Squash Rotel, Summer Orzo Pasta Salad, and the Struggle Bus

Squash Rotel

I’m really hoping that it’s ok to share this recipe. It was sent to me in a photograph. This squash recipe was awesome. We are giving credit to the person who originally shared it. Our minister’s wife had it for us in the life group and we all raved over it. We asked for the recipe and she shared. So I’m sharing with you. I loved how the Rotel gave it a good zest.

Summer Orzo Pasta Salad

Well, here is the link to the Orzo Salad that was really good. I think you can opt to change the ingredients as needed. I used red kidney beans instead of garbanzo’s. I used dried ingredients instead of fresh to save some $. The feta cheese and really good tasting tomatoes are key ingredients that go so well with the vinaigrette dressing that is also listed within the recipe. I love the texture of the orzo. It’s almost like rice.

I want to apologize to you all. Life has become such a fiasco that I have failed on getting good photos for my vlog. I’m failing on a lot of things more and more. But here’s a tiny photo of my lunch portion for work. I really enjoyed this orzo salad. We will have to make more soon. It’s good for dinner and great for taking to work. It’s a great “company’s coming” dish and also to take to a church potluck or other social function. So enjoy!

Been on the Struggle Bus this Week

So, the week has been a bit hard for the following reasons.

  1. I have not felt good. I’m not sure what is wrong. I’m fatigued, nauseated a bit. Not enough I can’t eat. Matter of fact I’ve eaten more, I’m sure, just to “try and feel better”. Doc appt is next week.
  2. I have not been getting enough sleep. The candle has been burning on both ends as they say just trying to get in a few more things. Often the end of the day is when I can check social media, answer messages that have come in since 3 p.m., check on Mom, YouTube, spend time with George.
  3. I’ve been more overwhelmed this week. Since I’ve not felt good I’ve been slower, grumpier, and a little more frustrated. I guess not able to tolerate the normal grind. I’ve felt more like giving up – although it’s unlike me to do so. I kinda have had moments of feeling defeated by life. Life 2, me zero. Life 3, me….negative 14. lol
  4. Final Cut Pro video was very difficult to do as something was running in the background. I’ve really had to struggle getting this last video done. The only thing different was I had two 14 minute video segments layered on top of one another. Something new I’m doing with this video segment. Oh my gosh, you’d have thought I was trying to import and edit the latest Hollywood Blockbuster in one sitting. lol I finally got it to work but only through clinching of fists, gritting teeth, and tears. No blood though, so there is a silver lining. lol The video is finished and it’s uploading now.
  5. Slow. I myself have felt slow. I’m feeling behind on everything. This video was taking longer and it cut into some housework time, spouse time, and usually I can cut away with not much issue. When I did cut away, I was feeling defeated. The Struggle Bus was real. I feel I’m behind on all fronts: work, self-care, Mom care, time with George, time with dogs, housework, blog, and of course I never get enough done for the YouTube channel. And the slow growth shows. Here I am so proud to have 200 subscribers while watching a favorite talk about getting 500,000. But yet I will keep going. Just having a vlog channel with no specific niche other than a vlog, is hard to grow. My material is all over the place. But I’m not changing the niche. I’d rather be small and vlog what I want than to be big and be “saddled with” having a niche I’m unhappy having to do. So it’s ok. I’ll take the slow growth because I know my “people” are out there. We just haven’t connected yet.
  6. The list. Because of the slowness of this week, I’m a bit frustrated that I’ve not been able to get more done. I have simple things I want to do yet I cannot get to them.
  7. Dexter has a cough but not too bad. I also have a cough. Maddie has had the squirts. What has become of us. You’d think it was the middle of winter.
  8. I think maybe George is frustrated too. We’ve been grumpy with each other – having words over certain things that we normally would not have words over. Basic communication failures. Nothing serious I hope, but I’ve been so exhausted and deflated that even if it were serious, I don’t think I could do much except hold on, pray, sleep and hope it gets better. I’m totally spent this week and just trying to hold on.

I’m not upset or anything though. I mean God has me. I prayed for good sleep and good sleep came. I was much surprised as I laid down that Jesus himself grabbed my hand and said “sleep well my child”. Yes, his image popped in my head. I wasn’t trying to gather his image. It just showed up as my head hit the pillow. It was so real as if he were there. He grabbed my hand and I immediately slept. I thanked Him and God this morning in my prayer on the way to work.

My Rewards

I allowed myself to have Reese cups this week with afternoon coffee. Also bought some peanut M & M’s. At least it’s a pick me up in more than one way.

Well dinner is ready. I can’t focus on any one thing for very long. So gotta go on to the next thing. I think I need to do an Amazon order and check on Mom too.

See ya on the weekend I guess. Maybe Friday. We’ll see.

Storms are coming. Looks more like heavy rain. Over and out.

6 responses to “Squash Rotel, Summer Orzo Pasta Salad, and the Struggle Bus”

  1. Oh love, I am sorry you’re feeling so …down…but I honestly think you expect to much of yourself, I’m glad that you’re going to Dr. Next week just for a check over it’s always a good thing to do. I’m only sorry I can’t offer anything useful help. Just know that I’m always here for you and praying that the black cloud hanging over you will soon lift hang on in there.
    Hope your weather improves as well. Over here we are having a dreadful holiday period we have rain almost every day since beginning of July. However we are rejoicing as yesterday and today we are having it dry and it’s sunny and warm !! Tomorrow back to showers and lower temps. We are so in need of warm and sunshine…..hope the dogs will also be better today, you don’t need them to be poorly on top of everything else going on. ❤️❤️

  2. I hope you feel better. I woke up early from the sound of thunder. We have had really bad weather. Tornado close by. High winds and trees ripped out of the ground. Our power went out for over an hour. Thankfully it came back on. And we didn’t lose the groceries we just bought.
    Be good to yourself and do something you enjoy. That seems to help me when I am down and out. Time is going by too fast. I can’t believe it is already August 10th..

    • These powerful storms are so scary. Maddie just scooted over and snuggled close. It wasn’t severe here but they kept me awake. It caused the doorbell to ring and my video that was uploading quit after several hours of uploading due to the power surge. I got up in the night and reset it to upload. Then Maddie pooped on the paper but missed some of it so I cleaned that up at 2 in the morning too. I was feeling horrible by the time alarm went off. I was ready to sleep then. It’s been a week! And this video has been hard to get done.

  3. Well, I hope you get to feeling better. There are times we all hit those points. The last few days I have been sleeping later than I normally do. It has been so hot here. I have worked 2 days this past week. We are having feels like 112. The other day when I got out of the car it felt like my bare arms were burning. We are having late afternoon or evening. We have pop up storms which are not on the radar until they hit. Need to do somethings outside but they will have to wait until this hot spell passes. I think that is what made me sick trying to do things outside in this heat. Even Cheri runs out and does here business quickly to get back inside.

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