Vietnamese and Thai Food, Appliances Purchase, and Challenge Update

Surprise! I’m here this morning! I just wanted to pop in with a few updates. We are very excited that we were able to get Mom to Lowe’s and she ordered her fridge and washer and dryer. The fridge arrives Saturday the 13th and the Washer and Dryer on Dec 1. Not bad in today’s world. She was able to get the ones she wanted for the most part. She bought a fridge like ours that has the little see through door that opens up within the big fridge door. She was happy! I will have to do her laundry for a couple of weeks.

We were going to come home and have hot dogs but George suggested we go out for Pho as we’d not taken Mom out to try Vietnamese food. In Mom’s head, I know she was thinking “Good Grief” and she admitted she wasn’t sure when she saw the place. But I suggested the Orange Chicken and it was perfect for her. She loved it.

So the place had nice relaxing music and a nice little vibe. The decor seemed to say “Happy Everything” as it was decorated with Halloween, Fall, and Christmas, and they admittedly said they had decor left over from Valentine’s Day sitting around. lol. The food was excellent. George and I got a Singha Beer from Bangkok.

We had several appetizers including the egg roll or spring rolls and chicken satay. This place had both Vietnamese and Thai food.

It was all delicious. And they do an amazing amount of take out. There was a constant stream of people picking up to go orders. I ordered a ginger salad, because I love them so. Their lettuce was the freshest I’ve seen anywhere in a long time. I also selfishly had ordered hot green tea also. I drank both my beer and the tea and loved it! ;-). Better than getting a 2nd beer right?

Can’t you just see the freshness of this lettuce? That was really good to see. I’m so tired of bad lettuce. Things are taking longer to ship and the store’s goods are just horrible these days. So I’m not sure what their secret is, but I loved it. I could eat there every night. I would have Ginger Salad and Pho or Chicken Satay or Orange Chicken, lol. Every night! I had a bite of Mom’s and it was awesome! We must go back soon!

Here was my Pho. It has rice noodles, chicken, scallions, red onion, probably basil and bok choy. I couldn’t eat it all. The broth was an amazingly good flavor. The waitress said we got the last of the Pho last night.

It was a happy place.

We needed happy.

Back home, with our first freeze of the season at 30 degrees F, George put Little Bit’s box on the front porch. He was in it when we got home, lol. It’s not the most pleasant looking thing on a front porch but he will be warm there. Don’t worry, when it gets much below freezing he comes inside and stays in our basement which is probably 50 ish to 60’s as it gets heat from the house. The box is a little dusty it seems. Or maybe it’s the shadows/light. I didn’t notice that being that way last night. Anyway, it has a warm blanket inside. I need to put another one over that one though b/c I think he will get his claws stuck in the threads of this one. I need a thin little baby blanket or something to put over this one. We’ll get him fixed up.

Mid-Week Update

Traffic was horrible yesterday. I’m not sure why. I was running behind and hopped on the interstate. I got to work by 8 – barely – but it was very slow. I really enjoy the back roads but if in a hurry I have to go the interstate as it shaves off about 10 to 15. Sometimes the back ways can be slower than normal but I just enjoy the more pleasant pace of the back streets. I don’t have to worry about as much.

So today is my Friday. I’m off tomorrow for the closing. We have a full day lined up. We have to go sign up for the water – that was the only thing Mom has to do in person. And I need to go get my police report from where someone stole my identity. They are only open during the hours I’m at work so I have to go do that. And Mom will have a few errands. We need to get our plan on tonight so we don’t have any problems tomorrow about what the plan is – if you know what I mean.

We also brought the grout sealer for her backsplash and also for the granite. And we got the shelving paper. So I’m sure we will start on those things first. Snoksred suggested the chair – not to forget it til the furniture arrives. Thank you! Yes, we will need to go put that in my trunk tonight. TWO chairs, and maybe a little cooler with water. We also have to program our own house keys and we have to figure that out. I’ve never in my life seen such a thing. There is a tool you use and put the key in the door and program it to the lock. So how do we know someone has not already done this and has a set? Weird. And where are those garage door openers that were missing? Can someone get in now? Or will they be reprogramming the new set? I have no idea how that works! But what if some construction worker our there still has the openers and can get in?

Also anxious to see the place with the grass added. I’ll be sure to take pics in the upcoming days with our progress.

Garnishments Process at Work

Work is coming together with me getting month end done. I only have two or three more states to do. And I need to work on garnishments today that have come in. I never get garnishments unless it is a busy time for me. Then it’s like someone turned on the magnet – “hey Sonya’s busy, lets send all the garnishments now”. lol. They take a while to set up as there are a lot of components since we do our own payroll. The employee gets a copy, you usually have to respond to the company or agency, you set up some of them in excel if it’s a true garnishment and you do a percentage. If it’s child support, it’s good b/c usually you can set it up as a deduction to come out every week, but a lot of ours have to be figured as a percentage with EACH payroll. So I have garnishment tabs on each person. Also you have to keep up with their balances so you know when to stop the garnishment. So I have a tab for that too. Then I have tabs for the actual “cover sheet” that goes with the check showing what the garnishment is covering so the agency knows who the check is for. I also have a little half sheet cover sheet with the A/P code that I use when I run the actual garnishment checks. I have to enter it in the A/P system every Thursday to create the checks. So I have to set up the garn agency as a vendor in the system before I can even do the check run. And I have to put work sheet reminders in the plant payroll folder so I actually remember to figure the deduction and enter it in the system for the employee’s with percentages. After payroll I go in and zero it out so I can start over the next week. There is a lot to it but I have the system down. Then of course after payroll I have to do a reconciliation spreadsheet to make sure what comes out of payroll is matching what I’m sending on the checks and for TN I actually have some that I pay online. If it’s one child I pay on line. If they have three to five different child support payments to varying custodial parents I usually have to do during payroll because it’s certain percentages of the total that go to each parent, up to a certain amount. Anyway it’s all very detailed. I think I have two or three new garnishments to set up today.

Growing To Do List.

So I have quite a to do list of itty bitty things that need to be done. Last week was carefree at home as I working on Quarter End but this week it’s all built up and now I don’t have time to do any of it LOL:

  • Order Christmas things on line that Katy wanted
  • Change George’s sheets
  • Work on Christmas Planning (what the heck to get everyone?)
  • Update my Apple Watch. It won’t do the last update for some reason and it says it should when I look online. But I’ve not had time to reboot the watch. So maybe I will try that.
  • I think Mom has some internet orders she wants me to do.
  • Finish the next video before I do the upgrade the Mac to Monterey. I don’t think it’s any big deal.
  • I kinda want to go to good will and look for more jeans. I don’t want to spend a fortune on new ones!
  • Audible credit is out – need to download another book
  • Need to update my wellness company order with some changes
  • Want to make whole grain bread. Just something I want to try. 😉 I bought the flour and we have the yeast. But ain’t nobody got time for that these days.

Challenge Update

I had to give up making check marks on my sheet for my challenge. It’s all pretty much engrained into my head what I need to do. It’s just been too busy to keep up with the check lists. I’d get two or three days behind. I quit actually tabulating my ounces of water. I would try but by afternoon just had to quit trying to keep up with it. Too much else in life. But I did it long enough to engrain it in my head. I think the goals will stick strong. I won’t be perfect at it but at least I’m significantly better and more disciplined at water, movement, helping others, not eating dessert every night but stretching it out to 5 to 7 days at least. The hard part has been embracing Whole Foods. And that is mainly b/c I live with other people, who don’t or I allow stress and time to blur what is important. But I try to make as good of a decision as I can. It’s been a wonderful challenge despite those that have joked by saying I’m a cheater or tried to sabotage the efforts in some way. Most of those folks who have done that, do not seem to have any desire to improve their own situation in such manner so it makes it easy for them to jab at me who does want to improve and quite frankly, has improved! I’m proud of myself for taking it on and for improving 50 to 75% in many areas! Yay me! lol I will celebrate my efforts. The challenge is NOT over yet. Quite frankly – it’s a challenge to develop good habits so it’s kind of a funny thing – it just sort of morphs itself into reality. I mean why would I want to go backward and stop doing these things? But I can see where some challenges especially if you are doing some specific things like “no sugar” or “studying a certain subject for a period of time” would not go on forever. So anyway, I’m calling the challenge a success and kicking the checklist to the curb. I like the rules I created for myself and I’ll stick with them. But I am going to do another improvement challenge in 2022. It will be little more specific and targeted. And that will truly be a 55 day challenge from beginning to end.

And so now I’ll probably be back Saturday morning since I blogged today. I’ll let you know how closing went and what all we are up to in getting her ready to move in.

Prices of Getting Nails Done, Moringa Supplement, and Packing Begins at Mom’s

Good morning! Several have wondered how I fared after the COVID vaccine. Everything was fine. I did have stomach pain but that could have been unrelated. I’ve had the diverticulitis type pain going on some this week. While the pain started off differently this time, it has settled into the same pain and same area as always. It seems to come and go these days as it pleases. I’m not even sure it’s diverticulitis that is happening. I need to get a colonoscopy but man this year is already filling up my PTO days so I keep putting it off. Likely I will need to stop and take time for this. I figure after Mom’s house sells and we get MOVE#1 done and get her in with us will be a good time to do it and before the MOVE#2 in late fall when her house is finished being built. Between moves is the best time. I’ve just had too much pain this year.

Nails for the Endurance

With the time situation we have been having, I made the decision to go for getting my nails done again with the pink/white French look. I did this Friday after work as a treat to myself. And with the higher blood pressure thing going on, it’s one thing to not stress about trying to fit in my home time schedule. I was not getting the time to do them once a week – usually need about an hours time – to get everything done. If we were going to be ultra busy the rest of the year, then that is not something I’ll have time to do well or often. This will give me two to three hours a month back to me. Because the nails don’t have to be retouched until 3 weeks. However, I had sticker shock when I went in.

It seems like we have New York prices now, lol. I know they are having to make up for last year and business lost, plus they are having to buy new pedicure chairs as they are wearing out. But it’s leaving me to have to go price some other salons. I may or may not be able to get better prices. I hate to leave my salon I’ve gone to for ages with my nails, but I may have too. So with the pink and white here’s my pricing:

The first time $55 to set up the pink and white.

Three weeks later I go for a refill on the pink as my nail grows out and they’ll trim the white down – $35.

Three weeks after that I got for a refill on the pink and a redo of the white – $45

And the cycle continues to the $35 and $45 alternatively

(Update: The cost used to be $45 initially, then $32, and $22. It was already high.)

About once every blue moon – maybe about every year or so – sometimes the thing has to be completely redone over – it’s usually if I’ve been really rough on them and have damaged them. Or just sometimes they need a complete take off and redo and that is $55 again.

If any of you get your nails done – what kind do you do and how much do you pay and how often? Geez.

Weekend Packing Has Started at Mom’s

So we got up yesterday, had coffee, and immediately set in to go to Mom’s. She was fixing breakfast and we called her as we were leaving Mount Juliet. It’s an hour and half time to get there. We had to stop a couple of places – three actually. I dropped off my Thred UP bag (consignment clothing app) at the post office and the shower gift I FINALLY got wrapped early yesterday morning. So glad to get those things done. We went to Walmart to get Mom some Potassium pills she wanted and then to Academy Sports for George to see if they have ammo for some guns he has. He has a hard time getting the ammo. It’s on our “bucket list” for me to shoot a gun. George is going to give me another gun safety class himself and then take me to the range place and teach me how. It scares me but in today’s world I’m going to have to learn I guess so I can protect myself. I need to get up on the gun laws but I know now we can carry w/o a permit – I think?

So we got to Mom’s and we WERE ALL SHOCKED that we were able to pack up things so quickly. George started in the office area and packed books. I started in the guest bathroom and brought things out to Mom which she placed in the boxes. It took next to NO TIME before we had the car loaded and we could not load any more. We threw some stuff away. So next weekend we will take two cars. And be able to do twice the loads. We are only packing up things that won’t impact people looking at the house. Next weekend though I think I’ll help clean some for the viewing. The house looks good but there are a few places that needed dusting and or little dust webs or corners that needed sweeping. These are mainly hard to reach places or things Mom can’t see too well.

By 12:30 we were saying our good byes to get back home.

I guess we were back home by 2:00 or 2:30 and we unloaded Mom’s stuff. I have identified on the boxes with sharpies on florescent stickers as to what is in each box. And it is going into our basement. As we were working in the basement I reloaded the car with stuff to go to Good Will. I had some clothes, baskets, and decor that I was no longer going to use. That cleared out almost a car load of our own stuff from the basement to make room for Mom’s.

I showed George the prices for the storage areas and how many there were in our area. And the prices were not too bad. That is where Mom’s furniture will go til her house is ready. Mom keeps asking about availability. I didn’t call yet on that b/c we were not ready for it and don’t know exactly when. If it’s available today it’s not going to matter. What will matter is if it is available when we need it. We will be needing it soon though (late May, June, July) depending on house sale. So once the house goes up for sale I will do a Pre-check on general availability so we’ll know what we are dealing with. Are they usually full, hard to get? Or plentiful? Then when we get a contract and I know the terms and approximate dates we can think about going ahead and renting the space if it is hard to get any. I know they are more popular in the summer months.

I worked on more laundry and ironing after cleaning on the basement a bit. Worked on the house some picking up things.

Photo by Pedro Figueras on

Blood Pressure Update

So I’m sure my blood pressure is probably up and that my machine is somewhat accurate, but I’m thinking it is not entirely accurate. For example I get readings that are twenty points off with in the same 5 minutes. It seems to do best against my arm with no clothing. I get a lower reading. But once it kept tightening and tightening and I had to stop it – it was going up to 265 when I stopped it and was squeezing my arm so hard it was hurting. Your machine is supposed to take your BP not cause the BP to go higher! lol

So I do feel a little bit better knowing that *maybe* some of my readings were not accurate.

Moringa for Lowering Blood Pressure- A Wonder Pill

So I ordered Moringa <—-click on the link to open a new tab to read about it. It seems safe as long as you don’t take more than the recommended amounts and it seems to cure all! So I’m thinking of dropping some of my other supplements. It says it’ll take about a month. I’d rather try and lower BP on my own naturally than to up the meds. So before calling the doc, I’m going to try this. I will still be monitoring my BP. I may have to order a more reliable BP machine though if this one keeps acting up.

It does say to be careful taking it with your current BP in case it gets it too low. Well if it is that good – all right! WE have found an alternative to modern medicine! If mine is high I don’t think it’ll bring it down too low. But I am going to experiment with this. I never order any thing that says it has known side effects. My research has shown this to be safe. It’s a natural thing so I’m going to take it.

It takes about a month to work. I will hold off on calling the doc. I will monitor and if it goes up and spikes though I’ll call the doc. But I’d like to give this a chance.

Photo by Skylar Kang on

My Overall Plan for Health/Wellness and Reducing Blood Pressure

  • Trusting God
  • Breathing Exercises
  • Mindfulness Practices of Staying in the Moment
  • Exercising 20 minutes – gotta start somewhere
  • Eating Better – Nutritious Choices
  • “Findy Happy”
  • Looking into my Grandson’s face
  • Planning without worrying
  • Enjoying my friends
  • Looking forward to my next dog which will make things RIGHT!
  • Pretending I get to go RVing – even if I won’t.
  • Looking forward to the new flooring – even if I still have to wait
  • Living today – even if I’m gone tomorrow

I have been a bit depressed and scared the last couple of days, just shocked over the blood pressure thing. I do this after every medical report too. Til I get my mind on something else. But I can’t stop living and enjoying life. I just have to try and resolve this. And I’d like to do it naturally if I can.

Today’s Agenda

Well, because I needed to “find some happy” today, I started working on the next video! I was thinking Texas was next but there’s one in between. I’ve added the video and photos in the timeline and it’s over an hour’s worth of footage. So I have my editing to do. I was considering giving up the videos because I was fretting so over not having time to work on them. I prayed about it and lo and behold I had time this morning. It makes me happy. So I think it’s better to keep doing them as I have time than to fret over not getting to do them. There is no time pressure. I just have no consistent way of creating a time schedule for myself while working and two pending “moves”. I mean even if I get a year behind – it’s still in chronological order and I’m recording our life and having fun. So what? I’ve not been videoing much lately so I’ll probably catch up a bit. Not a lot has really happened worthy of video. And I’ve not have enough time to create topics, which is something I’d like to do if given the time, aka retirement.

So the agenda today:

  1. Start the Video (Check)
  2. Cut George’s hair
  3. Good Will Run
  4. Oil Change
  5. Grocery Run
  6. Change George’s Sheets

Any time left is good gravy!

Office Decor Finished, Revelations, Heaven, Tagine Cooking, Collagen, and the Weekend, Whew!

So the chair corner is complete! The table is in, the pillow is in, the throw added, the lamp in place, the books in the holder, and a drink on top! George had to help with the table. I couldn’t get the first screw in as the grooves were not very good and bolt would not screw on it. George was able to force it and gave me tips on how to do these things, such as Lefty Loosy and Righty Tighty. LOL LOL

I debated back and forth about keeping the White Board on the wall but the look just defeated me. So it had to change! The White Board was moved.

The white board ended up in the corner there by the desk. It looks better there. I use it a lot to keep me focused on things that are not really on a to do list but I want to remember. So I’m taking these with my camera and I’m just not good at the indoor lighting yet. I probably needed a flash to tell you the truth. I haven’t taken many lessons yet. They were even hard to fix with lighting effects. But I’ll get there one day when I have time to resume the lessons.

I am happy with the office changes. I think it meets my purposes now much better. The chair was an excellent addition for meeting my needs. Its much more enticing to do a devo and prayer now than it is at the desk which pulls you into the computer instead of writing and studying.

As mentioned before, I still wanted that side table there for projects. I needed the horizontal surface! And of course you see that Roger is there. We were putting the table together and he fell asleep there. Yes he is wearing a diaper!

I pulled some little signs from my “beachy” spare bedroom and added the sign board over the chair.

And the Thankful pillow…..warms my heart and reminds me to be thankful for all of our blessings and I will see it every morning when I approach the chair. Thankfulness is a part of my written prayers to God in my Prayer journal.

Revelations, How the Earth Ends

I finished the book of Revelation this week. Wow! What an ending. If you want to see how it all ends, go check it out. It’s quite the show. It will top every block buster you have ever seen. I once thought it was hard to understand Revelations. I had always approached it with much trepidation. And in reading it I think it was not so much hard to understand as just hard to imagine. Most of us in our lives are just not used to seeing such graphic scenes. We are told in this book, that you are blessed if you read it. You know me, I’m always wondering how or why we are blessed for reading it. I can think of several reasons:

  1. Gosh while all that was going on if you are present for it, at least you will know how it ends.
  2. And you will know what is coming.
  3. And you will know what things are represented and why – the 7 lampstands, for example, represent the 7 churches of Asia.
  4. You see the reward in descriptive beautiful detail (of heaven, the New Jerusalem) and to hold on to your faith regardless.
  5. You know not to accept “the mark of the beast” in which people accept it to worship the one who has 666 on his forehead.

I did a screenshot of this on the internet showing the jewels that are contained in heaven. Although two of these are different from what the Bible says (perhaps they have two names, but I’m not totally familiar with some of these gems).

However, for the most part we can expect these gems to be in heaven. I really had not “taken in” the description of heaven so much other than remembering that the streets were of gold, the gates were pearly, and there would be no night, no crying, no death, no pain. But I really “took in” the reading about heaven. If I understood correctly the actual gates are big huge pearls – not made of pearls but each gate made of one big pearl and have the names of the twelve tribes of the sons of Israel inscribed. Wow. That’s big. There are twelve foundation stones in the wall surrounding heaven, representing the 12 apostles of the Lamb.

I did some research on how big heaven is based on the Biblical definitions of “stadia” and “cubits”, which you have no choice but to look up on the internet really and see how many feet are in them. And do the math. I had come up with at minimum 1379.54 miles and as big as 1431.81 miles. Somewhere I read on the internet where they calculated about 1500. I was not far off. My math is only as good as the definitions of stadia and cubits as found on the internet. I screenshot this giving us North Americans some perspective of the size of heaven. So approx 1500 in width, length, and height!

And this is what I wanted to do when I put this room together. A place to study, learn, grow, teach, share, be creative, and go from there. So I’ve put the new room to purpose!

Tagine Cooking

George cooked with the Tagine I bought him for Christmas. Tagines are a Moroccan style of cooking. You layer meats and veggies along with oils and herbs and spices. Part of it, is the steam that rises through it that helps it to cook. Our tagine is glazed which means that it doesn’t have to be seasoned before cooking.

You start with butter and then keep adding the ingredients. And BTW, I video’d this for a future YouTube Vlog so it’ll be there. Here were the ingredients he used. Candle not included, and neither is the dog food over in the corner, LOL.

Other than the chopping it didn’t seem to take too long to cook. About like anything else – 40 minutes or so. The sweet potatoes almost did not get done, but they were done just enough. He added frozen peas and also you cannot see that there is preserved lemon on the table as well as onion and garlic. He used the spice in the blue can which is Ras El Hanout a Moroccan Spice. Neither can you see the Yogurt and cilantro we added to each plate at the end. See final result down below and you can see it there.

To describe what Ras El Hanout is I’ve copied a blurb from Google.

The mixture usually consists of over a dozen spices, in different proportions. Commonly used ingredients include cardamom, cumin, clove, cinnamon, nutmeg, mace, allspice, dry ginger, chili peppers, coriander seed, peppercorn, sweet and hot paprika, fenugreek, and dry turmeric.”

Since we plan to cook with this quite a bit (maybe some weight loss if didn’t add that french bread on the side which gathered the juices and was exquisite!) – anyway, since we plan to cook with this a bit, I decided it was a MUST for him to have this spice already blended as opposed to making our own.

What surprised me was:

  1. How good the tomatoes were.
  2. The preserved lemon added a lot of distinct flavor that did not taste like lemon juice.
  3. How good that the yogurt was to spread around on top, that added a lot of flavor and reminded me of greek food and their yogurt cucumber dressing.
  4. The couscous was really good underneath it all and
  5. The french bread (baguette sliced) was sooooo good to soak up the juices. Normally I don’t like any bread soggy but this was perfection as you still had the crusty structure to the french baguette slice.

This was a basic beef recipe, which George wanted to start out with. Next he is going for lamb. But this recipe here is a keeper. I think I could eat out of the Tagine every night and be happy. I’m posting this pic below for a 2nd time so you can notice the diffuser here underneath the Tagine – that was recommended to keep the heat source from cracking the pot with changes in temps. While you can only see its handle, it is a metal plate of sorts that diffuses the heat gradually. The Tagine can also go into an oven as well and be transferred back and forth for certain dishes.

Enjoying the Weekend

Gosh we enjoyed our day yesterday, both getting to do things we love and enjoy as well as doing some work too. Got some laundry done and worked on the office as you saw. Studied and organized my world a bit. I videod a lot of things yesterday which took considerable time. I videod the office additions and George’s cooking and also him making our drinks. He made a Paloma for me which was recommended to go with the meal. He made a bloody mary for him.

I fixed a big bowl of popcorn and watched a YouTube show or two. And I got the back up drive and the external hard drive ordered! Yay! That means next weekend I can back up and download Big Sur as I’ve been talking about forever!

I opened up my Collagen Elixer and will start taking it today. I’ll let you know how it works. Here’s what is in it. I’m interested to see how it tastes. Hold on – I’m gonna go get it now while I’m doing this blog entry. LOL

Ok, surprisingly it tastes like COMMUNION at church. It’s like a grape drink. So it has a marine collagen blend, biotin, zinc, vitamin C and acerola berry extract among other things. Oh I love this taste. I may not be able to give this up. lol I also like the glass bottles. Although I’m not sure what you could do with them. I look forward to THAT everyday – Wow! I am taking a pic every day to see if I notice a difference.

A quick google of what studies say:

Some studies show that taking collagen supplements for several months can improve skin elasticity, (i.e., wrinkles and roughness) as well as signs of aging. Others have shown that consuming collagen can increase density in bones weakened with age and can improve joint, back and knee pain.

I also have figured out that Saturday is just a great filming day! I get up and after coffee and blog, go take a shower and fix myself up with hair and makeup! Then I can “vlog” til my hearts content, LOL. I did a few videos without a lot of make up and hair, and I was not happy with it!

I’ve also decided I’m enjoying the longer version of my hair and I probably need to keep doing it myself. It’s actually how I’ve wanted my hair all along – or close to it. I’m still learning how to style it while it’s longer. Like the bangs, mmmm I’m not sure about having them roll under so much, but I like the curls on the side coming into my face. I found a hairspray that holds pretty good w/o being sticky. Probably not to days end though. Here’s the back. I’m due for another trim though – just slightly – but this length is good. I always wanted my hair to do this, even back in highschool but I had to get a perm back then to do it. Now I just use my curling/blowdryer – it’s a blow dryer with brush attachments and works better than anything I’ve ever owned. And quickly too.

The Rest of the Weekend

Here’s George’s to do list pad on the Fridge! Seemed like a good place to insert that pic as I talk about my to do list today.

Things I have to do today:

  • Put my Vitamins in the little daily holders, along with the BP Meds
  • Finish laundry
  • Iron
  • Fix Beef Stew for tonight
  • Check the Weather for this week
  • Plan my outfits (it helps so much each morning to have this all mapped out already)
  • Do my nails

Things I Really SHOULD do today:

  • Clean house a bit more (vacuum/dust/pick up/put up)
  • Put our normal nic nacs back out from where I took them up to put out Christmas
  • Decide where we are going for Valentines Dinner in case we need reservations
  • Set up my next autoshop on THAT SYSTEM I DO.
  • Do the software update for my phone and Apple Watch.
  • Continue to clear of emails
  • Look up the next recipe (I’ve cooked twice this week, and want to continue to help out in the kitchen)
  • Look into Elder Care/Senior Care (Basically how to care for aging parent period – I know NOTHING!)

Things I WANT TO DO today:

  • Start a Spring Check List
  • Do a camera lesson
  • Watch YouTube Shows
  • Read
  • Work on a New Intro for the Videos
  • Start working on getting the videos/photos I’ve taken into their respective “video files”
  • Plan future videos, although they do a good job of just happening

So ok quite the blog entry today! I need to go DO SOMETHING, AnYtHinG from these lists! ha.