Another Busy, Sleepy, Whiney Pre-Christmas Bah Humbug Post

My GrandDog Findlay! Love her. Is this not pitiful, having to wait til Santa comes?

George fixed a good dish this week. Forgive if I have already posted it. I think I only posted it in Facebook though. It’s a KY HOT BROWN.

Why? Because we need gravy and bacon and bread. What else can keep you moving when your dog doesn’t let you sleep at night and you try to pretend you are a human being the next day?

Busy Week with Not Proper Sleep

This week has been so busy – working all day, running errands after work, and then wrapping or getting things addressed and off into the mail. Extended family gift cards have gone out now – well one will go out today, and Secret Santa took two stores last night but got that wrapped and put together last night for work today – not much notice given on that one but I wanted to participate as we need the cheer. We had another Christmas mission we accomplished last night as well but I have to put that together this weekend.

Drove to Columbia yesterday and got Mom to the eye doc. We had a good visit. You never know with traffic – especially Christmas traffic and sometimes construction- how much time it takes to get there. Yesterday it took barely over an hour. After work it usually takes upwards to two as there is usually a wreck somewhere or construction. But I got there with just enough time for us to go through a drive thru and get a burger on the way to the appointment. That was nice as I’d forgotten to bring anything to eat for lunch. So when appointment was over I took her home and headed back to Mount Juliet.

Got home around 4 ish and came home to Roger and his messes. He can no longer hold it – not that he was ever perfect. Cleaned carpet in living room with the carpet machine and took him out. He was so happy to see me. I mean OVER THE MOON happy. He was howling something awful when I got home. He is so lonely when we are away. And at night even when we are with him but trying to sleep. He was so happy to go outside. And he ran around like a little puppy and we walked around the house and as we were walking to the front again he stopped. He just couldn’t go anymore as his legs were giving out. So I had to carry him. But he had a brief happy playful moment. When George came home he was excited to see him too. George picked him up to love on him and put him in my face and he gave me the biggest kiss on the nose. Rogers kisses are sparse. He must have thought in his doggie dementia that we were gone forever, and he was alone now that Maisy is gone. His howls are so desperate and pitiful.

The nights are not going well. In a way it is worse than a newborn. We are not getting but an hour or two of sleep at any time. George has been the one to get up with him as when I start to get up he says “I’ll get him”. However, I had to get up once last night. But just b/c I don’t get up does not mean I’m sleeping. Matter of fact, I’m probably sleeping less than George b/c he goes back to sleep and snores while I lie there trying to go back to sleep blocking the snores. So it’s a double trouble night for me. It’s getting so bad I am starting to dream of getting a hotel room for a night just to have solid sleep. Not to mention the thought of buying my own house! ha. Can we have separate houses? Then I can have what I want in the kitchen, can have my color flooring, and a clean horizontal spaces and maybe an RV too? Just kidding – not really. Some things you just have to get used to – to stay married. But I don’t think I can get used to no sleep at night. Something needs to change and change fast. Having Maisy’s blanket in bed with us did not work.

I don’t know what the answer is. But when Roger is gone-I think I’ve about decided I don’t want another one for a long time. Between Maisy and Roger we’ve not sleep good for a long while. Add snoring on top of that.

I feel sorry for anyone that has to deal with me today. It’s probably just best I put music in my ear and don’t talk to anyone today. I’m a bear when I don’t get sleep and we are several nights in on this one. I woke up angry this morning. Just mad. Stinking mad. And it’s not fun to start your day that way. I had to clean the carpets again this morning from the overnight where we just exhaustingly put him back in the kitchen/living area with doors closed off as he would not stay in the bed, and he howled until I finally just got up and made coffee, and he had gone on the rugs again. We are trying to limit the carpet area that he is ruining. I can’t live like this. Folks, when I don’t get sleep and have to clean carpets before the sun comes up and before I’ve had coffee – just know I’m probably not going to be the best of humor. And THAT is putting it mildly.

I’m just so over this already. I’m tired. I want to escape! I have a lot to do. But first I have to go to work and like I said – pretend I’m a human. I don’t want to work today. I just want to sleep. And I’m running late. I guess it was cleaning carpets and taking a longer shower because it felt so good to have steaming hot water over my shoulders and back. I’m now I’ve spent probably way too much time venting. But it is what it is. I’ve catered to the world and sometimes the world just has to be patient. I’m not requiring it cater to me. I’m just asking for patience. Being catered to would be nice though, lol.

How can one fend off a virus with little sleep, forgetting vitamins, and thus a reduced immune system? I also think I forgot to take my blood pressure meds yesterday and I don’t think I’ve remembered to take my vitamins in several days. Just off the routine, no time to prep or remember anything, just trying to meet demands of the season, work, deal with no sleep, and prep for company and get work done and and and and and and.

TGIF. Thank goodness it’s Friday. I’m going to do what I can to make it better.

Making Today Better

  1. Drinking my coffee x 3 cups.
  2. Listen to Max Lucado on the way to work.
  3. Pray
  4. Yes probably in that order. I should pray first but I’m too mad right now! NEED COFFEE.
  5. Listen to good music in my ear.
  6. Avoid people wherever possible, lol.
  7. Put on a fake smile.
  8. Go out and get lunch today. (I’ve made up yesterday’s hours in pockets all week so why not). Not to mention all the other times I worked extra, came in early, stayed late, skipped lunch, worked a weekend to get payroll done – plus the extra hours in a holiday week and before and after vacation that you try to get all your work done). I shall deserve to have a proper lunch today if it will make me less of a bear.
  9. I will drink my greens today and have oatmeal for breakfast. Take my vitamins my blood pressure meds.
  10. I will look forward to leaving today at a proper time having considered #8, the fact that it’s a holiday and I’m in dire straits.

The Weekend and Next Week

We have company coming tomorrow. I’m glad we decided to go out to eat. We are opening presents at our house first. Then going out for Thai. Their presents are wrapped and we’ll have time to pull the house together. And then Sunday I’ll have time to pull the rest of Christmas together – test George’s stocking, wrap the extra gifts bought this week, and do some special things I’m doing for our guests. We’ll go to the store (may just send George as I have to do our laundry too). So I think I have just about enough time to pull it all together. We have to work very long days next week. After long days of work trying to cram 5 days of work in 3, we’ll be grocery shopping for the fresh ingredients, I’ll be making sausage balls, getting the house clean as there are no off days before guests arrive. But we can do this right? We can if we can get some sleep. I’m hoping that more people in the house makes Roger less lonely and that he won’t keep everyone awake on Christmas Eve.

I’m trying to be excited about Christmas. I promise I will be. I just need to drink another cup of coffee and to plan to see that there is time to accomplish it all. And hope no one gets COVID before Christmas can get here. Right now I just need some sleep! But it is not to be. Duty calls. Got to go. But I’m not rushing today. Nope. Not gonna do it. The world is gonna have to wait til I get another cup of coffee. My Blog’s Name? There is a reason for it.

Work Day From Home, Sleepless Night

This was my work scene yesterday. I figured out how to get mouse, keyboard, monitor and all hook ups going and calculator and got the boiled eggs done for breakfast and water set for the morning. The scene of course is complete with cat and dog. Also you can see my coffee on the desk shelf there. Can’t beat a window view – partially blocked by monitor of course but you could see the birds. lol

Little Bit kept me company for a good chunk of the day. And Maisy absolutely loves this spot.

My view at the monitor. LOL I could wave at my neighbor Christy!

After work we went to Academy Sports to get George some more steel toe shoes so he has another pair he can wear for work. They are tennis shoes. This is a Christmas gift he requested. We bought a few little other things for stocking stuffers. Then we came home and I shopped for some extended family members via Amazon as he put dinner together. We had an unusual dinner. But it was good.

Fresh Spinach Ravioli (homemade in our area – that we bought) stuffed with bacon and onion and topped with a red pesto sauce, served with a side of bacon beans – all topped with parmesan. We love this ravioli. What a treat. The red pesto sauce comes from ALDI.

We tried watching a show, Derry Girls on Netflix which was a popular show in Ireland. I didn’t really like it. We watched another show after that to try it. It was Arrested Development. It was ok. I think I was really just tired and not in the mood to watch anything, but I definitely did not and would not have liked Derry Girls had I been in the mood to watch.

And that was our day. I slept good until about 12:30 or 1:00. Roger wanted down. George took him for water or outside. Not even sure. He wanted down again around 1:30 so George got up again. Then Maisy wanted down so I took her out. I tried to feed her (I do that any chance I get) but she was not in the mood to eat in the middle of the night. She did eat a few bites throughout the day yesterday. George is home today and is going to fix her some hamburger. I think she is about chickened out. I’m trying to hold off to the weekend for grocerying but when I do I’ll get her some bone broth.

It’s hard to keep Roger and the cat away from her while she stares at her food and decides to eat or not. DRives me nuts. We’ll have to start separating them I guess. Usually they both gobble things down and then whoever has any left the other will eat it. Little Bit the cat is normally outside but he gets to stay in some when it’s real cold. He won’t go in the house and is “trained” (self trained, ha) and will only go in the grass. So that is good. We can trust him to come in and nap, hang out some, and then go back outside. He’s good about letting us know when he needs to go. He circles us and meows. When we get up he starts running in front of our feet toward the door as if “follow me” and he goes out.

Well I have a big day at work today. Have to do all the things I couldn’t do here yesterday. And have to do a check run and run a mock payroll to get the exact net amount on some checks we have to have early that just can’t wait another business day or two until we do payroll. We live in such a “right now world” and some state’s laws are just not adhered to what is reasonable. So we try to comply with unreasonableness. So yeah I get to go be unreasonable today and that is my story and I’m sticking with it. LOL

I hope my one monitor works and that it is still hooked up. I hope the cord I brought home doesn’t impact the one at work. If not EVERYONE will have to wait for what they need. Ain’t nothing happened til the computer’s working, and I can see what I’m doing on the screen.

And in case you need something to get that favorite fisherman in your life that has everything else, here ya go! They had these at Academy Sports. Some poor fellow will get these for Christmas. They would provide humor to a family gathering, I must say. Can’t believe it’s Thursday already. The weeks I work partly remote sure go by fast. Back home again tomorrow. Next week I think is a 4 day week back in the office and on a normal schedule except that I have a PTO day next Friday in which I will do stocking stuffer shopping for George and wrap his gifts in the afternoon.

Ok off to get this busy day started. Maybe we’ll get more sleep tonight. I think it was close to 3:30 when Roger finally got settled. Alarm went off at 4. I slapped at two different alarms for almost an hour, then George’s went off. Geez. Sleep is hard to come by with these old doggies. Not to mention having to get up a time or two for our selves.

Ahhhh I gotta quit typing and go do my hair and my eyes and put shoes on give Maisy her meds, lug my stuff down the stairs (2 trips unless GEorge helps) and then head to work, lug all that in the door to my office door (dropped off at front door) then go park car, the lug it all back to my office after doing a temperature check, then get it all plugged in and going. Yes, it’s a LOT of trouble. But at least I’m leaving the monitor home and will just have to do with one in each place. It’ll take me longer to do things but it’ll be what it’ll be. Ok I’m stopping now. ;-D

Amount of Sleep vs Functionality

Good Thursday Morning! I’m not even sure why I’m blogging this morning! I have absolutely nothing to report. So we’ll see where this goes. We have just been working, doing chores, eating dinner, watching a show, making plans, undoing plans, and then sleeping. It seems to work to try and go to bed earlier which allows for the 1:00 waking hour then back to sleep by 2 ish for the rest of the night. Why my body feels the need to sleep this way I don’t know. If I get in a total of 7 at least, I do great. Anything below that is not so good.

My Sleep Scale:

8 hours – feel great, great mood, but a little sleepy, sluggish all day – I think this has to do with the fact we really need to sleep in 1.5 hour cycles and 8 means you wake up in the middle of a REM stage sleep cycle leaving you groggy.

7 to 7.5 hours – feel great, perfect amount of sleep, great attitude, life is good, can think clearly, make plans, look forward to things, remember things better.

6 hours – functional, making it, does better with coffee, can still think, plan, remember- must have coffee around 1:30 – four or five days of just 6 hours sleep means I’m feeling somewhat sleep deprived and looking forward to more sleep when I can get it.

5 hours – Doable with coffee, can still function, think, remember until about Noon. Coffee or major caffeine needed by then. More confusion is noticeable by afternoon. Pleasant persona can exist but likely to be withdrawn, just get through the day, a tendency to want to nap, but usually can’t. Have to eat more food and usually food that is bad for me to make to have the energy and thought processes. Mistakes are more easily made with this level of sleep. Tendency to be on autopilot more.

4 hours – Four is kinda like 5 but I wane a bit quicker as the day progresses and probably eat more food. I’m a bit more moody. I will tell you exactly what I think. I hope no one pushes my buttons. My filters are removed. I’m harder to be around. I don’t want any social activity and just want to be left alone. Three p.m. is hard. Caffeine increased. Second winds come around the time I get home and are brief. Will likely be falling asleep in chair just after dinner or heading to bed early.

3 hours – Kinda functional and ok for the first few hours. This is why those that sail can do a 3 hour on and off watch schedule. But over time it lends to a pretty serious sleep deprivation. Not waking in the midst of a 1.5 sleep cycle gives you a good few hours of function. But by noon is felt and tendency to overeat and a serious longing for sleep by mid afternoon and though processes start to diminish. Less functional by afternoon.

2 or less – I’m pretty dysfunctional. A walking zombie, unpleasant to be around. Likely conversation limited to grunts! LOL. Writing will be in bullet points and not paragraphs! This can happen at 5 too depending on the time of day and amount of caffeine, lol! Ain’t nothing happening, and nothing doing, til I get more sleep. Might as well stop the world. I cannot work or function with this little sleep. You will want me to go sleep at this stage. Life will definitely stop at this stage.

Now you know why I like coffee so much. It clears my path like a machete in the tropical jungle, removes the cobwebs of life, and much like my savior, helps put my feet where they need to be. Not that coffee is a God, but it’s a God created thing. I’m teasing Lord when I say it, but instead of a Trinity you could make the spiritual thing a Quadruple and include Coffee? I hope you and the angels are laughing, Lord. It was only a joke, I promise. But I DO LOVE YOUR GOD given gift and creation of coffee!

Not much else to say although I did pretty good typing without anything to say. Who knew I’d come up with my own personal sleep scale this morning. LOL

Went to the grocery store last night and feel like we have food in the house now. At least all the favorites. I was out of frozen lunches for work – not a favorite but nice to not go hungry lol. Some days it’s not convenient to eat out. I DID have Bojangles yesterday as fried chicken and dirty rice sounded good. I have to drive 15 min to get to it though so I don’t go very often.

Oh I have really enjoyed listening to this audio book, On Call in the Arctic. On Call in the Artic by Thomas J. Sims. It is so good. He takes a position with the government to a post in Nome, Alaska and takes his family there. It’s really really very entertaining and even sometimes humorous.

Well I better quit writing and get dressed and head into work. I got plenty of sleep last night and even overslept. So I’m at 8. My cup should be full. The coffee still tastes good though. I’m feeling like all we’ve done is work and do chores. I’m so ready for some down time. I wish I could take a vacation day. I normally used to get a day in Oct and a day in Nov and a few days in Dec but have used it up already except for the one day coming in Dec. I think. I have to wait til Dec 11 or something like that.

So off to work I go. Ya’ll have a good rest of the week and will see you again before long.