Things are Changing, Quarter End Crunch, and Upcoming Weekend Events

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Good day everyone! A quick blog post here. I’m not really even sure what to tell you. There’s so much going on, yet I find myself not really feeling the urge to “hurry up and blog” anymore. I feel a lot of change going on within me. I’m not really sure what is taking place. I still love to blog because as I sit here, I’m totally enjoying this. But I don’t feel an urge to do it. Maybe it’s because I’m so rushed to do it and can’t get all involved like I used to- due to time restraints.

Things are Changing

In analyzing this, and analyzing me, I have realized this for several weeks/months. Who knows? It’s been sort of morphing. I think it is because I got out of the habit of daily blogging because of the vlogging. And then….Mom. And just….life. So I guess I’ve just built routines and we are mega busy and I’m just not missing it like I used to. Then there is the “uh oh, I’m sixty now” approaching, ah-hum, quickly into my senior years already. (When does it officially start? 60? 62? 55? 65? I have no idea, but it feels like it is here already so…….). So maybe I’m just forgetting about the blog.

I don’t want to forget about the blog though. It means too much to me. It’s my baby. So I apologize for not being here as often as I used to. But I appreciate all the ones that check daily to see if there is a post. That means a lot.

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Cognitively, I feel like I am changing. Just a little bit. I am almost totally dependent on the to do list or I find myself setting markers of things to remember. For example, I do this with lights/lamps in the morning. It may sound strange but leaving my bedside lamp on until I have removed my iPhone from the bedside table – reminds me to put my iPhone in my purse and put my Apple Watch on. The lamp on my jewelry stand never goes off until I’ve put my jewelry on for the day – otherwise I’ll forget. I’ve set up these routines for myself. So perhaps I’m just “forgetting” that I want to blog. This is all a bit scary. But so far I’ve not had any major forgetting issues. I think we are just so busy and I have so much that I’m trying to do that I have no brain capacity left unless I list it and park it.

I also don’t get as many ideas as I used to and don’t have as many brain storming moments. In a way that is a blessing because I was only getting frustrated at the continued and growing “wanna dos” and lessening of time in which to do them.

That said, yesterday I did have some highlight moments of brain activity in which I took notes and was grateful to 1) have a moment in time to think 2) be able to embrace it. For the most part I’m just robotishly moving to the next thing.

I’m content for the most part, but just noticing that things are changing some. I’m happy to be happy. And just go with the flow, most of the time. But I am still very fervent at working toward my lists, keeping up with my responsibilities, and making some progress. If I make some progress and get my videos done, I’m pretty happy.

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Upcoming in the Next Few Days

Well, quarter end pretty much sucks this time. I thought we were pretty ahead but as usual I received information late and do not have sufficient time to finish it all. I have the big 2 hour all-in-one Oregon return to do for one side of the business before I can start on the other side. I also have to do a Federal 941 return, and then several unemployment returns. I don’t have enough time before the end of the month to do it. I sat idle in the middle of the month waiting for reconciliation – I get it – I know it takes time – but it also takes time to do all these returns. I finally started to do returns without having the correct information just so we could avoid fines. But now I have the information and I’m taking Mom to a doc appointment during 4 hours of which I could be processing returns. I didn’t realize when I made the appointment months ago that it was quarter end. We had to book so far in advance so I took the first appt available because of her eye situation. It really wouldn’t have been fair to her either to make her wait even longer, so I’m not sure I would do anything differently.

It is what it is. I used to be stressed and angry over it. Now I’ve just accepted it. I think I don’t have any energy left to even be worried about it. If we want the returns to be filed sooner we just have to get better at getting the info available sooner. That’s just out of my control. I’ve learned to try and not stress over things that you cannot control. So I have about a day to work on all of the above. I have to do my Friday payroll things, and Monday payroll things and what time I can work on returns I will.

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We are gone Saturday. We will be visiting with friends. We have tried to get together with them in June and July but we have all been so busy so Saturday is the day.

Sunday is church, life group, getting Mom’s groceries or other needs done. She is wanting to go shopping for tops but I don’t think we’ll have time this week. We may have to do it next Friday. We are going to Columbia Aug 4th. I’m taking a PTO day to close her lock box and take her to eat lunch with friends.

The mechanical dog, she loves. I’m so glad. We are going to order her the cat also. I have a lot of ordering to do this weekend in between everything else we are doing. I have to do a target order, Amazon for mom, Amazon for me, Melaleuca order for laundry supplies, and need to work on George’s birthday bag.

So times are busy. Right now I should be on my way to work. But you know what. With me trying over two days to finish SOMETHING! I’m finishing this blog entry. I’m just not getting enough me time I think. So sometimes everyone – work, Mom, dogs, George – has to wait and let me take a breath. Or I will not be good for anyone.

Yes, we are in the middle of a time crunch here. I’m still happy and content, but it’s only because I know when to pause! We might me paws-ing it too! ;-). These dogs are a blessing. But they do take time. Since Maddie has joined, I’ve noticed I don’t have time for Instagram anymore. I’ll have to try harder for that. But today is not the day!

Happy Friday and have a good weekend! What are you doing fun this weekend? I’ll share pics of our fun meals with friends and pool time. I think we both need this. But the dogs will miss us.

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  1. Hi Sonya, I’m just pleased to see you. Any time any day…I do miss you when I haven’t heard from you…..but I’m also pleased that you’re not quite so stressed over every little thing. When I think back only a year ago almost every blog was full of you not knowing where to go what to do and trying to do everything…now at last you’ve learnt that it’s just not possible to do everything you think/ want to do. And what you can’t do you hand it over to our Lord who can always take charge…..You have had a lot of changes lately and many more yet to come…so keep trying to relax love everything will work out in the end…..Take care. God Bless. Xx

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