Rosemary Haul from the Yard, Weekend Relaxation, Dexter Dog’s Lonely Anxiety, and a Bread Recipe

Rosemary haul from George’s herb garden

George has harvested some of the rosemary. It was quite the drawer full. That is a file folder drawer that used to be in my office before I upgraded. The smell is so wonderful. I’ve taken some to work in baggies and it has provided us with some good laughter. It looks like we are dealing in something other than rosemary. lol. I put it in sacks and envelopes and file folders as to not get attacked over it, verbally or physically! lol!

Fresh Rosemary

Looks pretty funny drying in the sunroom as well.

Rosemary drying in sun room
Dried and Fresh Rosemary given to interested friends at work
No Worries, lol, only Rosemary – Instagram post

Sunday went pretty well. I felt so much better and at least was able to work some on my to do list after Saturday’s pulled muscle or pinched nerve pain. I had some relaxing time too and was able to work on my files and get the next video started. The pain is hardly noticeable now and I can sleep.

While in the sunroom, I remembered I had bought this basket. I don’t really need it but thought it would be good for bread. I already have bread baskets but it was inexpensive and I love baskets, lol. So I splurged. It was from a Pop Shelf run a week or two ago.

Bread Basket from Pop Shelf

Ok so Dexter is so bad about stealing the toilet paper. It’s a game for him to steal it and have us rush toward him and/or chase him. He knows we come running when he steals it so it’s a way to get our attention. I found myself with the end of a gift wrap paper roll in my hand after wrapping up Mom’s birthday gift so what did I do? Here’s what I did:

Dog Proofing the Toilet Paper

What???? It’s not like we are the royal palace or anything, no dinner parties. If it gets the job done then…lol.

So…Sunday our Big A__ TV (yes that is what it is named as a device, lol) quit working. George said we’d had it for five years. It doesn’t seem that long. It seems like it should last longer than that considering that our previous TV would NEVER break down since I wanted a smart one. I guess the smart ones are not perfected. It’s the companies that make them are smart because if they make them too good we won’t need another one as quickly. ::sigh:: That said, it IS a computer so to speak and I’m not sure if it can be fixed or not. George has a call into another company and they are playing phone tag ::sigh:: again.

Sony TV on the blink and won’t turn on!

We have other devices we could stream with if absolutely necessary but we are taking the opportunity to sit at the table and eat, read, work on projects or videos, make phone calls, and other things. So it’s ok. I’m not in a rush to have it fixed. I can watch my Mac in my office if I want. Most of our shows are in between seasons from Netflix. We were trying to find new shows and had begun watching “The Bear” on Hulu (I think). Not terribly exciting but the best thing we’d found. I’m not missing the TV at all. There is so much to fill our time with. I guess the only time I miss it is while we are eating. But then the dog is better when we eat at the table. lol

Chips and Salsa and Iced Tea

Snack Time. I bought chips and salsa recently. We just don’t eat out as much anymore. Mainly from a time standpoint but also as a cost standpoint. Even at work I quit going out for lunch as much. It seems like so much trouble to get up and go out, fight traffic, deal with the extreme weather which we seem to have most of the time now, and also the cost again. I’ve been pretty satisfied with what I have for lunches too. So it’s all good. But chips and salsa and iced tea were some of the “restaurant things” I enjoyed at home Sunday.

Spa Time. I also allowed myself a facial refreshing by doing a mask for 20 minutes and having some spa time there after my shower. You can get these on Amazon.

Isn’t she lovely? lol lol

Simple Bread Recipe Shared. Here’s the Bread Recipe I fixed not long ago, if I’ve not shared it before. I snapped a pic for a friend. The degrees that you bake it out is torn so use a similar recipe I guess as that is what I had to do. You can put fruit or cinnamon, or use white or wheat flour types with it. It’s just a good basic bread loaf. I’ll make it again. It’s in with my Hello Fresh recipes. I’m hungry for some now. I want to make some with cinnamon in it.

Dexter watching his Daddy to see if it’s dinner time. It was!
While Momma Edits Video and Blogs in Her Office
Dexter learned to jump on the bed

I’m totally ok with Dexter being on the bed. He can’t make it all of the time. But some of the time. It’s a mental block I think. He can do it with ease when he does. I tried to let him sleep with me last night and he was a wild man so off to the hallway he went.

After being home with us all weekend and George having half day on Friday and again on Monday, Dexter was in shock being by himself for such a long day yesterday. I came home to a mess where he had torn up his bed and also his pee pad. He was so excited to see me. I felt so bad for him. I hate leaving him.

A piece of Dexter’s Pee Pad Found on Office Floor at Work lol.

So I looked down and noticed a piece of pee pad on the floor at work. lol lol. Making me miss him even more. I feel so bad for him during the day. But all we can do is keep him safe until we can get him a buddy.

Dexter waits patiently for us to finish our dinner

Well if you made it through that update. You are special! I’m not sure anyone can even load the post as there are so many photos!

We have mainly been working, eating, doing our projects, taking care of Dexter. But we have checked on Mom and she has been fine with improving gout and can get about now. We are taking her for her birthday dinner tonight to eat catfish.

As far as work goes. It’s quarter end but like most all of the others, I’ve not been able to work on much of it because I am waiting on information and others haven’t had time to send it over. So I can do what I can with the time we have but we have things scheduled on the weekends so any working over on the weekend is not an option. Mom has some things we have to do for her. Weekends are the only time we have to get hers and our things done. So if we are late closing it out and have to pay fines, then that will happen. Once I get the info, I’ll close the biggest accounts first to at least minimize the damage. I still have to do payroll and fitting quarter end into the picture is not always easy as it is. Plus I think next week Mom has eye doc appt so taking away some valuable time. What I don’t get done this Thurs and Friday will mean it won’t have a great chance of getting done at all as there won’t be a LOT of extra time next week to work on things above payroll. These are all things out of my control so I’ve decided not to worry about it. If anyone wants me to get things done faster, I’ll need the information faster. ;-). That is all I can think of to improve the situation and they are busy too. I’m just the end of the line so therefore it’ll be the butt of getting it done at the tail end. No other way to put it. It is what it is and out of my hands really.

So over and out. Need to get ready to go. Peace be with you! May the Lord bless you and keep you! Oh, but first – I will be and have been working on the next video, by the way. It’s the Christmas one. I have a lot of video footage of me getting ready for Christmas. I have to cut a lot of it out. It could be two videos but I’m making one! So there is a lot of editing to do. No way it will be complete for this Saturday. I think we are looking at the following Saturday. It will have some humor spots in it and I think you will like it. I struggled using my camera. The iPhone tops it every time. It’s mainly because I don’t know how to use it, when I’m moving around with the lighting in the house. I have had zero time for classes on it. See you Friday here on the blog. Lord willing.

6 responses to “Rosemary Haul from the Yard, Weekend Relaxation, Dexter Dog’s Lonely Anxiety, and a Bread Recipe”

    • It’s calmed down a lot though from last year. A lot of doc appts coming up in August. I was thinking I should video a small clip of each office visit with date and time to make a dramatic showing in an upcoming video and at least have fun with it! lol 😂

  1. I think your tv is history. That’s how our last one died. Just. Like. That.
    That Dexter baby boy is something else. I like your tp holder. lololol
    Yeah he needs a buddy. Can you get THAT lucky twice?
    It’s already hump day. What day it is!
    The bread recipe does look fairly simple. I’ve never made bread 🍞. Shame on me.
    I’m glad your mom is improving. Whew!
    C ya next time 😎

  2. Glad to hear you and your Mom are both feeling better.
    T.V.s don’t last as long. I remember when I first married we bought an RCA floor model.
    That thing lasted forever it seemed like. I hope it’s just something simple they can fix.
    Dexter looks very comfortable laying on the couch. He is a little sweetheart.

    • Hey Lauren- yeah we are better. Mom had a hard time getting around tonight. I hope she’s not losing her stamina to walk. If so assisted living is not far away.

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