Tales from a Cold and Icy Tuesday

Good morning! Here was my view yesterday. We had a few minutes of sun and periods where the sun would try to shine through. I guess it gives hope! I called it “Southern Lights” on Instagram lol.

I think this was one of my favorite moments of the day. Because we have not seen the sun in days it seems. It did not last long. It snowed or flurried small flakes off and on all day.

So I had the best banana and peanut butter toast yesterday and drizzled with honey. It was filling. I thought about Elvis. I started my work day with this.

I had a buddy joining me all day yesterday. Little Bit was at my feet by the vent or was on the bed.

Yes I know the vent is rusted. I need to unscrew the vent, get the rust off and spray paint it. I’ve just not been that enthusiastic about something one rarely sees. I mean usually I’m not standing on my head taking photos of the floor, lol.

And then Roger also joined me for a while. He sometimes lets his head sleep on the floor. I think he is sometimes too tired to fool with getting his whole body on the bed and he just goes with that. Roger was mainly in the room b/c his Daddy was in the room earlier on the office part of the bedroom that he uses. The poor guest bedroom is now also two offices including the guest bedroom. And my changing room. Poor bedroom has to be multifunctional.

I think I’ve mentioned before we NOW have 4 computer stations in the house. That is 4 office areas! Two in the guest bedroom, my home office room which used to be a bedroom and then George is using the dining room table as a desk for his work.

Yesterday’s calendar message. These messages always seem to be relevant for the day you see the message. I’ve been prettied concerned for my daughter and her hubby and little Roo. They are just in a situation among 3.3 million other Texans w/o power.

They are staying with friends and was told that someone at the ranch is paying for a hotel room so they could have hot showers. No one has water. The whole town is out except for a few places. This is concerning and I hope the situation improves in a hurry. I keep praying.

Here’s a couple of cute pics Katy posted yesterday.

I just want things to get back to normal for everyone. But I am counting our blessings for being warm and with power and with water when 4+ million people across the nation do not have power and many without water also. I wish I could wave a magic wand. I can do that in a way. There is prayer. And I have prayed.

But today we are to receive our next winter storm. It starts at 3 p.m. today. Well it looks like they moved it to 6:00 p.m. I can see the snow already to our west though and it is supposed to bring 2-4 inches of snow and a .10 of ice. We are already still iced in.

I think it is not supposed to get much above freezing until Saturday or Sunday. I will be working on site once I can get out of the house and safely get there. I just have things to do that I cannot do here. I’m happy to say that many days next week are in the 50’s. At least it looked that way yesterday.

I had to get rid of the Valentine stuff on my phone. So I made a couple of new phone backgrounds via Canva, if you would like to download. I was happy the way they turned out. I went ahead and did one for March too. This first one looks pretty cool behind all my apps.

I have Little Roo on my Lock Screen.

I ordered some pics of Little Roo from Shutterfly earlier in the week. I have had so many things on the to do list but not really a stretch of time to do them. I have a return from Amazon to do. I have to take the receipt Amazon mailed me to the local UPS store. I don’t even have to box it up. They will do it for me there for free. But we have to dig out of the ice first. I have until March something so it’s ok.

I am not sure when I will have time to work on iMovies again. It looks like I’ll be working this weekend again and then we have another work week. And I think the following weekend I’m going to Mom’s. So…..this year has just been one big DELAY. I miss doing them. But I’m at least making progress. At least the upgrade has happened, and I have both external drives, one for back up and one for the files. I haven’t even had time to move all the files over. I need a stretch of time for that when I’m not rushed. So much I want to do but my personal goals are on hold I guess while I deal with life itself and everyone else’s wishes.

Ok I’m going to get off now before I talk myself into being sad/mad about not having any spare time lately. But the chores and work responsibilities have to be met. I have relaxed some and watched some shows here and there. But I’m way behind on that too. It may seem like we have a lot of time at home but we are working FT and then some, and just haven’t had a lot of spare time beyond the chores and such.

I also have to stop and do some mending. My best blue pants, the new ones, the hem totally came out all around. I have to go see if I can find my sewing box first of all, LOL. So stuff just keeps coming up that has to be done before I can start playing again. But soon. I’m not worried about it but I miss working on my hobbies/goals. It does a body good!

And those are my thoughts for the day. How are you doing and how’s the weather where you are? Keep warm and keep hoping and praying for Spring, as well as all those folks without power/water.

Photo by Trang Pham on Pexels.com

Take care. Til Tomorrow.

11 responses to “Tales from a Cold and Icy Tuesday”

  1. Hi Sonya, I’m so sorry for all those poor folks in Texas, as well as Kate Cody and baby River, I have another friend who lives there and is also cut off from family she only has electricity for 10 mins every half hour I think she said. She has a bad heart so I’ve got her in my prayers as well as our dear Kate and family….
    We are lucky that we have had hardly any snow at all and the icy weather we had has gone, temperatures over here are in Centigrade so I have to ask my Alexa each time I put our temps to you and my friend so today at almost 1pm is 11c 51f
    So quite a bit warmer than you are at the moment……however the rest of your day goes take care and enjoy. I don’t quite understand why you expect to have to work so many extra hours when you can get into the office. After all if your doing work you would be doing in the office you surely won’t have to do all that over again ??……anyway I know how you are ……but TRY not to do too much.

  2. I am so sorry for what people are going through in Texas. It has been on the news. I had no idea it was that bad. My daughter knows someone who lives there and she said her friend is breaking up furniture to use for firewood to keep his wife and kids warm.
    I hope your Katy and sil and grandson are still safe and warm where they are at. The winter storm is heading our way. We are expecting sleet tonight. We have a propane fireplace and a grill we can use if the power goes out. Something like this makes me think we need to invest in a generator. Let’s hope things warm up this weekend.

  3. Your photographs are lovely, Backporch! I am grateful we have not lost power yet, and still have water. I share your hope and prayers for things to get better in Texas. I have friends, and all of my remaining family are there and it is bad no matter where you are. Hope things will even out for you in Nashville–one of our most favorite places that we have missed this last year. If we had not retired in May, not sure I could still be hanging on. Take care!

  4. I pray for the workers as they diligently try to get everyone their power. I can’t imagine that falling on my shoulders! Yikes. My husband works in sales – in Water Industry and Waste Water, and when a city down or places like Salem, OR had to boil their water – there is a lot of pressure on the engineering city guys to get things up safely!

    I like how spread out your homes are from neighbor’s. Though we live in Oregon, they have taken building from California (where we used to live) and are building homes squished together with very little yards now. We have so much land…why can’t they give some room!!!

    • We like the yard spread out too but it’s a LOT of work. Somehow I think as we age we will have to move like the people before us did. They downsized. The snow is pretty this morning but goodness I’m ready for spring!

      • Yes, we purposely picked a smaller yard…but I do wish, at times, we did have some breathing room. I post pics of our neighborhood too on other recent posts of the sky…and you can see how close I mean.

  5. We were so glad to hear the kids are back home. I am hoping this passes soon in Texas. They are having some of the worse weather in almost a century there now You all stay safe in this ice storms. I worry about Billie at these times. She told me she was alright and had plenty of food. Here I am almost as bad in some of our horrid rain storms. We had a really bad one come thru on Monday. I hit our area just after I got home from work. At 4:30 the fog was really rolling in heavy on the road to our house so bad I could hardly see to get home before we could not see. The rain and winds passed our area by 10:30 with no tornados Over on the other side of the county they had inch size hail in the same storm passed over them

  6. We are all having different degrees of winter. Do hope your family and that precious baby get to go home soon. I have a nice in Texas who has had power outages and she is ready for the world to right itself. Take care – enjoy the beauty of the snow. Love your photos.

  7. I want you to know I’m praying for Katy, Cody & baby River. It’s horrible what is happening in TX. I can’t even imagine with a newborn. We’re trapped here with snow & ice, single digit temperatures but we have power & we are adults.
    Bless the people of Texas!!

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