Little Roo’s Sleep, Matcha Drink, Storm Chasing, Spiritual Journaling, and To Do List

The theme of yesterday was how to get Little Roo to sleep. My daughter is struggling for the perfect schedule. She is a good Momma. We (George and I) assure her that it is normal for babies to not have much of a schedule their first few weeks/months. And even when they get into one, sometimes it changes a bit. I told her that sleep and eating schedules were not perfectly timed so much until they begin eating cereal. For some reason about that time they start sleeping longer at night, and end up morphing into a morning nap and afternoon nap. He did not nap at all yesterday and it really bothered her. She is worried that he needs his sleep. He had slept almost all night though the night before. They bought him his “space suit” above. George and I told her last night “just relax”.

JUST LOOK at this adorable mischievous face. Here’s a post Katy put on Facebook last night. I just love that little smile!

Yesterday rocked! I got caught up at work. I’m all prepared for the next quarter end! That said, I’m considering a PTO day for next Friday just in an effort to have some down time and get some things done I’ve not been able to do. We’ll see how much progress I can make this weekend. But for a couple of weeks my work load will be light so it’s really a good time to take a day off. I think I might, even without consideration of what the rest of the year will look like. My soul is just screaming for extra time so I think it might be time to take it!

Matcha Match

Here’s a screen shot I took to remind me to tell you that I tried the Iced Pineapple Matcha Drink from Starbucks. I was unsure at first if I liked it, but now I’m finding that I’m kinda craving it. It was NOT a non-caloric drink but it wasn’t horrible in calories. I think I may do some research on making this at home and perhaps keeping Matcha available to make Matcha Tea or Matcha Whatever. I want to see the nutrition value. It’s green so it must be healthy, LOL! You should give it a go if you do Starbucks! I plan to use my card on another one this week! So it’s a matcha match! lol. I’ll take it. I love finding new things I like.

Storm Chasing via Live Stream

After work last night, I started a load of clothes as George fixed the dryer so I got into that. Katy called and we talked about Little Roo’s sleep patterns for a long while. And then I got interested in following the storm chasers in the “Pan Handle” of Texas near Lubbock. One in particular is Reed Timmer. I follow him on Facebook I think – and I get live notifications so when he goes live in his storm chases, I can follow. I did some screen shots!

It’s interesting to watch but I would not want to be there. The storm chasers have their own language. He kept talking about being in “the bear cage” and that means that the tornado is the bear and they risk being attacked by the tornado. So that was exciting. There WAS a tornado and I got to watch it form and be in the car with a storm chaser (via the internet, LOL). That is the ONLY way I’d do it. LOL LOL

Here’s a screen shot of the radar a little after the live stream as the storm pressed east. My daughter is about an hour from Abilene so you know I had my sights on this storm. The rough weather was north of her.

After we got off the phone with Katy we had dinner of salad and ravioli and watched a couple of GOOD GIRLS shows. We have officially finished 2 seasons and we have one more to go. WE have loved this show. It think it is better than Breaking Bad!

SLEEEEEEP was superb! And I slept until about 6:30 or so this morning.

Morning Spiritual Focus Time

I’ve not mentioned it in a while, but wanted you to know that I have kept with my morning routine of after my shower and grabbing my cup of coffee, I head to “my chair”. This has worked more than anything ever has – having a specific chair and set up for this focus time. And I must say that THIS GROUNDS ME!

I start with my morning journal, a prayer to God, and I thank him for yesterday’s blessings. And I pour my concerns to him, and make any needs or fears known and ask for his support. And I.LET.IT.GO! When you have the most powerful DEITY in charge of you, you need not worry of anything else.

So progress has been made in my efforts to read the Bible backwards, LOL! I mean ya gotta shake life up right? I’ve read TWO chapters a day and underlined in YELLOW key points. I must say there are a LOT of key points. Each time I read the Bible I discover something I missed the last time, or some new meaning is revealed to me. It’s the neatest thing. I’m in Ephesians now.

And so I have a day cut out for me. All these things on the list that never seem to go away on top of housework. But it is all fun and games when its Saturday because I like doing all of those things.

To Do List

Much of the same is still on it as the last time I posted. Let’s see how much I get done this weekend.

Do you know what? I’m also looking forward to fixing a big bowl of popcorn and watching some of my shows! 😉 So I’ll work hard and when I get tired this afternoon I’ll sit down and do that.

That said, I better get started and go for it!

Friday, Sleeping in the Guest Room, and Battling the Blues

Ahhhh yes, the week progresses and Friday is here at last. It’s hard to describe this week. Despite my trying to keep positive and keep grasping at “happy”, I can feel this tug downward. I think I go through this EVERY year about this time. The days have been dark and dreary, if sunny at all they have been cold. The sleep on the minimal side as well – and does not help AT ALL. I try to look forward to things, but find I just trend downward in my mood. Are any of you doing this too? I have not lost hope though. I keep grasping and finding myself on middle ground somehow. And the fact that it is Friday helps a lot to keep my chin up, and while the rosy glasses are still around here somewhere -I’m looking for them, the dark glasses are not being worn just yet. I have on the light grey fuzzy pair, the white cloudy ones that keep the future out – the ones that can’t see past winter.

I feel like I’m way behind on everything I want to do here at home, but yet where is the hurry or the WHY behind the hurry? It’ll happen when it does. And yet all the things I’ve talked about for months I can finally do this weekend, so at least that is progress.

Christmas, the Texas trip, Year End, all threw me behind a bit. That’s ok. Those were important, Christmas and Texas was fun and the Year End necessary. This week I’ve enjoyed working less – leaving on a better schedule (leaving on time) and that has made the evenings a bit more restful and made a few evening projects possible. Such projects this week: getting through the remaining 800 emails and doing my nails and watching a couple of YouTubers that I’m behind on.

As far as work goes? Well, I am down to only one state of reporting w-2’s and that state gives you until the end of February. So I’ve made progress already in my “February” processing of things. This last state left is one of the bigger projects with its requirement of entering – I think it’s like 188 or so w-2’s manually as for some reason we don’t have what it takes to do a file upload. It may be more than 188 but it’s something like that. I’m breaking them up into like groups of 20 and at least you can SAVE it. So I’ll do a few at a time and take breaks. Once that is finished my year end projects are over. And there is a LOT to catch up on after that. I have to box up some cabinets for storage pick up, move over some 2020 files to make room for 2021, and yes – believe it or not – start preparing for the next quarter, making worksheets, make payroll labels and so forth. Lots to work on there. Before long – just a few weeks and it’ll be quarter end again. And I have a couple of month ends too before then.

Watching Yellowstone Series

Photo from CANVA, Yellowstone area

We’ve been watching “Yellowstone” some this week and we only have ONE show left in season 3. I wonder if there will be another season. I hope so. We’ve really enjoyed this show. We wanted to watch the final one last night but we watched two shows last night and it was time to go to bed.

Bedtime Decisions

Speaking of BED. Roger began whimpering at 10:00 p.m. starting the disturbances way earlier than normal and waking me up just after being asleep for half an hour. Without even hesitating, I grabbed my pillows, and favorite warm throw, and took them with me to the guest bedroom (my beach bedroom), for a night of better sleep. This pic below is just a canned photo from Pexels through WordPress, but I do like the pic!

Photo by Taryn Elliott on

After several nights in a row of spotty sleep, I decided that last night I’d do myself a favor and just move. And that decision was on a whim, but likely a good one for a time. While I cannot claim that I got MORE sleep, I can say that the sleep I had between wake up sessions was a deeper and more restful sleep. I woke up a few times between 1:30 and 4:00 hearing Roger’s whimpers and putting him back in bed, from where George had taken care of the opposite and put him down from the bed. I think it’s worth it to maybe move into the guest bedroom for a while. Maybe we can both get some rest that way. I could still hear snoring but it was not as loud as it was not right in my ear, and I wasn’t having to deal with BOTH dog waking me up as well as snores.

Once I’m awake around 1:30 my night is pretty much shot from there and I sleep light the rest of the night. Dog whimpers and snoring make me wake up repeatedly IF I get the luxury of going back to sleep in our bed. And worse, is when I’m in a deep sleep and get woken up – and my dreams are weird and all that, plus the drowsiness you feel all day from being woken up in a deep sleep. I am just so tired of it all and at wit’s end. I even have wanted to go stay in a hotel for a night or two to just catch up on sleep. But I’m getting to where I cannot function properly from lack of sleep now. I need sleep – whatever it takes. So it’s time. Roger will have to just stay down from the bed. I’m going to put the sound machine on in the guest bedroom and hopefully it will drown it out. It’s just all so sad. I hate to hear him whine but we have to have sleep.

The Dreams

I like remembering the dreams – even if they are odd – but they are definitely weird. Like adventurous weird. I’m always traveling somewhere, going somewhere, with a big group usually, most of whom I do not know- but sometimes I lose my purse. I hate that one. I think that dream happens when life is unorganized and untidy and chaotic, and I start to feel anxious about it. I no longer dream much about work now that I’ve moved from HR. I used to have chaotic work dreams during my HR Career. Some seemed prophetic. I once dreamed I walked into a bathroom stall and there was a person (coworker) sitting on the toilet. Who dreams that??? I do for some reason. I mean YUK! The next week this person was “flushed from our system” and no longer working with us. Things like that happen a lot.

Like one night this week in my dreams I flew around (that part was really fun) and landed in some strange folks kitchen at a family gathering and was just like “well hello, how ya’ll been?” What???? lol The flying around was fun of course. But what weird dreams. I remember in my dream thinking “wow, this is great I want to keep going and I flew until I saw something interesting, which was someone cooking dinner in their kitchen – how appropriate is that? It may sound like a weird dream but that is SOO me to stop flying to go eat! LOL

Photo by Free Nature Stock on

So last night’s “no brainer” decision was a good one I think. I’m going to sleep in there for a while and see if it doesn’t help me out. No doubt I also keep George awake some when I’m in bed as I toss and turn so much. We’ll see how it goes. It’s kinda sad in a way and I’ve said NO to moving to the other bedroom for weeks. But I’m going to do it now and see if it doesn’t help, or at least until Roger is no longer with us. I just can’t do this anymore of the up and downs all night and no sleep. I think Roger is just going to have to whine and our sound machines will have to drown him out. Doggie Alzheimers and he just doesn’t want to do anything but drink water and pee, drink water and pee, and then finally sleep while we are awake. It’s not my decision to make as far as “when it’s time”. It’s George’s decision as it’s his buddy dog. Does Roger still have joy? Yes. Does he have pain? Not actively showing signs of pain. Is he struggling? Yes. Are his systems failing? Likely yes, in the stages of it.

These times are tough. But it’s Friday! Yes it is. We will hold on to that and get through the day with our Friday tasks and our w-2 reporting. And we will come home and dive into the weekend projects. All those projects that I have talked about since October! I won’t list them for the 40th or 60th time. But I will come back in and let you know how things are progressing!

Happy Sleeps to all! And Happy Friday as well. Will Spring ever get here? I’m so ready for it. But we have colder temps coming ahead! I’ve not really checked the weather much but I heard we have a cold trend coming. I’m so dang tired of being COLD! OK it will get better! I’ll find the Rosy Glasses and it’ll all be ok.

Dear Lord

Photo by eberhard grossgasteiger on

Dear Lord,

Help me not to bite anyone’s head off today after not getting much sleep last night due to Roger’s needing to get up and down out of bed, and neither of us not getting much sleep. Even when he is sleeping sound, I am now waking up for no reason from dreaming that he needs up or down out of bed and attended to.

Thank you for helping me to be calm when I stepped in his sh#@ this morning in the dark and spread it all over the carpet, while I was already aghast and mad at the lack of sleep. And for George who patiently cleaned it up while I showered and got the crud off my feet.

Thank you for the hot coffee to wake me up. And the essential oils in my shower to lighten my mood. And for my chair corner to read about loving others in John I and II while I’m ready to scream bloody murder through the neighborhood for my rude awakening this morning.

Thank you for my patience that we do not have pet friendly floors yet even though soon we will not have any pets any longer. And hopefully we will not have carpet any longer. Thank you also on that note for giving me patience with my husband that we still have blue linoleum since 2008 when we moved in and I said it was one of the first things I wanted to change in this house. Continue to give me patience with our outdated kitchen with it’s new microwave that has to be begged to work, with the nasty and broken stoves that make me not even want to be in the kitchen anymore, and the ugly outdated plastic countertops – or whatever they are made of. I promise to cook again and more often, if it gets updated.

I know somewhere in my heart I need to be grateful this morning. And I’m trying. But right now I’m crying out over a lack of sleep, lowered morale from life’s sh#@ which sheds light and brings to the surface all the other things in life I’m irritated with. I mean if one steps in sh#@ before coffee in the morning it seems to give license to moan and groan at least for a minute?

Thank you for being the father you are and for being patient with me for venting first instead of glorifying you and praising you first. I know you understand my human powers are not as perfectly ordered as yours. Thanks for being our refuge, our Daddy, that we can run and sit on your knees and pour our hearts out, with sh#@tty feet, clean feet, ugly feet, ugly kitchens, blue kitchens, shaggy carpet, and with dreams about wooden floors, RV’s, retirement, and most of all SLEEP. I know you take requests. I’m praying for all that by the way. Send your angels to guard me today. I’m going to need it. Can you send the archangel Michael? He seems nice. Does he look like John Travolta? Just kidding. I know that wasn’t nice. I can’t see him anyway. But for a morale booster on a sh#@ ladened day, it is a fun thought. Sorry! Forgive me several times I know I need it. I promise my attitude will get better. But keep me from the pitfalls – I mean sh#@falls of life!

In Jesus Name,