My Work Office Decor and Sister Wives Demise

Everything’s coming together for one of my 2022 projects, decorating my office at work since we moved back in December amidst the crazy season. Back then there was no way I could focus on anything else but just surviving with so much going on. Just a desk, a printer, a computer and ink pen and the basics. But with my Amazon points I’ve been able to make the office a little more homey, more warmth, and more depth. I have to make it a happy place since I’m there most of the week.

The chalk board was added yesterday by our fabulous maintenance crew. I was so grateful for their willingness to help (and so is George) because I, myself, is not handy with a drill. I had asked George if he would be willing to come help and he said “don’t you have some guys around the office that would help with that?”. I laughed thinking about that. My response, “um no, I don’t think so, they don’t do things like that – they are all too busy and I wouldn’t dare interrupt or even ask”. I can’t even imagine any of them doing anything but being on a computer, lol. I’m sure they do but, geez I would never ask. But the plant maintenance crew came to the rescue as one of my coworkers “new who to call”. My boss also got her things hung. I can do hammer and nails but heavier things – I’m just not trained to use a drill. I guess I could be trained but I’m one of those computer geeks too.

The chalk board there is also a magnet board. I’m very happy with it. And they got the dry erase board hung. I need to order some dry erase markers. I had some at the other plant that I liked and someone swapped out my good ones for some funky off brand ones. They probably thought I would not notice, lol. I didn’t even take them with me when we left – I didn’t want them either but I hope they enjoyed mine. So I’ll order more and keep those locked in my drawer I guess so they don’t sprout legs. lol.

Someone at work brought me the dry erase board. I had one at the other office they were suppose to move over here but it never showed up. I don’t think this one was mine and I’m not sure where mine ended up but it doesn’t matter. I was not planning to use a dry erase board this time but anyway but they brought me that one and I decided I could use it after all. I was thinking the one I had at the other place was bigger and had metal edges, but I could be wrong. Maybe that metal one was when I was in HR. I didn’t pay close attention to it. But this will come in handy. And honestly is a better size for what I would use it for. So I’m happy with it too.

I wish that map would much bigger to fill the space behind me but it’s ok. I just like being able to see where places are in the world. It works, but that wall is big. lol

George put together a small black shelf for me last night. And it will behind me. I’m hoping it will fit and I may have to move the lamp around some and pictures, but I needed a little place to put paper for my printer, my Kleenex, sanitizer and so forth. I guess I will take it today and see how that works out. I’m thankful for that too. Glad to have the help yesterday in making things come together.

Here’s my view from my desk out into the other part of our accounting area. I need to get the stickers off of the furniture and computer but I’ll save that until after these w-2’s are entered. Just have not had much extra time. So when I talk about doing payroll, working on month end or year end, you know where I am!

I love my little job but it’s too much work at year end for sure. Just so much extra reporting and I don’t get the information to start on year end until 2 days before it’s all due, so there was no way to humanly possible meet the deadlines at that point as we have so many states (on top of weekly payroll processing), so here I am still working on it. I think I will also still be working on w-2’s next week too. I’ll be lucky to finish one state today and then will be able to hand enter around 150 more for another state next week. Payroll has been needy this week. Yesterday I worked much of the day on garnishments – some new ones, responding to them, setting them up and so forth.

But I’m data entering every opportunity I get once the payroll duties are done.

Watching Sister Wives

Yesterday after work I came home, sat in the recliner and finished watching Sister Wives on Discovery Plus. I still have the reunion show to watch and will likely finish it off in the next week so I can cross it off my list. I’m wondering if there will be another season. Not giving any spoiler alerts but if you see Google News at all, you will see that there have been some changes. But I may end up spoiling a few things here if you have not seen the season and intend to. You can quit reading here if so.

Now, I’m not for polygamy in any way. I think God laid out his plans for marriage and sexual intimacy very clearly in his word. But I have watched the show since the beginning and have come to love these ladies personalities and for who they are, despite their decisions. Hey – we’ve ALL made bad decisions in our lives, we all sin, and so no matter how you look at it, these are real ladies with real feelings and real personalities, and I really like each and everyone of them as a person. It’s not my place to sit and judge any of them but I am going to wrap up my opinions below b/c after all it’s a TV show. God gets that duty of judging them though. As He will judge all of us too. And will judge the judgers even more harshly, for their attempt at trying to be God.

I really feel like Cody tried hard at first to keep everyone happy but geez, that’s a hard job with 4 wives and when Robyn came on board – it was clear how fond of her he was and the others seemed to be second rate – at least it came across on camera that way and according to all of the wives he spends most of his time there with Robyn. It’s much more complicated than that, I realize as she has the youngest of children and likely needs more help even though they apparently have a Nanny. (Probably a perk of having your own TV show, lol).

Meri got pushed out pretty much over the catfishing incident and their relationship never recovered – actually their relationship didn’t seem to be all that great before which I think was why out of loneliness and despair she had reached out on line to open her vulnerable self up in search of someone to touch her soul and it was a scam. Cody couldn’t seem to forgive or allow their relationship to recover. So bam! No more intimacy for Meri.

Christine and Cody seemed to have a good relationship at first but with minor arguments to pop up over how to do things. Christine has a will of her own (as anyone should) and when he quit showing up for her in the marriage, she became her own independent self and allowed it to flourish. What did it for me (ended their relationship) is when Cody refused to go to their daughters very serious surgery and how it hurt their daughter’s feelings. He didn’t go because of Covid, but there were certain risks one needed to take and in my opinion that is the final straw. Christine seems like such a fun person and in the last two years I’ve seen her drawn up and sad. You can see it in her eyes and her face. I hate that and I hope she finds her life again and finds happiness.

Janelle, has always been so reverent even though she is very much an independent lady and can be determined (didn’t want to use the word stubborn b/c I think it’s a good thing). But even through Covid you could see how she was NOT going to choose Cody over her sons – as far as who to see when the boys could not quarantine. Cody didn’t want to come around if they were socializing with others. She had to make choices and she chose to continue seeing her sons and he sort of set that one up I think. I kinda wondered if he didn’t want to go house to house and wanted to just be with Robyn and not see all the others. He certainly managed to fix it that way whether he intended to our not, in my opinion.

Bottom line, I think all the wives are pissed. lol. I find myself talking the TV screen and getting mad at Cody. He acts so surprised when they all turn against him. I really think he gave up a long time ago. I think he really wants to be with Robyn. And I do think she ended up being the “alpha wife” – whether she intended to or not b/c whatever she says or wants, Cody responds to. I think his heart longs to be monogamous and he is fleshing that out by focusing on Robyn’s family and not being willing to focus on the others, using the front of Covid for the reason.

It’s true that what does not get focused on or flourished, can so easily perish and deteriorate. When there is no intimacy in a relationship it takes a lot of other things to keep it together at that point. It seems like he may be about to lose all of them, if he is not careful, if he hasn’t already. It may be to a point where they would not welcome him back to their bed, if he wanted.

And those are my thoughts on that subject. Gotta get going and get off to work and try to rock some w-2 data entering and also get ready for payroll by doing time edits and prepping for PTO’s for next week and several other Friday duties I do.

So, we have company coming tomorrow to go out to eat (late celebration of my birthday) and they will spend the night. I may not blog in the morning, but we’ll see. I have to change sheets, refresh the bathroom, restock, and probably run to the store for some breakfast items Sunday morning. I hadn’t even thought of that til now as we’ve been on the fly this week – except for last night where I goofed off, which I feel bad for since George cooked dinner and put my bookshelf together, but Lord I just needed some brain down time. So I took it. I’ll be back eventually but will take care of company and my INTRO this weekend and then I’ll be back after that! Yeee ha! Lasso’ ing the world – one to do list item at a time!

Peace and Happiness During January’s Chaos

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The past day or two has been chaotic, but yet somehow peaceful. Most of the pressure comes from trying to pack too much into periods of time, meetings, appointments and deadlines. But several things have kept me from totally falling apart – and I did get very close.

God has been listening and has been my tower, my strength, my “go to” and at night when I lay down, I totally rest in Him and ask him to just help, and He has. He has given me peace, rest, little avenues of unexpected time, little pockets of joy, little moments with friends or family, and little bits of fun with the after Christmas Amazon shopping, lol. Even Mom has been joyful and patient with our last two days of doc appointments and errands.

This watch band has been sitting my “wish list” page on Amazon for a long time. A year to be exact. It seemed to be more of a “winter” band and since I didn’t order it last winter, I didn’t see a need for it until about fall. I had decided I’d get it with the Amazon points, so here it is. I really like it because I wear a lot of black and grey in the winter. And I really didn’t have anything that looked like winter. I don’t even think I had a black plastic band. All of my plastic bands have turned and the dirt seems to be melded into it over time and won’t come off.

I have loved my watch. At some point this one will become obsolete though. I’m not sure I want to pay the price for another when it does. I’m just not sure that I really need it so much. My phone is usually with me. However, there is something to be said about it being able to to do so much with heart, sleep, and being able to call for you if you fall – at least on the newer models there has been improvement, so likely I will want to continue having it.

I needed a little energy outlet yesterday – you know swinging a hammer and beating on the walls kind of a thing to release a little nervous energy. So I figured out where to hang a few things on the wall. These walls are so big and ceilings high so anything (that I can afford) to hang up is just swallowed by the wall. My map seemed bigger when I ordered it but came out so small. It’s ok though. I decided to keep the lamp right where it is as it provides good soft light. Kinda weird to be in the middle of a wall like that, but that is where the easiest plug is. And when I hung the pictures up, it kinda creates a little separation there. I have about a 3 foot plant that I will put on that tan filing cabinet there. It will “fill some space” and give the room a little lift with my sad desperate try at decorating. It’s good to have the space though don’t get me wrong. I’ll also be adding a little black bookshelf behind me to put paper on for my printer, my Kleenex, hand sanitizer, and things like that. I hope it works because I really need the shelf. That will also add a little more to the room as I’ll put a plant on it too. I hope when I put the bookshelf in, that I don’t have to rehang or move things around. I might have to center things up. I didn’t think about that. But, hopefully all will work. The chalkboard and chalk came in. And I have a bulletin board to put up. I am just ready for warmth and welcome when I go into my office. Trying to make it a nice cozy feel since I’m there so much. That could be argued this week, lol. I’ve not been there much due to working from home, doc appointments, etc.

I was happy to see that Mom will still be able to see a sunset, despite the villas going in around her – at least so far. They are coming up fast. I went outside to take a pic. Her place is going to be so nice when spring and summer and fall are here. We will look for a patio table as well and can have sandwiches or dinner out there some.

Last evening was pleasant as we arrived from the doc appointment and I ordered pizza for us all and George picked it up. It was so good. I had a little pocket of time to play a game on my phone to release some more nervous energy. lol

George and I came home and began watching Ozark. I fell asleep toward the end and he had to wake me up. I had gotten up at 3:15 yesterday morning just because I was awake. I’ve done the same this morning. But sleep was solid for the 6 hours I did get both nights. We have to be at Mom’s by 8:30 this morning to hang curtains. So when I woke up at 3:15 and was awake, I was delighted, so I’d have some goof off time as well as some laundry time.

I only fixed half pot of coffee b/c not sure when George would get up but certainly not for a couple of hours later.

While waiting for the coffee to finish and after sorting and starting the first laundry load today – I picked out my next two books. Since I’ve slotted myself to read three books until summer, I figure I needed to pick the other two. I’m reading the Magnolia story as the current one. But I think I’ll try the technique of having 3 going at once. I just can’t seem to find time to sit and read so why not have 3 sitting there pulling at me instead of one. Maybe the force of will – will be greater! I can’t sit still long enough. lol

I’ve had these in my wish list since probably August or September when I knew for sure I was making my hair grow longer and was sticking to it. I ended up buying some different ones because they had a lot more in them for the money. But I kept looking at how pretty these were. I love the turquoise flower and the white flower one the best, but I’m also fond of all of them. I guess I’m starting to look like a granny. These look like something my grandmothers would like. Maybe that is why I like them. They kindof pull your hair when you pull them out so I have to be gentle, but they hold good and are so much better than barrettes or hair clasps and don’t fall out like combs do.

And so that is about all I have today. I am glad it is the weekend although lately, with snow, meetings, doc appts, and all that is going on, it’s been difficult to know what day it is. There is no question, however, as to what month it is.

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So the weekend brings a day at Mom’s or with Mom and we’ll do whatever she needs today. BIL and SIL arrive sometime after lunch and George and Kevin will go to the playoff Titans game and Susan and I will be around for Mom and we’ll all have a girls afternoon, whatever we decide to do. Had promised Mom a day out to get shoes, look at furniture for her den (needs smaller furniture as the current is hard to fit in there). Mom has not really liked (none of us have) getting out in the cold so I’ll leave it up to her. It has been freezing or below most of the time and with wind, just horribly frigid.

Tonight we celebrate my birthday with Kevin and Susan as between all four of us we do birthday meals – no gifts and it’s a great excuse for another meal out. We buy Kevin and Susans and they buy ours. I’ve opted for a steak house tonight, but I had steak earlier in the week and I may opt for chicken tenders as that sounds so good. But we’ll see.

Sunday, tomorrow, is a work day for me, but I’ll have to finish our laundry and sneak in a grocery trip so I have food to eat at work next week. I won’t go out more than likely for fast food (no time to take lunch) until after quarter end/year end duties are finished. I’m trying to robotishly keep plugging away til all boxes are ticked off or I’m ticked off, whichever happens first. lol lol lol

The off site meeting I had to go to on Monday is cancelled so I’m grateful for getting about 4 hours back into my week to plug away at the impossible line up before me.

But most of all I’m looking forward to doing a Target order and the grocery store run. (Isn’t that pitiful? But I can’t wait to do both!) I’m not pushing any of my own agenda until February. If I can’t get to my agenda by Feb 1, we gonna have some trouble with everyone. I’ll shut down everything including myself. lol lol. I have to have some time to work on some things I want to work on. I have things to download, things to cancel, want some creative time, need to flip some things around the house, put up the Christmas trees, pretend it’s my new year, look at my goals and actually have time to work on them, think about them, do them. See my friends from Franklin finely. And pretend I still have a life of my own. It’ll be great! 😉

What you doing this weekend?

Roger Dog’s Woes and Some Pictures that Make me Smile

Good morning! It’s Saturday here. Going to do a bit of shopping today and I am looking forward to it. I don’t really have a lot on my mind this morning except for shopping and Roger. I’m giving it a break. Live and let live. One can simply only do each day the best they can. But I know I’m thankful for the sleep from last night, even though it was broken with yelps and howling from Roger. And I know I’m thankful for the day before me.

Roger. He is in his last of days, I’m afraid. It’s just time. He is now in a miserable state. Being the beloved dog of George’s, he will have to make the final decision himself, and the final steps. I will not make this step for him. Both Mom and I know it’s time. It is just so hard to let go. He’s no longer enjoying life, is miserable, and now a hazard to himself. It’s no way to live.

Yesterday he shat in nearly every room and then laid in it and went to sleep. Mom was unable to deal with it, but did the best she could. He had gone under my bed, pooped, laid in it and slept. George had to move the bed, get him out, and deal with it the best he could. Somehow my phone charger got drug through all of this. I guess his legs got caught in it. The whole thing got drug through the poop. George said “uhhh just order another one”. I did and it will be here this morning before 8:00. They have 52 minutes. I was going to pay the $2.99 extra but since I ordered vitamins, it’ll get here by then for free – or we will at least see if it will. May already be on the porch but I don’t think so.

He has started howling and moaning off and on for two days, two nights. He’s not resting as much. We lose him and find him in weird places. He is wanting to hide. This morning I found him under the ironing board with the ironing board cord wrapped around his right front leg (iron was sitting on the ironing board). Had he moved, the iron would have come down on him. He seems to have a relationship with cords and bags. He gets all hung up in both. Yet he seems to seek them out.

He is having a hard time drinking his water. He can’t find it. He can find the bowl and go up to it but he can not find the water itself and drinks the air. Then he steps in it and knocks it over, or falls asleep with his ear in it. We are afraid he will drown.

So, keep us in your prayers. It’s a sad day already watching this. It’s almost agonizing to continue watching it. I’ve gently asked George if he was thinking it was time. He said “it’s crossed my mind”. I thought he might decide today, but he has not mentioned it again. So I will go on about my day then shopping. And we’ll see what the week brings. I hate that Mom has to be here all day to listen to the moaning/groaning. It has to be nerve wracking for her.

So to just lighten the load today I’m going to share some pics that I’ve taken in my room recently, just to make me smile. You have seen some of these before. I have tried to make this a good homey and relaxing space – my office and bedroom.

Upcoming Book to read!
God, Grace, Grattitude, and where I take off my jewelry every night! LOL
An “everyday mess” but a “beautiful and inviting mess”
My home office and where I love to be.
The soft and cozy bed that gives me comfort and rest each night, and the cute little friend I pretend is my “dog”. I miss having a dog sleep at my feet. This one is easy to care for. His name is “snugie” short for “snuggle with Tugie”. Tugie is my former poodle of 17 years. This is a sloth but he looks like Tugie. He makes me smile. Sometimes I’ve called him “slugie” b/c it’s a cross b/w sloth and Tugie, but I like Snugie better.
This is for the trolls. You know who you are. But I choose to love your spying ways anyway. So we’ll make the most of it. Thanks for making my daily blog visiter count go up. Now there’s looking at the bright side of things. 😉
Yesterday’s calendar. Yeah seems appropriate. Why am I still here? lol. This dream seems so far away now. I’m strapped and capped and getting old. Other than realizing that, it made me smile.
Yesterday’s salad a coworker brought back from Publix for me. It was so good. It was filling and made me smile. Made me smile someone offered to bring back lunch for me too.
Guess who is too big for his car seat?
Bean soup and grilled cheese sandwiches. Made those while George was mowing. Soup already made by George was leftovers. Yes each side had butter slathered on. Just call me “Paula Deen” and move on. Yes it was good. I’l try to be better today.

I did something weird while cooking dinner. I had Alexa play frog noises. I totally listened to frogs until after we cleaned up the kitchen dishes. It was relaxing and felt like we were away from the world, in a log cabin, by a stream. It was little touch of nature. Strange and weird but it was very relaxing! I needed it. I also sipped the last of the Coppola Red we had left over from Tuesday night. Did a bottle of wine last that long? Apparently so. That is how busy we have been.

After cleaning and scrubbing carpets in my bedroom (both George and I), I finally just moved my bed back into place. And slept. Only to be woken up a few times b/w 2 and 5 as I forgot to turn on my sound machine.

The coffee pot made an entire pot this morning without going all over the counter. I sat and watched it for 5 minutes or so to make sure. So many weird things keep happening.

All Mom’s flowers had no water in them. Same morning we got up to water all over the floor. Not sure. We thought it was Roger’s water bowl, but then where did the water go in the flowers? Did someone knock it over? Did the flowers soak it all up in one day? So I put more in it.

Somedays you wake up and go “huh? what happened overnight?” It’s like having an invisible elf on the shelf!

A souvenir from Florida many years back to play Sol (Solitaire). I brought them upstairs to play – soon! I love dolphins. I should have been playing all along. Real cards are more fun than the iPhone version.

So I’m going to go start my day, shower and get on my way to shopping. I’m truly looking forward to it. We’ll see how it goes. Pray for our situation with Roger and George. George is going to need your prayers, if Roger’s behavior continues as is. George – and none of us – will want to continue watching him suffer. I’ll keep you posted.