Fun Little Mountain Shops in Waynesville and Asheville, NC and Fun with Family in Knoxville, TN

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Happy Saturday Morning! Here’s some fun entertainment for you to watch while sipping your morning coffee (or by chance your afternoon beer if it’s later in the day when you see this).

George and I went to Waynesville NC and onto Asheville, NC for our shopping adventures and I wanted to put this together. I have been looking forward to editing this video for a long time. I LOVE Waynesville and after seeing a different part of Asheville (other than the Biltmore, lol) I have learned that shopping there was fun also. This will give you a GOOD taste of what it was like. And the music – ahhh yes. You know I love to pick good music for the occasion.

OOOPS! I did make a mistake in the video though. Kind of a big one. George caught it. I AM ANXIOUS TO SEE IF YOU CATCH THE MISTAKE. LET’S SEE WHO IS THE FIRST ONE TO CATCH IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I chose not to fix and RE upload it though b/c it takes so long to upload.

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Thanks as always for watching. Happy Saturday and Happy Weekend! I got to sleep in this morning and almost missed the 7:00 a.m. video kick off. LOL. We are going to early vote this morning and do a couple of errands then back home for a laundry and “check things off” the list day. I’ll do an update tomorrow. What you guys doing this weekend? HUH?

10 responses to “Fun Little Mountain Shops in Waynesville and Asheville, NC and Fun with Family in Knoxville, TN”

  1. What a great video. Just loved all these different shops…such fun, no wonder you spent a fortune !! I don’t think I saw anywhere on the video to say how much we enjoyed it. Your getting really good at getting everything filmed and your choice of music is as always spot on. I’m afraid whatever the mistake was I didn’t see it….Later tonight when I’m on my own I will look at it all again then I might see it!!…..Thanks as always for sharing yourselves and your daft Georges antics LOL…..looking forward to their next one……
    It is VERY VERY HOT over here we are under a RED WARNING until Tuesday at least starting Sunday evening They recon our temps might reach at least 40c. Which I think is around 103f. the highest ever temp to be recorded here was in 2019 in Cambridge when it got up to 97 ONE DAY ! As I type this it is already 30c = 86f. And we are sweltering…I’m really not looking forward to Mon. Tues…. Take care. God Bless

  2. I loved the video. Made me want to go to Asheville. I haven’t been there since I went to my friend’s wedding.
    They do have some neat shops.

  3. Great video!!
    Love the music. I didn’t catch the boo boo. What was it?
    It looked like such a nice trip. Good weather and fantastic stores.
    Only negative…I watched on an empty stomach. lololol
    That tornado business was scary for sure. You guys were very lucky.
    Is it December or even November yet?!?!

  4. I think I caught the mistake but since I live one County away from NC I think I have an advantage, and I want to see if anyone else does also . Prior to my getting sick , we LOVED to go to Waynesville for a weekend getaway . But I can’t remember if that was the same name of the bookstore when we would visit . They had a great independent bookstore waaaaay back then. I so miss Market Square in Knoxville at Christmas – so festive . I love all the trees on the rooftops all over Knoxville. I am old enough to remember when there WAS a Watson’s department store lol ! We also love , love the area of Boone and Blowing Rock … we would have retired there but it was too pricey even prior to the real estate boom. Thanks for a great video !

    • We did find LOTS of things for Christmas. It made our shopping easy as there was so many unique finds. I think most of the shops were just decorated for Christmas but there are a few Christmas shops that are just that all year round. Especially in Asheville NORTH CAROLINA (not TN, lol).

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