News from the Frozen Tundra and Nixing Anxiety

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This is NOT us, but it may as well be. You feel so cut off from the world, even with neighbors around, when you are iced in. It’s been a weird snow fall. It really hasn’t even been snow so much as just any icy pellet that looks like snow. So far our power has held. Not so for my daughter and her husband and the baby. I knew it in my heart when I awoke yesterday, that their power was going out. I prayed about it before I even knew for sure it happened. I prayed for their protection and warmth. Prayer warriors have been praying as well. I’m happy to say that they are with friends. They have someone with power that opened their home to them and fed them. I know Katy would not mind my sharing her words from her Instagram story (it’s public anyway).

So when I woke up this morning my mind and heart was filled with anxiety until I prayed and read God’s word and then looked to Instagram to see if anything new had popped up (a grandma does not want to wake a sleeping family at the 5 a.m. hour). So my heart has been made glad by her words and God’s words. His “be anxious for nothing” echoing in my mind. That wasn’t the passage I was reading, but I have hidden his words in my heart, as he as asked. I’m currently reading in Hebrews, in my adventures at reading the Bible backwards. I’ve already read it forward, now backwards. And yes, I’m still using my reading chair for prayer and scripture. I also think it will be a good spot for meditation, prayer, mid day too if I get lost or bewildered.

Not only have I give God the anxieties over worrying about Cody, Katy and the baby, but of any others that are in my heart and head. There are certain things that trigger your memories and bad experiences, and that leads to anxiety- anxiety for me mainly meaning (remembering, remembering what happened, remembering how it made me feel, how it upset me, how it changed my feelings, how it impacted me, how it still impacts me, makes me dread things, makes me feel negative feelings toward certain ones, makes me not love the snow, makes me angry that such a beautiful thing as snow can bring me anxiety, makes me doubt certain things, and wonder certain things, it makes me feel insecure, it makes me feel like I’ve done something wrong when I haven’t) and so……

I really have to give it to God when it snows and we get iced in. I keep thinking one day I won’t have to remember these ridiculous things. But I’m not anxious this morning because of my ability to stop those thought processes in their tracks and hand them over. Not only is God protecting Cody and Katy and River, but he’s protecting George and me, and He will deal with any of these situations should they reoccur, however as He will. And taking words from the Bible….Woe is the one that He deals with. I am working on my forgiving heart while He deals with those that I’m having to forgive. Over and Over. Every time it snows or we are in a similar situation as now.

The weather is weird all week with another system coming. It’s just NOT going to be a normal week. There are going to be things that just cannot be done. If it clears, I’ll likely be working this weekend to get it back in control. Whatever it takes. But it is going to require the patience of everyone. There ARE going to be things that will be late. We do not have all the things we need at home to do our jobs properly from here. We need to be safe. Safety first is what we preach all day, so we need to honor that. People will have no choice but to realize that we are in a situation that is not normal and all the normal things will not happen. But we will all do what is in our power safely to do. And that is all she wrote.

How are you doing? Is 2021 going any better? Are we going to leap from snow to tornadoes? We are living in a world that is spinning out of control for sure. We’ll all come out of it alive those that believe, in an eternal situation of life where there is no worry, no death, no tears. Cast your cares on the one and rest in Him during these times. His word is sharper than a two edge sword. I’m taking prayer requests today if you have them. Let’s not let our own anxieties or the anxieties of others control us, as they would like to do. But cast the cares on God who will handle it all as He Wills!

Have a wonderful and blessed day, whatever the circumstances! And may you have peace in your heart and be given a little piece of Spring, from wherever you can find it! LOL

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8 responses to “News from the Frozen Tundra and Nixing Anxiety”

  1. Yes, never wake a sleeping baby! Especially a 5 AM. I’m up all hours of the night now. This darn peri-menopause. I can see where you might worry in the cold weather. I hope they get the heat back on very quickly. We have snow and colder air than normal across the United States, but the West Coast as not nearly as bad. I’m out of work (again) – that makes 3 layoffs just during COVID alone. And God always takes care of us. I was able to re-instate my unemployment. Since I’ve been through it 3x prior to that – yes that’s 6 in my life-time…I’m becoming a temporary staffing expert.

    Remember, God will take care of us. Okay, feel free to stop by my blog so we can becoming blogging pals! 🙂 We’ll be good support for one another!

  2. I am happy to see your grandson happy and warm. I hope they get the power on asap. Made me think of my grandson. when he was a baby he liked to sleep in a sleep sack. He could wave his little arms and kick his feet. And it kept him warm. he would bust out of the swaddle and kick his covers off. He still kicks his covers off. It looks like your Katy has River in one. She sounds like a good mom.
    Babies are so sweet. And I know we grandmas can’t stand the thought of them being cold.
    All is good here. 48 degrees and the sun is out.
    Hope the sleet stops. And you get what you need for your job so you can get it done.
    Spring is just around the corner. 32 days. I can’t wait.

  3. Hi love prayers being said every wee while. Glad that they have been answered, I thank our Father for that… I have a friend near Houston she lives in a very old farm house I got in touch with her and she is also freezing she only has electric heating but the electric only comes on for ten minutes every 30/40 mins. Maggie came visiting me a few years ago, she does not keep at all well having a bad heart Please Sonya could you pray that she keeps safe…..she will keep sending quick messages whenever she can but her hands get too cold without her gloves and mittens on. She is not going to bed as she is worried so is sleeping on her chair with blankets as many as she can find. But I was asking her to make sure she tries to keep walking about every hour or so.,,,,,
    Hope your ice/ snow does not stay toooo long and that you can get back to work. But please love don’t worry about being late everybody will have seen the state your area is in and probably they are having it bad as well so they not be so desperate for your work ….take care look after each other God Bless

    • Prayer 🙏 said for friend in Houston! I checked their weather and it starts getting above freezing tomorrow 40 Fri, 50’s Sat, sixty by Sunday. If she can hang on – she’s in 70’s in a week and will be hot!

  4. Praying the power gets restored for katy and her fellow texans. they are getting the brunt of it. i am glad they are safe. your grandson is a little trooper, all this jostling about. it’s bad everywhere right now though, so all of us have to take things one day at a time. i woke to 3 degrees and 10 inches of snow. with more bad weather expected tommorow.

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