Online Shopping for Holiday Prep and Vlogging Equipment Wish List

Yesterday was relaxing. It was cloudy all day for the most part and a bit misty as the tropical storm headed out. The winds were not what they said it would be and neither were the storms. It was mostly just rain.

After finishing my Canon EOS M50 lessons for the day I ironed and ordered the LTD Commodities order. Magazine above. You can order a magazine at I ordered a couple of sets of Christmas sacks, some Christmas Socks, a couple of Christmas gifts, some ornaments, and a Thanksgiving plaque. I was disappointed that after ordering I got a reply that at least 3 of the items I ordered was on backorder and out of stock. What? This is a brand new catalog? My guess is —you guessed it —it’s probably on that slow boat from China and they don’t keep it in stock. Big EYE ROLL on that. I was thinking of not ordering from them anymore. I already have something on backorder I ordered a month ago from their fall catalog. If I don’t get these items in before they are needed, I’m going to 1) complain to the company 2) Quit buying from them. Even Amazon is getting bad about this.

We have quit buying from stores, so the stores are limiting items and then you go on line and you can’t get what you ordered. So it’s getting to where you can’t get what you want when you wanted it and that is not acceptable. I think we’ll go back to making our own things eventually, and back to trading my thing for your thing. LOL. Sounds good to me. I’ll take a grocery sack and stick and bow on it and say Merry Christmas. Draw my own design on those brown grocery bags. They are sturdier anyway, LOL. I know I’m being silly.

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For some reason, I’m more excited about the holidays this year. I have in the back of my mind that in the next few years we’ll be seeing a grandson in our living room. And we have Momma coming for Thanksgiving and then Momma and Aunt Martha and Uncle Ken will come for Christmas we think. Missing will be our Katy and Cody as Katy will be as pregnant as ever and too late in the pregnancy to travel. So we will miss them terribly. But I am elated with joy that we get to experience the holidays in our own home. YES! I’ve wanted this for years. I will miss Thanksgiving in Texas though as we had a lot of fun out there the last couple of years. Things are changing now.

I had in my head that we would be taking Christmas with us out there in January for them to open then but with the new baby no one will have time for that. I remember how tired I was that week. But George says we will mail their packages. So being that is the case, I guess we will have to consider size of what we are shopping for and it will need to be mailed early in December. So I need to get my game on.

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My vision of helping Katy with the baby in January is blurred by the fact that I can’t vision where we will be staying – hotel, car, some combination of both. The dogs will bark at the hotel and they will likely have to stay in the car while we are visiting or one of us stay outside with them but it will be winter. I’m just so confused over it all. We don’t want to leave them here and it’s no good to take them, but we will. We will just have to figure it out I guess as we go. I’d love to trade in my car for a truck and buy a micro minnie with the solar panel option and comfort package option and we could live off the grid including the cold weather. How cool would that be. Then we wouldn’t have to worry about that. But George won’t want that. It would be a solution. Anyway, my mind cannot get past how we are going to handle January. So I just try not to think about it. I can’t stand not being able to plan but there is not a stinking thing I can plan about this trip. Normally I would be looking forward to a trip/vacation. I’m looking forward to seeing my grandson though. But not the trip itself this time. It’s kind of sad. It’s just the way I’m wired. I like to know where I’ll be and what the plans are. Right now so far it’s the car and a dingy hotel and I’m not looking forward to that AT ALL!

But at least there is this:

God will provide. I’m hoping! I’m not even broken but I do know He can figure this out for us. I sure can’t!

Vlogging Equipment

This seems to be the wide angle lens I need for vlogging. They said this was the main one right here. That way you can see more than your face but part of the background. I guess that is what part of my problem has been. The other part is not knowing what I’m doing yet. So this little baby will be key. I am asking for that for Christmas. I think George will be getting it for me.

Then there will be a microphone need at some point. I have been able to control the sound with iMovie though for now. So we’ll see. They come with a wind muff thing on them and that is critical if you are outside. So this is a “at some point” thing. I can save up blow money for that pretty easy by just not eating out as much.

I need a RING light too for lighting in my office or wherever. I haven’t researched yet to see what kind. But I need to get that on my Wish List too. I might even go ahead and get that one. They aren’t much.

I guess I will start trying to put the next video together. I’m not as excited about it and that is not a good sign. LOL I will start to video more in the upcoming days. It will be a hodge podge of things we’ve done since Texas. Mainly eating, cleaning, and such. But we’ll see. It’s at least fun to work on.

I’m feeling down this morning a bit. I am sure it will pass. The coffee is helping! I think I’ll go back for more.

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Update to Side Bar, YouTube Link Connections

Updated Blog Side Bar

I’ve redone the side bar to include the YouTube Channel so that it REALLY TAKES you to the website. Before it would just play the video and you couldn’t see where to Subscribe. NOW it takes you actually to my YouTube Channel itself. Then you can better see how to subscribe. Several had said they couldn’t see how to. Now I see why you couldn’t but this should solve that issue. My goal is 100 subscribers. It’s free! Then you won’t miss an update. I also have been adding in the video embedded from YouTube to the blog entry itself and I don’t think it lets you subscribe there either. So I’ll just provide the link next time. Hopefully this will solve those issues and make it easier for you.

How to find the Blogs Side Bar in iPhone or iPad.

On the computer version of my blog, my blog’s side bar is actually on my side bar, to the right LOL. All kinds of goodies there where you can follow by email or get a blog notification. You can see Facebook, Instragram, Twitter and now finally a link to YouTube. So when you click on the YouTube photo it’ll take you there.

But….on mobile platform the SIDEBAR is all the way to the bottom – for iphone you have to scroll past my blog entry to even see my side bar. Prior to today I had an infinite number of scrolls – so you could NEVER see my side bar on iphone or ipad. But now I’ve limited the number of blog posts to THREE with NO infinite feed scroll. (But it does have a button to see more posts if you wish to continue.) So now everyone can be happy! But at least now you can see my side bar on the mobile blog site – it’s just at the BOTTOM! See the You Tube icon and click and it takes you to the VLOG section of Less Hustle More coffee. And there also you can subscribe. Help me meet my goal.

Screen Recording Below of How to Find the Side Bar

Finding the Side Bar, Scrolling to the Bottom – then click on YouTube!

Wow. I have spent like 2.5 hours this morning trying to figure out how to do this. WordPress was not letting me enter a HTML code from YouTube it’self – I had a cute little icon made from the YouTube site to share but NO it won’t allow certain types of HTML with script. So…I had to link it via the photo I created (via Canva). I’ve viewed all types of tutorials. And I have finally got it set now.

I did a blog post previously already today so be sure and read it down below. Whew, now to go get some housework done so I can come back and play and create! Wasn’t meaning to spend so much time on this today. But trying to help make it easier for ya!

Easy Way to get to the VLOG version of Less Hustle More Coffee on iPhone or iPad

First click on the “Hamburger” icon as they call it, in the TOP LEFT CORNER.

And then it will open up a menu where you can see ABOUT ME and you can click on VIDEOS. VIDEOS will take you to the VLOG Version.

Hope this was helpful. Now come give me a subscribe! 🙂

iMovie Problem Resolved, Blog Menu added, and Vlog Equipment Arrived

Wow what a day. I’ve been working hard trying to knock some things off the list so I can get on with the rest of the list and to what I enjoy doing the most. And this weekend is really important because the month of June is really getting busy and plans for July and August need to be made. And I had some problems to solve before I could move forward. I’m pleased with what I was able to do.

First of all iMovie. Apparently Apple had taken away the music files as they were – after iMovie was updated. It was not me at all. I ended up speaking with Apple after uninstalling and reinstalling with no efforts at bringing the music back. And I assumed I had messed it up and deleted it – but no the latest version did not have it as Apple removed the music selections from the iMovie app in the iMac version. However it does have it on the phone version. Oh well. It least that mystery is solved and I have my Epidemic Sound music to use but I’m pleased to know that I’m not operating with a defective iMovie app at least. I was determined to get this resolved and now it is.

Next was opening up my Yunteng tripod and seeing how that works.

It’s a glorified selfie stick and tripod that comes with the clicker. You can add iphone, go pro, or a camera to it. I wanted it to be versatile. Also important to me was the ease in which you could add the phone to it and be able to pivot it around. The previous tripod I had ordered was difficult to move around and very hard to get the brace open to put the iphone into. I dropped the phone several times trying to do that old one. So I went up a few levels to get a better one this time around and the selfie stick goes out a bit. I really like it. Now the bigger challenge is using this in public – if I do. I am sure I will have to if I keep this videoing up. I’ll be so embarrassed using it as people will stare.

I’ve not tried the microphone yet. But it’s arrived too and I’ll be using it eventually. I may do a video showing the difference between the iphone without the microphone and then with it.

I had video’d myself in a car chat yesterday and replayed it and I was just so tired looking, the lighting was awful and I just decided I was NOT going to put that out there. So I tried it again this morning with the new tripod set up and it was much better. I realized though I was in my shirt FROM THAT SHAKE/SUPPLEMENT COMPANY I USE lol. I should have dressed up more for the video and not been in a t-shirt. So I know there are some things I have to improve about myself before doing these videos which will look better on video: darker lipstick, longer hair (like a bob), smiling more, brighter clothes – it’ll all be a work in progress if I expect anyone at all to watch. And I’m wondering if I should go back to contacts again? Maybe that is a bit too far. Well too far was me saying to myself – should I get a facelift? lol Neh, won’t do that. And my hair is going through a lot right now as it morphs from color to salt and pepper with a white streak in front. So I’ll just “bless my heart” myself and go on. I think I will order a round brush hair dryer on Amazon I’ve been looking at. That will help style it as it grows a bit longer. I still have to cut some of the brown out though. So it’s going to be a while. And I hope I can live with the styling of the longer layered bob when I get there. Having it short is easy but it doesn’t come across the camera very well. I wonder what those magnetic eyelashes would look like on me, haaaaaaaaaa!

I also added in the menus to the blog which includes an About Me section. I am sure I’ll be updating that one from time to time. But I just did it on the fly. And the “VIDEO” section which sends you to my YouTube Channel directly. I can add more MENU items but I think this is all I need for now. That was a learning process as well. It was a little confusing as there are so many bells and whistles but I think I have it down.

I’ve also added “behind the scenes” automatic posting to the facebook and twitter accounts. Where I don’t have to do that myself. It’ll automatically post for me. I don’t think it will for Instagram but not sure.

I also did laundry, vacuumed, cleaned kitchen and made us breakfast. So a busy day on the homefront. I knew better than to start in my office first so I did the laundry and housework first.

And I have tomorrow left.

OK so…..I have accomplished things that were standing in my way before I could get the next video done. And so I’m ready to start working on it. It’ll still be a while as we are insanely busy the next two weekends with grad parties, dog trims, baby showers, planning July and planning our trip to Texas.

I must say the week must have worn me out though. Yesterday by the time I got home, I was just mentally and physically DONE. I didn’t remember it being such a stressful week – but apparently it was. I believe that a lot that was on my mind really took a toll. And that is why I decided to do a little segment on 5 ways to de-stress when you are overwhelmed. I didn’t feel so overwhelmed at the time but I think my little head was on overdrive – with too many to dos, keeping with the news, all the discord on Facebook, and that little work issue which left me wondering if I would need to seek another job, but that works itself out too, for now anyway. I guess my head was stretched to the max. I ended up having to lay down and just not think of anything at all. I didn’t sleep, I just rested. And it worked wonders.

So yeah, we are off to “ready set GO” on the next video and I’ll be having to get into the mindset of trying to capture videos of things we have going on. It’s hard to tell a story when nothing is there to tell about. So I have to get crafty. lol

And that is really all I know. I’m just shocked that we are all getting back out there. I’m not sure what to expect. It’s like COVID is over. I know better. But we are ready to see family and friends. And I don’t know if we’ll all end up getting it or what. I’m still being careful but honestly with our friends/family we are not wearing masks. Just out places. And only me really. George hasn’t been wearing his for the most part.

Also George went back to work – he is partly at work and partly at home. They rotate on various days. I just don’t know what to expect. Shall we expect to get it then? I hope not but it’s entirely possible as we all end up going to see each other and getting out there and businesses open and all that. Lord help us all.

I’ve just not listened much to the news lately because of all the negativity, groupthink, judgment, politics, people dissing your religious thoughts, and all that going on. Sometimes you just need a little sanity. Sometimes you need to just have your own thoughts and let everyone else have theirs. lol

And after a couple of days of being out of touch with all that….I can say this…

And so we shall see what tomorrow’s day off brings.

George bottled some wine. Should have gotten that on video. See, I’m going to have to work on this videoing of our moments. I’ll get better. Don’t worry. There is so much to improve getting around this curve.

Ya’ll take care.