A Pain in the Neck, How I Manage Sleep When I’m in Pain, a Little Shopping Haul for the Grandson, and a LOT of Updates

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Life is a Literal Pain in the Neck

Happy Sunday. Friday I was set into getting started Saturday with all of my to do lists, but Friday night my neck and shoulder began hurting in a nasty clinching and painful way as if someone had taken a tool and squeezed my nerves and muscles and pulled and wouldn’t let go. I started laundry and took an acetaminophen. We had to be out the door by 9 to go early vote so we’d miss the crowds. And a little bitty stop to the Farmer’s Market for a few fresh veggies.

Voting done we did a quick adventure to Publix to get cabbage for dinner. I needed a few things also as my Rx was ready for pickup, and I needed peanuts, water, frozen items for lunches, more Vick’s salve (with lavender) and before you know it, we had a buggy full. The funny thing about our grocery trip though was us on the bottled tea aisle looking for the type of tea that came in a hefty bottle because Dexter loved the bottle but it’s worn down now and we need a new one. It was a tea that had been on sale and I tried it. And liked it too. It was something like “teavana” but that was not it. It was a similar name to that. It was probably at the Kroger in Gallatin and I might not see it in these parts. But maybe I’ll stop at the big Kroger one day and see if they have it here in Mount Juliet. Funny to buy tea for the dog so he can have the bottle. Seriously it was his favorite toy.

While at Publix I was thinking, “I AM NOT OK”. I have been tired for about two weeks but yesterday with the pain on top, I just wanted to be home and resting. Plus I was hungry, as we’d not had breakfast yet. I just wanted to get something to eat and go back to bed.

But we got home and had groceries to carry. I usually grab all the lightest things and line them up both arms to get them up the staircase. George gets the heavier items.

I fixed a sandwich after we got the groceries put up. I’m surprised that we have filled up the freezers again. I bought four or five frozen meals and they take up a lot of room. I bought one too many and had to work to get it in.

So I ate my sandwich and watched a YOUTube show and it felt good to sit and eat. But OH MY GOSH, for some reason, sitting in that position, and in that chair (my recliner), my neck and shoulder clinched up and seized me hard. It was a pain that left me in tears. It hurt to sit, it hurt to lay, it hurt to move. My neck was not stiff so I knew it was not meningitis and no fever or anything. I took acetaminophen which is what I normally take if I have pain as my blood pressure medicine suggests to take that instead of ibuprofen. I think maybe the Rx doesn’t work as well as opposed to being a contraindication (spelling?).

Well the acetaminophen did not cut it. At all. George told me to take Aleve. He wanted me to take two. But I would only take one. I know it’s hard on your liver and I also had just taken the acetaminophen. Since I don’t usually take anything I figured one would do it. Well it dulled it enough that I could finally lay down and take a nap. So I took Aleve about every 4 hours. Another in the afternoon, another at night. But I did not have to take any overnight and have not taken one yet this morning.

There is something about the recliner position that is aggravating it, so I can’t sit in the recliner. It did it again last night where it clinched me up and so I have to sit on the couch which gives a slightly different angle for my neck. I can still recline on the couch, but this is so annoying.

I’m not sure what initiated this muscle or nerve thing. I exercised Friday morning for about 15 minutes which included lots of arm motions into the air. I also carry a fairly heavy work bag of personal stuff (food, water, calendar book, etc.) which gets heavy if I carry water bottles and such in it from time to time. But for it to hit out of the blue like that. I first thought it was doing it the worst after I ate, but it is because when I eat I’m sitting in that chair. I also could have simply slept on it wrong, but I’m not sure why it started hurting hours later.

Regardless, this has been very painful and my day Saturday was not productive at all. Well I should not say it was a total waste. I pushed through the pain once it settled down some and did laundry, and put Mom’s birthday gift together as we celebrate her birthday this week.

I cleaned up after the dog some and that was about it. I was disappointed in my Saturday but took the opportunity to just rest. I heard God whisper, “If you don’t rest, I have to make you.” So I took the day and painfully so.

Picking Out Toddler’s Clothes from Carter

I have always been pleased with Carter’s prices when buying Little Roo (grandchild) some clothes. And when Katy (my daughter) was little I was always happy with their quality. Katy told me that Little Roo was growing out of his clothes of 24 months and he was ready for 2T now and maybe 3T for fall in some cases. So I picked a few things out in 2T and in 3T because some of them are cotton. So that way she (Katy) has some choices. I also saved some things for later which I may order in the fall or even give him for Christmas. I think Christmas shopping will be fun this year.

Dinner was ready before I could get it ordered as I stopped to check on Mom and didn’t finish getting it ordered (until this morning). She and I talked for a while. I needed to see if she needed me to run some things to her today. She said she did not. She can wait til we go eat Wed. And on the way back we can stop and get a few things hopefully at the Dollar General Market place. She said some of them were closing so I hope it is still open now that we have discovered it. Mom’s closed in Lebanon sadly. But hopefully the Hermitage one will still exist. Their prices were so much lower.

Little Roo and his Mom and Dad went to San Antonio for the weekend. About a 3 hour drive. It was the ranch weekend that they do every year and includes a nice stay at a nice hotel and a banquet and meeting, and a lazy river at the hotel too. Katy posted a pic on her instagram story. lol He is in his exploring toddler stage, not wanting to nap, and being in a new place, no doubt is testing his Mom and Dad and their boundaries. He’s a handful right now. His little hair cut is so cute. He’s off his routine and without all his “props” and I’m sure it’s challenging at times. But it’s one of those stages. A boy is more likely to want to explore whereas Katy was always so good to just do whatever. She still had her moments when we were out to eat or shopping. We stuck a pacifier in her mouth until sometime in age 3 b/c it worked so well on trips and shopping and restaurants. But he doesn’t take a pacifier. It’s for the best anyway as it’s hard to break them. Katy had to leave hers for Rudolph on her third Christmas along with Santa’s cookies.

No Soggy Bread for Me!

George fixed corned beef and cabbage for dinner with carrots and potatoes. He had to go back to the store to get corn meal though. I can’t believe he didn’t tell Alexa to put more on the grocery list if he used it all up last time but he wanted to make the corn bread salad. I told him to save me some corn bread. I prefer corn bread to that salad. I just do not like anything with soggy bread in it. lol. It’s not his cooking, it’s just that I don’t like soggy bread. It’s gross. lol.

I could not eat much as my pain was coming back and I had to change seats. I endured watching a couple of shows and then tried to figure out how to settle in for the night.

How I Was Able to Sleep and Get Comfortable Thru the Pain and Sleep

  1. I took one Aleve. I suppose it was 500 mg or so. It worked better than the Acetaminophen because George said it was swollen and had inflammation.
  2. I used Icy Hot on my neck, shoulder, and shoulder blade area. It even radiated into my front sternum. But we were able to identify that it was my lower neck and upper shoulder area where the muscle or nerve was initiating from.
  3. I put Mentholatum with lavender scent under my nose and rubbed on my chest. I went for Vick’s at the store and true to my stance, I went for the cheaper version as it had even more of the active ingredients. You always assume that the common brand would be the best, not necessarily so. It’s just like the popular kids at school growing up. They are not always the ones that are the most successful or will have the choicest characters, lol. So for a whopping $4 difference, I bought two and I am so happy! I needed one for work. If I feel bad or get anxious at work I put it on my wrists and sometimes under my hair line in the back of my neck. It’s very calming to me. And I’m out at work.
  4. I did “three squirts” (sprays) of melatonin.
  5. Found the right pillow height that didn’t hurt my neck – I have different heights and types of pillows and even a cooling pillow which I love to snuggle with in the middle of the night when I get hot.
  6. I supplemented with a lavender scented neck wrap that I had ordered back when I had TMJ. The neck wrap gave me some extra support. I tried to sleep on the back some but I’m a side sleeper. The side I love the most hurt the most, so that gives me a clue it might have been the pillow and the way I slept the night before.
  7. I had water and a another pain pill ready to go but I didn’t need it.
  8. I turned on the sleep maker to grey fan. I use “White Noise” that a neighbor told me about. It’s free and you can even download new sounds. I found the Grey Noise (fan) sound a few weeks ago and love it.

I hit the little “moon” at the bottom and it turns into a clock. Then I prop my phone up where I can see it. I did a screen shot here so you can see. You can even change the colors. I like this one as it’s subtle

9. Make sure the room is completely dark.

10. Make sure the room is cool.

11. Have something to snuggle of comfort beside you – I have a pillows and even at age 59 I have a stuffed animal, a sloth, named Snuggie b/c he looks like my poodle Tugie that I slept with every night after our dogs has passed. It was a symbol to me, of all the dogs that we’ve loved. And comforting to have that memory beside me at night because for so many years we’ve had a dog beside us. So When Tugie passed I bought the sloth.

I saw it in Lake Oswego, Oregon and didn’t buy the $32 stuffed animal on that trip because I thought it was silly, but it bothered me that I felt so compelled to want it and I didn’t understand why until I got home. It looked like Tugie. Exactly like Tugie. So I researched and researched, not even remember the store it was in, and I think I paid closer to $50 for it b/c I had to pay shipping. And Dexter wants to chew Snuggie up but can’t have him. He’s on a shelf during the day and Dexter barks at him. But the last two days I have let Dexter get on the bed to sleep after I get up and go potty in the night. Both nights he grabbed Snuggie and ran off. LOL. The first night he didn’t get to stay in bed with me but the second night I got Snuggie away and put him up. I felt bad that I forgot about the 2nd night. Anyway, he wants Snuggie so bad. But he can’t have it. I will not deny the little girl in me that needs to have a snuggle button in the night. Snuggle button George snores to much! We wake each other up to much with our sleeping habits (I go to be early and he stays up, and I get up early and he sleeps later, bathroom trips in the night, etc.)

Snuggie, Tucked Up and Away from Dexter, Who is Determined to Have Him and Rip Him to Shreds

Those last two or three were just extras (you are welcome). Actually many of these things I do every night, like the sound machine and melatonin, dark room and cool room, and pillow selection. But every now and then it’s time to find a new pillow and I have found that the cheaper ones end up being best for just every night. Everyone is different. And I have all types and I change them about. Some I simply like to snuggle as a side pillow.

Thank You

Well so if you missed the video – see my previous post as it has the link. I made mistake in it, and didn’t want to bother for the re-upload. In a VoiceOver, I said we checked into our hotel in Asheville, TN instead of Asheville, North Carolina. I’m used to saying “Nashville, TN” and so when I said “Asheville” (sounds like Nashville) my tongue naturally just spit out the word “Tennessee” in succession. I was horrified and dismayed but I decided to make a game of it and “let it go”. It’s not like I have a business with the channel or for that matter a lot of viewers yet. I’m sure it won’t be the last blooper either. I make the blunders all the time on the blog being I have very little time to check my work. I’m always typing words that my fingers type out instead of what the brain meant. You add on spell check which even changes the correct words to the wrong ones, and it happens a lot without realizing it. So I’ll just say “oops” and move on. I know that kind of stuff drives people crazy but after all we are humans doing the best we can so sometimes they just have to move on and go find someone that is perfect (good luck with that) or spend time with their perfect selves alone, haha. But most of us are good natured and can just let it pass. Only two people noticed the error but I think you have to be from these parts to get it. I just hope it doesn’t confuse anyone that is looking for a travel vlog, lol.

The next videos? Well I think there is one more December one and then we will get into the 2022 year! How about that! I have to stop briefly after this next one and set up video files for 2022 with the content. Then as I catch up I will begin to have some different types of videos thrown in – more intentful vlogging and not ONLY just whatever is in my photo log.

For those that like a reality blog, vlog, and some exclusive content, here is my social media info. Where I share my life with you and all my imperfections, discoveries, joys, and whatever comes our way. I love our community and how we can share and learn from one another.

Social Media outlets for Less Hustle More Coffee.

Dexter has been a chill boy this weekend. George bought him some more chew toys. He tore up his “tug toy” that he pulls with us for those baby teeth. So he got another one of those, and a horn of some kind, and another big bone like thing, and another toy like a steering wheel, but we’ve not given him that yet. We wait until he’s bored but needing to burn some energy. When we are home all weekend he is much more calm. He had a little problem going to bed last night though. He tore up his puppy pad and scooted the bone up and down the hallway like it was a hockey puck hitting our doors with it (smart pup) but we didn’t respond. Eventually he gave up and got in his bed.

He is a sweet heart and my heart fills with joy when he sits between us on the sofa, in comfort and “acceptance” of his pack and the love we give him. What joy we bring each other in this torn up world and in these “last days” that we have on this earth.

Upcoming To Do’s.

  • Laundry
  • Change Sheets (mine and George’s)
  • Fix Mom’s Birthday Card
  • Reload the vitamin container
  • Make iced tea
  • Delete the movie files from Final Cut Pro
  • Set up New movie files
  • Reword my blog/vlog niche
  • Give the Bread Recipe to a friend
  • Send my cousin Jane, Mom’s phone number and vice versa (I ran into her yesterday and she wants to go see Mom and even offered to take her to a doc appt or something if needed —-so sweet).
  • Iron for next week
  • Transfer footage over from camera
  • Brush and play with Dexter
  • Do some more Canon Lessons
  • Learn more of what all Canva can do with my vlogging.
  • Learn Tube Buddy and YouTube Studio better.

Oh, speaking of learning. I did learn how to make my own thumbnail with Canva this week. Woo Hoo!

This week is fairly light on the doc appts, but no worries – you would not believe all the appointments we have coming up! My August is going to be a whirlwind of appointments! All that said, my main goal is to NOT be in pain like I was yesterday. I was about ready to be taken out back and shot I was in such pain. lol


All going well, but we are at that point where I can’t really do anything else until I have the information I need. I’m not going to worry about it. It’s just going to be what it’s going to be.

I think we are all caught up now, lol! It’s the weekend and the best time for a good update on what all is going on. I’ll be back probably mid week. Unless I end up doing a bit of writing and scheduling it. Take care and have a good week. It’s always fun to see who makes it to the end. Let me know if you did. HA. Love you guys. Take care til next time.

12 responses to “A Pain in the Neck, How I Manage Sleep When I’m in Pain, a Little Shopping Haul for the Grandson, and a LOT of Updates”

  1. Hi Sonya…..what am I doing at 4 pm Sunday afternoon ?? Trying to stay awake LOl. It is so very hot today we are all struggling I just checked the thermostat and it’s reading 33.2c which I think is almost 96f. We normally would think ourselves lucky to get a nice summer day temp of 77/80. We have had a RED WARNING for the next 48 hours when temp will get up to above 40c I just hope we survive. Mary is actually asleep at the moment I was reading an article out to her glanced over and she had nodded off….she is even more affected by the heat….with me it’s mostly my leg that bothers me, the stump wears a thick woolen sock on it plus a kind of nylon one that’s supposed to whisk away the wet from the wool….I say suppose…but although it does a little my sock is still quite damp/ wet when I pull the leg off. I could really sit here with it off but I’m afraid I might forget and jump up and fall flat on my face. LOL. It was lovely at church this morning as we had every door and window open and there was a nice breeze flowing right through….Sorry if I’ve been moaning a bit…promise to try to cheat up once this heat fades a bit…very soon I hope…God Bless

    • We go through these temps from late June through August. It comes and goes. A front or rain will come through for a break. But when it is muggy and hot both in the South US it’s most miserable. We have storms coming today!

  2. That is so funny how Dexter takes off running with your snuggie. He sounds like a big kid. That is awful about your neck pain. Sounds like a pinched nerve. It is easy to do when you get our age. I get those flare-ups too and have to use the heating pad or icepack. I woke up this morning and my lower back was hurting. It hurts every single day. I went to the Dr. and he wanted me to do physical therapy. Which doesn’t really help. I need a MRI.
    It is going to be a beautiful day though. We had a busy day shopping yesterday and went out to eat at a new place. Today I am playing catch up on housework. It is never-ending.
    Your Grandson is so cute. I like his haircut. Was he mad because he couldn’t get down and run around? They have so much energy at that age. I hope your neck feels better.

    • Yes he wants Snuggie so badly! I wondered if it was a pinched nerve because I’ve heard it was painful. I swapped between heat and ice pack yesterday too.

      Docs – well insurance companies- don’t want MRI’s to be done until it’s absolutely necessary. Because of the cost. My doc has put off testing for me for MS. I quit giving him all my syoand have just learned to combat or override them. I have no idea which autoimmune issue I have. But eating right helps. I guess I need a different pillow though to avoid a pinched nerve. It’s supposed to storm here. I need to check radar. Our TV just quit! 😮 (more time) lol

  3. I heard the Asheville TN & I figured there must be an Asheville TN also!!
    😄 haha
    Your shoulder & neck pains are most likely due to sleeping on your side.
    Sometimes you just need to take some “me” time. Does wonders for the soul.
    Enjoy your Sunday & don’t over do it.
    Love on that Dexter baby.

    • I’m glad I’m convincing lol! Yes I’m thinking the sleeping on side in incorrect position is it too. Strange it took hours to show up. I just had to take another Aleve. Doing laundry and light tasks today. The TV just quit. ::sigh::

  4. Sounds like maybe you’ve been dealing with a pinched nerve. It can cause pain in the neck and arm. There are these guys called Bob and Brad on YouTube Who have great advice for pain like that. I have done some of their exercises because I have bad pain in my neck and shoulder and back from years of sleeping wrong! Hope it gets better soon.

  5. I made it to the end, no prob. I am not from those parts but caught your Blooper. I can totally understand. Hey, Ashville is part of Nashville anyway so…See what I did there?

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