Lord and bless this food to my body and don’t let it make me fatter” as well. lol

Video Nightmares and Technical Difficulties

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So I’m home from work now and after uploading the video all day it was at 92%. I’m rolling my eyes. It really makes a difference b/w a 20 min video and a 35 one. This one is longer. Ugh. But the video upcoming has a little Fancy tribute at the end and I’m showing you my Notion account and what that is, plus other footage. It’s been a nightmare to work with this week.

So tonight I’ll make the thumbnail and finish getting the video set/scheduled for Saturday. I have to watch it through and make sure the Titles worked. I used a lot of titles. If they didn’t I will have to decide if I need to remove the titles, do voiceovers and then re-upload or just let it go as is. I don’t like uploading imperfections. Well I know I’m not a professional but I don’t like to have obvious issues that I’m aware of, going live. But I realize that even on the blog there are words that spell check changes, or words that get left out, and even words I mess up on and didn’t catch. So I hope the video titles work. I was almost convinced not to use titles again but that is absurd. I haven’t figured out what I’m doing wrong. Titles should be the easiest thing there is. It looks fine in Final Cut Pro but sometimes they disappear or only show part of the title when uploading. Drives me nuts!

Upcoming Weekend

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I wish my weekends looked like the above! It’s laughable almost. That is what we envision. Anyway, it’s nice to pretend. However, this one is going to be busy. We celebrate George’s birthday tomorrow night with Mom. George has a memorial to go to Saturday on his actual birthday and then we are going to someone’s house after that. I’m not going to the memorial. I knew of the person but he was not my coworker and mostly friends with George. So I’m staying home and getting things done Saturday.

On Sunday we have church and a New Member’s luncheon to go to along with Mom and then we’ll do groceries for all of us after that. So we won’t get home until late afternoon. I think I’m supposed to make dinner – a new pasta dish, Chicken Bolognese. So anything I get done this weekend will be Saturday morning/early afternoon. Laundry mainly.

Next Week Gonna Be Crazy!

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I have extra work going on, I’ve been told, for next week. Plus, I have to take Mom to pick up her eye glasses Wednesday. My physical is next week on Friday I think. Maddie’s getting fixed and chipped next week on Thursday. I forget what all else. But it’s going to be a mad dash of a week. I will also be very worried about Maddie because she is such a small dog.

Well I’ve rambled on. Only 34 minutes left for this video to finish “processing”. Then I can check it. I may as well go ahead and work on thumbnail as I won’t have time tomorrow night. It’s due to go live Saturday morning at 7:00 CST.

Have a great weekend! What you gonna do this weekend?

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  1. Afternoon Sonya, What a shame you were faced with all that extra work at 2am…no wonder you found it hard to get back to sleep. I wish you had taken a day off, but I know tip you conscientious to the end. ( I’m sure one day an ambulance will be taking you to hospital and you’ll be crying out…stop stop I’ve got to much to do I have to get to work ! ). well hope the ambulance scenario never happens, but I’m sure you know what I mean….So glad you found you had more saved hours that you thought, hopefully that will continue and the days you have will be lovely peaceful ones…
    I don’t live a very busy life as you well know so this weekend ahead is going to be a quiet one, other than Church on Sunday and our usual breakfast in Chippenham tomorrow morning and then home to hopefully sit out in the sunshine…Looking forward to watching tomorrows VLOG. Take care xx

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