Rocking the To Do List, But I Wish I Could Do More

Wonderful Saturday/Weekend

Yesterday was absolutely wonderful being able to be at the house, sip coffee, and get things done here at home. Much was accomplished including:

  • World Bible School
  • Bible Reading
  • Promoted the vlog video on all social media sites/blog
  • Kitchen Window cleaned (that’s a job)
  • Bleaching the entire kitchen trash can, lid, etc.
  • Cleaned the kitchen (several times)
  • 7 loads of laundry, which included Fancy’s two beds that Mom gave me for Maddie
  • Repacked my Work bag for the week
  • Picked out my outfits for the week
  • Put my vitamins and BP meds in the pill box for the week
  • Paid Mom’s Bills/checked bank
  • Gave Maddie a bath and a little haircut
  • Filmed a few segments for another vlog entry including my notion account
  • Vacuumed
  • Wrote in my Grandmother book

I felt really good to get a lot done. I always try and get a little more done beyond this list. But it is very difficult to do. I look at the list longingly and try but the Maddie bath/groom and the writing in my Grandmother book was the only couple of things “beyond reach” that I could do.


I really tried again today to go “beyond reach”. But we had church and I took Mom out afterward. She did not need groceries for this week but I did. So I came home and was able to:

  • Go to the grocery for us, we were having tacos
  • Get the ironing done
  • Clean the kitchen again
  • Open my Amazon delivery
  • Clean, dust, organize my office, file
  • Solve a Mac issue (that took 1.5 hours)
  • Did the Computer updates on my Mac and app updates
  • Reset the Final Cut Pro in preps for the next video
  • And do this blog entry

So I told George I wasn’t watching shows tonight. I just felt pressed to get my office organized and get the video files set up (after this blog entry) so I won’t be so far behind this week.

Today’s List of To Do’s Left Undone

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Here’s what else I had on my list for today that probably won’t get done:

  • New intro with Maddie for video
  • Order some prints online
  • Watch YouTube video regarding permalink in description box
  • Visit my manifestation list
  • Start Puzzle
  • Work on Photo Project
  • Read

If I hurry with this blog entry and get the video editing going (set up), then I’ll feel pretty good and might can go watch a show or read.

Week ahead.

There’s a lot going on this week.

  • A family member starts chemo and radiation this week. I’m not comfortable to share yet until more people know. It’s not my news to tell. But prayers please.
  • Mom has her eye glasses appt this week. Needs a new prescription for her glasses. There’s some things with this that I see are not going to go well, I fear. She wants to order glasses over the internet. But with the return statistics, I’m just afraid that is not going. to be the best approach. She needs to be fitted in person. But I guess we have to try and go the most complicated route we can.
  • We are getting our nails and pedis done this week too and she is coming over for BBQ after (or KFC) not sure yet.
  • We are going over to a friends house on Saturday.
  • It’s quarter end crunch week. I won’t get done on time since I’m given stuff late, but I’ll try anyway.
  • I have very little time to work on video editing this week.

What is going on in your world?

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