Blog Growth, A Clarification, and Sleep

The Blog is Growing, Thank You

Wow. We are about to hit a milestone marker here! Soon to be 50,000 hits on the blog stats. Thank you ALL for being a part of that. Even the ones who come to SPY on me have helped, so I thank you too. (Giggles) LOL.

And we have 196 people following on WordPress which shows in your “Reader” on WordPress. And there are 289 people who have subscribed for the emails.

Some are friends, some are stalkers, some are advertisers and just looking for follow backs, and many are friend that are here because you knew me from AOL Journals, and Blogger, but still, I thank you all as well! And for the many online friendships of caring and sharing through the years. We won’t talk about the troublemakers anymore, but they are always there peeking through the bushes hoping to catch a word sideways or to find out something insightful they didn’t already know. Why am I thinking about Arte Johnson on Laugh-In? We SEE YOU Arte! ;-). Thanks to ALL of you including the Arte’s for being there and joining in on the numbers!

Clarifying Yesterday’s Post

Yesterday I mentioned the plans from Thanksgiving, Christmas, and then went on to mention January and spoke of my concerns again of traveling with the dogs. Someone mentioned that perhaps my words my be misread and hoped my blog wasn’t public as it might hurt my family’s feelings. It is public. The words bothered me though so I went back to make sure I hadn’t said mistyped my words. But I hadn’t. I said what I meant to say and but if someone else thought that then I realized maybe I need to clarify what my points were yesterday. So EVERYONE understands and there is no confusion. I think as long as no one twists my words and tries to add anything that is not there, we are good.

  1. We are ELATED to be grandparents soon.
  2. WE look forward to meeting him.
  3. We CAN’T WAIT to meet him.
  4. We are LOOKING FORWARD to this precious time with family.
  5. I am a perfectionist when it comes to certain things like planning a trip.
  6. I love to plan and know what/where we are going to be.
  7. We love our dogs like humans.
  8. My dogs are rescue dogs that have been mistreated, pinned up, caged up and not cared for. Roger is terrified of crates. Both Roger and Maisy’s teeth are messed up b/c of crates.
  9. We love family so much to be with them, that I am even willing to sleep in a car if I have to on the property so we’ll be available.
  10. I would not look forward to sleeping in the car however, it would put a downer on the trip of course.
  11. I am used to staying in safe and let’s be honest, nicer hotels where the room is on the inside and not the door to the outside.
  12. I can stay in a small strip motel if I have to, and likely that is what it will be.
  13. Since we have the dogs we will not need to leave them in the hotel room all day as they will bark and Roger will cry and howl. We might be able to leave them for short spurts.
  14. Roger is very old and wobbly and increasingly unstable and confused. We think he may be in his last few months – or weeks – who knows.
  15. We could switch off going to see baby alternatively however I WILL NOT STAY IN THAT HOTEL ROOM AT NIGHT BY MYSELF in the event that one of us needs to stay with the kids so they can sleep. I will sleep in the car with the dogs before that happens if it is George’s turn.
  16. The House Sitter is not an option for reasons I won’t go into but mainly a logistical and time standpoint.
  17. Mom has offered to keep Maisy but I don’t want to do that to her. It is an option though, but if we have Roger, we may as well have her too right? They comfort one another.
  18. We are going. We will go and figure it out.
  19. But a person like me who likes the security of knowing and having a plan? Yeah it’s NOT THERE!
  20. Just because we love our DOGS does not mean we don’t love our PEEPS! We have enough love in our hearts for both.
  21. Just because we want to have a plan, doesn’t mean we don’t want to go!

Hope that helps in case anyone misread anything that wasn’t there yesterday. But I think I was pretty clear even then.


So it was Monday night last night and as usual, I did not sleep well. I am not sure what it is about Monday nights. I used to think it was payroll but sometimes it is not just Monday nights. I was just uncomfortable and tossed and turned. And tossed and turned. It wasn’t George’s snoring I don’t think. Unless that woke me up but my sleep was not solid after midnight. I was up several times. Some nights are better than others. I don’t know why. I don’t know if we need a softer bed, a harder bed, but it’ll be along time before getting another mattress so I try to put pillows all around. My arm bothered me. Anyway, it is what it is and we’ll try again to sleep tonight.

Weakening Muscles, The Plan

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Ahhhhhhh, the power of coffee! So, yesterday was pretty miserable. My finger quit tingling for the most part. At least once I kinda figured out what was going on. However, there is still something going on with my muscles being weak. And I think that is why I was leaning on my arm to begin with. It’s not tingling as much but my entire body’s muscles are just weak. And my right arm that has been funky all along is in full blown pain mode, hurting to reach it up. I did force myself to do some exercises last night to try and expand my muscle power and I probably over did it with that right arm being as I showed it no mercy, lol. I even sat on the side of the bed and lifted myself up with my hands on the mattress. Surprised I could do it. That right arm is sore and left isn’t. Of course I try to self care first. I really don’t want to go to the doc and go through testing for dreaded immune diseases and high insurance costs, much probably out of pocket. So the plan is to:

  1. Double up back to normal on the vitamins. Had been taking only the one pack of day instead of two.
  2. Bought some Ensure for the vitamins. Only it has 14 g of sugar but I’ll just try to watch the sugar content the rest of the day if I have one.
  3. Will do my muscle strength training at night before bed.
  4. Will work on the insomnia and sleep issue.
  5. Continuing doubling up on the Vitamin D.
  6. Continuing my push for greens, veggies, and fruits.
  7. Drink more water infused with lemon or lime.
  8. Stand more at my desk. (Yesterday after an hour I had to sit.)
  9. Keep a journal of the issues and ailments
  10. Last but certainly not least, pray about it more

So last night I woke up at 1:30 and was uncomfortable a bit and wanting to stretch my arm and couldn’t since Roger was snuggled up against me. I put a pillow in my place so he hopefully would not roll off and then grabbed Maisy and we slept in the guest bed. I was able to stretch my arm out, say a great prayer, and then go back to sleep. Someone had stolen all my pillows in the bed I came from too, so I missed those. I think they were on George’s side. Anyway from now on if I can’t sleep I’m automatically going to the other bed. It seemed to work fine on all fronts. No snoring, could stretch my arm out and the only thing bothering me were the lights flashing on the comcast box, the router thing.

George found something unusual in our yard this week, a mushroom growing in the tree.

While there, the deer were out and I grabbed a few photos and took a video which was really shaky. I always have the iphone camera ready to go and need to keep my other camera out of the bag and ready. Will be better about that.

There is an old graveyard in the trees behind us.

While shopping at the store yesterday my list expanded suddenly. George was telling Alexa to order some “weird things”, LOL. Funny.

Hitler’s mustache? Cream of chitterling soup? The wrappers were a real item, of which I could not find. They were rice wrappers for the veggie rolls that George makes with the peanut sauce. And Alexa got confused on the Press and Seal wrap – she entered Press and Seal separately. Can you believe Kroger did not have Parmesan I use? They were out. They did not have Press and Seal wrap, nor the rice wraps. Publix had the Parmesan and at least an off brand of the Press and Seal. Nothing is easy. But I laughed at his additions which literally popped up on the screen in front of my eyes at the store and made me giggle.

While I blogged in the private blog last night, Roger snoozed in the room with me. Bless him.

Here’s Maisy at bedtime waiting for me to get in bed with her head on my side pillow.

How cute is that face?

It’s Thursday, and I guess I’ll go on in. What I really want to do is go back to bed and get more sleep. I just need rest and sleep. By the time the work week is done I’m exhausted. I really need about two more hours of sleep at night during the work week like I get on the weekends, but geez. I don’t get home til 5:30 or so – I can’t go to bed at 7 or 7:30, lol. There’s chores each evening and dinner and squeezing in some 30 to 45 min show. Then crashing after that.

Anyway, something has to change. Meanwhile I will keep pushing through as best as I can. But I will say that last week and this week, work has been hard just getting through the day.

So I will appreciate your prayers til I get this sorted out. Meanwhile the coffee is a life line! I hope this passes. I’ve always had tiredness, pain, and muscle weakness, and some brain fog issues but this time it’s on steroids and overdrive! It’s totally out of control right now and impacting my life in a big way. If I can’t get it back under control, I’ll have to go to the doc.

Celebrating Friday with my Beloved Coffee

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Oh yeah! It’s Friday. Here I sit with a beloved cup of coffee and a few minutes at my hands to blog. Could it be any more wonderful? Well yeah, being in a forest in a RV with a day’s adventure ahead. Only maybe not right now – too many fires out west! Prayers for all impacted. Our world is just becoming something hard to survive these days. Is it me or is it getting more turbulent out there? Has it always been so eventful? Wow, I went down a rabbit hole fast there. I guess it only takes a few sips to wake up and see present reality across the globe. And good to consider all that everyone is going through to appreciate the mountains and valleys of life.

So back to how wonderful that it is Friday! Yes it is. It has been a tough week like some of them are, in the realm of sleep. It’s almost to the point of non-function at times, exhaustion, and just the need to sleep – especially between 1 and 3 p.m. Am I just getting old? I need a nap now after lunch! I struggle and pour coffee, e+shots, blow cold air from the fan in my face, until I come alive about 3:30 or 4:00.

Yesterday after work I went to Belk and got credit for the pants I bought online that did not fit. They were slimming jeans I guess so they were supposed to be tight, but I DO NOT LIKE tight fitting clothes. And of course we can’t try them on. I got so tired of holding them up in the store. That does not work! I can’t tell what will fit or not. I need to try them on. I gave up. Please give us our dressing rooms back!! We have our masks! I mean – now the jeans I brought back have been in my home and laid around for a week before taking it back to the store to be hung on the rack. How is that helping anyone? No I don’t have COVID. Well, I could have and not know it – as they always say. So give us our dressing rooms back please and boost the clothing economy – or at least the pants economy! We need our breeches bottoms! And our bottoms need their breeches! LOL We can’t just go bottomless or show our rears throughout life! Belk has so many returns right now they have assigned a complete return booth at the entrance to keep everyone from walking around the store with their bags. I was met at the door and immediately pointed to returns, LOL.

At this point it’s easier to just lose the weight and keep the jeans I have than to keep buying and returning. But I’ll try one more time I guess as I have to have some jeans that fit as fall comes on. I’m really only 1/2 size away from losing enough though where the current ones will be comfy. A few tuna meals and shakes and maybe I can get there!

I am between sizes thanks to all the comfort foods we’ve eaten on top of vacay. I’m trying to eat right but get side tracked. Like yesterday I didn’t want fast food and I thought fajitas would be good and healthy but when I got to Santa Fe I ended up ordering Quesadillas b/c they looked so good to be dipped in sour cream and salsa. Nothing else looked or sounded good to me. So I got it. It wasn’t going to be too bad except for the cheese and sour cream and I needed my dairy, LOL, I rationalized. But then the basket of rolls came…..HOT fresh from the oven….WITH the cinnamon butter.

Yeah, there’s THAT. And THAT has to STOP. I forget to say NO BREAD!

Coming home last night after the Belk run, I put up the clean dishes in the dishwasher and put the dirty in – aka “rebooting the dishwasher”. And George came home. I was about to start dinner but I was just absolutely flattened. Tired enough that I was almost sick at my stomach. So I told George I just didn’t feel like cooking. I needed sleep. So I laid down for about 20 minutes. Just total silence with me and my Maisy. I had to calm her down first and give her tummy rubs. LOL. But then we just laid there and rested for about 20 minutes and then I had my stamina back -well sortof. But we ended up having corn dogs. Yeah I know, THAT’s at the TOP of the health/wellness list of nutritional things to eat—-NOT!

Got a fairly good nights sleep. Tossed and turned between 2:30 and 4:00 and slapped alarms b/w 4 and 4:30. But at least enough hours of sleep to feel somewhat refreshed. Hoping to catch up on the sleep this weekend. It’s bad enough to have to get up early to shower and dress for work but when you also can’t sleep for 2 – 3 hours every night it adds up. And it HAS added up. So much so that by week’s end I cannot function. This happens a lot.

I don’t know what the problem is with the sleep so therefore it’s hard to fix. Am I comfortable – yes and no. Sometimes the bed we bought from work gets a little too firm. It’s firmer than it first was. But I don’t want to mention getting another bed right now. George worked so hard getting that King Size mattress in.

Is it quiet – definitely not quiet for the most part as George’s snores are increasingly loud and not consistent. Lots of varied noises and rhythms and gasps. It might be time for him to do that sleep study and get the sleep machine thing. But I don’t think he wants to do that. I think we’d both feel better the next day if he did. I’ve considered sleeping in the other room. That option keeps quickly moving further up the list of things to try. All I know is I can’t continue on with lack of sleep. But most of the time I can sleep eventually with his snoring. And that is why I’ve not given up trying. Or it could be the pillow. Sometimes just a different pillow can make a difference. Is it my shoulder? My right arm/shoulder has been hurting fiercely when the lack of sleep sets in. It’s better with vitamins, sleep, and nutrients from eating right but let any of those things slip and it’s aching. I don’t know what is wrong. It started about 2 years ago and it’s slowing increasingly worse. Rotater cuff? Cancer in my arm? Getting ALS? Arthritis? It’s anyone’s guess really. I brought it up to the doc a couple of times but since I could still move it I guess there is no cause for concern? lol I guess as long as it remains attached we are good! It’s increasingly bothering me at work too with typing and such.

Anyways thanks for listening to my laments of no sleep and the problems it spurs. I need to get ready and get on my way to the eye doc this morning. I noticed on vacay that I could not see the signs very well. So I’m hoping no changes. I need to have him check my sun glasses prescriptions b/c those are the ones I’m really having an issue with with driving. Maybe that is the problem.

And that is why I am intensely celebrating the fact that it is Friday, with my beloved coffee! The chance to sleep is coming and rest and rejoovy!