Iced-In, Prayer Request, and Shopping Treasures

Yesterday we had an unexpected blip of moisture to come up from the south and slide over us. It was very light but as I was about to leave to head into work alerts came over that there were wrecks on our local main road and all along I-40 and for us to remain off roads if we could. So I was unable to go into work. However, my boss who was going in to help me, was coming from a part of town that did not have icy roads. She was able to make it in. I did the payroll from home and she caught the printouts on the other side. We tag-teamed it and got all four plants payrolls done, knowing that we’d likely not be able to come in much of this week due to the roads with double, back to back snow storms. My hope is that we get a break in the middle to go in and get some things done, but it doesn’t look to be that way.

Since I worked a very long day yesterday doing payroll (while everyone else enjoyed their Valentines day, lol) and we were gone Saturday, I’ll have to get some personal things done today. I am working on laundry for starters and for the rest, mainly just trying to organize my world to be functional, which I have to do on the weekends and I did not get that this weekend. So I’m trying to catch up.

Meanwhile on the ranch – I just got a text message that Katy and Cody’s power has been off since 5:30 a.m. and it’s 60 in the house and ZERO outside with wind chill well below zero. Cody is trying to devise a plan for them. So please keep them in your prayers. We are waiting to hear of their solution. And there is not much we can do being so far away but to ask people to pray and have a prayer chain going. So I’m asking you all to stop now and pray a special prayer on their behalf. Thank you!

So while I was supposed to go to work yesterday, George was going to the store to get a steak to go with our swordfish last night and he was going to get me some flowers for Valentine’s Day. So he brought me these instead.

You can imagine my confusion when he set these two flours down and said I was going to get your flowers but these will have to do. LOL LOL LOL

Little Bit came in and slept yesterday for a long while, while I did payroll nearby. He often sat at my feet under the desk where the vent was. He is a sweet cat. Well, most of the time. He looks uncomfortable here. He decided to stretch at the exact time I took the photo. lol

So I had promised pics of my little shopping spree on our Valentine’s excursion on Saturday. Here ya go.

Ooops the one on the left turned itself over. It’s a handwash soap. And this was only $3.99! I bought it to put k-cups in of course. We keep a rack full and I have another basket of them but it’s long. This one is upright and you can see what it inside.

I also bought a crab pillow for the bed here or for the chair in the corner (once I no longer have a desk there). The pillow was $7.99 and now I can mark off “navy nautical pillow” from my list. This pasta seemed pretty fresh, was angel hair, and some of it made from veggies, so I bought it. We are having spaghetti later in the week. However, I think we have about 3 or 4 packs of spaghetti anyway. But it’ll all be eaten I have a feeling. I often mix and match pastas. Do you do that?

I started using cleansing wipes at night to wash my face instead of running a lot of water and using regular soap and getting water all over the place and my arms and elbows wet (LOL). This had been the practice for years. I think the running of water drove George crazy as we had an argument about it once. But I had to get my face wet and washed off and you had to let the water run til it got hot. I went on a trip to Oregon for work and the hotel had wipes for you. I tried one and loved it. My face still felt fresh. Although I did not want to spend the money on the brand the hotel had provided, I found a knock off version thru Target. I love it and it gets all the make up off just fine. I’ve not had any problems or breakouts using them. The Dollar Tree also has a fairly good kind but at TJ Maxx they had these – 4 packs for $4.99 – a variety pack. I’ve bought some there before but was not quite as good of a bargain. So I’ll see what these are like. I don’t remember what kind the hotel’s was in Oregon but it came in individual little blue packs. They will always be my favorite. But Target’s comes in second so far. The Dollar Tree version is good but it’s just a smaller one and hard to use. I use one a day so this will last 4 months.

I also bought a couple of well made tops. TJ Maxx often has really good brands at a discount. The Grateful sweatshirt is a lightweight sweatshirt which is great for 3 months of the year. I’ve been short on lightweight sweatshirt tops and have tried to buy a few here and there. I really needed more casual clothes this year and especially with my transfer into payroll. Of course I would not wear a sweatshirt with writing to work Monday thru Thursday but Friday’s are fine. I WOULD wear a non-word sweatshirt now days (and have). I try to dress it up with a woolen looking scarf and earrings. Of course during the days of mask wearing and social distancing – my days of trying to look good in the presence of others are pretty much over. We are distanced and can hardly recognize each other’s faces due to the mask wearing so what is the point. I rarely even wear eye make up anymore.

Here is our swordfish and steak dinner along with noodles and potatoes. I think we are out of greens. I often have to push the greens around here. We eat way too many starches which is why I’m always borderline diabetic. It’s my fault too as I love starchy foods.

Ok I’m going to get off of here. I will be working some today but, I will also be getting things done I would have done on my Sunday if I had not been working. Then the rest of the week I’ll dive in for full 8 hour + days. As for now my work is done already done through Tuesday. The rest of the work week will bring its challenges for sure if we cannot be there but we’ll figure it out as we go I guess. Limited capabilities from home.

George is fixing avacado toast and eggs for breakfast. The problem is….I’ve just had cereal and a banana. Oh well. I guess lunch will be skipped if I have two breakfasts? Ok on to get a few things done!

We have 2 to 4 inches of snow coming b/w now and 6 in the morning! Then another snow storm quickly to follow after that. Will we ever climb out of this winter tundra? How is the weather impacting your world today? Prayers for all of you and prayers for my Katy and Cody and River!

Take care ya’ll. Keep warm and be safe!

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  1. Hi love, hope your keeping warm…so sorry that it’s so cold. I’m almost ashamed to say anything about our weather after last wee when the temp hardly got above -2c this week today already it’s got up to 9c. Although it’s dropped a couple of degrees in the last half hour but the forecasters tell us that by the end of the week temp may even get up to double fingers…..I certainly have been praying as has Mary for poor Kate she must be concerned with the baby I expect someone on the ranch has an idea where they can loan a heater of some sort. I laughed and laughed at George’s Valentine present for you….flour indeed !! Bet it will last longer than that real flowers LOL…..hope you took plenty time off today and have not worked yourself half to death…Must go now Peter is bringing along dinner tonight so must get plates into heat I really don’t like hot food on cold plates
    Night night to you both.. God Bless

  2. It is 38 degrees here and raining. I am staying warm at home. I am wearing a thick warm sweater and jogging pants. I dress for comfort nowadays.
    It is good they are letting you work from home. So you don’t have to drive in the ice and snow.
    That is terrible about Katy and Cody’s power. I hope it came back on.
    We had a nice dinner here at home for Valentine’s. And I baked my husband a chocolate cake. He bought me yellow roses. They smell so good.
    That George is a stinker with the trick he pulled on you with the flours. I have a feeling he will make it up to you though.
    Stay warm and enjoy your extra time at home..

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