Restocking the Office with Food Items and Weekly Update

I thought it would be fun to share what all I brought into the office tis week from home. Each Monday I restock a bit. I have a little “pantry” going. I never know what I’m going to be in the mood for, so I like to have a variety of breakfast items.

I learned recently that we should make sure we eat our seeds and not just nuts. So I found some pumpkin seeds. I really like them. It makes a good addition to what you are already having for breakfast. It doesn’t seem like is very filling and honestly doesn’t have a whole lot of taste, but it did help satisfy something in me along with my fruit. It’s better to eat these with a spoon. They are hard to eat, lol.

We have a hot water picket at work so Grits and Oatmeal Packets are always good to have on hand for your grains. Bobs Red Meal, Peanut Butter and Oats bar are my favorite breakfast bar. The flavor is good and the consistency is good. The Simply Fit does are kinda like a snack bar. The Rice Krispies treats are so good and fresh. I love them as a snack also. And I keep sliced almonds for protein to put on salads or in my tuna or chicken, or oatmeal. (I have mayo and pickle chunks in my fridge for making tuna or chicken salad). Just call me the “office chef”, lol.

Here was the pasta salad I made the other night – leftovers for work. It is a recipe I have that I will be sharing with you soon. Or did I share it already? I don’t believe I did yet. I hope I remember. I cannot remember what I’ve actually done versus what I have actually just thought about doing. But I think I have yet to share this recipe. George really liked it and said “let’s keep it for fixing again on a rotation”. It had ground chicken, beef broth, tarragon, white wine, butter, olive oil, real parmesan cheese and parsley. I threw some tomatoes on top. It was really a great taste and something different with the ground chicken and tarragon taste.

So I am anxious to see what the Hidden Valley Potato Shreds taste like. I keep minute rice (basmati or jasmine) to either eat by itself or to pour these frozen veggies that I keep in my freezer over them.

Where Did the Gum Go?

What has happened to Dentyne? I think the company is not making the gum anymore and it’s hard to find. It’s getting hard to find ANY gum in the candy section. Sometimes it is by the register. That is so odd to me. Is there something going on with the gum they are not saying? Are we not gonna have gum in our society anymore? I was stuck with Orbit. It’s better than nothing. I read where the company is discontinuing it. Was it causing cancer and they are discontinuing before there are issues? Is there something we don’t know? I think it has Aspartame in it. Maybe they couldn’t get ingredients. Who knows? There wasn’t much out there I could find on the internet and no other company seems to be running into the market niche for making gum.

I bring some tea bags from home so I have a selection at work, whatever I’m in the mood for. And the lens wipe of course are for my glasses.

Each week I start off the week with a fruit bowl. And I enjoy a salad kit – usually for two days worth. I have come to enjoy the fruit – especially the watermelon. It has filled something within me that I didn’t know I was craving.

I keep almond milk at work so I can either have it with cereal or in a smoothie. Sometimes a banana and this silk makes a pretty good morning smoothie. I keep my old Isagenix blender there at work in case I want to mix something like that up.

I also really like this Subtly Sweet Peach tea by Pure Leaf. I either get that or the unsweet tea. I had been trying to make my own but it’s hard to find time to squeeze that in on the weekend. But this week it was on sale or at least wasn’t as pricey as it had been so I splurged.

George needed me to cook last night as he mowed, so I had some beef broth left over from Sunday’s pasta dish and I sautéed up some onion and garlic in a big dutch oven type pan and began making up a chili. We had lots of beans (kidney and black), diced tomatoes, tomatoes sauce and paste. I threw in some little gluten free pasta twirls we had and it made a great little dinner. I happened to have shredded cheese and had just bought some blue tortilla chips. I have to have something cruncy on hand. Tortilla chips are my go to for just filling that salty crunch craving.

Other Happenings

First of all, my muscles are screaming at me. They are heavy and tired and not wanting to work. My right knee began aching and hurting when I walk on it. Not all the time but certain angles. I continue with pretty bad fatigue. My doc appt is Friday.

Today I take Mom for her glasses fitting and afterwards we will come to our house and then go to Oscars and eat tacos. She is buying for his birthday, which is sweet. We’ve already gone to Martins but she wants to buy him a meal.

Mom’s ankle and foot has been bothering her. She thinks it’s plantar faciatus. She started wearing her crocs. She didn’t mention it yesterday and I forgot to ask. We were mainly talking about AT&T and how they charged her twice for her internet. I swear this AT&T has been a night mare.

She had to cancel her bank card b/c she had ordered some CBD gummy’s (it’s legal) to help her health wise, and the company put her on auto ship. They were $199 for three bottles. And they charged her the next month. The bank actually got her money back for her and they cancelled her card so she has another card coming. I have a card so can still buy things for her when needed. What a mess.

We are needing to do a Power of Attorney whenever we can get our hands on a form. But that is for when Mom is unable to do anything. But you never know when something like a stroke or heart attack or whatever will happen so we need to get that done. Life is so crazy right now. I don’t even have time for anything hardly.

Tomorrow (Thursday) Maddie gets fixed and chipped. She is so tiny and I have been a little anxious about this. Mom lost a dog when they put it to sleep. So that is in the back of my mind. But I know she needs to be fixed. I just worry. I’ll be glad when tomorrow is over.

Here we are watching a show. I think it was the airport security show and they are cutting into items to check it for drugs. It’s very interesting what people will try to hide drugs in.

So I’m struggling trying to get the video edited for Saturday. It’s 50 min of footage and I’m editing it down to less than 30 if I can. But I’m only 20 min in after editing Monday and Tuesday. Tuesday is my big editing night but I ended up cooking. I didn’t get much done. We are gone tonight. Tomorrow night we may be dealing with Maddie some, so….I’m doing my best. We’ll see.

Anyway, gotta get off and get to work. I have to leave early to take Mom to get her glasses. But I have a lot to do at work today.

Mostly I just want to be in bed and relaxing but that is not going to happen. I just have to push through. But look who I have here! My little Riv! I will get to see him soon.

They face timed Monday night right as my computer crashed and I had lost my entire video footage. I later found it but I was distracted and worried that it was gone. George did most of the talking while I struggled to find out. I finally found the footage but had to YouTube how to find the missing files after a crash, once we got off the phone. Whew! I had put a few hours into it already. It’s just not been a good video week. I am about to quit I think. I am starting to get frustrated with several things and it’s just a struggle to get any ME time at ALL. I’m kinda tired of fighting. I am about ready to give up. We’ll see. I just enjoy doing it so. But I have to fight with the clock to get things done. If anything goes wrong or we have an evening out – it totally ruins the scheduled routine. Like cooking the chili and the lost footage. It’s like everything is standing in my way. And I’m so tired!!!!!

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  1. I’m so sad that you’re still so tired and stressed. I do worry about you you know. I’m thinking to relieve a bit of stress why don’t you just put up the VLOG every two weeks? Would that help.? I’m sure wee one will be ok tomorrow. The vets are the best place to be and they I’m sure will have fixed many many wee dogs….I was amazed to see your …store cupboard….I can hardly believe you munch your way through that in a week or so. , I was also amazed to see so many different things I didn’t recognize 99% of things we certainly don’t have them over here….but some looked really interesting. I am lucky that I don’t work but when I did in the bank we only had a 45mins break. Many if not most days I would just have an apple and some cheese, usually cheddar. That kept me going till I got home at around 6 depending on the busses. I left home in the 7.45 bus into Edinburgh, I rarely made time for breakfast ! But Mum insisted I had a slice of toast with perhaps peanut butter on it. That kept me going till lunch. Mum always had a cooked dinner ready when I got home….thank goodness ! Anyway love I hope you get your health seen to on Friday, and George enjoys his birthday meal out with Mum and you. Take care. Gid Bless xx

    • I don’t eat ALL that in a week. But put it in my little work pantry drawers so I have a choice to choose from.

      Yes, I’m in about the third week of feeling bad. My muscles are giving out. So Ive got to ask the doc some serious questions about some testing.

  2. Looks like you are all stocked up for work. When I am in full work season I have a stash of some quick to eat items foods as I never have time for a full meal. I usually have nuts, small candy which is bite sized, chips, olives, seasoned crackers and usually some pimento cheese in the fridge for the crackers or to dip with the chips. You probably need to put some of the knees while you are sleeping for a few days.

  3. I have been really tired lately too. I thought it might have the heat. I bought a bushel of green beans for $42.00. Then I canned 23 quarts. My husband helped break the beans and took the big heavy lid off my pressure canner. It really wore me out. It use to be easier when I was younger. I’m not as physically as strong as I use to be.
    I hope your Dr. Visit goes good. I’m sorry you’re not feeling good. Maybe a brace might help your knee. I need surgery on my left one but Dr wants me to lose 20lbs first. I hope all goes well for Maddie.

    • She thinks they are helping her feel better. I think they are helping her chill out some. She’s always been a very anxious person. She has a lot of bottles now. But when she runs out we will go to a health food store or something. I think buying on line is risky unless you know the company. She got her money back but had to cancel her debit card. The bank disputed the charge

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