Online Shopping for Holiday Prep and Vlogging Equipment Wish List

Yesterday was relaxing. It was cloudy all day for the most part and a bit misty as the tropical storm headed out. The winds were not what they said it would be and neither were the storms. It was mostly just rain.

After finishing my Canon EOS M50 lessons for the day I ironed and ordered the LTD Commodities order. Magazine above. You can order a magazine at I ordered a couple of sets of Christmas sacks, some Christmas Socks, a couple of Christmas gifts, some ornaments, and a Thanksgiving plaque. I was disappointed that after ordering I got a reply that at least 3 of the items I ordered was on backorder and out of stock. What? This is a brand new catalog? My guess is —you guessed it —it’s probably on that slow boat from China and they don’t keep it in stock. Big EYE ROLL on that. I was thinking of not ordering from them anymore. I already have something on backorder I ordered a month ago from their fall catalog. If I don’t get these items in before they are needed, I’m going to 1) complain to the company 2) Quit buying from them. Even Amazon is getting bad about this.

We have quit buying from stores, so the stores are limiting items and then you go on line and you can’t get what you ordered. So it’s getting to where you can’t get what you want when you wanted it and that is not acceptable. I think we’ll go back to making our own things eventually, and back to trading my thing for your thing. LOL. Sounds good to me. I’ll take a grocery sack and stick and bow on it and say Merry Christmas. Draw my own design on those brown grocery bags. They are sturdier anyway, LOL. I know I’m being silly.

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For some reason, I’m more excited about the holidays this year. I have in the back of my mind that in the next few years we’ll be seeing a grandson in our living room. And we have Momma coming for Thanksgiving and then Momma and Aunt Martha and Uncle Ken will come for Christmas we think. Missing will be our Katy and Cody as Katy will be as pregnant as ever and too late in the pregnancy to travel. So we will miss them terribly. But I am elated with joy that we get to experience the holidays in our own home. YES! I’ve wanted this for years. I will miss Thanksgiving in Texas though as we had a lot of fun out there the last couple of years. Things are changing now.

I had in my head that we would be taking Christmas with us out there in January for them to open then but with the new baby no one will have time for that. I remember how tired I was that week. But George says we will mail their packages. So being that is the case, I guess we will have to consider size of what we are shopping for and it will need to be mailed early in December. So I need to get my game on.

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My vision of helping Katy with the baby in January is blurred by the fact that I can’t vision where we will be staying – hotel, car, some combination of both. The dogs will bark at the hotel and they will likely have to stay in the car while we are visiting or one of us stay outside with them but it will be winter. I’m just so confused over it all. We don’t want to leave them here and it’s no good to take them, but we will. We will just have to figure it out I guess as we go. I’d love to trade in my car for a truck and buy a micro minnie with the solar panel option and comfort package option and we could live off the grid including the cold weather. How cool would that be. Then we wouldn’t have to worry about that. But George won’t want that. It would be a solution. Anyway, my mind cannot get past how we are going to handle January. So I just try not to think about it. I can’t stand not being able to plan but there is not a stinking thing I can plan about this trip. Normally I would be looking forward to a trip/vacation. I’m looking forward to seeing my grandson though. But not the trip itself this time. It’s kind of sad. It’s just the way I’m wired. I like to know where I’ll be and what the plans are. Right now so far it’s the car and a dingy hotel and I’m not looking forward to that AT ALL!

But at least there is this:

God will provide. I’m hoping! I’m not even broken but I do know He can figure this out for us. I sure can’t!

Vlogging Equipment

This seems to be the wide angle lens I need for vlogging. They said this was the main one right here. That way you can see more than your face but part of the background. I guess that is what part of my problem has been. The other part is not knowing what I’m doing yet. So this little baby will be key. I am asking for that for Christmas. I think George will be getting it for me.

Then there will be a microphone need at some point. I have been able to control the sound with iMovie though for now. So we’ll see. They come with a wind muff thing on them and that is critical if you are outside. So this is a “at some point” thing. I can save up blow money for that pretty easy by just not eating out as much.

I need a RING light too for lighting in my office or wherever. I haven’t researched yet to see what kind. But I need to get that on my Wish List too. I might even go ahead and get that one. They aren’t much.

I guess I will start trying to put the next video together. I’m not as excited about it and that is not a good sign. LOL I will start to video more in the upcoming days. It will be a hodge podge of things we’ve done since Texas. Mainly eating, cleaning, and such. But we’ll see. It’s at least fun to work on.

I’m feeling down this morning a bit. I am sure it will pass. The coffee is helping! I think I’ll go back for more.

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  1. If you like LTD Com. you should try and Lakeside. They are all online. And quite a few deals. Lakeside has free shipping now if you spend over 75 dollars / or 3.99 until tonight.

    They are all very similar . 🙂

    • I just went on and signed up for both – I think I had an account with Collections as it said “Welcome Back”. LOL. I have to call them to get a catalog. The Lakeside seems to have the same products. But I ordered a catalog on line. We will see how it goes. Both my Hubby and I enjoy looking through their catalogs.

  2. Ohhh…I think you should try & board the doggies. That would be 2 less worries on the road. I do know that’s a hard decision to do so. I’ve had to make that tough decision.
    They would be safe & cared for & whatever you & George have to do will be minus that complication, which is a big one.
    It does seem like everything is on back order. Tricky deceitful advertising!
    Enjoy your Monday =)

    • I also think you should board the dogs or didn’t you have a house sitter come in. Can’t see why they can’t do the dogs too! Sorry but this is a time when your daughter and grandchild come first. I hope she doesn’t have access to your blog or she may feel bad about ambivalence or worry “not looking forward to the trip/worry” you and she just need to enjoy this time. If you found a kennel dog/hotel and some are homelike and amazing it would be good to have a couple of trial periods so you could leave free of worry for what should be your wonderful time with your family focused on them.

      • Our daughter knows and understands our dilemma with the dogs. George and I have an issue boarding them. Just to make it clear to all. We ARE going. No one said we weren’t. So no one misunderstands. The blog is open to all. She knows us well so should not be a problem there as we have no problem being there to help. I think I’ve made it clear it’s the dog issue I’m worried about- not anyone else.

    • Our family – including extended family, feels that Roger won’t make it if we board him. He’s in his last few months I’m afraid. He is so upset and howls when we leave him somewhere. Even the groomer for a short few hours feels it’s too much for him to be there. She worries about him for that short of a time. We’ll make it but we’ll have to be prepared to split up to do our baby visits or whatever. I’m looking forward to seeing my PEEPS in TX and our new little one, but just worried about our fur babies and what to do with them. People like to judge. Let them. It is what it is. I don’t mind saying. I’ve always laid out how I felt. I’m blowing off steam here, not at you all – not at any one in particular. Just blowing off steam b/c I like to have things figured out. And frankly not wanting to sleep in the car or ratty hotel – no matter what that will NEVER be appealing. But I’m head over heals about seeing my grandson. Enough so to sleep in the car if I have to. If that is not love, what is? ha.

  3. Hi Sonya, I hope by now you will Have come out of your downer you were in this morning…I know how you feel I too like to know just what I’m doing and how and why …I’m on a downer myself tonight cause I don’t know what to do about my wee Masy we were at the vet again this morning I saw a very nice young man, he examined Masy without me being there, he said he preferred to do it that way with the virus about, despite us both wearing masks and my neighbour who was with me. Anyway he more ot less said same thing as vet two weeks ago she has a luxated pettela ( knee pops out) only thing would be an operation which I don’t want to have will cost over £1500 twice as both knees are affected. I’ve said I do not want her to have an operation but I have agreed to an X Ray just to check out if that is the only problem that alone costs £500 but at least it will provide us with knowledge if there is anything else wrong….anyway that the feeling of guilt at not having the operation, my neighbour who very much Is for. Having her operated on, she makes me feel awful…..anyway love this is about your blog not about my worries. I know like you that when I leave things in Gods hands all will be ok…, take care love drive safely home.. i

  4. Well yes I do understand now if he is that fragile nothing else really will do. What would be worse if something happened to him while you’re gone. My favorite phrase, it is what it is. You guys will make the best of it.

  5. Hi Sonya,

    I hope everything works out for the trip to TX in January. I can understand your frustrations because I’m the same way about wanting everything to be planned and figured out in advance.
    I’m almost OCD about it! lol

    Hey, they have those selfie ring lights on sale today on Amazon for Prime Day. I just saw them!

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