Fancy New Dentist Office, Sleep Issues, and Calm Before the Storms

I think I have figured out the “font” issue from previous post. I simply hit “control” and the “+” sign on the Mac and it increase the screen where I can see it but has the default where it won’t be font “72” (lol) when posted. That was the most bizarre thing. One day it is fine and the next day it is not functional.

I have been thinking about changing the theme, the blog look, or perhaps just the photo – was thinking about doing this after the first of the year in case something went “amiss” as Lord knows I don’t have time now to fool with things that don’t work appropriately. What do you think? Should I give the blog a new look? New theme? It’ll still be the same name and same website.

So I went to the Dentist this morning. It was a new one. “Dr Danny” retired at the other place I went to near Hermitage and I really just was not wanting to drive over there with a new dentist there in his place. It had a different feel. So I decided it was time to find a new dentist closer to home. And they start earlier in the day too so it won’t impact work as much. My appt today was at 8 b/c I took the best one I could find several months out. But my next one is at 7.

So I was greatly impressed with the decor. I’m thinking man – I bet they charge a big amount for a crown! lol lol. But there are 4 dentists in one place pooling together. And it’s right snazzy. I got to watch HGTV on the ceiling! They are keepers. Everything was fine but there is a place we are watching on my upper right, which I’ve had some sensitivity and pain in – a filling is cracking and he said I might consider a crown before it splits and has a nerve issue or needs root canal. I will look at doing this next year. As you know my schedule and my health has been put on a back burner – I have to do a gyn (ovary) check, and colonoscopy, and now a crown next year. Some things you are happy to put off, lol. I did get mine and Mom’s mammograms scheduled for December.

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So, what have I been up to since Wed? Not much. But I will tell you that this week has been a little trying as far as getting sleep. I had some allergy issues that also kept me from sleeping – nothing major but sitting in the sun room every night with screens open impacted me as it sometimes does in change of seasons. So sleeping was just “fitful” as I’ve described it. It has really made the afternoons (sometimes the mornings too) difficult. I get really really sleepy. I even (barely) nodded off once at my desk while signing a huge stack of checks. It was quiet, monotonous, and my head nodded off and it scared me so bad. I’ve never done that with my head just sitting up straight, lol. I had to go get coffee and move around and then put my ear plugs in and listen to “feel good” (rock, disco, whatever) music to wake me up.

But finally last night I was able to sleep many hours straight through. I’m always up once or twice but all week long it was every hour on the hour – just not comfortable. At one point I had a vision or hallucination that George came and hugged me and said “I’m sorry you are having a rough time, but it’s time for you go to bed”. He also had some humorous moves too which made me laugh and giggle. But I woke up and realized it was a dream even though I seemed very awake at the time. And I went back to bed.

So it’s been a struggle this week. I’ve not had a lot of “to do” items that I have pressed forward for this week. So anything I’ve done has been minimal. That said, I’ve been able to get some of my to do list done anyway just on the fly. Mainly computer related – ordered a Thred Up shirt with my credit, got the next iMovie started, deleted the old off the timeline and out of my media and scooted my files over to the LaCie drive with the video for storage. I also deleted all the footage used off my iPhone as it’s no longer needed on there and I really needed the space.

As always I was glad today was Friday. And I’m pleased to be able to do a proper blog entry. I DID change the name of the font, but the size should be the same – other than the type of font might change it’s size. If that makes sense.

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The challenge is going well. I have missed a check mark or two here and there but I count it a blessing to have done as well as I have having not had much sleep. I might have had Mac and cheese the last two days as I needed comfort. And we did have pizza one day. lol But for the most part I’ve been meeting all the check marks regardless as to how busy I’ve been. And honestly the Mac and cheese has made me feel a bit miserable so I’m taking note of that. It has felt good to eat better, drink more water, and move my body. I do need to get my 20 min walk in this week though. I think that is important. I have had several chances and always said “later”. So that’s what we are trying to change. lol Baby steps. I feel so good after the walk though. I just always talk myself into doing other things on the to do list, or not taking a proper lunch at work and sitting at the desk eating my lunch and working or checking email.

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Katy and Cody are leaning toward coming home for Christmas now. We are waiting to see before we shop so we know what to do with gifts. But I was excited to hear of the possibility. Katy had told me she wasn’t sure which I took as a sign she was letting me down easy. I will be thrilled if they can. They can see Mom’s new place too.

Mom’s house is on schedule, we think. It is hard to believe that closing is just around the corner. It’s Nov 5th but the walk through is Nov 1.

Mom’s heart doc told her her heart was not pumping correctly and he gave her some more meds to try and help with it. They have another virtual appt in 4 weeks. I was glad not to have to get off yesterday and be gone part of today too – it’s quarter end and I was able to get a lot done yesterday afternoon toward my reconciliation spreadsheet. He mentioned if the meds didn’t work they may need to do another arteriogram and may have to go in and fix. Mom says she is doing nothing until she moves in to her place and gets settled. She doesn’t seem to feel bad or doesn’t seem to be swelling up. But she gets winded quickly. I hear her making “whew” noises when she moves around. She doesn’t want to have surgery again, so I’m not sure what the deal is. She is overweight as is all of us, and the more overweight we are the harder it is on us with these heart conditions. She is excited about her house so she doesn’t want to hear anything about heart surgery. She coughs some but says she feels fine otherwise unless she is not telling us something. She is often very quiet and that is unlike her.

Work is going ok. I think they will be concentrating soon on our “move”. Supposedly we have to be out of the place we are in – in March or something like that. But I’m told the offices are not up to snuff yet in the new place. I have mixed feelings about the move. I don’t really like the area it is in. It’s going to be further from my house. I do like change though. I don’t know if this will be a good change or not. All we can do is try it and see. I’ve put up with a lot in my life, unhappy work situations included. I like the job and the people so that’s 2/3’s of the issue. I’m not one for long commutes but with a good book and some adjusted hours, I could “be game” for it. I have no plan to lose any more time from my personal schedule so….something will have to be adjusted somewhere if it takes longer to get there and back. Even if I have to totally forego lunch. Some dude came through with a moving shirt on taking estimates on our move – I could be wrong – but I heard him say “does the lamps go too?”. I thought well – we’ll probably get notice on a Friday afternoon that we’ll be moved the following week. About how it works, lol. Everything is always a secret – so they think. lol

So I’ve blogged on enough. I feel one sided over here again, just me writing – no one listening. I’d really like to build up a community here. Happens with the season changes and also the holidays, just people popping in and no comments. I live for the comments but don’t get fulfilled very often. It’s been quiet lately. It’s ok. It’s fine. I keep telling myself I’m just here for me anyway. A place to park my life. My thoughts. My dreams. My what happened yesterday. I’ve had to curtail it a lot because of the sniffers. lol Those sniffing you out hoping to rat you out. People just love to try to start something. I would hate to be that type of person. But they exist. I’ll simply just pray for them.

Maybe I will private blog again sometime. But tonight it is a Friday night. Storms are looming, dinner is almost ready. I’m good for more wine, more water, and some Candy Crush.

This weekend’s outlook: Going to Hendersonville for a meeting with our financial advisor. Going to Sam’s – probably hit a lunch spot or a brewery. Who knows. I figured George would have been all over it with all sorts of plans so I didn’t look yet, but he hadn’t. I guess he’s been busy with work and other thoughts. It’s fine. We’ll figure it out.

It feels like the calm before the storm. I plan to also order some Christmas items this week. I’ve got to get some of it out of the way. I also want to start working on the Roger tribute file to which I’ll create a video from. I may have to do this on my own. George doesn’t feel like he will be composed enough to do a video section on him. ;-( He loved him so.

Lots of exciting times ahead and things we are looking forward to. So tonight I’m hoping for another night of good rest. I’m tired after this long week. I’m so tired I am not even caring whether I meet the challenge for the day or not. That’s bad but just resting and not giving a damn (oops) darn works for me tonight.

You doing anything fun this weekend?

You want to see something different with this blog?

Do you like the content or what would you like to hear about the most?

Do you prefer hearing about my life or my opinion on certain topics or just articles from me on certain things?

Or just say hi. lol

It’s Always Complicated! But things are Looking Up!

Good morning all. Here’s a pic of us all at the zoo from Sunday. I get to see the little fella today again and then again on Saturday for a brief bit as they fly West. The time is quick and short and we don’t get to see much of them when they are here because they have so many to see. Life is always complicated.

I went and retrieved Mom and Fancy from Columbia last night. So they are here to meet Little Roo. Mom is going back to Columbia with George on Friday as he has taken the day off. He will be going to assess what is left of the furniture and likely do some measuring so he can plan the logistics of the U-Haul Move on Father’s Day weekend. And he’ll bring a load back of whatever is left in the house of smaller items. The move is a bit complicated as there are 5 (I think) china cabinets and 1 curio cabinet – made of glass that are going, two of which are coming here and I’ll be getting rid of one that I have. The freezer is coming here. Two bedroom furniture and mattress suites and a lot of other stuff goes to storage along with most of the china cabinets, including an extra large armoire and then a very huge wall size book shelf comes here that George is elated to get! There’s still some patio furniture. So very odd sized things, huge things and many many loads and to two different places. We can and DO see the light at the end of the tunnel. Mom was able to give away the really nice furniture she had that she won’t be able to take so we don’t have to pay storage for THOSE. There was no time to sell it properly or having a moving sale. Mom said looking back she wish she didn’t have to sell her house so quickly and could have held off til hers was built. But of course they would not build her house if she didn’t have a contract on hers since she had the contingency. If she had cash she could have done it that way. Not everyone has that luxury. Life has to be complicated!

What has made things more stressful is having to spend your beloved spare time in CareNow and urgent care center for 3 days in the past week for a cyst on my back that decided to act up and develop cellulitis. I have antibiotics that end in a day or two. I’ve been able to go without a bandage now as it is healing up. It itches like the dickens. (I guess that is a southern word? My grandmother used to say it. It refers to anything devilish). Itching is a good sign. I hope it is healing. But they did not get the entire sac so likely it will mean surgery at some point. I really want to just leave it alone for a long while. Nobody has time for surgery. I can’t even find time to do the colonoscopy. It’s ok I don’t really want to do that either. Life has to be so complicated!

WELL, HELLO there! One can only laugh at the things that happen in one’s busy day. A guy comes in with this thing on a pole and says excuse me I need to borrow your space for a minute. And puts this thing above on the vent. LOL LOL LOL Large amounts of very cold air comes down and he says “oh yeah that’s some cold air right there”.

Yeah it is. For a long time we had a system that was very comfortable. Except for maybe when a cold front came through and it had to be adjusted and whoever did the adjusting did a good job. At least the masses were happy for the most part.

Well now there is some fancy smart system in house that is supposed to be all elaborate and somehow just “knows” when to make the air come on and off. Only we can’t control it in house – I think there is a God of the Air Conditioning Unit somewhere up in the sky that determines what our temp is. Well it maybe a fancy system but it’s not working very well – well let me rephrase that, the air works great – it’s freezing all of us out of our office igloos. lol. It’s hot and humid in the office until about 10 when the air blows and it’s like the air has been captured from the arctic zone. Everyone reaches for sweaters and turns on office heaters. My guess is that this system was “supposed” to save money in the long run. My next guess is that we are burning more on electricity than ever before.

As they try to fix it – it’s getting worse b/c now instead of just adding a sweater or turning the heater on for the rest of the day – you go back and forth, LOL. Fan off, Sweater on, heater on, sweater off, heater off, fan on – all day long in a cycle. I blog this not to complain, but to share my amusement of how our techie world can sound so right but yet go so wrong. I’m not upset over it though, I’m amused and LOL’ing at the situation. I’m fine I just put on a sweater and adjust what I can around me. I’m adapting! And to have some guy come in with this above my head just sent me rolling! I laughed out loud! How can we make something so simple so complicated?

Lots of cloudy days this week and rain all around. We got a good shower at home the other night and I had a glass of wine on the porch as the rain storm approached. Monday night was the urgent care night. Tuesday night was the night I had to cut George’s hair and he cut the foam for my bed. Still was able to have a “wine sit” – I like that term don’t you? I had a wine sit in between chores.

I put fresh sheets on the bed for Mom’s bedroom which I’m officially moved out of now except for some jewelry from my armoire that I need – only getting a few main favorites for getting ready for work. I also had to get my sheets ready for my bed after George got the foam cut and we hauled the heavy thing upstairs.

I took a pic before putting the covers on it so you could see the foam. You should have seen the two of us trying to get this floppy thing up the stairs and through the house. In the stair well we had to change places (on the stairs) and pass each other which made for some interesting moments. It was hilarious. Too bad that was not on video!

I tried to do a panoramic view of my office and I’m sorry it was not a good photo as I left the lights blaring. Here was my next attempt after tweaking things a bit.

I am so very excited to have my little “space”. It is like a dorm room almost all to myself. It’s a triangle of sorts for sleep, creativity, and meditation/devotion. Roger’s bed of course is there as he likes that room too during the day time. I would leave the door open and let him sleep in there at night and come and go as he roams but I have to close the door as where my bed is, I can see the hallway lights if someone gets up and also a sensor light turns on – with the temperature control with Nest. So I will wake up all night if I leave the door open. I tried it last night and was awakened twice by people getting up. And the purpose of sleeping in here is to actually get sleep! Life has to be complicated.

Deer met me at the office entrance the other morning. It delights my soul!

So I’m hanging in there! And things are progressing along. Mom will officially be moved in with us- in a week from now. And then after Father’s Day weekend we can turn our sights to doing things around here and maybe enjoying ourselves a bit more.

We have been so crazy busy that we haven’t even had time to go to the grocery and get staples. I don’t even have eggs. George is gone to get us a biscuit, bless him. I was going to fix biscuits and peanut butter and jelly as Mom said she could eat that and be fine last night. This morning she says she’s tired of biscuits and peanut butter! LOL So biscuit out it is. She wanted to go out to eat breakfast but we are eating lunch out and dinner out with Cody and Katy. It gets complicated. Mom does not like sushi and we are going to go eat sushi so Mom will likely stay here and I’ll go get her a meal she will eat so she does not starve for lunch. Then we will all go out to eat dinner at a new restaurant tonight that Mom will like. Katy has been wanting to eat at the sushi place for almost two years and it has been planned for a long time so I’m not even asking to change the plans. Mom will have to adapt and either go or stay. But I’ll see she has food to eat. Life is always complicated. LOL

I realized as I typed this blog piece today that most everything I mentioned had its complications to it, so I went back and added the prase “life is complicated” to the end of nearly every topic. Seems fitting. Although life is complicated, I’m doing my best to bloom where I can. I’m sorry I don’t feel like much of a blossom – but more like a withered flower! LOL LOL

But some things never change. Even though life is complicated. Just try to be your best self. And while this may sound pessimistic, it IS very much realistic instead. I’m reporting it as it is. So if you only want the good rosy perspective, that would be amiss.

But I can say that yes, things are looking up, things are progressing. We are getting a tiny bit of time off for some fun. We are getting to see our Little Roo, the move will wrap up soon, and a different phase of Project Momma will be in session.

All is good and God’s in charge. Until Mom wakes up that is. ;-). Just kidding.

Anticipation, Lack of Sleep, and Flooring Postponed

Just a little pop in today. I am trying to be happy with love and joy! However, my sleep has been horrible this week. The last two days I’ve slept in the spare bedroom on top of a quilt and another quilt on top of me, so as not to disturb Mom’s sheets. She will be back to spend the night Saturday night.

The spare bedroom though has not helped my sleep any. Last night for no reason at all I tossed and turned between 1:30 and 4. Finally went to sleep but the first alarm goes off at 4:30 and I kept hitting snooze. It was just unbearable to think of getting up. I’m not sure I hardly opened my eyes wide until after coffee was made and shower taken. Most of shower was with eyes closed. I worried I’d fall asleep in the shower!

My muscles are hurting a bit too this morning. I am thinking it’s all intertwined. I wanted to call in for a PTO day and just sleep today. But I have to sign checks and I despise calling in on a day that was unplanned/unscheduled. So I’m forcing myself to move today. But I feel like death warmed over.

Anticipation is Stressful

All in all, I think it’s really the house thing with Mom. I think I’m worried over it and want her to be signed and locked in this deal. I will feel better tomorrow after the meeting I think – once I know she is signed and sealed. There is a gap in the value of the house she is selling and the house that is being built. For her to move up here, it is going to be that way with any place with an HOA and the houses just keep going up and up. Her other choice would be to stay with us I guess b/c she can’t stay down there with no help and we just can’t be down there to give her the help she needs and will need. She doesn’t want to rent, as that is throwing money away. There are just no flat condos anywhere much and she won’t have a townhouse, even if she just stayed on the bottom floor. So her options are very limited and she will be very selective as to what options she will do so I really really really want this to work tomorrow. If it doesn’t I think we’ll all be devastated.

I hope the sellers/builders will give her a break being a Christian woman and a widow. I hope they give her a break on the price and the upgrades. Lord knows we have prayed EVERY day. Several times a day. Everything is leading in this direction as WIN WIN for all. As long as the money works.

Mom talked with a realtor about her house yesterday and it’s value. It’s right on the spot about where George said it would be. I think she should list for more than the realtor told her. Maybe she needs another realtor for 2nd opinion, says George. As he quoted on the lower end of George’s range of possibilities. Anyway Mom is not signing to sell her house yet til she meets with the folks on the new place tomorrow to hopefully sign. But if the deal is not right, I think she is prepared to walk away. So I’m hoping sleep will be better Saturday night. If this deal does not go through, I know that personally, my hope will be shattered and I will flat feel like giving up. Not to mention how sad Mom will be. But I know though that God has this. And we just have to trust in Him. I just kinda feel in my heart it will work out and I hope that we are not all disappointed.

I do know this. I am tired. I am very tired.

This came in the mail from BoysTown, as they send free things to you when you give to their cause. They sent this along with some seed packets. I think I would like to plant the seeds. But I’m not sure I’ll be able to keep up with the watering and weeding. So we’ll see.

Working on the To Do List and Trying to Relax

I was able to do a couple of things yesterday afternoon – a load of laundry since we won’t be here much this weekend. I checked out some new dentists a couple of days ago, and yesterday I checked to see which one was on the dental plan. So I want to set up an appointment with the new one and cancel my old one. I was not particularly enthralled with the one that came in after my favorite one retired. He was not very thorough, not very inquisitive, and just didn’t seem to be in the moment. It’s too early to tell I guess, but what really set me off was that I asked for George an appointment to get his crowns glued back in. I think he has three that came out. I told her this twice as she was setting the appointment. The first appointment they cancelled as the dentist had something else going on, but he didn’t get the word – that was part his work’s fault b/c they have a building where cell phones can’t come through. So a wasted afternoon off work and a drive in. The next time they rescheduled they gave him a cleaning and would not put in his crowns. They scheduled him with the hygienist and not the dentist I guess. So he has to come back a 3rd time. I already deal with people who don’t listen in my life, so I have no plan on dealing with a dentist office that can’t even set an appointment correctly. I was already on the fence and when George said he was having trouble, that made up my mind to change. It’s really out of the way for me to go that direction anymore. I’d rather have somewhere closer here anyway. They must have a lot of people leaving because they have openings and are begging patients to come in for sooner appointments if needed.

I also got to watch a YouTube show and that was relaxing. Of course George and I eat and watch a show on Netflix. We are watching Designated Survivor with Keiffer Sutherland as president, lol. We are enjoying the show.

Flooring Postponed until We Have More Time

I also picked out our flooring places and saw where they are. I told George we could wait until we have a free Saturday instead of trying to cram in so much into a Saturday. I’m a little disappointed about that as I’ve had my heart set on that after Easter. I am truly about ready to move out of the house myself if we don’t get this nasty carpet out of here. I’m done with carpet. Maybe forever! Ok with rugs as they can easily come and go but carpet – ugh! The new flooring is going to make our place look incredible. And I can’t wait. But I will have to schedule a Saturday once we get Mom’s doings settled where I can sneak a Saturday in for myself.

Anyway, I need to head off to work. I’m about to come alive, thanks to coffee. I think I will have to try to pump myself with hydrate drink, vitamins, and maybe some greens drink today. I need a lifting somehow. I’m just flat deflated right now. And Roger says “hello”. He lifted his head to say goodnight as I went to bed. Since Maisy has gone, he has shared his love to me, just as he does to George. He loves to see me. He still has his Dad as his favorite, but he seeks me out. He knows I’m the “treat lady”. He knows I love him and will pet him. Bless his heart, when you pet him he falls over. He’s muscles are tired and he gets off balance.

Stay Tuned for the Outcome. Will Mom sign? Or not?

Ya’ll have a good day today. I’ll likely not post until probably Sunday unless I just get a crazy minute. And then I will let you know if it’s GOOD NEWS or BAD NEWS. Will Mom be able to get the house or did she lose it? And if she loses it, what then? Let’s not even think that. I just want this to be a done deal so I can’t get it off my mind wondering what is going to happen.