Mechanical Dog after Losing a Pet and My YouTube Journey and Goals

Several have shown interest in Mom’s “new dog”. I did take a video to share on my vlog but I will go ahead and put a clip here. We are all just loving the dog. I had ordered Mom the dog to help her cope with the loss of Fancy, but Mom decided that she wanted to cat too, so she is ordering that. That will give her two pets in her house to sit about in the room with her.

These have easy turn on and turn off buttons as it has a velcro spot on the fabric (on the bottom) that you pull back and click the on or off button. Mom can easily control and see the button. She turns him off at night so he won’t bark in the night, lol.

Mom named her “Bella”. She moves her head, ears, wags tail, closes and opens her eyes. And you can lay her down. She makes realistic moves.

Here’s the cat.

And here is the video as promised.

other happenings

Well, I had a very busy day and did not get to work much on quarter end except for an hour or so. The day was just “needy”. Lots of interruptions, questions, and a plant forgot to turn in PTO for an employee for two weeks and so I had to immediately deal with that. Plus all my normal Friday duties and then only after about 4, was able to get started. By then it was time for me to go home, but I told myself to stay until I either felt fatigued or it became 5 p.m. I don’t hang out when hardly anyone is there. I think it’s safer to go home. So I did get a few returns done in that finally hour when finally I was left alone. It’s been a long time since I’ve had that many interruptions on a Friday.

Our HR Person brought apple fritters for the office today. I had a 1/2 of one this morning early and the manager called about another issue mid afternoon and said to come down and get my other 1/2. So I did. There is just nothing better than a crunchy, cinnamon, apple fritter with good sugar glaze. This one thing made my day 100% better. I drank a cup of coffee with it using the company’s Christmas JOY mug because “JOY” is on the fruits of the spirit and I certainly needed a cup of joy at the moment.

Well, I’ve been vlogging all week, “a week in my life”. Mainly because we will be gone all weekend, so I thought I’d get some footage all week. I hope it turns out. It’ll be about 3 weeks b/c I’m a few weeks out in footage. I didn’t film last week so that I could catch up by a week. I just really want to be two weeks behind real life if I can. Somehow I got myself 4 weeks behind and I’m not comfortable with that. I like fresh updates. I like that in what I watch, so I assume others will want that with me.

Sharing my YouTube Journey

Many of you have been with me from the start. So many highs and lows. So many ups and downs. So much to learn. So much to improve. So many things still on my learning list and to do list. You constantly question yourself. Plus I’m not young, I’m not pretty, but competing against those who are and all that can play with your mind. But I keep just plugging away because when I tried to quit I realized how much fun I was having, even if only 30 people viewed it. lol. Now they are getting over a 100 viewers on many of them and up to almost 6k on the Colonoscopy one, which people have thanked me for. The Panama City one is around 600 I think.

In the past couple of months, the subscriptions have been coming (still slowly) but much more quickly. I’d heard the first 100 was the hardest. It was hard. The next hundred came quicker than I’d imagined. I’m at 196 subscribers on YouTube as we speak. So I’m honored that people are finally starting to subscribe. I had 28 new people in the last month. I know that doesn’t sound like anything to the big guys, but to an older person being 60 and have a few people subscribe is heartwarming.

So today I was alerted to the YouTube monetization section. I haven’t really had time to check it out. It’s on next year’s goal list for 2024. But maybe monetization won’t be too far away. I’d love for it to be a 2nd income if I can, to make some money off the ads, and links etc. It’s actually closer than I thought. And YouTube has the next goal also for you to see. I’m so glad that they show you these things. I hadn’t realized that it was possible to start at a lower level. So I have some goals shown here.

The thought of having a fan club makes me laugh. I don’t think we are there yet, lol.

But 500 subscribers might not be too far away, and the watch hours will steadily increase. So this is fun to watch. I’ll be working on content more, using my camera more and many more improvements soon.

Stay tuned. lol

George said dinner is ready. Gotta go.

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  1. Love the doggie. A 90 year old lady my friend and I visit in Georgia has one and she loves to show it to us every time we go. She loves to sit and play with it. We were just there this week for her 44th wedding anniversary.

  2. What a cute dog, I’m so glad that Mum likes it and that she now wants a cat…that in itself is an answer to prayer I was so hoping she wouldn’t get a new (real) dog!,
    Sorry that work was not so great but glad you didn’t work for all hours finishing things I always say tomorrow is another day and if for some reason tomorrow dosn’t come our way….would the world end, would the workplace fold ? NO. I hope you have a really great weekend. Not much happening with me except going out for dinner on Sunday with Beth and Max ( my niece and husband) weather looks as if it’s not going to change for at least another week which means dull with heavy rain, July has been a really wet month which is such a shame as it’s the start of the school holidays etc so it’s not been easy for families…..we are all keeping 🤞that August will be better…
    Take care…God Bless x

    • Thanks it’s taken a while to get any traction at all. The best thing is that enjoy doing it but if it builds a little community and I can get paid for ads that would be great! Especially if it helps me retire earlier.

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