New Billfold and iMac Crash

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Good morning! Well at least it’s morning right now, right here! So good afternoon if you are reading later. I thought I’d bop in and leave a quick blog entry. Not much to update but I’ll type and we’ll see where it goes.

Payroll is finished and went smoothly yesterday. So Wednesday’s I get our local plant’s check stubs printed and into envelopes and I’ll pay this week’s payroll taxes, and will reconcile the garnishments – what came out of payroll for each person in my excel sheet, update each’s garnishment sheet, and prep for the garnishment check run so I know my totals when I run it through A/P. I always get ready the day before so I can go in on Thursday’s and run it real quick without hampering our A/P and Purchasing Dept. There are segments of our system that only one person can be in at a time. I had to laugh, last week it was like Whack-a-Mole, I’d get one out, then another would get in, get them out and other would get in, get them out and another would get in. I think I had to chase out 4 people. By the time I chased out the 4th the 1st one got in again thinking I’d have had enough time to get through. lol. You have to laugh b/c if you don’t you would be driven mad. I’m not sure we all are not already there anyway! LOL

We went to the store last night. George needed a few things for our taco night and we didn’t do our Monday night grocery run last night, so we went and got a few things. I know I’m getting old when I thought I’d do something different and pick up a bottle of Rose instead of red or white. Well, I got home and I had the same bottle of Rose already there. I must have had that same thought in the past and forgotten as there sat in my little wine rack – a bottle of the same Rose. Great minds think alike -especially if it’s your own! LOL LOL Now if I continue to fill up the Rose rack, we’ll have a problem. I don’t remember buying that other bottle of Rose. I really don’t! :-O

I took a picture of the mask that my SIL made, the coffee one, and decided it could be used for a phone Lock Screen. Snag it if you want.

I was excited that the new billfold came in yesterday. First of all here is the OLD one. It served its purpose. There was a time when I needed all the extra room in this old chunky one. It had a lot of dividers in it for coupons, cards, receipts. It’s just to thick and bulky for my purse. My shoulder hurts and it’s heavy so I’m trying to trim things down that I carry.

Here is the new one. I mainly just need room for some bills and for the cards and ID. So I wanted one that was flatter. It’s an RFID blocking wallet too.

I can’t wait to change it over. But I’ll wait til tonight after work or just wait til the weekend.

In the meantime, this quick blog entry turned out to be a time consuming one as my computer began to crash – gee thanks Big Sur! Actually my Mac has always been slow when I had a lot open. But here was how it all went down:

  • My photo for the above billfolds would not upload and got stuck
  • I thought it was an internet problem so I played around with that.
  • Then I got stuck in WordPress and so I saved to draft finally and began updating the entry on my phone where I had taken the billfold photo so I could get it up into the blog entry
  • Then I noticed that one of my blog entries from the past, the day we came back from TX had been moved to draft. What? So I published it. But instead of putting it in the date it should have been (way back in Jan) it published as a Current dated blog? What? Ain’t nobody got time for dat! So I just moved it back to draft. Geez. Whatever. But WordPress had changed things around in the dashboard and I could not find where to fix the post.
  • Then in my pressing around WordPress just got stuck again and I couldn’t get WordPress to come back on my iMac. Then I got the circle of death that kept spinning and it just locked up totally.
  • I had to do a hard reboot then everything started to come up at once and as it did I quickly exited each program so it wouldn’t crash again.
  • Then I could finally finish this post. WHEW!

Ive noticed that I cannot have a lot open at once. I did have A LOT open too from where I experimented after downloading Big Sur. I had open the finder, photos, mail, messages, safari, apps, the weather, my to do list, notes, iMovie, photos, news. LOL. It said NO MORE! I must have really had a heavy blog entry! Or maybe it was the chunky billfold that sent it over the edge. HA.

Anyway, as usual, I’m rocking it now trying to hurry and get to work on time. Not everything goes according to my time line when the technological part of my life does not comply with my wishes! Oh well.

Have a good day and I will try to do the same. We have some icy weather moving in. Not sure what will happen. But I can assure you, none of us have time for that either. Guess I’m going to have to look at the weather and see what I need to do to work from home tomorrow if it is bad. It’s so hard to work from home as nothing is here for me to work on and to be able to work I have to nearly bring the entire office home. Ugh…however, there is the w-2 entry I could work on this time. Might be a good day for that. I still have the desk set up in there so I guess that is a good thing. There is a keyboard and a mouse. All I need is a monitor and laptop and a couple of files. Not a pleasant haul for a day or two but better than not getting anything done or having to use a PTO day that I probably don’t even have accrued yet. Ugh.

Over and Out!

Airtight Canisters Finished, Big Sur Downloaded, and To Do Lists Revealed

What a lovely lazy day! Slept later than I normally do. George had already started the coffee. I worked on the last bit of laundry. And I finished the food storage containers (with what I had). I’m going to need more of them though. I need some more of the bigger size to be able to put the various kinds of flours in there: all purpose, almond flour, wheat flour and so forth. I decided to wait til next weekend as I already ordered a few things this weekend. I think these are good and much better than the storage bags I’ve been using as these are airtight containers. They are Chef’s Path from Amazon. I am happy to get this done and was happy it came with chalkboard stickers and the chalkboard pen.

The Big Sur Download and Playing in the Aftermath

Happy to say that the iMac back up is complete now, before the planned download of Big Sur. If I didn’t already say that yesterday. I think I did.

The back up drive (to the right of the little Maisy dog) fits perfectly there. You hardly notice it. It updates every hour. I didn’t quite have that frequency in mind, but I guess I’ll take it.

So yay! Big Sur is downloaded. It was no big deal quite honestly. The reason I waited so long (3 months or so) was so the bugs could be worked out. Already there was a big update the last few days fixing some things, particularly with security, so I am glad I waited longer than I thought I would. I watched some YouTubes to revisit what all was different so I could take advantage of the new update. From first glance you could hardly tell anything was different with the iMac at all which some users appreciate. But for me I like to see the changes! So I YouTubed some videos explaining what all had changed and spent the afternoon playing, editing, and adjusting to my preferences.

Right away I was encouraged to go back to Safari and leave Chrome alone. Safari is supposed to be 50% faster as well. Significant updates have been made to Safari. Chrome was beginning to annoy me with it’s security breach notifications, making me feel like I should not be there. While that may have been a good thing to let me know, it scared me. Safari can track all the applications that are putting a track on you and it now shows it for each website in the little icon that sits next to the left of the website address box. So I reset up everything on Safari. It automatically had my favorite sites from where I had used it before. And you could change the theme in the background, which I quickly changed to a shoreline scene. And Safari has extensions like Chrome does now. Here is my Safari Home Screen.

I’m pretty happy with it. It’s a little different getting used to not having everything at the top for my “stationed bookmarks” – but then I discovered you could add the small tab icons for the website and that works just as well. So I have all of my favorites ALSO up at the top as small little tabs as seen in the middle of the pic here.

Small Icons in Safari to mark your favorite websites.

I also set up “widgets” as it has those available, kinda like the phone and iPad does now.

Big Sur has increased functionality for editing video and photos. It has intensity levels (sliding bar) for each element so you can adjust accordingly. Pretty amazing. I hate I waited so long. But I was trying to be careful.

I’ve checked out the new Maps and it has Guide capability. I’ve added a guide for our Valentine excursion just to see how it works. I think it mainly pin points certain things. You can share it. So if we had a group going, we could share this with the group and they would have the list on a map of all the places we’d be going, or places of interest. Families can use this to plan their vacations. I can’t wait to use it! We need a vacation first though. LOL. I keep longingly looking at Amelia Island. Never did get my vacation there.

I’ve opened up iMovie and it loaded the last movie in as it was on the timeline. So I guess that is a good sign. I think there are some improvements with it too but I’ll have to experiment. One is a fix for shaky video. Well good! I might need it. So I’m happy the update is done and over. And so far no problems.

Roger Dog, My Buddy today

I’ve had a little buddy with me for a chunk of the day. He has slept better with me NOT in bed, as he sleeps longer and I sleep better without him on my end too. George said he’s anxious to see what he does when I move back in there. But I’m not ready to just yet. I’m enjoying my quiet and calm bed. I hope it does not hurt his feelings. The quality of sleep is improving for me. I have a deeper sleep. And last night I only woke up a couple of times but was in bed for a long time. I think I need to catch up on some missed sleep for a while before going back into the other bed “with the jungle crew”. And George’s snores are going to have to be a little less interesting and more subdued. Right now it’s like sleeping with a chainsaw. It comes and goes. It’s not always so horribly loud but lately I guess he’s been tired or something and it’s just very loud.

Super Bowl Grub

So George fixed up some good beef short ribs for dinner. He served it over pearl couscous with a Chimichuri type sauce and feta cheese. We also had a Caesar salad with it. All very delicious.

So it’s been a great productive day but what I have not done is iron my work pants. I spent too much time playing in here. I hope I have something to wear tomorrow so I can just iron Monday night.

Big Ole To Do List and How I Keep up with My Goals

So Next UP in the list of things to do on the list are these things. And it goes out for 2-4 years! ha. Here’s the To Do list with each section being a different color.

Upcoming projects:

Then more into Spring time frame is this to do list. I may remove Hair Salon as I just cut my hair and I’m happy with it.

Then waaaaaaaay on down the line I’ll think about doing these things. I just needed to park them somewhere:

And years later maybe these. Having the neighbors over could come sooner but I guess we need to get out of Covid first. So I parked it on the last list.

None of these are particularly in order within each time frame of list. But I like having this type of to do list where you can place them in a “sector” of priority. As I complete some, I move some more over into the number one slot. Some of these items have been on here for a long time. Like Windows. That’s been on my list for years! LOL

I don’t pay much attention to the titles it’s just Block 1 is more urgent than 2 and Block 4 is some long time frame away. That works great for me. This is the best list I’ve ever used. It’s an app called “Focus Matrix”. I bought it – not to bad of a price, and it is working for phone and iMac. Best I remember I had to pay to have each device. I think it was a one time fee. Unless something had changed. That way I can access it on the go and add to it or see it on my iPhone or iMac. It helps me remember what I want to do! Other than that I also use my weekly/daily planner. I keep it beside me at work and when I think of something I write it down. It fits easily in purse or work bag. I transfer it to my home desk on the weekends. It’s mostly things I want to do on the weekend. Some things are smaller detailed than what is on this colorful list you saw. Things like laundry, putting my vitamins in the Sunday thru Saturday weekly system, remembering to get more hand sanitizer, adding things to the grocery list and so forth.

So those two systems keep me on track. I hardly use the calendar planner for a calendar anymore. We don’t plan much or have anywhere to be other than work. That said, I do have a dental appointment coming in early March. We do have dinner reservations this weekend. But not much else going on. I am going to plan some time with Mom coming up probably the last part of Feb – that way if we catch Covid while we are out Valentining it’ll rear it’s ugly head before heading to her house. Speaking of the Covid – we had two more out with it in our office, but one is back and the other comes back soon. We have had a couple have it earlier and I’m sure more people have had it than even knew about it. You just have to wonder b/c for sure none of us really know. Any times we’ve been tired or had the slightest sniffle or cough – did we have it? Who knows. The symptoms can be anywhere from your normal everyday thing to not being able to breathe so…..unless you are having some issues on the rough end, you wouldn’t know. Enough on that. I like pretending all this mess didn’t exist. All my projects keep me focused off of it usually.

And that was the story of my Sunday! I pretty much did what I said I was going to do. And I’m looking forward to bed already. That is kind sad isn’t it? But I feel in the next two and a half weeks or so, we are going to get a taste of warm spring weather. I can just feel it. I have hope. I might have prayed for some relief from winter. I know spring is a long way off but I’m ready for it. It’ll be flip flop weather in the sense of it all flip flopping back from winter to spring until summer finally pops and then we wish for cooler air again. I love the seasons. So it is fun to get ready for all of them. I want to plan some walks and outings for sure. I want to shop some more and get out. But I am content and happy to be where we are right now as we have been enjoying our hibernate February that we didn’t get much of in January. Matter of fact going to go get ready for bed and read!

I was glad to hear that Katy and Cody and the baby got out to go eat yesterday. Katy said it was a lot of work. Yes I remember the days. You CAREFULLY pack that diaper day bag with everything you could possibly need and then some. And then just being as careful as you can about everything. He’s in his little “tent” and she was happy = look at that face! She is so happy to get out of the house. I can tell. I’ve been worried about her. No particular reason that she gave me, but just knowing how I am myself. Being cooped in for too long I figured she was ready to get out. So I’m happy to see her face and to see it smiling. She sent some cute videos today. I love that little River. I miss him so much. These videos mean so much. One is of him sucking his Paci and it’s so cute!

Ok, if you made it this far you have to let me know. Some of my blog posts are long for the weekend posts. I cram it all in.

Take care. See you in a few days, whenever I have something interesting to blog about, lol.

Sushi Nite, Saki, Storage Containers, and Backing up the iMac

George had given me a “coupon” for an extra dinner out for my Birthday! So I cashed that in Friday night. It’s really just an extra excuse to eat out. We often will eat out on Friday nights sometimes. But we cut back when Christmas time came and then winter cold nights and so we often just want to come home. But we went to a neighborhood spot that is one of my favorites called OISHII.

It’s a great little spot with a good atmosphere. We always enjoy ourselves here. We get Sushi and about the only place we ever get Saki. They have a good one here. The first little bottle I didn’t care for so much as it had bubbles. But the second one was perfect, and a dry one too. I love their little glasses and also I like the tea mugs. I also ordered hot tea, which was soooo good.

I got the General Tsao’s chicken. Probably a no no as it has a lot of sugar in it, but I did it anyway. ;-).

I’m paying for this meal and a few others this week, including those hot cheetos I had for breakfast. I gained 2 lbs this week. What????

Geez! I’m supposed to be going down and not up. Why is it so easy to gain 2 lbs and so hard to lose any at all!

I slept in the guest bedroom last night. I wish I could say I slept better. But I woke up every hour an a half I think. And each time I heard nothing but silent snores from the other room. Roger slept all night. I was able to sleep longer though this morning. I had a good long round of sleep between 3 and 7. I was in bed for about 10 hours total. I’m unsure about sleeping in there or my regular spot, but it’s a trial period really. I think mainly I’m waking up b/c it’s different. I’m not sure what the answer is. All I know is when I wake up on my own, Roger wakes me up, and George’s snores wake me up then there are 3 sets of things going against me. So for sheer sanity, I’m giving this a go!

That said, the coffee was awful this morning, LOL. It was all burnt already because George had been up a long time, oh well! I got my studying done, and prayers said and started the day. I was able to get 5 loads of laundry done, sheets changed, and washed the new storage containers I got for Christmas, swept the kitchen floor, cleaned the counters, vacuumed the house. Oh and I cut my hair. I went ahead and cut off quite a bit as it grows pretty fast. I like it long sometimes but then again I think I like it short too. So I’m happy with it.

I ordered a few things on the internet that was needed – bras for one. It seems they just don’t last. Then again I don’t order the most expensive ones either. But I need comfortable ones to wear and I’ve had some wear out on me. I also ordered a thinner billfold and one with RFID. Some say you don’t need it anymore but, since I was getting a new one, I made that a must have – just in case. I’m ready to give up on the huge chunky one that I bought. That was back when we had a lot of gift cards we used and I carried a lot of change and coupons for this and that and receipts for work. It was a darn filing system. I don’t need that anymore. I need it to be simple, easy to get to, and light. I’m tired of a heavy handbag. I also had to order more Grapeseed extract. I’m not sure if helps or not but I’m out and I reordered.

I downloaded footage I had filmed last week. One of the best parts of George’s Tagine cooking – was too blurry to use. Also the lighting was very poor. He said “no worries we’ll Tagine lots more”. So I’ve made it a priority to learn how to use my camera to video. I’m so disappointed that I have taken such poor videos. Nothing is easy I guess and anything worth while is worth digging for. So I will keep trying. Instead of trying I will learn first and then try – grrrr. Til then I’ll use my phone. I just need to do the lessons. That has always been the thing with me. I don’t always like to read the instructions and directions. I like to dive in and experience it. And obviously that is not working. So I must study it. But I’ll learn it. I’ve spent way too much money on it not to. I’m not going to let something like a camera intimidate me. I don’t let humans do that so I’m not letting a camera do it either, LOL.

Here’s the storage containers. Now to figure out what to put in them. LOL

George fixed a clay pot chicken tonight with potatoes and carrots and onions and also we had broccoli and rice. It was so good and so tender. We should have that more often. It was good and good for us.

So I have backed up my computer and used it with the Apple Time Machine. I have to look and see, but I believe as long as I have it attached it will automatically do the back ups. I clicked the check box for that, but I’m not sure how often it will do it. I didn’t notice. I really thought I had to remember to do it every now and then. It’s mainly photos I don’t want to lose that I don’t want to pay for in the cloud. I have enough in the cloud for the ones I want to keep there – photos and videos I want to see for the current year and also photos and videos taken until I can get them moved over for keeps or for the videos.

So tomorrow I will come in and download Big Sur. I’m going to get up in the morning, drink some coffee, see if it snowed (not supposed to do much here), do another load of laundry, download the Big Sur update on the imac and then start playing from there and re-setting up things. Then I can start moving files to the “Rugged Lacie Mobile Storage” device where I’ll keep both the imovies I’ve finished and the files of the ones that I’ll be working with. This will help so much as I’ll be able to create folders in advance and move everything over for the working files. That way I can get behind if I need to and can just move things over to the files til I get to THAT video. It’ll help being a bit more organized.

Then I can finally start working on videos again, but Lord please help me learn how to vlog with that camera. Getting the blurries out is the problem. It won’t adjust very good. Plus I keep switching up lenses and each one is different. Oh well, I like mysteries. I will figure it out. Just something else in life to figure out. I’ll get there.

For now. I am going to bed!