Thank You to my Readers and Supporters and Our Yard’s Spring Blooms

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Well, THANK YOU – each one of you that commented either here or my Facebook or Instagram. I appreciate you so much. I felt your support yesterday. We were all so tired. I think our nerves had built up over the past 2 weeks as we realized how possible and how quick the ball would start rolling. It was a lot to think about at once. Poor Mom’s head must be exhausted. She was praised for her fervor and inquisitiveness in our meetings. She is a sharp one and she thinks of a lot of things and wants to be prepared for everything and very careful. It’s kinda neat that we all have our “roles” we can play in this to make it happen. Each of our talents bouncing off each other as a team to “get her done”. And I appreciate your support. As I mentioned we have a long way to go before this actually happens, but it seems very probable and if something were to change there are options and minimal losses. But we are all rolling forward. I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your support and comments after the contract was signed yesterday.

We have a little more energy today. A few more plans! I took Mom home mid day and made the trek back in. I have video’d some today from a spring aspect. Got me some “B Roll” activity. Bees and flowers! ;-). Here’s a shot of our blooms this weekend. We loved seeing the dogwoods!

George worked in the yard some while I took Mom home. I was supposed to start my weigh in numbers today but Mom was here and we were busy this morning. I reserve the right to do this any day of this week. Sunday was going to be my weigh in day. I’m too tired at days end now. So I’ll put it off. I’d rather relax and blog as the sun is low in the sky, George has fixed me a “sun downer” and my rest and planning mode is beginning.

I’ve much to do personally. I also have some other things to share on some things I’ve done research on as time allows.

I’ll probably not post again until Tues morning or Wed morning. George just said dinner was ready so I gotta run.

Southern Storms, Easter Planning, and Weekend Outlook

Well, yesterday it was a stormy little afternoon and evening as this low pressure line moved north into our area creating very unsettled weather and thunderstorm cells. As I got home yesterday I could see the weather moving up from the south and could see this red blob above moving toward us. We had other red blobs but for the most part all the red blobs missed us.

I gathered the cat and Roger and got them in the basement. I took wine, dog snacks, my phone, my purse and so forth down there. I had already had some chips and salsa when I got home, fed Roger and the cat and this storm was getting closer. I knew it was coming before the alarm ever went off. Roger immediately went to sleep so I didn’t have to worry about containing him. All I had to worry about at that point, was whether George would get home. But he left early too. While the garage is connected to the basement, we go to a concrete block area underneath the ground that is just under the front porch. I call it my “Hidey Hole”.

No sooner than I got everything down there and George got home, it blew over and it would be a couple of hours more before more storms came through. Eventually as the low lifted and the front came through it morphed into more of a line.

I had to watch one coming toward Mom. I had told her to be alert already but texted her that storms were on their way. She called me from the shower stall in her bathroom where she and Fancy were. We talked until we saw the storm was kindof splitting into. It calmed itself but I could see it shifting it’s energy more north. I was happy with my ability to read the radar and make predictions. I called tornado warnings twice before they did! If I had a life to live over I’d probably go into meteorology, but not on camera I don’t think. I’m too goofy for that!

Anyway, I was glad that was over and that we did not have to worry about the storms coming through at night and being asleep (or staying up all night). So I slept good after the storms all went past, close to 9:00 p.m.

I am so glad it is Friday. But I will say it has been a very fast week. I’m shocked that it’s Friday. But I’ll take it.

Little Roo a Social Ham!

I think Little Roo is thinking he is going to miss going to day care this weekend. He’s turning into a social butterfly – enh, maybe we ought not say that. He’s just a little social ham! lol. Look at those chunky monkey legs! I love it. I love his little porcupines.

I don’t have a lot to share. It’s been busy. Nothing really interesting happening. It is month end and also Quarter End at work. I believe all of my month end is finished already but I began working on Quarter End printing of reports, and getting everything ready to work on. I have to pay Quarter End taxes and then I will work on some of the spreadsheets for QE reconciliation and doing QE withholding returns. And after all that I’ll do the unemployment returns. There are a couple of other federal returns too. It’ll be a busy month of April.

Prepping for Easter Weekend

Next week is a 4 day week as we have Good Friday off. I’m going to get Momma on Thursday and she will be spending the weekend with us. We are going to drive by and look at that community place she is thinking about moving to while she is here. We have some plans in place for meals in and a couple of meals out. I need to firm all that up this weekend, determine ingredients, make a list and get what I can this weekend, and then we’ll have to do a fresh ingredient run mid week I guess. I’ll need to make a schedule for myself so I remember what I’m cooking when. Our big easter meal will be on Saturday. I’ll be taking Mom home Easter Sunday. Have to work on Monday.

So this weekend I’ll prep some and also will get her room ready. I’ll be back to my old bed, sleeping with George and Roger while she is here. If sleep can be had, lol.

To Do List Hasn’t Changed Much

Also this weekend, I’ll try to get some things done on this list. Of course I’ll be doing all the cleaning and laundry and getting ready for the next work week. But this is like my personal list. I put “dust” on there so I’d do that first! I like to dust when the sun is bright and I can see it lol! I’ll do some spring cleaning too. May spruce up the sun room if it’s pretty so we can enjoy it when Mom is here. But this is my “extra and personal” to do list. And it doesn’t usually change much as I hardly get time to work on it. The Lula Roe blouse is “on its way”. lol. It’s not the “Morgan” blouse but another one.

So I might use the Cracker Barrel card today and finish that off for lunch. I asked George if he wanted to go out to eat tonight and he said he didn’t really want to but would if it was a big deal to me. It’s NOT a big deal to me. I can eat home just fine. But I will go for lunch then! I’m ready for a salad!

And I will have to work on my weight loss program and be a little more intentional. I did some stress eating this week. I need to figure a few things out. I’ve even considered going back on my program full force, but I’m weighing my options.

Spring Blooms

And Spring has Sprung! Blooms are really getting pretty around here. I believe I’ll be planting a few things too come April 15th and the freezes are over. When May gets here it’ll start getting warm and by mid June we won’t be wanting to be outside much anymore during the day.

Ok off to get ready and go to work. Sooner I get there the sooner I can get off!

What ya’ll doing this weekend? I love to hear from you!

St. Patrick’s Day, Spring, Storms, and Little Roo

Kind of a strange little day yesterday. I wanted it to be a good day. I mean it was St Patrick’s day after all and we had a great meal planned and even bought special beer for the evening. However, the weather was a threat, all day long. Not just rain but possibility of storms and severe storms at that. This was a messy little system. But I know there were tornadoes to our south.

I even had a small window of time to walk to the mail box to take our overnight package in the office complex. I always look forward to this little walk outside, even if it is a little one. The skies let up for a pretty minute so I can run the envelopes out and I took the camera because the Bradford Pears are blooming. I think that is what these are. They are most beautiful on a sunny day against a blue sky and green grass. But this will have to do.

The blooms don’t last long. It’s always around March 17th and you can see from the pic below that the leaves come out quickly and replace the blooms. I love this time of year when the blooms come out. It’s always so beautiful when the rains come and warmer temps arrive, and the blooms follow, and the grass turns a beautiful green. As green as our St Patty’s day wear!

God answered our prayers here to limiting it to mainly a rain event. I really did not see any high winds. There was lightning but the storms were calmed and he answered our prayers. There was not an overnight event here, just rain and flash flood warnings. We live in a hilly little area over here and are higher ground at our house and the water runs down. But I was able to sleep all night.

We face timed with our friends, Don and Lisa, at happy hour. It was a fun time and we caught up a bit.

How ’bout some cuteness that has been showing up in our social media! Little Roo! There is nothing in the world that melts my heart like that smile. Oh it makes me break out into a big smile!

The lighting here makes him look yellow, but he is not yellow! Here is his little St Patty’s outfit.

Can’t you just see him kicking and so forth? Do you know HOW BADLY I want to hold this little fellow and hug and squeeze him and talk to him and make him smile. He needs to smile at his Nonni!

Here was dinner….our corned beef and cabbage and carrots and turnips. It was so good! It’s so funny. I cleaned the counter up for the shot so no crumbs will be in the background and then George picked up flakes of red pepper and “flew” it over our plates and there was pepper flakes landing all over the counter, messing up my pretty shot. Oh well. We always counter each other’s productivity! lol

So today is my Friday! I’m off tomorrow. I have a lot I need to get done today if I can. It will make Monday easier. I think I may eat out today. Not sure. But I’m kinda ready to do something other than eat on the fly in the break room. Eww that sounded bad.

Anyway, top of the morning to ya! Be back soon – when have something to tell! lol.