Seasonal Disorder, Supplements, and Little Roo

Oh my gosh ya’ll. I’m struggling here this week. But I know how to fix it. I’ve been behind on taking the daily multivitamin and I’ve not had a wellness shake in a while which is loaded with goodness. So it’ll take a few days to build myself back up with the added nutrients I need. But every day I’ve been getting worse, going into a lethargy, tiredness, and yes, starting to head into depression or sadness. I have been with myself for 58 years now (good thing eh?, lol, that could be debated on many levels) however, I know the signs. I start to feel tired, put out with life, and then gradually begin to lose interest in doing anything, and I just really want to sleep. Every day this has been getting worse – but just in the last two to three days I realize this needs to be fixed fast. Usually warmer weather, a change in routine, something exciting happening can pull me out of it really quick too.

The vitamins….well, I take blood pressure meds which most of the people in the world my age do, but I take supplements along with that – Vitamin D, Vitamin C, Turmeric, and Grapeseed extract which I’ve been out of for about two weeks (it’s ordered and on the way). And I have a vitamin pack that has a lot of other things in it – through the wellness company I use. They pack a big punch! I’m supposed to take two packs a day, but….when I added some other supplements and we started adding fruits and veggies more into our diet, I backed off to one pack a day which served me well (and a better deal financially) until about the time we came back from Texas. For some reason I would take my supplements but not take time to reach for the little pack of vitamins which are only 4 pills but pack a pretty good punch of most of the daily vitamins that women need. I also take two supplements at night – a probiotic and a product called Isaflush which is mainly magnesium, and I do three squirts of a sleep product. This formula contains melatonin, L-theanine and a proprietary blend of natural herbs and ingredients. Sometimes I take an additional supplement during the day which is wonderful and is good for the gut, called Natural Accelerator and it has cayenne, green tea, cocoa seed, and apple cider vinegar. I should take this more often but when I feel I need extra gut health, I’ll take one of these as an alternate friend on the opposite side of the day from the probiotic.

So by the time I get through with all that, I’m worn out of reaching for supplements. You can see why eh? Not having the multi-vitamin though is bad. So for the next five days to a week, I’m going to try my best to take these packs twice a day as recommended. And then go back down to one. I guess I will need to set a timer or place it in a time that works. I have placed in on both desks – at home and at work – and on my bedside stand and I tend to overlook it and say “later”.

Also during the months where we are closing quarter end, I wave it off because of the time and being busy. And also I don’t eat as well those months. So probably have had fewer greens and definitely fewer fruits. When I get busy I go back into a rut, slowly, without realizing it – of forgetting to eat right and grabbing whatever is available. It’s a cycle that I struggle with. I buy carrots and forget to grab them, but grab the frozen meal from the freezer on the way out the door. One thing that has been helpful though is to keep a stock of applesauce and a can of pineapple and a can of mandarin oranges in the fridge – at home and at work. I try not to drink juice because it seems to have a greater quantity of sugar absorbed all at once by the body.

Missing Maisy Dog

So I’ve been thinking about another dog as I’ve been missing Maisy so much this week now that my mind is slowing down some from our trip and from Christmas and from getting the house back to normal and working on the iMac – basically I’m getting time to miss her again – and I do so much. Her photos pop up and I miss her following me and being by my side and loving me. And now moving into the guest bedroom makes it seem even lonelier – but don’t get me wrong – I’m enjoying and needing my solitude of sleep right now. I just do. And it is not going to be time for a dog for a long time. Well it is, but I think we need a break to be able to do a few things without dogs. We will see how long that lasts!

So it was pretty fitting to see that the calendar said what it did yesterday about the puppy. The Aloha pic above was over the weekend. That was appropriate too because I need some sun! I need some palm trees too. I need some tropical weather. I need a tropical healing.

All I Want to do is SLEEP!

So my last task of year end, besides boxing up 2019 files to make room for 2021 ones, is to get one of our states w-2 reporting done. It’s a big state and even though the plant number of employees is small – I’m thinking 50 or so, the turnover is bad so I’m entering 188 w-2’s for this location. I have all month to do it. I’ll probably get most of it done this week or early next week, depending on how busy it is. I’ve broken it down into sections of twenty at a time. It’s just cumbersome. It’s kinda fun but it is relaxing to just sit and do data entry and so it nearly put me in a coma. I wanted to sleep so bad! I only got 13 done! I entered a few more as I had time yesterday. I had to go get coffee at like 10 a.m. I never get coffee until after 1:30 and sometimes not until before the drive home so I don’t get sleepy. The weather is not helping my cause any here!

I just took a snapshot of the pop up weather on my computer. Rain and temps going down again. And a lot of clouds.

iPhone Wallpapers

I put the 2nd one as a background wallpaper and the first one as the Lock Screen wallpaper. I think it’s fun to change these out monthly. I also change the phone cover and my Apple Watch band. You can download these if you want. They came from CANVA.

Little Roo!

I have some baby pics to share. Sometimes I’m sent them, and sometimes I steal them from Katy’s Facebook or Instagram page because they are too darn cute.

The faces of Little Roo!

Here’s 1, 2, 3 and 4 weeks old.


I have also been taking Collagen which I failed to mention earlier. It’s this:

It has quite a few things in it too like zinc for example. Taken from Google: Collagen Elixir™ is a potent marine collagen supplement infused with vitamin C, minerals, and superfruits like goji and acerola berry to help hydrate and nourish your skin from the inside out. It tastes just like church communion. Here’s some results from it that Trudy posted yesterday for us all to see. This is someone I follow on Instagram who is on the same system I am. I’m only 9 days in with 8 drinks as I forgot it on Friday. I can tell a subtle difference. I’ve ordered more but will run out before it gets here. I don’t intend on taking it forever, but will take it periodically if I don’t have anything else I’m needing or I think my skin needs the help. My skin always needs the help! But I won’t do this ongoing b/c it’s too expensive. While still working I think it’s ok to splurge on it a few times – especially to keep my auto ship going b/c I want to have access to the products at a discount if I can.

Anyway, that’s what’s going on with me! Now I need to get ready and get to work and I’m not moving too fast these days. Ugh! Come on Spring!

What vitamins or supplements do you take and do they help? Do you tell a difference when you forget to take them?

3 responses to “Seasonal Disorder, Supplements, and Little Roo”

  1. I hope you feel better. Vitamins do help. If I can remember to take mine. I take Zyflmend whole body New Chapter is the brand. Also, I take vitamin D and drink protein shakes and smoothies.
    The smoothies help the most if I drink one each day. I have a problem eating enough fruits and vegetables. The new saying now is food is medicine. Staying on track eating healthy really does make a difference in how we feel.
    I feel down winter months but Spring is just around the corner. I know a piece of your heart is in Texas with that grandson. He is very cute and I can’t believe he is a month old already.

    I hope work goes well this week. Hang in there.

  2. Hi love, I am late today getting this away to you, but I’ve had a busy day. I really needed you but thankfully I have a kind neighbour who came along to help out, as well as my download speed my land phone started to go funny. My dear old BIL phones me every morning but no calls today. Around 1130 I had a call from my niece but although I could hear her she could not hear me at all. It’s a long long story as I tried every combination of calls to landlines, mobiles (cell phones I think you call them) every which way to no avail Val had to leave to go for her lunch but came back later. By the the new router had arrived…was I pleased….Val got it up and running and it also got my phones working. Val decided it was the ??? Littlle box that you plug the router into…anyway all is now well. And a plus side my download is back to relatively quick again. Now me and vitamins I am not a good example I’m sure I don’t take. ANY ….I once asked our Doctor and she said as long as I ate a good mixed diet there was no need for vitamins perhaps vitamin D in winter as we sometimes don’t get enough sun especially Mary who cannot sit in the sun at all so we do try to take the strongest dose of Vit D that we can get. I sometimes think we should perhaps take a multi vitamin supplement but then I think,,,well I’ve got to 76 without then I look at the price and put it back on the shelf ….so I certainly can’t comment on your vitamin taking. I just sit here shaking my head and think it must be costing a fortune. I think because you have taken them all for so long your body must feel out if you just stop taking them so you feel extra tired etc. Perhaps if you were to reduce your intake very very slowly not stopping any of them suddenly you might find exactly which ones you actually need. By the way Sonya do you still do your private blog I’ve lost it’s name and connection if you do please let me know….just love these photos of wee Roo. And the one of him and hisMum is just beautiful. By now you must be thinking of going home so please drive safely. We have had a scattering of snow today but further north it’s been terrible. Hope it stays up there. It’s very very cold though…night night xx

    • Wow that’s a lot of tech troubles there! I do a private blog yes. It’s Tales From The Sunroom. On WordPress and your aol address I believe is what you are signed up under. Only with that address can you get in. I rarely post in it though.

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