New Billfold and iMac Crash

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Good morning! Well at least it’s morning right now, right here! So good afternoon if you are reading later. I thought I’d bop in and leave a quick blog entry. Not much to update but I’ll type and we’ll see where it goes.

Payroll is finished and went smoothly yesterday. So Wednesday’s I get our local plant’s check stubs printed and into envelopes and I’ll pay this week’s payroll taxes, and will reconcile the garnishments – what came out of payroll for each person in my excel sheet, update each’s garnishment sheet, and prep for the garnishment check run so I know my totals when I run it through A/P. I always get ready the day before so I can go in on Thursday’s and run it real quick without hampering our A/P and Purchasing Dept. There are segments of our system that only one person can be in at a time. I had to laugh, last week it was like Whack-a-Mole, I’d get one out, then another would get in, get them out and other would get in, get them out and another would get in. I think I had to chase out 4 people. By the time I chased out the 4th the 1st one got in again thinking I’d have had enough time to get through. lol. You have to laugh b/c if you don’t you would be driven mad. I’m not sure we all are not already there anyway! LOL

We went to the store last night. George needed a few things for our taco night and we didn’t do our Monday night grocery run last night, so we went and got a few things. I know I’m getting old when I thought I’d do something different and pick up a bottle of Rose instead of red or white. Well, I got home and I had the same bottle of Rose already there. I must have had that same thought in the past and forgotten as there sat in my little wine rack – a bottle of the same Rose. Great minds think alike -especially if it’s your own! LOL LOL Now if I continue to fill up the Rose rack, we’ll have a problem. I don’t remember buying that other bottle of Rose. I really don’t! :-O

I took a picture of the mask that my SIL made, the coffee one, and decided it could be used for a phone Lock Screen. Snag it if you want.

I was excited that the new billfold came in yesterday. First of all here is the OLD one. It served its purpose. There was a time when I needed all the extra room in this old chunky one. It had a lot of dividers in it for coupons, cards, receipts. It’s just to thick and bulky for my purse. My shoulder hurts and it’s heavy so I’m trying to trim things down that I carry.

Here is the new one. I mainly just need room for some bills and for the cards and ID. So I wanted one that was flatter. It’s an RFID blocking wallet too.

I can’t wait to change it over. But I’ll wait til tonight after work or just wait til the weekend.

In the meantime, this quick blog entry turned out to be a time consuming one as my computer began to crash – gee thanks Big Sur! Actually my Mac has always been slow when I had a lot open. But here was how it all went down:

  • My photo for the above billfolds would not upload and got stuck
  • I thought it was an internet problem so I played around with that.
  • Then I got stuck in WordPress and so I saved to draft finally and began updating the entry on my phone where I had taken the billfold photo so I could get it up into the blog entry
  • Then I noticed that one of my blog entries from the past, the day we came back from TX had been moved to draft. What? So I published it. But instead of putting it in the date it should have been (way back in Jan) it published as a Current dated blog? What? Ain’t nobody got time for dat! So I just moved it back to draft. Geez. Whatever. But WordPress had changed things around in the dashboard and I could not find where to fix the post.
  • Then in my pressing around WordPress just got stuck again and I couldn’t get WordPress to come back on my iMac. Then I got the circle of death that kept spinning and it just locked up totally.
  • I had to do a hard reboot then everything started to come up at once and as it did I quickly exited each program so it wouldn’t crash again.
  • Then I could finally finish this post. WHEW!

Ive noticed that I cannot have a lot open at once. I did have A LOT open too from where I experimented after downloading Big Sur. I had open the finder, photos, mail, messages, safari, apps, the weather, my to do list, notes, iMovie, photos, news. LOL. It said NO MORE! I must have really had a heavy blog entry! Or maybe it was the chunky billfold that sent it over the edge. HA.

Anyway, as usual, I’m rocking it now trying to hurry and get to work on time. Not everything goes according to my time line when the technological part of my life does not comply with my wishes! Oh well.

Have a good day and I will try to do the same. We have some icy weather moving in. Not sure what will happen. But I can assure you, none of us have time for that either. Guess I’m going to have to look at the weather and see what I need to do to work from home tomorrow if it is bad. It’s so hard to work from home as nothing is here for me to work on and to be able to work I have to nearly bring the entire office home. Ugh…however, there is the w-2 entry I could work on this time. Might be a good day for that. I still have the desk set up in there so I guess that is a good thing. There is a keyboard and a mouse. All I need is a monitor and laptop and a couple of files. Not a pleasant haul for a day or two but better than not getting anything done or having to use a PTO day that I probably don’t even have accrued yet. Ugh.

Over and Out!

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  1. I do laugh…sorry….at you and your computer problems. I would just love to know what to do with the easiest thing. Thinking about that at least things have got better regarding my downloading time etc a new router came yesterday and thankfully my neighbour came along and sorted it out for me and thank God everything started to work at the correct speed. I havnt yet called my server Plusnet it’s called to tell them I can get a better speed with fiber download than they are offering me at a much cheaper cost. Than they are asking me to pay…they might be willing to reduce the increase but I’m not sure. Anyway if I do change I hope what they promise is as good as they say….time will tell.
    Hope all was/ is good at the office now. It’s just past out lunch time, I only have a small yoghurt Mary has a vegimite sandwich and also a yoghurt… waiting for my old neighbour coming over she likes to play Majhong as we both play with her. Mary and I bought her a cheap second hand I pad so she could play it as she liked to help us play if we were playing when she came in to visit. She seems to have played it over at home so we are pleased. She dosn’t have a TV or anything so wouldn’t be able to cope with the internet….she is 89 ….
    Well love keep your head down and Wednesday work will soon be done. Drive safely home. Hope the snow passes over you,….God Bless

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