Battery Died, But I Had a Ride

There is no need to make the statement at how weird and odd this year is. I guess 2020 will go down in the books as the year everything tanked. Normally I’d be all over the weather channel, keeping tabs on Isaias. And even though no doubt it as impacted a lot of people, we have been focused on everything going haywire around us while attempting to get ready for vacay. But my heart goes to those that have been impacted and I am sorry I’ve not been able to watch the news on it. Prayers for all!

Yesterday morning, I was determined to get the video out. It’s out. Not sure anyone saw it, or cares, but a few did and I appreciated those that commented as it made my day. I worked hard on it. But I do realize the following:

  1. It’s not going to be my family and friends that will follow, subscribe, and watch. Sure there are a few of you.
  2. It’s not going to be noticeable on Facebook as it might have a few years ago. FB has probably moved certain video platforms to lower viewing status in their efforts to control what’s being said that is doesn’t fit their plans/model (or political status, lol). I say that b/c I can tell which types of posts I get comments on and which ones I do not.
  3. It’s not going to get a lot of recognition on YouTube itself as there is too much competition.
  4. I’m new at it. And don’t really have a lot of skill yet and have basically been doing iPhone videos.
  5. It’ll be a constant improvement – that was the plan all along.
  6. I’m not sure I want masses of people watching it right now anyway, LOL.
  7. And I realize that the vlog watchers are really not even going to be you all that are here. Some of you will, most won’t.
  8. And this is the biggest one: My camp of Vlogger people IS OUT THERE somewhere. I just have to tap into them. And I will. Just not today. I won’t let the stats get me down. For each video I did, I have less views. They are going down and not up, but I just have to find my “Vlogger People” – lol.

So yeah, that took some time getting the Thumbnail up and getting it published. Was determined. And it’s done.

And then I do the dishes b/c I wanted to as they had piled up. George was staying home but I didn’t want him to have to do them. So I rushed through that and barely had time to get down to the car and head out for work so I’d be there early. Burning the candle at the top of the morning to try to get in to work and get extra hours in so no one complains Thursday at our leaving early so we don’t have to be driving late at night.

So I go to start the car and it won’t work. It was the battery. Thank goodness George was working from home for the dishwasher repair guy. So he was able to go and buy a battery at lunch and get the old one out which took coca cola poured on it as the battery was in bad shape and hard to get loose. He got the new one in.

The dishwasher repair guy didn’t come til late in the afternoon. They refused to let George know when they would be there. The guy came and the dishwasher started right up. Apparently something had blocked the thing that spins that allows the water to flow, back when that last load wasn’t done. Geez. All this time we washed dishes by hand and nothing was really wrong with the dishwasher.

So anyway, I had to take this guy into work yesterday. I noticed that George did not offer for me to use his new ride. LOL Naw….I was given the keys to the old Flinstone Mobile.

And yes, I was in a hurry and went to work with it on E. This is after I got to work so it was above the E when I left. Then yesterday when I left work, I forgot to stop at the station near me but luckily made it to Donelson at the Shell. This car is not very good for the interstate. Sometimes you need to be able to go fast to get out of a situation and this car will not provide that service, lol. And it’s a little wobbly. Easy to go left or right. It’s like an old man out of balance. But thankfully it did get me there and back.

I got there and got the payroll done. It was kind of an interruptive and aggravating day yesterday for a payroll day but it finally got done.

By the time I got home I was just spent. But I was relieved that everything was back to normal. Well, as normal as anything can be this year.

I was glad to see my doggies.

We ate something for dinner and I should have been doing the many things I’d planned to do, but I just couldn’t. I hung out on the Mac and social media for some “time off”. And then after dinner I did a few things. The rest I have to do tonight. A lot more has to be done tonight. Tonight’s the final packing night. Tomorrow’s the day. After work. George is off though but I told him I needed to work a few hours. It’s not a vacay day for me but I will have worked my hours for the week and then some Mon thru Thurs morning.

So off of here to get going. I don’t know if I will be posting again tomorrow. Likely not. It may be while we are on the road. I can blog from my phone. But we’ll see. I may be the one driving.

Prayer requests for safe travels, a safe trip all the way around – no Corona virus, no wrecks, a fun time, no car issues. I kinda won’t believe that this vacation will happen until I see us actually arrive in Texas. Not many plans have made it this year. So I’m kindof expecting something will happen to destroy our trip. Yes I’m a realist. This year has show us that plans are useless, but yet we still try. God says always just say Lord Willing. So that is what I will say. We will soon be in Texas, Lord Willing.

It wasn’t just Maisy that crashed hard at bed time. I joined her, then Roger and George. The sleep was good and much needed.

Now off for another day. Wondering what it will bring. I’m scared to ask.

Appreciating Sleep and Other Mid-Week Thoughts over Coffee

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Good morning. I’ve made a discovery. It should have been a discovery that I’d made already but I guess I’m a late bloomer. lol. First of all, last week I had many many nights with not enough sleep. I know what not enough sleep does to you. Brain fog, moody, and low energy, and low on the inspiration and motivation because you are in survival mode of sorts. I would say I get about 6 hours of sleep if I’m really honest. I don’t have any problem going to sleep. Sometimes if I wake at 1:30 or so I can’t go back to sleep. I always wake up a couple of times in the night. Usually up once to go the bathroom. Usually twice in the night I wake up and drink water, just being really really thirsty. That’s that sugar issue at play.

But my discovery is that twice lately I’ve been able to get 8 hours. And just discovered how good that felt good. I guess I needed a taste again of what that felt like. I went to bed at 8:30 last night. Start getting ready at 8. And when the alarm went off this morning- even though I was dreaming and wanted to stay asleep, I was rested and felt great when I got up. It made me think maybe it’s worth going to bed at 8:30 again. I have often refused to go to bed that early because you only get so much time in the afternoon after work and commute. But things have changed a bit. The commute is not as long with school out so I’m getting home earlier. Since I’m in Payroll/Accounting now instead of HR, I’m not staying late and going in early to handle everyone’s surprise crises. Which in order to get my stuff done, I had to have time for everyone else and all the surprise stuff that came up. Now my job is more efficient and scheduled and yes, there are still surprises, but not the nature of the job to have as many. So often I can leave in reasonable time frames. So I’m considering going to bed earlier on a continual basis. The only thing getting in my way is if we are into a show on Netflix. Everything is a tradeoff, lol!

Ahhhh the coffee is good this morning! It’s Starbucks. For a while Kroger had them on sale around $6 and we bought a couple of packs. I need more! I think we have Seattle’s Best brand next up as Publix did not have Starbucks on sale, so I’ll wait.

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Well, so Payroll is done for another week and that is always a relief. I always hold my breath that something doesn’t break, or I hit a wrong key, or don’t hold my lips just right for it to all come together. Had a lot of interruptions yesterday on payroll day so it was a good day for things to go wrong. You really need peace and quiet on payroll day b/c it can backfire on us all. If a wrong number keyed in for plant location or a wrong date entered could blow the whole thing up. But it’s just a busy time for us all and we all have to interrupt each other to get things done. That is fine when you have a good team – so I made notes as to where I was every time I had to leave it and come back. Was not a problem to be interrupted – at least yesterday it wasn’t – but it’s always good to get through a Tuesday and a sign of relief that everyone will get paid again. Ironically if there is a night I don’t sleep well it’s Monday night. The night before. I’m never worried about it, so it must be a deep rooted thing. I’m just unsettled on Monday night’s. I guess it’s like when you have an early morning flight or have to be somewhere early – it’s just this “thing” looming that you need to get through. Once it’s over, you feel a surge of relief. But I do enjoy every minute of the payroll closing process – so it’s kind of odd but I guess it’s just my persona to hold my breath and worry a bit sometimes. I even pray over the payroll. God whispers to me that I’m the perfect one to do this job because it meets my persona so. But I know how easy it is to mess something up. Wiggle your toe in the wrong direction at the wrong time and you are done. LOL. So I sit still and hold my breath through my prayers!

Oh hang on a minute. I need some more of that beautiful dark earthy liquid. Be right back.

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Ok I’m back! Thanks for waiting. LOL. While I went to get coffee, George was in the sun room and saw the deer family that comes through morning at sunrise and evening just before sun down. They have their little routines like we do. Two little bambi’s. I have some footage (not from today, but another day) that I will share once I get to work on the next video. Which is soon.

Here are some photos of the same family but on a different day. I think I’ve shown them before.

So last night I was able to get a few things done – somehow the post office lost our check to the car insurance company as they are saying we are past due and it’s under my name in the account itself on line. So I needed to go in and see what was going on so we had insurance coverage. We don’t really want to pay twice as they probably will get it eventually. In years and years, I think that has only happened once of all the things we have mailed where it didn’t get there. Anyway we are covered. But have to pay a late fee. We are never late on anything so it kinda makes me mad as it’s not our fault. But things happen.

I also got on line to my medical records and downloaded January and July’s bloodwork information. I’ve not poured over it and compared yet, but it’s downloaded. I peeked at the numbers and yes the cholesterol is high. I’ll be anxious to see if it’s lowered or gone higher in comparison to the others. But I was happy to see that the sugar issue – I was barely considered a “pre-diabetic”. One point lower and I would not have been.

The cleanse day went well on Monday. Doing it from dinner Sunday to dinner Monday. I wasn’t drained like I am when I do it from dinner Sunday night to breakfast Tuesday morning. But I think it still released toxins and fat. Don’t ask me how I know. 😉

George fixed a ramen noodle with veggies for dinner last night. It was really good. It had cabbage and carrots and a few other things stir fried in a big batch.

I have leftovers of that for lunch today. And had left over pork chops, green peas and carrots yesterday.

So George called me back into the kitchen to watch the babies and the Momma. Yes, it’s through the screen. But the baby is trying to get some milk. The Mom says no. lol You can see all the mint growing back there.

I’m kinda wondering if we shouldn’t grow our own garden again, but we have access to local fresh and it’s reasonable, so with us working FT, we just go get fresh at the store or farmers market stops. There is talk of going to the Mennonites in Scottsville, KY again when we get back from Texas. I had suggested it for this weekend, but George wants to wait so we have time to eat it all. I think we would have time. But….I think he already has a lot of meals planned for the next couple of weeks.

Do you know how hard it is to leave my little office in the morning? I could be writing, working on my to do list, working on videos, planning, shopping :-)! I could be learning how to use my new cameras, watching talented other’s video creations, doing some videoing of my own comparing microphones, iphone videoing and new camera videoing. I have so many things on my to do list to research or check out. I love being here in this room. It just calls me to be creative and be me. Here’s the office this morning. And I’ve got to go and tear myself away!

But hey it’s Wednesday. Over the hump day. As Ma Rainey says “We are sliding down into the weekend now”. Ma is one of my blog readers through the years. Love her and her spirit always! You all inspire me to be better, do better, and I appreciate your listening to me through the years.

Off to work I go!

You Still Awake?

Ahhh, well the big deal this week – again- is sleep. Roger has itched, scratched, and dug, and has not been able to sleep. It’s been like having a newborn. A few things have changed in the last month or so. He wants to go to bed with me but yet wants to stay up with George and so he’s been up and down and up and down – waking me each time as our bed is tall and he is a short fellow. So to get where he wants he has to be taken. However, if determined, he WILL jump off the bed and then he’ll be limping for days b/c he just can’t handle the jump. I’m afraid he’ll try and hurt himself so when he gets near the edge of the bed I can’t sleep then either.

He’s been given the Benadryl (thought about taking it myself but I hate to take anything beyond vitamins and my BP pill and I would really like to get off that). The Benadryl helped him sleep some over the weekend but didn’t phase him on the main night he was having issues night before last. George says he will get off early and take him to the vet to be checked on. It’s probably allergies. The bath over the weekend seemed to really fire him up and bother him instead of soothe him. He’s been itching in high gear since then. But he will get up wag his tail and be happy. He will moan and groan when it keeps bothering him. I’m thinking it’s just b/c like a human, he gets tired of itching and scratching.

Anyway, ya’ll have ideas for allergies in dogs? I hate to just change his diet b/c that leads to other issues. We finally found something they love too in the Fresh Pet and so I really hate to take that away. We also feed them Science Diet too.

Night before last Roger did his up and down thing during my 9:30 to midnight “best sleep” time. George came to bed probably sometime b/w 10:30 and 11:00 and I was still awake from Roger being up and down and scratching and digging. When George got in bed he began snoring and it was like sleeping in bed with a chainsaw. He always feels so bad that his snoring keeps me awake. But if I get to sleep in my 9:30 to 1:00 deep sleep, I don’t even notice him getting in bed and I don’t hear him start to snore, and if I wake up I’m usually groggy enough to go back. But if he beats me to sleep – I can’t do it.

I got up the night before last to find my earpbuds that go in my phone and was missing the little doey that connects it to the iPhone as a few years ago Apple changed the shape from a hole to a slit and now you can’t use the regular cord unless you have the little connector piece. Darn them. That was in my desk at work. So I couldn’t drown out the noise. So I really was concerned about having to do payroll on no sleep and decided to save what night was left and move to the sofa. The extra bed in the bedroom had stuff on top and I didn’t want to mess the sheets up in there. The sofa is comfy and so I slept in the living room until 3:30 where Roger had woken George up and George had to take him out. I got up, moved to the bedroom and slept like a baby until the rude alarm went off. I wanted and needed to keep sleeping but payroll called. So I think I had gotten to sleep sometime after midnight and so I got about 3 hours and then a few catnaps.

I was pretty awake though but really began feeling it after lunch. I semi hurried through payrolls so I could get them done before I ended up being thick headed with the need for sleep. My saving grace was that it was an easy week this week with not as much to enter except a few vacations.

I had to laugh when George sent me this email:

So what followed was him offering to move to the guest room if I couldn’t sleep from his snoring. And that we could swap rooms from time to time as we both like our King bed. I told him the only thing that really changed was Roger. If I get to sleep early and stay asleep we are good. I also can’t drink my (natural and vitamin packed) energy drinks with Isagenix after 4. I will drink hot sleepy time tea around 8 before bed. I will take Maisy to bed, shut the door. George will keep Roger with him until he goes to bed. Roger doesn’t get an option any more to sleep with me before George comes to bed. Roger stays with George til he comes to bed. Then I am asleep and can get my sleep.

So this worked last night and made it a normal night. He did go to the edge of the bed which I didn’t notice until I got up this morning so he got up with me instead of staying in bed with George. This adds about 8 to 10 minutes to my morning routine as he is slower, wants more time outside, has to have his buddig sandwich meat on his before he’ll eat his breakfast, and then I have to stand there and make sure Maisy doesn’t eat his after she eats hers. So then George gets up and has to wait for me to get out of the shower as it makes me move into his shower time, but he makes it up b/c he doesn’t have to do all the above with Roger as I’ve done it.

Sooo last night’s sleep was awesome. And the coffee is good. I DID fall asleep during the last bit of Below Deck. George usually wakes me up but I think he didn’t dare do it last night. The Sleepy Time tea kicked in as well as I was really already sleepy and we’d just had a wonderful meal (ham, potato cakes, and asparagus).

We have our Valentine’s set for Valentine’s Day. We are going to do one of the Asian/Pho places around and then on Saturday after Valentine’s we are set for reservations to go out and eat pizza at a place that gets great reviews with Kevin and Susan. I told George on Valentine’s Day I didn’t want to go to Nashville but just hang close in and so we’ve been wanting to go to some of the newer places. WE have not made reservations and actually may not. I don’t expect big crowds at these places and if one is crowded we’ll go on to the next. But at least we have a plan. I DO have reservations for the pizza place though.

Our cow and pig will be ready soon. We may have to go get it Saturday. Not sure if I am going or not. I will not go if threatening snow or if I feel I need to get things done here. We are going to meet up with our Crotchety Gourempt group (yes it’s spelled that way). Don’t know if it’s on purpose or a mistake but that is what we call ourselves. We are getting together Saturday and I’m making the salad. So I have to have time to make that and get laundry done. So we’ll see.

And I guess that is about all that is going on. Despite being tired and sleepy I worked on my to do list some. I have picked my dish for our French meal. It’s a potato au gratin dish made with guereyre (don’t make me look up the spelling, I’m running out of time) cheese. It looks so good. It will be rich but good. You make a cream sauce using some herbs -one is with fresh thyme. I found a good recipe for it and a funny little partner duo that cook, blog, and have their on YouTube show – called “Feeding the Loon” or something like that.

And I have my beefy Mac casserole that I’m making next week for us. The ingredients are on Alexa’s grocery list (she keeps my grocery list). And George and I worked on our bucket list for winter that will take us into spring. I was amazed as George listed off lots of things to do and I was a blank slate. Part of it was I was too sleepy and tired to think. But even as I tried to think of fun things to do and places to go – all I could think of was “I want to stay home and read and watch my shows” or “go visit things out west” (like that is going to happen on a Saturday afternoon, lol). I just enjoy my home time if I’m not traveling. Our excursions are fun but we’ve “excursioned” so much around here that it is not as exciting anymore. So as I filled the list with George’s things to do, I simply thought that…well we will do what George wants to do…and then scribbled in “Read 3 books” for me. It’s just ideas but I didn’t have any. :-(. I also added some time in to spend with Mom. This is a draft copy so no pics yet, but I’ll work on the final this weekend.

Oh, I finished Sally Field’s book and now reading (audiobook) on Captain Lee (the Below Deck captain). It’s pretty interesting. And I better get ready and get myself to work.

Ya’ll have a good rest of the week.