Showing You my Notion and How I Organize My Life

Hey Guys! I really had to work hard to get this one done. I struggled with Final Cut Pro! But she’s done. This one is packed. I’m sharing my “Notion” page with you and how I keep myself organized just to let you see how it works. Also lots of dog footage, deer footage, some odds and ends of Saturday life, and lots of GOOF BALL moments with George!

I hope you enjoy it. Watch it HERE.

Have a beautiful Saturday!

2 responses to “Showing You my Notion and How I Organize My Life”

  1. Thanks again Sonya for a great VLOG. Loved watching the dogs running about and the bit at the end about dear old Facey….Did I ever tell you our neighbour is called Rob. Facey. We had never heard the name till he came to live opposite me. It’s an Irish name apparently…..never heard before..or..since…then came along Facey the dog !! Loved Georges dance moves !! and I always get amazed at seeing the deer running about. Mary was asking who owns all the land around you and who cuts the grass etc. I know George has to cut your bit of grass but think maybe it’s just a few feet in front of your actual home .? …..It was interesting to watch most of your …notions…pattern. I as I’ve said before, am not one for lists etc and just do things as they come up to be done, and if I don’t get whatever I think I should be doing I just shrug and say …Ah, well tomorrow is another day !! But I think it should help you enormously…….Well love thanks again, here’s to next week…

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