George’s Birthday Gifts

Saturday was George’s Birthday. We celebrated for meal #1 Friday night with Mom. We had her over to the house to see the dogs and let them love on her and she them. And watched George open his gifts and then we headed out to dinner at Martin’s BBQ. We wanted to go to Big Bad Wolf but it’s hard to find them open when we are off.

Mom wants to take him out and we will go to Oscar’s Tacos Wednesday night since I will already have picked Mom up on Wednesday as she has an eye glasses fitting appointment.

George has kept saying “We need more beach towels”. I kept thinking we’d be somewhere and see some and buy them. Even in Panama City Beach, FL I thought we’d see some. But we really didn’t even do a beach shop. While in Belk with Mom the other day, they had nice size beach towels for $12.99 so I bought two. I just gave them to him as a gift since he had said we needed more. And it was funny that I brought that gift sack up thinking it was a birthday sack and it said “Fa la la la la” on it. I realized it later. He thought it was cute and funny.

Men are so hard to buy for, but right now I feel what we spend needs to be practical and that means useful.

Katy had bought him these BBQ sauces for Christmas and he used them on many meals and/or in many dishes in a sauce base. He talked about how good they were and had finished them up. So I bought more. Now I see they are in the grocery stores. I didn’t know that. I ordered them from Amazon.

George and I are wondering where our little paring knives went. So we I bought him more. He is in the kitchen more than I am so I thought it was a good gift.

Our small pitcher broke and I don’t even know where our large pitcher is. I’ve been using ceramic pitchers but we needed a Tupperware or Rubbermaid type of pitcher, so I bought this one from amazon. It’s perfect for making tea and putting it in the fridge.

For years we have used the Rubbermaid butter keeper. I guess we’ve had that thing for 30 years. It’s still going, but I thought, “you know, it would be nice to have a big nice butter tub dish for the table where you can use those big butters. The stores and the Amish seem them in big rectangles. I really like it. He’s going to buy some Amish butter at Houstons when we go back.

I also bought him a two pack of charcoal colored shorts. He loves those to run around the house in. I thought maybe he could use some more. I think he holds them back from the laundry sometimes to rewear them.

The sunset was pretty as we were taking Mom back home. I love a pretty sunset. God’s artwork on display and different every evening.

Thanks for watching the video yesterday if you did. If you want to see it you can see it HERE. I gained a couple of new Subscribers yesterday. So that is good.

Weekend Busy-ness and Relaxing Lakeside with Friends

Thank goodness I had Saturday morning to get laundry done and a bit of cleaning. Our iron quit working properly, shutting off in the midst of ironing. So I had ordered another from Amazon and unboxed it and got it ready to go. I fixed eggs and green bell peppers for breakfast. And I did all of my normal Saturday stuff. I began setting up the next 3 video files from my photo library.

I am still pretty frustrated at not being able to get even 1 thing on my personal list done toward video or blog growth. It’s so annoying to not make *some* progress toward my goals. I keep trying week after week, hoping, and I keep rolling all the things over to the following Saturday. But after I do all my responsibilities I have no time left. I am a determined woman so I’m not going to give up just yet. But I am pretty discouraged at this point. Having some PTO time coming is helping. I’m glad I at least got that done.

Saturday we went to a friends house after the Memorial (that George went to). He came home and got me and we went there. At sunset we all went outside to watch. It was beautiful.

Someone saw my pictures and teasingly said “she’s hired!”. Ha! It was great seeing all of the Gibson friends. We vowed to get together again. I hope we do.

Katy called and gave George (and me) tickets to see Bela Fleck at the Schermerhorn. So we will get to do that soon. George and I listened to Bela Fleck music a lot in our 30’s in our CD players in the apartment and in the house. So we are both looking forward to this. We kinda miss our concert days. But there’s nothing like sitting in a recliner snug under a quilt and watching Netflix, Hulu, Discovery, or any of the other things we watch. lol But we’ll enjoy a night out for once. And remember the old days.

I think 2020 year kinda changed that for us. We just got out of the habit. Also our friends all moved that we went to concerts with. Especially Paul and Judy.

I wasn’t sure this photo would come through as I zoomed in so far, but it did ok.

I don’t do tequila shots. I said “no thank you” and “I better stick with my white wine”. But was handed one and I said “no shot, just sipping”. It was so smooth. It’s de agave Anejo. I didn’t have much to drink so I drove home.


Sunday Mom texted that her foot was hurting and she did not want to go to church. It was the Sunday for the New Members. Typically she has not wanted to go when we have some kind of luncheon. Although she had said she would go. She was standing up cooking when we arrived. And had magnets on her feet. When we came in the alarm went off. So it was pandemonium for a few minutes. Then George went out the back to do a chore she asked him to do and it went off again. lol

Anyway, we did have a good time at the New Member lunch and met the elders and all the ministers and other new members. We sat by someone that I grew up with that goes to that church. We were in different circles of friends and went to different churches. But we knew each other. We caught up and talked. The meal was great.

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Then we went to the grocery store for Mom and got her groceries and ours. I was hesitant to get my frozen needs but George had a freezer bag. Mom had texted her groceries needs during church. lol. I was writing everything down between church and Sunday school.

So we took her groceries to her and then headed home with ours. A storm was coming but we made it home in time.

George and I were exhausted after that. For the first time ever, George took a nap but I had much to do so I pushed through finishing laundry and ironing.

I finished with the video files. I paid Mom’s next bill coming up. I finished email. And I packed my work bag for this week.

Then I fixed Chicken Bolognese. I totally forgot to take a photo and I also forgot to video it. What fun am I? That is how tired I was.

I do want to share the recipe though. It was great! Very similar to one I made before only this one had tarragon. It’s a white whine, butter, broth sauce. A keeper!

Week Upcoming

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Mom has a fitting appointment for her glasses. (WED)

We take George to Oscar’s Tacos. (WED)

Maddie gets fixed and gets a chip. (I’m worried. She’s so small.) (Thurs)

My physical (Fri).

Well, I need to go to work. Hope you all have a great week!

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